Barbados lawsuit over rally death: 16 years before the courts

Justice Delayed Barbados

Here we are in the middle of an election campaign and we’ve just received a key performance indicator about the last two governments of Barbados: BLP and DLP: Sixteen years to complete a civil trial over an accidental death at a road rally.

Bajans are so used to outrageously low standards that we hardly know what should be ‘normal’ anymore. Sixteen years of hell before the courts and all we can think of is that we’ve seen cases take longer: twenty and twenty two years. So sixteen years isn’t so bad.

Is it?

Read the full story in The Nation here

Rally Club at Fault in Death

A WOMAN whose son was killed 16 years ago when a race car plunged into a crowd of spectators during a rally event has won a law suit against the Barbados Rally Club.

Althea Strickland sued driver of the car Darrin White and the Barbados Rally Club for the death of her son Rodney Strickland on June 16, 1997.

The 22-year-old man was among other spectators who were struck by the racing car, driven by White as he entered a bend  at Swampy Town, St Lucy. Rodney suffered head injuries and died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

High Court Judge Elneth Kentish dismissed the action against the driver of the car finding that there was “nothing in the evidence to suggest that Darrin White did not comply with any rules, conventions or customs of the speed event in which he was a competitor or that he fell short of the standards, skills and judgment reasonably to be expected of him”


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7 responses to “Barbados lawsuit over rally death: 16 years before the courts

  1. 79

    I hope messing around for 16 years was worth it. The Court now needs to be sued for taking so long.

  2. truthspoken

    Court be sued? You are insane…
    If anything this case should have been thrown out 16 years….
    I sympathize with the death of the young lad 16 years ago and I alongside the parents mourn for the loss but Rallying is an extremely risky spectator sport.
    Every man jack that attends an event understands that unless you are on high ground , expect to suffer the consequences should something go wrong….and something will go wrong. You have cars pelting through corners at 100+km/h , what do you expect if a bumper comes flying off?

    Don’t like the heat then stay out of the kitchen….

  3. A policy holder

    Yes, spectators must take precautions but when one attends world class motor racing there are barriers and fences which are designed to take the brunt of any accident. Tires and wheels do very occasionally come soaring into stands but it is a rarity today.. 16 years is a LONG TIME and I am sure the level of security for spectators has been improved 1,000%.

  4. Jrjrjrjr


  5. 192

    The foolish young man caused his own death by leaving the designated spectator area to be “closer” to the action, thereby coming closer to God. Another departed idiot.

  6. Well Well

    That lengh of time 20-22 years is standard in Barbados’ courts with the insurance companies praying and paying that everyone concerned will day before there is a pay out.

  7. Well Well

    Will die before there is a pay out.