Barbados Tourism Authority ignores Toronto Travel Show: Why?

Toronto Travel Show

The largest travel show in Toronto Canada took place last weekend – Toronto’s Ultimate Travel Show – and the Barbados Tourism Authority was missing in action. The Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos were there: so was Japan!

How about that? The BTA has an office in Toronto and Lord knows how much we spend in that market – but we didn’t attend the largest travel show in one of our prime tourist markets. Why not?

Maybe there is a good reason that we didn’t attend. Maybe the show is not a good venue? Maybe it is too expensive compared to results generated in past years?

Or maybe we just couldn’t be bothered. Maybe our staff blew the budget on other promotions? Maybe the budget is gone gone gone?

Whatever happened, three readers alerted us to the fact that Barbados was a no-show at the largest winter travel show in Canada.

BTA: Over to you… what happened?



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16 responses to “Barbados Tourism Authority ignores Toronto Travel Show: Why?

  1. Jrjrjrjr

    Scandalous considering they have an office thre already. But they can pay Rhianna to pose seductively with a horse in tow to promote the island . Making it appear almost hedonistic just like her appalling behaviour etc

  2. Well Well

    You have to give them credit for consistency in the art of wasting taxpayers money!!! Now wh will be drawn to a female getting sexy with a horse?? Do these people check what they come up with??

  3. My my

    What about her advertising running in sugar cane fields, the dirty beach with rough waves and the tattoo of a gun prominently displayed on her all used in the video!!! I could go on. A total waste of money / time and effort to market to the wrong demographic. I think the one who turned on the “light” to this idea and the Minister in charge has no clue about marketing or tourism or better said – tourism marketing.

    And you expect them or anyone under them to go to a trade show?

  4. Check-This-Out

    BTA has been virtually invisible in the Toronto newspaper travel sections for the past six months – so it should be no surprise they were invisible at the Toronto Travel Show

  5. Check-This-Out

    I think it was Adrian who mentioned the large increase in tourism in Newfoundland in recent years, for which much credit was given to its award winning TV commercials.

    There a lot of similarities between Barbados and Newfoundland – small population islands with rocky coastlines, fishing villages, unique dialects and friendly people – (for the most part at least in Barbados).

    Check out these TV commercials/Youtube videos.

    Try to imagine a Barbados TV commercial featuring North Point, Skeetes Bay, Farley Hill, Bathsheba etc

  6. Adrian Loveridge


    Beautifully made (small company in St. Johns) and very effective.
    21 per cent increase in tourism revenue over five years.
    That would be nice for Barbados.

  7. sith

    Barbados is simply too expensive for the average tourist. Gallon of milk near $12 US per gallon, box of decent cereal near 9$ US. Turn out the lights the party is over. Check the prices to Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican from the Toronto market and that will tell you a lot. . When you can compete, advertise. There is little use in spending money to advertise when you have little to sale and the fellows next door up to half the price as you.

  8. Well Well

    Yeah, prices are a deterrent but may the tattoo of a gun glamorizing Thug Life will bring millions of tourists or not.

  9. Bajan Observer

    Hmmmm…BTA has an office in Toronto, obviously someone is there to keep it open and well paid too….and they do nuting in there?? Why keep the office open then??!

  10. Well Well

    Noticed on one visit the receptionist on Adelaide did not even want to be bothered with a request. More waste of taxpayers dollars.

  11. yatinkiteasy

    Maybe a bit off topic , but how come BFP has not picked up the story that is all over the British Press, about the elderly English couple who were attacked and stabbed in their guest house room in Barbados on Jan 25th. According to a report on the radio on 30/1/2013, the woman is still in QEH, after having received many serious wounds.Her husband who was also stabbed several times by the masked attacker was treated and discharged. No arrests were announced in this terrible crime.

  12. Well Well

    Did you not notice Nation only ran the story this morning after it has been in the international papers and online for days, the victims had to expose it.

  13. Willy & Rib Bone

    Toronto in da WINTER!
    What wrong with you, you silly pilly?
    Do you know how COLD it be in Toronto in Janry?? Dummy!
    You got to be nutz to send a warm blooded Bajan to the Great White North in Janry!!!
    Get real and find your life!!
    Willy & Rib Bone gonna stay warm in BIM.

  14. Well Well

    I will be here in Ontario for a NY minute and it feels like negative 14, with the flu making you feel you will die for sure..

  15. Repeat visitor

    In relation to the above comment about the speightstown stabbings, the story in the nation was ridiculously late and bad. The two victims are moreover condo owners in speightstown. I can’t believe they’ll ever want to cone again. Another interesting tidbit: the bta is putting up the man who was stabbed in a local hotel…a little prevention against bad publicity fallout?

  16. Check-This-Out

    @ Repeat

    Complementary room seems, too little – too late

    @ Willy

    No need to send warm blooded Bajans to the Great White North. BTA already got a bunch at BTA Toronto office, which is about a 10 minute taxi ride to the venue. Guess they do not work evenings or Saturdays; or no budget for time and a half pay

    See list of exhibitors at website
    Looks like St. Lucia also passed