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Barbados Tourism Authority ignores Toronto Travel Show: Why?

Toronto Travel Show

The largest travel show in Toronto Canada took place last weekend – Toronto’s Ultimate Travel Show – and the Barbados Tourism Authority was missing in action. The Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Turks and Caicos were there: so was Japan!

How about that? The BTA has an office in Toronto and Lord knows how much we spend in that market – but we didn’t attend the largest travel show in one of our prime tourist markets. Why not?

Maybe there is a good reason that we didn’t attend. Maybe the show is not a good venue? Maybe it is too expensive compared to results generated in past years?

Or maybe we just couldn’t be bothered. Maybe our staff blew the budget on other promotions? Maybe the budget is gone gone gone?

Whatever happened, three readers alerted us to the fact that Barbados was a no-show at the largest winter travel show in Canada.

BTA: Over to you… what happened?


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