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Barbados election called for February 21, 2013: Integrity legislation, Freedom of Information, Conflicts of Interest rules all dead dead dead

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BLP, DLP: all the same!

Barbadians are going to the polls on February 21, 2013, and as most folks realise, it doesn’t make a lick ‘o difference which party you vote for.

Both parties’ platforms are indistinguishable from each other whether the subject is economics, social programmes, the environment, tourism, offshore banking or any other issue. It just doesn’t matter who you vote for: nothing depends upon it. Barbados will not be one wit better off under either party.

If David Thompson was alive today, he would be facing serious questions about his involvement with CLICO and Leroy Parris. Thompson might even be facing a lawsuit or a criminal investigation about the time when he was CLICO’s lawyer. But Thompson conveniently died and that took care of that.

Owen Arthur? Well, where do we start? All the corruption under the Arthur regime still happened. His depositing election funds into his personal bank account happened. The VECO contract for the prison happened: awarded without tender to a company that never built a prison. When the Alaska Veco scandal broke showing that the company bribed politicians all over the world, the Attorney General Dale Marshall met with company officials for ten minutes and announced, “Not here. Nothing like that happened in Barbados.”

Sure. We believe Dale Marshall… and we’ve got some Florida swampland to sell you too: just like CLICO bought with your hard-earned retirement savings.

What is to be done? Easy… VOTE INDEPENDENT

How to stop this nonsense? That’s easy folks. Go to the DLP and BLP rallies. Sing the songs, chant the chants and don’t do anything different: because you KNOW what happens to those who break the party ranks.

BUT THEN… On February 21st, go to the poll and vote for anyone but the DLP or BLP. Let’s punish them. Let’s remove their legitimacy because of their long record of corruption, lies and profiteering.

Whatever you do folks: on the day, VOTE INDEPENDENT!


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