BLP fires up the base with the same old, same old…

Mia Mottley shows off her new body: almost a babe!

Mia Mottley shows off her new body: almost a babe! (according to BFP’s Cliverton!)

10,000 Brave Weather to hear Barbados Labour Party at Heroes Square: BLP need new thrust

by Ian Bourne, The Bajan Reporter

So despite a last-minute cancellation verging on a dictatorial tactic, the Barbados Labour Party took the victimisation and capitalised on it to boost numbers. A check with Police sources indicate attendance that night at Heroes Square from as low as 8,000 or at a peak of 10,000 people! A true meeting, this session drew not just Bees and their supporters but Dems and neutrals – it was a chance to lay out a coup de grace strategy if chosen over the current Freundel Stuart regime…

Instead the public was treated to much of what it has heard since the January 2010 By-Election, with a few exceptions which are listed further on… Kerrie Symmonds used words like “contumacious” or “megalomaniac” now really; are ten-dollar words gonna pull the voters who are undecided and did not spend a long time at school? Now when I use large vocabulary, via Internet I have the option to link the phrase or word in question to various definitions – truly, would the audience be hefting dictionaries with them? Or have such devices in their phones or tablets? Why be on their phone or tablet when they can hear what’s the next move?

It also seems the majority of the Party members are trying to mimic the speech mannerisms of Owen Arthur (Arthur has a tendency with his St Peter drawl to stretch “Man” and punctuate every sentence like exclamation – now so too were most of the men that evening apart from trying to say face it and fix it in different ways, if it is the trademark of him who’s selected as Opposition Leader, then the posse need to create their own catchphrases), they need to leave that for Owen and develop their own clever clichés! There were good speakers that night, but let’s look at the more mediocre of the crew first…

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5 responses to “BLP fires up the base with the same old, same old…


    yea right

  2. WSD

    Mottley a babe? What’s Cliverton been smoking! LOL!

  3. Anonymous

    what a waste of people time and money,i dont care how long freundel take to call the polls i will say with them owen and his party had to mush time in office and waste the peoples time and money ,they cant fool this cat

  4. Name.

    Mia? -not a babe? -tell me it ain’t so!

  5. business as usual on the good ship Titanic!

    Whatever Cliverton is smoking is lightweight compared to what the delusional crowd that showed up to the BLP pep rally must be on?

    It is ironic that two articles away Afra Raymond is talking about billions having been stolen over the past thirty years and not a word of ITAL from one of the most corrupt parties that ever held power in the Caribbean?