Harlequin’s Buccament Bay Resort hasn’t filed financials in 7 years! Liable to be struck from companies registrar

Harlequin Resort

Nothing filed with Saint Vincent government since 2005

One of the main hotel resorts which received investment from overseas property firm Harlequin Property has not filed accounts for seven years.

Buccament Bay Resort on the Caribbean island of St.Vincent – the flagship investment of the £200m unregulated Harlequin investment scheme – has failed to file any accounts or financial statements with the registrar of companies of the state of Saint Vincent since 2005.

According to documents seen by IFAonline from the deputy registrar of Saint Vincent, the Buccament Bay Resort is now in “default” of its obligations. As a result it is liable to be struck off the island’s companies register.

For more, see IFA Online’s article: No accounts for Harlequin Property resort since 2005


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78 responses to “Harlequin’s Buccament Bay Resort hasn’t filed financials in 7 years! Liable to be struck from companies registrar

  1. Croix Du Femur

    Don’t know if either St George’s Dragon (please say Hi to Roberta, been a while) or BFP (Gary Lewis still with you?) will be candid and actually answer – do either of you have money with Ames? Is this why the vigour? Think the Searchlight had this item including H’s reaction… It’s all in print which you seem far from? Eh, Gary? How’s Kandahar?

  2. 241

    @C D F…WTF?

  3. BBaywatch

    CDF – your comment is cryptic to the point of opacity but you seem to be suggesting that printing this on-line is somehow negates the effect. As most of the modern world works connected BFP are to be applauded for continuing to host comments and discussion when all other forums have either been closed down or have cravenly capitulated to Harlequin.

  4. Things in the UK with IFA and the SIPP peddlers are starting to panic, the goose that laid the golden egg!

  5. Anonymous

    Why do we West Indians fall succor to these so call investors, “Ripper Off”ers”. Mout sweet for days and always full of broken promise’s.

  6. Croix du Femur

    How many Caribbean or Barbadian investors with Ames & H is very important, so how many then?

  7. what is the name of the solicitor in St Vincents thats sued Harlequin and got the deposits back? I would like to contact them – can anyone help?

  8. Anonymous

    Caribbean and Barbadian Investors have more sense than to fall for these Thailand like projects.

  9. St George's Dragon

    Why the vigour? Because they are stealing people’s money and lying and that annoys me. You don’t have to have been a victim of a particular criminal to want them to be caught, stopped and punished.
    Stuart Kennedy was probably the lawyer in St Vincent; not sure he is still acting against against Harlequin though. Google him and 3 Paper Buildings.

  10. 241

    I doubt any Caribbean folk have invested, as living this side of the atlantic, it has always been very clear Ames is a con man and Harlequin a scam. The sites are no even suitable for successful resort development for the most part, even if it were not a scam and they were built. Every single Caribbean national or resident has always said the same thing about these guys. Problem is, lots of UK folk did invest, and it makes us look bad to allow an obvious scam go on for so long. Agree that Ames is a criminal and should be stopped and punished.

  11. Terry

    @grustgrust you need to contact these guys
    They are fully aware of what is going on and have had some success.
    You dont need a St Vincent laywer. It may be a caribbean contract but it was signed in the UK, your deposit was paid into a uk companies account and your interest loan payments have been coming out of the same account.
    Good luck

  12. I have asked Harlequin, for a refund, I will also make contact with the people mentioned above as a plan B if its best to ‘go legal’ I shall keep you all update with any news……

  13. Has anyone asked for a refund and got it? or do Harlequin pay out as long as you dont repeat anything? seems strange nobody has actually commented about getting a refund?

  14. Terry

    Refund = confidentiality agreement. Hence no body who as had a refund can discuss it or even admit to receiving one.
    Harlequin will string you out until it goes bust. Legal route should be plan A.

  15. Thanks Terry I have contacted the legal people mentioned on this site and will chase next week – now plan A… I dont think they can trade for too much longer – Apparently some anouncment is due soon re finance!!!

  16. Terry

    Yes its in its death throes. The fsa alert is going to close it down. Harlequin’s ONLY income is from new “investors”, they are rapidly going to dry up and it’s only subsidised resort will close.
    Ames is not stupid though. He had an exit strategy planned right at the beginning of this scam.

  17. 666

    Terry what a load of crap

  18. Terry

    666 name harlequins income apart from new “investors”. It is now not possible for advisors to recommend this scheme/scam. That only leaves cash or remortgage sales.
    If you read one of harlequin’s contracts and have primary school understanding of maths its quite easy to see it was never going to work. If you haven’t already, maybe you should remortgage your house and “invest”

  19. Anonymous

    666 why? I don`t see how they can continue with so many unfulfilled promises…resorts, airlines, restaurants, hotels, Santo Domingo, St Lucia, Barbados, St Vincent…it boggles the mind that any sane person would invest in this mess!
    Has Harlequin revealed for example, that a lot of the land at Buccament Bay is not theirs? They leased land from a Mr Punnett…so unless they buy that land, title can never be passed to anyone who has a unit on that land.

  20. How does the Ames family sleep at night, prison will be a wake up call especially as they are OAP’s…….. sorry due an anouncment re finance today!

  21. 36

    Is it you are due an anouncement re finance or Harlequin in general?

  22. New Stuff

    grustgrust, has the announcement been made? Can you give us more details?

  23. Eddie Lizzard2

    “How does the Ames family sleep at night, prison will be a wake up call especially as they are OAP’s…”

    I’d say they all sleep quite contentedly.
    The real financial assets (ie the commissions and share dividends they helped themselves to) are long gone and hidden away. David Ames is not even a director of ANY of the Harlequin companies and never has been, although his wife Carol and younger son Daniel are. Why is that?

    Matthew Ames, the oldest son used to be a Harlequin Director but is no longer and we all know why, seeing as he is being had up before the beak anytime soon for his failed Forestry For Life scam.

    Meanwhile Shane and Nic have a nice life beckoning out in Oz where I am sure the Ames family will set up another whole new get-rich-quick scheme on lots of lovely beaches down under. AND PROBABLY GET AWAY WITH IT!

    Read more about daughter Nicola here

    @ grustgrust, I really do hope you get a positive result. Sadly, I think you and most of the other investors are all too late. I am so sorry!

  24. Eddie Lizzard2

    Try this link to the daughter

  25. Eddie Lizzard2

    Okay just Google SHANE KELLIHER
    [sodding Daily Mail website…]

  26. 36

    @Eddie Lizzard2. I suggest you double check your information re directors. David Ames is a director of some of the Harlequin companies, I would suggest Matthew Ames never was. The correct information is readily available. You just have to look for it.

  27. 120

    Eddie is right – if any investor would just come to the Caribbean, visit local lawyers who can do some digging, visit the locations where you have bought, speak to people in the business and others in the know, you would know that you either have already done your money or would move at lightening speed to get a refund, or get a caution against assets if contract is breached, and get out. This Harlequin thing has been dead for many years, just like Madoff’s investment scam was dead many years before it came to a crash – it just takes people to ask for their money out and it comes crashing down. There is simply no way whatsoever he can build the 6000 plus as yet unstarted homes. If people do not realise this, then they really should not be investing in any form of business.

  28. Anon - reasons unknown

    I have already advised investors to contact this firm on another BFP thread, but I’m concerned people aren’t doing this quickly enough (please listen up FrankP and grustgrust).

    I don’t think you have months, but weeks, before the bubble bursts, and you desperately need to seek legal advice quickly. This firm are already helping a number of (to put it mildly) investors. But I don’t know what the chances are for anyone who isn’t already on the litigation path as it is getting dreadfully late in the day. Ring these guys tomorrow for advice. You don’t need to pay for a phone call to see what options you have, so stop fart-arsing around and start taking action.

    Good luck to you all.

    Regulatory Legal
    Twitter – @regulatorylegal
    Skype – regulatorylegalsolicitors
    Telephone – 01384 426400
    Facsimile – 01384 894807
    Post – Brindley House, Engine Lane, Lye, DY9 7AQ
    Email – info@regulatorylegal.co.uk

  29. Great advice and will be acted on – many Thanks. I could not agree more with this post

  30. 172

    @Anon-reasons unknown. I find this very confusing, Engine Lane is an industrial estate with no evidence on Google Maps of a Brindley house, Engine Lane also ties in with the post code. The contact recommended on their web site is a Mr Gareth Fatchett who has been a director of 30, yes 30 companies, 10 which are active, 3 liquidated, and 17 dissolved at the age of 43 And you think Ames is flaky? Makes Ames look like a beginner. .

  31. Anon - reasons unknown

    I will make some enquiries and get back to you, Anonymous @ 8:48pm. Thank you for this information.

    To all others, I would still give this company a ring in the morning, and let’s check out their details in the meantime. I know for a fact they have a group of investors at the moment, and things are progressing swiftly (really would like to give more details than that, but I can’t, certainly not without their permission).

    Just call them, ask them where you stand, don’t hand over any money until we confirm here that they’re OK.

    Thanks again Anonymous @ 8:48pm; always good to be reminded about the importance of due diligence. Let’s face it, nobody would have had any reason to read this thread if they’d carried out proper DD on Harlequin. Absolute shower of shit. As confirmed by the FSA (in not so many words).

  32. Anon - reasons unknown

    I have just received this reply from Gareth Fatchett (I received a more direct reply to the questions posed by Anonymous 8:48pm, which was impressive and amusing, but this was given after I requested a reply to post on this site) :

    “Regulatory Legal Solicitors (R Legal Limited) and Pannone LLP are both regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Any member of the public is entitled to review http://www.sra.org.uk (the regulators website) or enquire of the regulator as to the status of either a firm or a specific solicitor. The http://www.sra.org.uk site discloses whether any disciplinary action is pending against any firm or individual solicitor. Any person who wishes to conduct due diligence on either of the firms who will deal with the Harlequin Investor Group (www.harlequininvestorgroup.co.uk). It is very easy to hide behind anonymous posts and both law firms welcome any inspection of their accounts or regulatory status. “

    I therefore repeat my advice to get on to Regulatory Legal in the morning, and once again thank Anonymous 8:48pm for ensuring that the recommended legal firm has been checked out and verified.

    Good luck grustgrust.

  33. Very good points,

    These are my findings so far have a look at :



    The office could be a cheap terrace house converted, I don’t know? Regarding the directorship of 30 companies, not sure if that is relevant.

    He is a solicitor and a Notary that can not be disputed or tarnished. I have not found anything even slightly damming about Gareth Fatchett – has anyone?

    I have been looking very hard to find a solicitor that is prepared to take on Harlequin, so far this is the only one.

  34. Regarding the Harliquin Finance announcenment: NO IT HAS NOT BEEN MADE…… shocked….NO!

  35. Mark Amen

    NEWS FLASH. Announcement re Funding Ames twice bancrupt has managed to secure funding with The bank of Monopoly using toytown money and audited accounts by Gordon Ramsey.

  36. BBaywatch


    an endorsement of Glass Canvas CGI artists by Matt Ames – then marketing director of Harlequin Property


    and you will note that this is in relation to a development in Dubai as well as The Merricks (neither of which has of course happened) and will further note Matt Ames remark –

    ‘ Glass Canvas produced films for all of our projects in the Caribbean and Thailand.’ – that will be for one of the Thai projects that Harlequin didn’t have anything to do with no doubt?

    If you go to the Glass Canvas website you can find examples of their excellent work on the Sugar Reef project in St Lucia and Pavilion Square in Barbados – but not a trace of a single image or film clip of the work that they produced for Harlequin at any of their resorts. I had to find the references on an old Slideshare web page. Now I wonder why Glass Canvas have removed all reference to Harlequin?

  37. 36

    Not sure why this is aimed at me unless it may be “Matt Ames, Marketing Director” Are you are implying Matt Ames was a Director of Harlequin property. Because you are wrong. He may have had the title but was not a Director per say. Other that that, your point is?

  38. Eddie Lizzard2

    Re Ames Senior
    You’re right, David Ames is/was a director of some of the Harlequin companies, however according to Companies House, they are all dormant, non trading or dissolved. He has never been a director of Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited, trading as Harlequin Property (Company Number: 4205220) and described at Companies House as ‘Sales and marketing of overseas investment property to private purchasers.’

    When Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited was incorporated in 2001 Carol Ames was the founding director. Ames Senior was most likely precluded from being a director under the terms of his Bankruptcy Order issued on 10th June 1998 at SOUTHEND court, No.165 of 1998 when his Diamond Windows and Window Designs companies went tits up.

    The number of failed, dissolved and dormant companies associated with Harlequin and the Ames family is astonishing and will take a forensic accountant quite some time to unravel. The legal notices flagged up against them is very worrying – even Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited had a Winding up Petition issued in the High Court by a local Essex-based building company in 2009 for non payment of a debt.

    Daniel Ames (son) is a director of around a dozen or more Harlequin-related UK registered companies. Wife Carol Ames is director of around seventeen related companies. These figures do not include the many more companies registered overseas.

    Tis a tangled web!

  39. Terry

    It’s basically going to be down to who gets to put a charge on Harlequins assets first. We are very close to all there assets been frozen.
    Solicitors have been using this threat for a while now to obtain some refunds (minus the interest payments of course), but the pot is empty so the threat is soon going to turn into reality.
    The second thing is of course going after the ifa’s. They are easy meat. The fact that Harlequin Svg hasn’t filed accounts since 2005 clearly shows that ifa’s either didn’t do any due diligence or chose to ignore it for the commissions. Either way they are screwed.
    My advice is get a charge prepared for your advisors assets including his home. So when it collapses you are first in line.

  40. 39

    Interesting how the internal structures of the company (such as they are) exist to ring fence risk for the directors — but that the same luxury isn’t extended as far as the investors.

    More extensive coverage of this in the trade press today.

  41. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ Terry
    Some of these financial advisors are greedy and very cunning. You can bet that once they saw the Harlequin shit about to hit the fan they disposed of their assets pretty damn quickly. Property, vehicles, valuable assets will all have been safely tucked away in someone else’s name (usually spouse, parent or children). They will just cease trading, declare bankruptcy in some cases, and just shrug and say ‘not me guv’.’ Of course they will be back in business all too soon flogging yet another new scheme and no one can touch them.

    Even if you have a charge on the advisor’s property, I am sorry to say you are not first in line. HMRC, VAT and the Insolvency Practitioner’s/ Receiver’s fees, come out of the pot first. Then the remaining assest (if any) will be disposed of and distributed between all of the creditors.

    I wish you all the best Terry.

  42. BBaywatch

    @ 36 – well as you are obviously closely involved with Harlequin I’ll acknowledge that you may be correct on Matt Ames technical status as a director, but he made in it very clear in the early days of Buccament Bay’s development, even posting his own mobile phone number on a Trip Advisor thread, that he was the person in charge of marketing. His name was always associated with that function which does make you wonder why he mislead in that way.

    All to be academic very soon I suspect.

  43. Terry

    I agree about them running for cover when it hits the fan, but what other options will investors have. Maybe they should just go at ifa’s now before they get chance to wriggle out of it. I know one thing this is going to keep lawyers busy for years. Thanks for your encouragement, but I figured out it couldn’t work a year ago and took appropiate action then, for obvious reasons I can’t say more than that. Once you look at the numbers and figure out that it wont work it doesn’t take much more research to work out it was a planned scam from the start and nothing to do with the economic climate.

  44. 36

    @Terry, Hi Terry, hope you are well. Now if you are going to post s**t on here then please be consistant. 23rd Oct 2012 you posted on another thread a plea for help to get your £200k investment back. You remember, the one where you called my “lying Harlequin scum” NICE. But now you say you took “appropriate action 12 months ago” What action would that be Terry? Come on at least be consistant in your lies, sorry “comments”

  45. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ 36
    There’s no point in being rude and nasty to people because it doesn’t help solve anything. Please be adult about it and don’t use bullying insults that belong in the playground. If Terry suspects he has indeed lost £200k I think you should show some empathy to him; and to all the other investors who are hoping against hope that they won’t lose their life’s savings through have been hoodwinked by a very slick and sophisticated operation.

    Out of interest, 36 why do defend Harlequin so vigorously?
    Same question to you 666?

  46. Terry

    Your true colours show. All your posts don’t mention the thousands of people that are going into old age with no pension, the people who have remortgaged homes and going to be in debt for decades to come.
    Although you claim to be an investor yet you consistently defend Harlequin and put down investors.
    I started action 1 year ago, but as anybody knows that as tried to get a refund it is a major battle of wills and how strong your legal team is. Oh wait a minute to reprint your comment of the 22nd October.
    “As an investor in Harlequin I sat down with Mr Ames and negotiated my money back on 2 Rivers as per my contract and received compensation for the late delivery of Buccament Bay again as per my contract.”
    Any other investor on here had this experience??
    If this was true do you remember the part of the refund contract that you signed on confidentiality not to discuss or admit publicly that you had received a refund.
    You also consistently try to divert attention from the central scam and muddy the water with the side issues with the builder and accountant.
    Any of this sound familiar ?
    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.
    You are an Harlequin stooge

  47. 36

    @Eddie Izzard2, Calling someone “lying Harlequin Scum” isnt an insult? Which playground have you come from?
    @Terry, and where have I put down investors?, Are you calling me a lier for my comments re a refund? Be very careful my friend. Also my contract could well be different to yours. Why should I have to sign a confidentiality clause? Looks like a twat, as much use as a twat, smells like a twat, guess you are a, whatever.

  48. Terry

    Ok last post to the troll. You get more funny and delusional by the minute “be careful my friend”. Seriously an Harlequin sock puppet threatening me anonymously on a blog. Lol

  49. 36

    @Terry, well if I am part of Harlequin you have just blown your refund. There again if I am not then you will have nothing to worry about will you. Still waiting for my apology but don’t expect you to admit you were wrong. What did you say “LYING HARLEQUIN SCUM” I don’t know what you do for a living Terry but I suggest it has nothing to do with interpersonal skills.

  50. Mark Amen

    36 I dont care who you are but one thing for certain is IF you are Harlequin you should behave yourself and stop coming on here threatening people who are perfectly entitiled to a refund that because YOU do not like there comments YOU will stop there refund!! One thing what does come to my mind is that you are Harlequin………..as they like to bully people to dont you!

  51. 36

    @mark, so calling some one “lying harlequin scum” is ok in your eyes. I’m deeply offended by that. What I am pointing out to Terry is that ifIam part of Harlequin as he thinks then he has a funny way of try to get me onside. Perhaps he could learn by the success of my prior negotiating skills. Terry should understand that forum comments can be construed as libellous. That is what he should consider. Contrary to the perception on here I only talk facts, I do not defend Harlequin if they cannot be defended. I have started my experiences with Harlequin and I am called a liar. Some posters want to believe what they want to believe and that stems mainly from the Harlecon site set up by two people who will shortly be on trial. Does anyone understand the link with Singing Pig? I would guess not but you will.

  52. yatinkiteasy

    @36 How can someone be sued for libel if they say something horrible and nasty, about someone called “36” on a blog?
    This post is about Harlequin not having filed financials in St Vincent, for Buccament Bay for the past 7 years…it has degenerated into a stupid war of personal insults…and “personal” is not really a good word, since no one is using their real name, including myself. Get back on track with the discussion or put a sock in it!

  53. Mark Amen

    36 Good luck if you think you can defend Ames I take it back your NOT Harlequin your……….CARTER-RUCK lol
    I dont understand the Phil Martin?? singing pig thing did he run the Harlecon site? as well as everyone who has ever crossed Harlequin

  54. 36

    @yatinkiteasy, point taken, but I therefore take it that you have no objection to your opinions being derided by being personally insulted. Ok for you?

  55. BBaywatch

    @36 – your problem is one of credibility, you present yourself as an investor solely interested in protecting said investment and only discussing relevant facts. Now that in itself is not an unreasonable position to take – misguided perhaps, but not unreasonable if self interest comes first. However the very solid facts presented for discussion by Harlequin’s critics you dismiss as mere speculation, while throwing around highly suggestive remarks about an increasingly wide range of related, but peripheral topics.

    You appear to have (or are suggesting that you have) inside knowledge from Harlequin of the dates of trials, the connection between defendants in completely separate actions, the likelihood of further libel actions and recently and most curiously, you suggest that there is a link to the Singing Pig affair. I find it hard to believe that an ‘ordinary joe’ investor would be taken into such confidences by the Harlequin management – hence your problem with credibility.

    In the past a tactic used by Harlequin supporters on the Trip Advisor site has been to escalate the level of personal abuse to such an extent that an entire thread is closed down – and certainly there are individuals on this forum acting in just that way. Is this the connection to Singing Pig that you are hinting at? An action planned against the hosting service citing libels by forum members perhaps?

    The suppression of comment and refusal to engage with critics has hardly improved the companies image and their current low standing in public opinion is of their own making. The disparity between your remarks stating that you are an independent desirous of facts and the truth, and the apparent ‘news’ releases which you have made public are hard to reconcile.

    Whatever, I feel that the truth is that we are now at the point where events have taken on a momentum of their own and that some kind of denouement is not far off.

  56. Terry

    On a serious but simple note. Typing Harlequin property into google is one of the main reasons I watch and post on this blog. To keep it in the top 5 on the search engine so future victims can avoid this life changing scam. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is not a game. Posters either defend Harlequin or not. If you defend Harlequin you are aiding and abetting the scam intentionally or not. That makes you the enemy(fair game for ridicule).This isn’t a legal intellectual game of chess. This is people’s lives. You have to choose sides there is no grey areas.

  57. 36

    @bbaywatch: why is unreasonable to deal in facts. I don’t dismiss other people’s facts, what I dont accept is that people confuse facts with the Harlecon site. The O’Halloran trial in Dublin is common knowledge. It Is common knowledge that and is confirmed by searching the Internet that O’Halloran and Newman are linked by a common company. When O’Halloran was found out he enlisted Newman to divulge confidential information could or could not be accurate to discredit Harlequin to help his own case. It’s amazing what can be found out by searching the web.
    As to your closing down the thread comment, no too deep for me I’m afraid.
    @terry, it’s not a question of if you defend Harlequin you are aiding or abetting. There can be two sides to any discussion, the trick is to see both sides of that discussion. That way a more balanced view can be taken. If you decide to ridicule that view you will not get alternative views, just your own.

  58. 39

    Very articulately, and reasonably, said BBaywatch and Terry.

    @36 blaming Harlecon, as you now explicitly have, is willfully misleading. Harlecon merely elucidated issues, and I can ensure that it was not merely on the basis of that site that I personally began to nurture concerns. To suggest that they are the sole basis of the issue is either ignorant, evasive or embarrassingly naive.

  59. s harrison

    36 how much are they paying you? But its laughingly obvious that your not genuine.Its also quite possible to see both sides of a discussion and quite easily ridicule one side of it especially when the holes in your deluded views wouldnt be able to strain tea!!And weighing up all the arguments DISHONEST HARLEQUIN filmy layer of extraneous or impure matter that forms on or rises to the surface of a liquid or body of water might even be considered an euphenism.

  60. Mark Amen

    I tried negotiating for YEARS with Harlequin and NEVER got anywhere, I will NOT put my family through that again!
    Its early days…………. for some but to be honest it does wear you down I have now given up they can have the money.
    I truly hope you rot in hell
    They disgust me
    Believe in Karma
    because you really cannot trust anyone!

  61. 36

    @S Harrison, And the Gardian appology? The fact Singing Pig was shut down by the courts? I’ve tried to put a balanced view on here to no avail. Printing someones address on a forum such as this is pathetic. I think its time to go and leave you all to tear each other apart. On another day you may have benifited from my experiences but the bile is pathetic. Love to you all xx

  62. Mark Amen


  63. Who cares


    As you know, in the case of libel there is no requirement for the material to be proved to be false. Instead the defendant will be guilty if they fail to prove it is false.

    So, it is quite possible for every last word to be factually correct but still lose the case. That’s why newspapers generally settle.

    No I’m sure that there were factually incorrect statements on the websites that were shut down but this doesn’t mean that the substance of their content was false.

    There seems to be some strange logic going on in the heads of the HP defenders that says:

    Singing pig, Harlecon, O’Halloran, Newman = bad, therefore HP=good. It is blindingly obvious that it is possible that all of them are bad to greater or lesser extents.

    A successful outcome in the courts will be no vindication of this as a good investment.

  64. BFP

    Dear Mark,

    Thanks for alerting us to that foul comment. We’ve removed it and we’ll watch for that person if they try it again. It’s always a big job clearing the spam and the bad things daily and we appreciate the help from our readers.


  65. Who cares


    Sorry meant to say if they fail to prove it is true (not false as I said above)

  66. Well the FSA are crawling all over the SIPP companies in the UK and anyone who reads about HP, should by now, know, you have been ripped off. sold about 6000 – built what 300? no accounts? dont have to be an accountant to work that out!

  67. BBaywatch


    with an interesting quote

    ‘Martin Tilley, director of technical services, Dentons, said the provider has not accepted off-plan overseas properties into its SIPPs “for quite a while”.
    “Past reviews of off plan overseas hotel rooms revealed that several did not get built on time, within budget and those that did failed to achieve either the expected rental and thus investment yields, nor did the projected capital values upon completion materialise,” he said.’

    no need for further comment.

  68. anonymous66

    Given the massive amount of recent negative press coverage/fsa alerts/questions regarding the business model/ allegations of loans not being paid/ponzi /scam etc etc. I am quite amazed that the only releases i can access on the internet from “harlequin” are that of a “chocolate week at BB ” and ” some celebrities visiting BB and having a great time”. Given that some 6000+ or so investors at the last count have invested either via savings, mortgages or via sipp one would hope that they will can come up with something far more positive to announce. ie.proof of land ownership, full planning permission, proof of funding that will enable them to build the resorts, accounts for the businesses abroad, mortgage finance or indeed a letter of intent to provide mortgage finance…… etc …etc …etc …

  69. 224

    Is David a crook or a buffoon he can’t be both. My option is he’s a crook who sees himself as a sort of Del Boy character, he’s not that charming as he knows he has stolen innocent people’s money, it will haunt him for the rest of his life. Even the most hardened man has to look himself in the mirror. He knows he set the example for his son and knows his failings are much greater than he can ever admit. I feel sorry for the victims of this financial fraud but those victims have something Dave will never have.

  70. gagged by you

    and unfortunatley he has something we will NEVER have and thats our pensions and savings 😦

  71. 138

    Ames won’t care about the fact he took innocent people’s money – people like that do not care. Madoff is not sorry for the people, nor is Stanford. People were greedy, invested in him, and he took it, that is his distorted view. Ames is a criminal, thinks differently to normal folk.

  72. Whatsthefuss and the special little deal!!!

    @whatsthefuss AKA lots of others – sad sad man!

    Can you ask Dave to explain, on many of you little chats when you are sat on his knee 😉


    Even you and FDNRM must be feeling a little stupid now?

    Any ways see how you can support him now…..

  73. Anonymous

    Wtfahsld – instead of being a keyboard warrior and pestering me all the time, I have a suggestion!
    You have plenty to say for yourself so why don’t you try picking up the phone asking to speak to David Ames and put the question to him yourself?
    I am not an employee of Harlequin who knows these things so asking the right person might be an idea!

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