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Shane Free: Not reggae, something else

Shane Free Music Barbados 2

Our old friend Shane Free has a couple of new big deal gigs coming this year and Shona always loved his music that was “almost reggae” she said.

Here’s a taste of what Shane has been doing lately, but there is more coming soon and we hear things are soon getting bigger, better and faster for one of our favourite fast hands…

Shane Free – Fire Waist


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Count your blessings in Barbados!

Landfill Harmonic makes us grateful for everything we have

There’s a space in the corner that I’ve set aside for the day I can afford the guitar of my dreams: a brand-new made in the USA semi-hollow Telecaster with a humbucker in the neck position and a single coil at the tail. I’ve been looking to own that little baby for ten years and I drop hints every Christmas but until things change for the better my dream guitar will have to wait. There will be no new guitars or anything else ’bout this place in 2013 and probably 2014 too.

But how bad do we have it, really?

An old friend sent us the Landfill Harmonic teaser. Lots of lessons in there about working hard, making do and looking after the children no matter how much money you don’t have.

How bad do we have it on this little rock? Not too bad at all, thank you!

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