Cost-U-Less will destroy local businesses, and Cost YOU More…

“We created more bribes to get investors to develop infrastructure to attract tourists to our region.  We gave them incentives  because tourism as an import industry brought visitors with blenders to spend in our countries and people were employed to provide services to these guests. 

We have ignored the fact that much of the revenues for accommodation never ever reaches our shores yet we offer subsidies on everything from shrimp to alcoholic beverages.”


by Baba Elombe Mottley

Warehouse chain Cost-U-Less is in line for major concessions when it opens in Barbados in the New Year. But while Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler sees nothing unusual about the concessions, Opposition Leader Owen Arthur is calling them “extraordinary and outrageous” and likely to give the store an unfair advantage over similar businesses in the distributive retail sector.

Showing an April 13, 2011 letter from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs which he said he obtained Friday, Arthur said the document, which was copied to the Comptroller of Customs and Commissioner of Inland Revenue among others, listed exemptions from import duty and Value Added Tax (VAT) on the importation of fittings, furniture, fixtures, equipment, construction material and supplies “for use exclusively in connection with the construction, development, sale and operation of the project”.

It also listed import duty and VAT exemption on personal and household effects and vehicles of specialist expatriate staff, as well as exemption for 15 years from the payment of withholding tax on dividends and interest to shareholders, financial institutions and individuals making loans to the company.

– By Ricky Jordan, Sunday Sun, Barbados

All across the English speaking Caribbean, there is an ominous movement of sorts, a movement of low frequency rumblings without patterns, without form, not like the rhythms of bumbatuk or soca or the one drop of reggae or mento that we are accustomed to.

The essence of all of these known rhythms is that they link us to a past of chattel servitude where there was little choice for self fulfillment.  In time these rhythms. isolated as they were in tenantries and yards and the dancehall, fortified our resolve towards freedom and independence.

Over the last 40 to 50 years, we built indigenous institutions in every sphere, oblivious to the rumblings that were moving across the region. We dismantled the psychological prison of plantation inheritance, killed off the skills we developed to feed and clothe ourselves while we were taught to assemble products that we never used.  We set a precedent by bribing investors that our labour was cheap and responsive to training and we told ourselves we could depend on these jobs.

We created more bribes to get investors  to develop infrastructure to attract tourists to our region.  We gave them incentives  because tourism as an import industry brought visitors with blenders to spend in our countries and people were employed to provide services to these guests.  We have ignored the fact that much of the revenues for accommodation never ever reaches our shores yet we offer subsidies on everything from shrimp to alcoholic beverages.

Jean Holder (Chairman of LIAT) made the call amid concerns that come March 2013, American Eagle will cease operations into the region; British Airways will cease operating to San Juan, Puerto Rico, after March 2013 and Virgin Airlines will cease operating its summer programme to Tobago in 2013 unless the government there pays them one £million.

– By Janet Silvera – Jamaica Gleaner

So what is causing these rumblings?

  • Except for a couple indigenous financial institutions (credit unions and Government owned banks) our banking system is controlled by Canadians.
  • Our bauxite industry by the Russians.
  • Our sugar industry by the Chinese.
  • Our rum industry by the Spanish, French and Italians.
  • Our oil by the Americans and British.
  • Our telephone systems by the English and Irish.
  • Our Cable TV Networks by Canadians and Australians with 99.9% foreign programming.
  • Our precious metal industry by Canadians.
  • Our electricity by South Korean, Canadians and the British.
  • Our airlines by Americans, Canadians and British.
  • Our Cruise Industry by Americans, Italians.
  • Our Sea Transport Industry by Americans, Canadians, British, Chinese, et al.
  • Our Major Tourism infrastructure by Americans, Irish, Spanish, Canadians, and British investors.
  • Our paint industry by India (Berger Paints).
  • Our retail outlets:  el Salvador (Courts), Switzerland (Columbia Emeralds), South Africa (Diamonds International), USA (Price Smart, ESSO,  Shell), France (Total, Rubis).
  • Our fast food USA (KFC, Burger King, TGI, Subway).
  • Our security firms British (GS4).
  • Our LOTTO (USA).
  • Our infrastructure development by the Chinese.

In a first-ever Caribbean Tourism Summit held in Europe, Caricom Secretary General Lolita Applewhaite laid out the region’s case against the UK’s Air Passenger Duty (APD) on outgoing flights and other increases to aviation taxation.

“We view the APD as discriminatory against Caribbean destinations and Caribbean people living in the United Kingdom seeking to travel to the region,” Applewhaite said in her address to Summit delegates in Brussels, Belgium yesterday.
Applewhaite said that she viewed aviation taxes as a tax on the development of the region, due to the significance of tourism to Caribbean economies and the fact that aviation is the only practical way for Europeans to access these markets.
– By Stewart Miller – the Nassau Guardian

It seems to me that what we do is to bribe investors to come to the region to produce things or services that we can sell to the world.  Better yet, it is Bajans who should be getting the incentives to produce these things and services.  None of the incentives  allegedly being given to Cost-U-Less are going to benefit us. If it is that you want to reduce the cost of living, give the incentives to the existing  indigenous retailers. Did the previous government give incentives to Price Smart  or to Neville Rowe and Julie-N?

Let me draw your attention to Starbucks in the UK.

The Seattle-based group, with a market capitalization of $40 billion, is the second-largest restaurant or cafe chain globally after McDonald’s. Accounts filed by its UK subsidiary show that since it opened in the UK in 1998 the company has racked up over 3 billion pounds ($4.8 billion) in coffee sales, and opened 735 outlets but paid only 8.6 million pounds in income taxes, largely due because the taxman disallowed some deductions.

Over the past three years, Starbucks has reported no profit, and paid no income tax, on sales of 1.2 billion pounds in the UK. McDonald’s, by comparison, had a tax bill of over 80 million pounds on 3.6 billion pounds of UK sales. Kentucky Fried Chicken, part of Yum Brands Inc., the no. 3 global restaurant or cafe chain by market capitalization, incurred taxes of 36 million pounds on 1.1 billion pounds in UK sales, according to the accounts of their UK units.

– Tom Bergin, Reuters

Starbucks was able to achieve this legally because of TAX AVOIDANCE, a service provided by Barbados (and many Caribbean states) in its Financial Services Act. Will the Barbados Government after giving these incentives ever be able to generate any income from this corporation which presumably will be registered elsewhere, meanwhile  adding nothing to enhance the Barbados economy except to suck us dry like a soucouyan?

Who did the research on this business?  Who is benefiting from this deal?  What does Mr Brewster (Supercentre & Big B’s), Mr Bynoe (Carlton & Emerald), Mr Jordan (Jordan’s), Mr Griffith (Shop Smart) have to say bout this juk in duh eye and duh pocket?

This like the rest gine Cost-us-more!

Baba Elombe Mottley
Gordon Town



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  1. Carson C. Cadogan

    Mottley over here with foolishness too?

  2. Disinformation or ignorance?

    Someone ‘s not being truthful

    In order to attract investors capital into Barbados to create jobs, The BLP administration in the early part of its mandate passed a Special Area Development Act which gave dozens of companies bringing money into the country, VAT exempt status for the development of its infrastructure and some other short term benefits such as reduced car price for operational equipment etc.

    This is done all over the world to bring in capital and create long term jobs.

    Denying the free flow of capital, simply and efficiently, into a country together with an anti- capitalist bias, quasi racist politics, endemic corruption and non functioning bureaucracy, only impoverishes Barbadians for the future.

    Your pie is shrinking but you haven’t reduced your caloric intake.

  3. LOOK

    Can’t trust Owen Arthur or the BLP. Prime Minister Stuart recently said Owen attempted to dump Mia on the DLP, offered him to take her off his hand. Neither Arthur or the BLP has yet responded to this accusation. Right? Can’t trust him, Owen Arthur, just can’t trust him.

    Arthur, don’t forget started the Al Barack fire that is now out-of-control. Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall awarded Barack a government contract without tender. Barck built the complex at Warrens in St. Michael but had never constructed a building that size. Barack has in his posession a court ordered judgment and awaiting payment, approximately 77 millions. George Payne and Dale Marshall though was in the mix with Contractor Al Barack and awaiting payment, George Payne, ten million and Dale Marshall two million.
    Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall don’t forget awarded VECO (Alaska) a government contract. VECO built the prison at Dodds in St. Philip but had no record of building prisons. Low and behold, the prison project extended millions over budget. Ohhhhhhhh don’t forget the Nigerian Water heater project. Owen invested 2.4 million dollars in a Nigerian Water heater project. No water heaters were produced and the 2.4 million was lost and or unaccounted for. Don’t forget, Arthur, during a budget debate could not remember that he actually chaired the meetings of Cabinet discussing the VECO matter. He said he wished he was there. But when told by both Minister Sinckler and the Prime Minister – ‘no Owen, you were there,’ he then said that he said something else. When pressed again, he again said something completely different and also said that he never said what he said on the two previous occasions the entire country heard him say it. Either he is a suffer of Alzheimer’s disease, forgot taking his medication, possibly drunk or both. Arthur is now racing for prime minister title, AGAIN. He studders and his mind is a lot less stalwart. His previous terms of fourteen years yielded more negative than positive and of course, formulated lots of embarrassment.

    Both have made themselves a national embarrassment, Mitt Romney and Owen Arthur and the BLP. Well, the BLP has reached its lowest, producing and advertising this garbage, Cost-U-Less.

  4. sith

    Welcome to the real world. Our Chinese freinds will be selling us everything. Prices are set by the market, not by people. Lots of people in Barbados being ripped off and paying prices that are way too high. For example Caribean rum is cheaper in the USA than it is in Barbaods. Have a look at what a child safety seat cost in Barbaods and then check it out at Lower prices help all of us.

  5. LOOK

    @ Sith:

    Send them a thank you card, Owen Arthur and those BLP crooks.

  6. I guess look and Carson would prefer to trust people like DT and Lp and ignorant Fruendel.
    Did a contractor remodelling a hous in St. Philip find some suitcases with money? If only the dead could talk.

  7. To the Point

    @Fed up

    any honest blpers from the last Govt?

  8. Nostradamus

    @To the Point

    Any honest blpers from the last Gov?
    Any honest dlpers from the last Gov?

  9. Rastaman

    PM says persons who are guilty of corruption will be brought to justice.Wonder if he will start with his Min of Housing?

  10. Mark Fenty

    Man! No system of human government is without its imperfections. And some wise person once said that, “When we’re planning, that we must do so with the Devil in the details. ” You know, we can’t afford to get lost in the backwash of disillusionment, in the age of enlightenment.

  11. Anonymous

    Will someone start a new Party, we don’t want eirther of the two we have now, Crookedness on both sides.
    When will it stop ??? will we wait until we can’t buy food, don’t let Trotty shut down the Country before us, let us get the jump on him.
    Bajans, take stock.

  12. LOOK

    @ Fedup

    Corruption is in every place and everywhere. Some countries tolerate it. Some don’t. Barbados tolerates it, the United States, United Kingdom, Norway, etc. does not. Barbados could do better than Stuart but without Arthur, stated that many times. David Thompson was not an honest man. His involvement in CLICO proves that, but Thompson sucessfully impeded the Owen Arthur regrime of fourteen years, and Thompson unlike Stuart and all others made effort to investigate the validity of Violet Beckles’ claim. Thompson put the 75,000 campaign cheque in Owen’s face and no doubt would have repeated feat concerning Violet Beckles, Sherene Mongroo, etc. Barbados is a total train wreck, must accept it, have to, without choice. Owen Arthur and the BLP accomplished this, train wrecked Barbados. The Barbados Water Authority in 2009 was near bankrupcy, remember. The 60% water rate increase was the result of problems totaling thirteen years. Barbados according to Clyde Mascoll and Dale Marshall is flat broke “all in the red” but Barbados before 2008 was not financially stable. Three S&P downgrades prove this. There is, of course more, lots more BLP left behind messes. Half of it have not been told. The DLP did not know what to do with a lot of stuff put before them simply because the BLP didn’t know what in the hell they were doing. The BLP built Kensington Oval, constructed the damn thing on someone’s property, Violet Beckles.

    The DLP administration, since 2008 could have done better [if] it could. Thompson in 2008 did surrender 2.5 million to Al Barack. Barack since 2008 have not received payment of any kind. Arthur and the BLP started lot of fires still burning. They know this, can’t hide it. Arthur and the BLP gave birth to Al Barack. Thompson in 2008 accepted Al Barack, without choice. Violet Beckles and Sherene Mongroo fires also comes from Arthur and the BLP.Those Arch Cot, Britton Hill deaths, can’t forget that. Those deaths at Arch Cot, Britton Hill could have been prevented. No building on that land should have been allowed because it was caved. Someone is responsible. Someone has to be accountable. That would be Arhur and the BLP group. Right?

  13. LOOK

    Need a new party. Need Freedom of Information. Need to update the court system and definately the police department.

  14. what a shame

    NEW PARTY !! Barbados is a joke with a bunch of Clowns running the show.

  15. Mark Fenty

    A new party is not the solution to the problems that Barbados are experiencing. What we need is leadership with the kind of vision to prepare Barbados for this new global economy. We need to start investing in education that is geared toward science and technology, that would prepare the posterity of Barbados for this new global economy.

  16. Mark Fenty

    Barbados is seriously lacking in the leadership department, gone are the days of Barrow and Adams men of deep foresight. I personal felt that Arthur lacked the proper intellectual resources to be prime -minister of Barbados, because I found him to be a very inarticulate man for prime -minister.

  17. Mark Fenty

    St. John, Sandiford, and Stuart just happened to be at the right place at the right time. As for as I’m concern, these three men contributed nothing of sustainable substance to the island of Barbados.

  18. Mark Fenty

    Thompson potential wasn’t quite realized because of his untimely death.

  19. Mark Fenty

    I may have been bit of an idealist, but I would have love to have seen Dr. Richie Haynes and Dr. Don Blackman governed Barbados, two intellectuals in their own right.

  20. LOOK

    Owen Arthur and the Barbados Labor Party you know broke a lot of things and left them broken. Now they can fix things. They will fix the economy, they will fix it. They will fix the national debt, they will fix it, They will fix tourism too, they will fix it. LOL

  21. Mark Fenty

    Martin wolf author of the book,( Why Globalization Works), and one of the world’s foremost economic prognosticators, argues quite passionately that ,” It cannot be all together an accident that the most successful region of the world , after Europe and the British offshoot in the New World, is east Asia. ” Now, Wolf is commenting on a region that was once considered the poorest region in the world, some forty years ago. So the question is left to be answered,why is that?

  22. LOOK

    @ Mark Fenty

    Japan, once an emerging superpower has stepped down several steps, allowed China and India to step up above it, but Japan is still a potential superpower. Why is that? Barbados is still THIRD WORD but a developing country, have stepped down several steps, allowing Trinidad and Tobago to step up above it. Why is that?

  23. Mark Fenty

    China, India, and Japan, just to use as an example to illustrate my point, were wise enough to think ahead when they invested in the sciences and technologies. Now, China has surpassed America as the largest economy in the world to date. And Japan on the other hand, obviously produces a better technological product than America. Finally, India now exports a workforce with the kind of technological expertise that are lacking in America.

  24. Mark Fenty

    @ look
    I think that it has a lot to do with leadership and the correct kind of vision. But, we also have to be mindful of the fact, that Barbados lacks the natural as well as the economic resources of Trinidad and Tobago.

  25. millertheanunnaki

    @ Mark Fenty January 13, 2013 at 5:36 am
    “Thompson potential wasn’t quite realized because of his untimely death.”

    Death, Mr. Fenty, is Never Untimely. It might be unwelcome but never too early or too late just right on time for every mortal person. Mr. Thompson died at his appointed time.
    Great men die early so you can take false comfort from that general statement with sarcastic aplomb.

    If death were ever untimely your mythical Jesus would have lived to a ripe old age like his ancestor Nebuchadnezzar to prove his uroboric divinity.

  26. Rastaman

    @millertheanunnaki: While I agree with you that Thompson’s death was at his appointed time,the death of Jesus was for a specific purpose. To save sinners like you and I

  27. Rastaman

    and by the way there is nothing mythical about Him

  28. Benjamin; The Raging Wolf

    This is an excellent article by Mr Mottley but there is one thing that our people must recognize. The chains and shackles are still on and we are owned and controlled these big corporations. We are the borrowers not the lenders, we are the tail and not the head. Do you think that this is by accident. It is not by accident and if you understand the history of the world you will know that you will not be able to defeat these entitites either legally, politically or economically. Welcome to the real world, controlled by big corporations and big governments; this is the reality. Heck, they even control the Churches: you think that you go to Church to get spiritual giuidance, they control what is taught to the masses throught their theological and bible schools and so we stay dumbed down and confounded; this is the state of our people because we will not seek the knowledge that is in front of our faces, but continue to fight a physical battle that we can never win. We were brought here as slaves and we are still slaves, economic and social slaves, the shackles are still on; we are still in captivity. The corporations and big governments run over us, they do the buying and the selling, they are the merchants. We are the merchandise, open your eyes and see, they will continue to make merchandise of our people. This is not the last of it, it will get worse so brace yourselves. We still in captivity and if anyone says different, they have got to be nuts. try reading Deuteronomy 28 some time. You will be surprised at what you find.

  29. Anonymous

    Let’s not use Japan and Trinidad and Tobago
    as better economic models.

    Afra Raymond is covering Trinidad and Tobago quite well with his description of corruption being a serious crime transacted by economic perverts in the government (both politicians and the bureaucracy) with their successful attempts to subvert parliament.

    Japan has had severe corruption since the end of WW 11

    The real issue is that of moral leadership and this can only happen if the broom comes out to sweep the parliament clean with representatives of integrity.

  30. LOOK

    @ Mark Fently

    Agree, Barbados lacks leadership and natural resources. Disagree, however that China has surpassed the U.S. as the largest economy. Please, if you would review the Top Ten Biggest economies ( also The World’s Richest Countries and Biggest Economies ( China’s economy may inevitably surpass the United States; it has not yet occurred. Disagree Japan produces a better product than America. Toyota Motor Corporation [Japanese car manufacturer] you may or may not know signed an agreement to pay fine of 17.35 million for failing to report a safety defect to the United States government in a timely manner. Things could continuously get worse for Toyota, the signed agreement does not release it from civil or criminal liabilities. The United States Department of Transportation said the 17.35 million dollar fine was the highest ever for not initating a recall in a timely manner. Japan is not being careful or care about producing a quality product.

    Disagree also, Mr. Fently that India exports a workforce that is lacking in America. The workforce in American is not lacking just more costly than that in India.

  31. LOOK

    At some point, Barbados will hit rock bottom, not far from it really. Barbados at moment is in junk bond status, flat broke “all in the red”. It is court ordered to pay Contractor Al Barack and now court ordered to pay all incurred legal bills [Shanique Myrie], in a lawsuit against it, Barbados [rape]. Tourism is breathing on life support and Owen Arthur can drink only so much rum. LOL

    Time to sweep the island clean, exempting nobody and no one. Time for someone serious about leadership, express some fresh new ideas, QUICKLY.

  32. Mark Fenty

    @ millertheanunnak
    Well! There is an argument yet to be had on whether there is such a thing as an untimely death. And to be quite honest, that’s another religious debate I choose not to had at this time. Nonetheless, your premise centers on the concepts of freewill and predestination, which is still at the center of debate in the religious world. In any event, the Bible says in Psalms 90:10 that,”The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is there strength labor and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and fly away. “

  33. Mark Fenty

    I know I’m talking like an idiot, but I’m quite sure if Sartre, Kierkegaard,Nietzsche, and Camus could put a bug in your ear right now. They would tell you that it is no fun having to play dominos with their drinking buddy the Devil.

  34. Mark Fenty

    On further reflection I absolutely agree with you, since I’m given thought to what you have said concern those high skilled east Indian workers. Corporate-America has and continues to outsource American jobs to Asia, just to avoid paying the American worker a livable wage. And it is all stems from the money driven western mindset, that is interlaced with greed.

  35. LOOK

    @ Mark Fentley

    Death may approach any one person at any time but can be accepted and or not accepted. King Hezekiah (Bible/Old Testament) was sick and received word “set your house in order, for you shall die and not live” (Old Testament/II Kings 20:1). Hezekiah you know prayed and asked God to spare his life as a normal person would did. God the divine, extended his life fifteen years. What Miller says makes no sense at all, but he’s atheist. That’s his procreative.

  36. Mark Fenty

    @ looking
    The existentialists like Sartre, Kierkegaard and others, believes that there is no such thing as a supernatural deity. Who assumes an unqualified authority over human life and the universe? Sartre position is, “We’re free agents who are capable of making choices, and those choices determine the outcome of our lives.

  37. caribeye

    Corruption is rife in EVERY Administration, Bee and Dee. Just look at the way the contractor got the contract to do the extension work at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford (Sherbourne) Conference Center. The tender period was extended for 2 weeks AFTER the deadline to allow CRS to tender and Surprise! CRS, a small contractor with NO EXPERIENCE in large projects, DID NOT get screened in the Pre-Qualification process, like the big firms were (the process had eneded, remember!) yet was awarded a $35 million contract! Who are the owners of the winning contractor? A Minister’s relative? Who then are the silent partners? Who’s getting something back? Just asking what needs to be asked re our taxpayers money.

  38. Mark Fenty

    Obviously, we’re talking about a psychological-egotism, that is deeply rooted in fairy-tale logic. The illustrious psychotherapist Dr. Carl Jung said that, “And individual cannot be healthy or happy, unless he acknowledge his reliance on a higher power, than that of the Ego. “

  39. Mark Fenty

    Caribeye, Dr. Carl Jung also said that, ” When we understand the duality of our nature, our capacity for good as well as evil, then we can understand and cope,with the potential threats of those in power. “

  40. Blog hog

    Stop blathering
    make your point one time and move on to the next topic

  41. Mark Fenty

    @ blog hog
    Thanks for your well received constructive criticism, I hadn’t quite realize that I was being blatherly. Great choice word by the way, now way might I find the guidelines for making a point on this blog?

  42. Mark Fenty

    @ Bog hog

    It is mind-boggling how some people think that their somehow have the audacious impudicity, to dictate to others, what there should or should not do. Their hided behind the computer monitor with their pseudo-intelligence, wheeling out commands, instructions, and dictates like there are an intellect of the highest order. This kind of thinking is certainly interwoven with stitch of intellectual arrogance, and is obviously conjoined to the decadence in our modern culture?

    Moreover, there used to be a time when people viewed with reverence the opinion of others. But in the world of today, these social niceties have been replaced with a blatant insensitive for the diverse of opinion. There is a perennial dictum which states that, “if I agree with you we both be wrong.” Our one fit all mentality, merely serves to limit our ability to venture out in the uncharted territory intellectual inquiry. It is only because of Einstein’s inventive ingenuity that we have come to understand the concept of Quantum Theory. Had he not defy the conventional wisdom, we would still be wrestling with the antiquate concept of Classical Physic.

    Surely, this kind of thinking is an affront to the intellectual- freedom that is a fundamental human-right, and conductive the unassailable rights nature bestowed upon humanity.

    I’ve learned from practical experience how others value what their have written. So I’ve make it a practice of mine, when I am correct someone, which I seldom do, to express in a manner that is palatable their feelings. Remember now, we are deal with the male ego here, and we all know how easily it’s inflated. So let’s not pretend that we are insensitive to this reality.

    Now, let deal with the issue at hand. It is down right impertinent to believe, that we can somehow usurp our individual judgment. When we are trying to dictate to others what we believe is the right course of action to take. Listen! Don’t misconstrued what I’m endeavoring to convey here, because I honestly welcome sound critique. But it amounts to sheer insolence, when we believe that we can somehow utilize our unqualified opinion to undermine what others have written irrespective of its unintelligibility.

    In a public forum such as this, we have the latitude to express our opinion the way we sees fit. And we can do so as long as it doesn’t impinge upon the personal freedoms of others. In university for example, the professor starts out by telling the students to ask any question he or she so desire, because there is no such thing as a stupid question in a tertiary environment. You know, I’ve found that this statement carries with it some measure of truth, especially when one is writing on a public bog likes this. I’ve never claimed to be one who knows it all. This blog provides a wealth of information that peaks my interest. And I welcome the diverse opinion here, especially as it relates to the Barbadian people and their social, political, and economic affairs. So my thesis is this; we can accomplish much more with honey, than we can with vinegar. Finally, the noteworthy American philosopher and psychologist William James, has challenge us the put the evidence under strict scrutiny, in order that we may ascertain the unarmed truth.

  43. Mark Fenty

    @ Bog hog
    I’ve had a poor grammatical foundation during my schooling in Barbados, and it seems to be getting worse the older I get. So please, not critique sir, just read what I’ve written you.

  44. Observer

    All of these comments are rubbish. Not one of them deals with the point Mr Mottley was making. A bunch of political pimps trying to score political points…. and failing.

  45. LOOK

    @ Observer

    Mr. Mottley is campaigning for the BLP. . . . and failing.

  46. just want to know

    LOOK, you always talking about OA being a drunk, did you know the present PM drink white rum even in Parliament after every debate, and this is not fiction, this is real.

  47. Mark Fenty

    @ observer
    Friend, you have contributed nothing to the debate that is worth listening to, even if some here has regressed for the central premise. All you seems to have done, is to impregnate the blog with your haft baked analysis .Then you ran off like ‘the Creator who sleeps with both eyes open.

  48. LOOK

    @ just want to know

    I don’t care that Prime Minister drink white rum, don’t care if he drinks anything at all but have you seen him drunk “in public”. Where are the Youtube videos?

    This, how about this just want to know [poster]. Arthur, during a budget debate could not remember that he actually chaired the meetings of Cabinet discussing the VECO matter. He said he wished he was there. But when told by both Minister Sinckler and the Prime Minister – ‘no Owen, you were there,’ he then said that he said something else. When pressed again, he again said something completely different and also said that he never said what he said on the two previous occasions the entire country heard him say it. Either he is a suffer of Alzheimer’s disease, forgot taking his medication, possibly drunk or both.

    A person diagnosed with Schizophrenia may experience hallucinations. Most reported symptoms are hearing voices, delusions (often bizarre or persecutory in nature), and disorganized thinking and speech. The latter may include a loss of train of thought and or incoherence. Owen, incidentally exhibits a number of those symptoms: delusions (persecutory in nature), and incoherence. Damn, Arthur is a mentally sick man and he’s a drunk. Several Youtube videos prove this and Chris Sinckle [Youtube video] is right on target identifying Arthur – a political schizophrenia. LOL

    Genes play a key role in developing Schizophrenia. Being related to someone with Schizophrenia greatly increases your risk of developing Schizophrenia. So, that explains, Arthur’s cousin [WinstonRoach] [St. Lucy, Barbados] [Barbados Water Authority]. His personal vehicle (Winston) is a 1999 SUV, he [Winston] calls it a van. Winston, a year ago said he was divorced three years, said he was given a divorce December 3, 2009. The December 3, 2009 divorce a year ago was not three years old. LOL

  49. Mark Fenty

    We ought to know that there is no such thing as independence, as far as the Caribbean is concern. The quality of life that some enjoys in the Caribbean is directly link to countries in Europe and the America’s ,now Asia is trying to get their hands in the cook jar.

  50. LOOK

    Prime Minister Thompson I think would have fenced them, Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, etc [epee weapons] only and prevailed had he not expired, but everything happens for a reason. There is a reason for everything under the sun. Prime Minister Thompson successfully impeded the Owen Arthur regrime of fourteen years. He, Prime Minister Thompson had no intentions of relinquishing his title. He was preparing to fence them, the BLP and finding epee weapons needed, that 75,000 campaign cheque, massive land fraud, etc. Prime Minister Thompson like PLANTATION DEEDS went about looking for things [hiding] and finding them.

    Everything happens for a reason. There is a reason for everything under the sun. The supervisor in 2006 issued a cease and decease order against CLICO. Owen Arthur in 2006 did not trumpet this, the cease and decease order of which he had knowledge, but the recent S&P downgrade, Chris Sinckler’s assets, etc. he did. There is certainly a reason.

  51. 134

    Hey Mark, do you see anyone running in the next election with any Leadership and or Vision to bring Barbados back ?
    St.John, Sandiford and Stuart where in the wrong place (not the right place according to you) these three men made a total mess of this Country.

  52. Joseph

    This is for Look, Owen Arthur all of a sudden is the worse person, have you ever check the late Thompson and know his background, you people make me laugh, your memories are short, owen got $75,000 how much did Thompson receive hundreds of thousands, from Clico, the poor people in this country lost their money, what did thompson do, put 10 million for parris
    to sue for re pension etc.
    Everyone get something for themselves, owen Arthur has way more vision than anyone in the DLP, and if not for Owen the 11 goongs would have eat
    stuart alive,

    are you aware that thompson smoke and drink worse than OA.

    All the DLP has done is continue to bring in the Jamaica Artist in this country have any of you see any Barbadian artist in Jamaica singing and performing for their election.

    DLP never had no respect for women in their party, even the great Errol Barrow, disrespected, Gerturde Eastmond, Undine WHittaker etc. the only
    female to get anthing was Mazie Barker Welch and she was never a Minister (Parl Sec)

    Remember when the late Tom Adams wanted to build a four lane highway
    going North and South, who stopped it, if you people don’t know your
    history shut up.

    More privitization went on under the DLP in 1991 than the BLP, Thompson
    himself said in 2008, it is better to get rid of the National Bank than keep it.

    Barbados does not have to service its debt until 20/20 so all that nonsense about having to pay back debt is a joke.

    The good book say you put up for a rainny day, Owen said he left
    2. something billion in the treasury, Thompson never denied it

    The same Thompson disappear from the party when he was traunced
    Mascoll took the mantel and gave them 7 seats and he came back
    with his arrogance and what, he did not get to enjoy the CLICO money
    but his children will live to lick out my money. He knows much more
    than Owen.

    I called them Stiffy Sheep, they were never ready for running the country
    any country needs leadership, manangement that is what is lacking now.

    Tell Me would you get a Dentist to perform open hear surgery on someone
    Sinckler knows nothing about finance, banking, economics that would
    allow him to look after my country money, while it is ok to have an understanding
    and knowledge of someone it is different when you specialize in it

    Tell me who building the houses under the DLP Administration, have you
    check? Who owns Coverly? have you check? Who built the houses
    in Parrish Land, Work Hall, Lancaster? ask yourselves. A big drug dealer with connections to the Minister.

    All you people in the DLP walking around with your head in the sand
    trying to make people believe that all this corruption is under the BLP but you need to check what is going on. I will say a lot more later.

    MIA committed an offence and she was discipline, little can be said
    about those 11 in the DLP nothing happen to them. The Bees
    discipline their politicians unlike the Bees, Owen fired: liz
    Payne Trust, Johnny, Romel etc. when Romel insure Transport Board buses under his insurance, he got discipline, but the Sherbourne Conf Centre that was awarded to A Minister and his family; nothing.

    Thompson got a lot of money out of CLICO and his wife will now enjoy
    it, she knows as well.

    I am hurting i need my money back.

    Leroy Parris should be in jail, instead of up in the DLP lineup.

  53. Rastaman

    @Joseph: Well said,tell us more.