Barbados murder of Russian teen Anna Druzhinina: Censorship and Travesty of Justice

Charles Leacock, Barbados Director of Public Prosecutions

Charles Leacock, Barbados Director of Public Prosecutions

“The disturbing question remains, why didn’t DPP Leacock press a murder charge and conduct a trial for the brutal hanging murder of the Russian teenager?”

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Barbados Murder: Anna Druzhinina

Part 1 of 3
By Amy L. Beam, Ed.D.
January 3, 2013

On Nov. 8, 2008, Russian teenager Anna Druzhinina was brutally hanged in her home in Barbados one day after her 16th birthday.  Her feet and hands were bound behind her with electrical cable, she was blindfolded, gagged and put to balance barefoot on a metal paint can stacked on top of a plastic can.  A wire noose was tied around her neck and strung over a rafter.  The co-accomplices, Persaud and McCollin, left her to sit on the balcony and wait for her parents until she collapsed and hanged.  McCollin warned Anna if she fell off she would die.

DPP Charles Leacock did not present the available evidence in a murder trial for Teerath Persaud when there was overwhelming evidence plus testimony from the accomplice, McCollin, to demonstrate intention to murder Anna Druzhinina.  The disturbing question remains, why didn’t DPP Leacock press a murder charge and conduct a trial for the brutal hanging murder of the Russian teenager?

Guyanese Teerath Persaud, who was employed as a security guard by her parents at SO-LO wholesale food store in Black Rock, killed her along with his accomplice Christopher McCollin.  Anna had been known to Teerath since she was 7.  According to the court sentencing for manslaughter in 2010 of the accomplice McCollin, they went for “revenge and robbery”.

Teerath Persaud was allowed to plead to manslaughter and sentenced Dec 11, 2012, to just less than 21 years (plus time already served).  The parents and public had to be offended, prior to sentencing, by reading in the paper that Persaud went to steal garden tools and that Anna “jumped” to her death and accidentally died.  Does it take six hours to steal garden tools?  The garden tools, unlocked below the house, were untouched.

Read Justice Crane-Scott’s sentencing remarks at .

After waiting four years for a murder trial, the DPP accepted a manslaughter plea from Persaud.  This is a travesty of justice and a dark day for Barbados.  The Nation News printed a two-page spread with 4 photos of Anna and the murder scene on Dec. 23, 2012, in both the hard copy paper and online at .

On January 2, the Nation News story page would not load.  A Google search for the words “Anna Druzhinina Dec 2012 deaths load” listed a link to the story.  When pages are removed from the internet, Google saves the last copy or snapshot of the page in an archival file called “cache.”  The cache showed an empty page with the message “Preview not available,” proving that the page had been removed.

 It looks like ongoing censorship has been hiding this murder crime so as not to let the international press get hold of it.  Later in the day, the Nation News page was restored and Google cache showed the screen shot:

Anna Druzhinina 2 click photo for large

Coming in Part 2: Revenge or robbery?


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27 responses to “Barbados murder of Russian teen Anna Druzhinina: Censorship and Travesty of Justice

  1. Robert Ross

    @ BFP

    Thankyou for the warning.

    What a sad case this is. BUT you know, Leacock got his law wrong. At common law the mental element in murder is not satisfied only by a direct intention to kill (or cause grievous bodily harm), and this has nothing to do with the abolition of the so-called ‘felony-murder rule’. It is sufficient if the accused has performed an act which he foresaw would result in death or gbh as a ‘virtual certainty’. This might have warranted proceeding on the murder charge..

  2. 19

    Leacock has always been a dodgy sort with his documented abuses using his position and Sgt Vaughan. He is a serial humper of OLD women also. And he seems to go easy on horrible crimes.

  3. LOOK

    Barbados at moment is chaotic, just a total mess. The S&P and Moody’s said so. There are lots of theft there [Barbados], the United Nations said so but Violet Beckles proved it. Worse, statistics show that domestic violence involving women and children are quite common there [Barbados]. The young senator Kerri Symmonds in 2009 proved this.

    Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall awarded contractor Al Barrack a government contract, without tender. Barrack built the complex at Warrens in St. Michael. Bajans owe Barrack approximately 77 million and must pay because Barack has in his posession a court ordered judgement. Barack had never built a project that size, still gets the last laugh. Wait, Wait, there is more, more Barbados embarrassments, Owen Arthur Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall awarded VECO (Alaska) a government contract without tender. VECO built the prison at Dodds in St. Philip but had no record of building prisons and low and behold the prison project extended millions over budget. LOL

    Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall embarrasses Barbados. The Violet Beckles and the Myrie Rape case embarrasses Barbados. The Barbados Police Commissioner Darwin Dottin embarrases Barbados. The Colin Peter and Terry Schwartzfeld murders embarrasses Barbados, likewise the teenage Russian girl, Anna Druzhinina’s murder.

    Bajan singer, Rihanna should immediately cease advocating tourism there [Barbados].

  4. Amy L. Beam

    It is Jan 3, 2013, and once again the online story about Anna Druzhinina at the Nation News will not load. Either the page is under Denial of Service (DoS) … a programmer’s ploy to prevent others from connecting to it… or the page has once againn been removed.

  5. The Rehabilitator

    So perhaps Persaud & McCollin could be released since they have been good lads for the past several years. Totally rehabilitated & remorseful beyond recognition. More than a few Bajans would help these young gentlemen on the road to justice.

  6. yatiniteasy

    If I were her father, and I was still alive and able, they would not walk on this earth one day after their release from jail…they do not belong in society…ever!

  7. Comment

    This case is actually not that unusual. If one was to look back at murder cases over the years the DPP often tends to take the easy route of allowing murder accused to plead guilty to manslaughter than conduct a full murder trial, even in some cases like this where the evidence of clear cut murder was overwhelming. From where I sit it looks like sheer laziness and nothing else. When a murder accused pleads guilty to manslaughter it is less work for the DPP – no long trial to conduct and that seems to be the main reason a lot of these cases are ending in half justice.

  8. Rastaman

    @Comment: And when they get a murder conviction what is the difference? Nobody gets hanged

  9. Amy L. Beam

    Rastaman, I understand your point loud and clear and thanks for your comment. The parents want a life for a life and so do I. However, there is a big difference between being sentenced to life in prison and being able to walk free again in Barbados, especially if you are Anna’s parents. You think they can live in Barbados when their daughter’s murderers are set free; especially when the parents were targeted to be murdered, too, that night? Persaud had a speargun and McCollin had an ax. I was told the main electric circuit in the basement was rigged up to finish them off by electrocution (but I didn’t see it myself); same way they wire up hogs for slaughter and toss water on them.

    In fact, where in this world will Anna’s parents ever feel safe again?

    When I was Anna’s tender, trusting age, I used to argue with my mother against capital punishment and in favor of “rehabilitation.” My mother insisted that if one of her children were murdered, she would want the murderer to be executed. My mother loved children, stray cats, and justice. She never harmed anyone in her life, but she said “The hell with rehabilitation.” Now I understand my mother. I’m not interested in God’s will or mercy for Anna’s murderers. I’m interested in justice right here on Earth in BARBADOS. If people don’t start demanding justice NOW, then WHEN?

  10. Anonymous

    One of the alternatives for Justice is that anytime an opportunity presents itself to exact Justice and avoid the Court, it should be implemented with extreme prejudice.

  11. Bad Bob

    Some years back, in Atlanta, a young woman was kicked to death at a public park-during her lunch break. The killer was caught and when bail was given, a substantial number of friends of the murdered girl offered to put up bail for the killer. Needless to say-both the attorney for the killer, as well as the perpetrator knew exactly what “we” were up to. No doubt the killer would have “fled, never to be seen again.” Unless one were to examine one of the many dry wells in a certain part of the state of Georgia.

  12. Additiional Services

    @ Amy

    This life has it’s own justice and of that, none of us can escape.

    You might be better off praying that life’s natural justice fills the breach left by the error in man-made justice.

    I predict both of thse individuals with have not-so-unfortunate accidents in HMP Dodds and there only way they will ever be released with by in bodybag heading for a funeral home.

    Let us proay.

  13. Escaping gas!!

    Like when you Fart, the escaped gas make you fell a ‘lil better,
    thats like posting here,Escaping gas.
    makes the Emitter feel a ‘lil better,but ent achieving NUFFIN.
    When we gonna ACT.??
    Lets drop some real HEAVY S**T on the CORRUPT DPP LEACOCK.
    Its WE FREEDOM he F***S with.

  14. UNbelievable!!

    What a horrific story.
    So a known TORTURE mechanism was used for the poor child to hang herself…teetering on a loose assembly of cans that marginally supported her weight
    until she could no longer sustain the delicate balance of life over strangulation!
    Well isn’t that just NICE!

    And pray tell, where would a nice Guyanese boy learn nasty techniques like that??
    This is most definitely pre-meditated, with malice and aforethought.
    This crime is extermination with extreme prejudice.

    I can’t believe what I’ve just read in the BFP article above
    but it’s nice to know the horrific details, now that they’re out in the fresh air.

  15. Amy L. Beam


    Thanks for your comment. There is more info to come when BFP prints Parts 2 and 3 of my story about DPP Leacock’s prosecution of the murderers of Anna Druzhinina. Check back or subscribe to be informed by email. Thank goodness for independent media sites like BFP and other Barbados and international blog sites which serve a VITAL ROLE IN TRUTH-TELLING. I was told this morning by the Nation News that the Nation News routinely “archives” its online stories which means REMOVES THEM. Just run some tests and try to research some not-so-old crimes stories reported online in the Nation Newsthat that cast Barbados in a negative light. You won’t find much.

    For example, I wanted to know what happened to the investigation of the US Embassy officer who was found dead on Dover beach a few years ago and his body flown outta Bim without an autopsy. An investigation was promised, but this was a ONE PARAGRAPH, ONE-DAY STORY. The story is as dead as the man.

    I tried to find out about the crime committed by the last man to be executed in Barbados in 1984. He killed the PM’s grandmother, but darned if I can find out one thing about the crime or trial. I wonder how she was murdered or even what her name was. OK, that was pre-internet, but you’d think it might merit more than one line.

    The Nation News reported on Nov 22, 2012, that an inmate in Dodds committed suicide by hanging himself from a window bar. The photo I saw posted online showed a rope with a noose hanging from the center of the room. The inmate was in Dodds serving 15 years on a manslaughter conviction for killing a woman. Followup on that news story was promised, but not another word has been heard about it. I can’t find who the DPP was or anything about the manslaughter sentencing or circumstances of the death of the victim. Well, maybe there IS justice afterall. I don’t know, but I would rather live in a country where justice is served up by the courts.

    And the DISAPPEARING NEWS goes on and on and on. I don’t think this censorship is happening by chance just at the Nation News. I think it is coercive and political, with directives that come from very high places and in collusion with powers within Barbados and beyond the shores of Barbados for the sake of tourism. Forget about the US’s manufactured “war on terrorism”. The real war in which the citizens of the world are now involved is a War for Information and Truth. Who controls the MEDIA, controls the public opinion.

    Because of vanishing news stories, it is important that readers copy and repost stories for the historical record.

  16. UNbelievable!!

    Ah girl…small-island ting!

    In seeming defence of the Nation’sapparent witholding
    I rather think that their servers are grossly inadequate,
    and can only hold So Much.

    Using their servers daily to check on current news, said servers are shall we say, Not The Greatest
    so I suspect that there is no way they can routinely hold on to juicy stories beyond a few months if that!
    NOT that I am defending them…just that I have a bit of an I.T. head…

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  18. Mark Fenty

    @ Amy L. Beam
    Now, I stand to corrected on this one, because I lived in Barbados back in 1984 and as far as my memory serves me, and according to press reports. The only individuals who were executed in Barbados back in 1984, were three younger men and none of whom were executed for killing the PM’s grandmother. In October 10th 1984 according to the press reports, Erroll Farrell who I knew quite well, Noel Jordan 24 and Melville Inniss 21 were executed.

  19. Amy L. Beam

    Mark, I thank you for correcting the record on the last executions in Barbados in 1984. When I was first searching for this several weeks ago, I came upon at least a half-dozen links with the same phrase that the person was executed in 1984 for killing the Prime Minister’s grandmother. I could not find anything more, but I assure you, I DID read that much. Once again we have a case of disappearing stories. Tonight when I search for the story I now find only one last web site where the reference to killing the PM’s grandmother remains. No doubt it will be removed soon which is not a bad thing if the information was incorrect to begin with. This web thing is a double-edged sword.

  20. Well Well

    Those were the quickest executions in history, inside the justice system.

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  25. The Court System in Bim is corrupt as hell. Who is the Chief Justice? A Yank I presume. What do he know about English Law?

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