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Barbados murder of Russian teen Anna Druzhinina: Censorship and Travesty of Justice

Charles Leacock, Barbados Director of Public Prosecutions

Charles Leacock, Barbados Director of Public Prosecutions

“The disturbing question remains, why didn’t DPP Leacock press a murder charge and conduct a trial for the brutal hanging murder of the Russian teenager?”

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Barbados Murder: Anna Druzhinina

Part 1 of 3
By Amy L. Beam, Ed.D.
January 3, 2013

On Nov. 8, 2008, Russian teenager Anna Druzhinina was brutally hanged in her home in Barbados one day after her 16th birthday.  Her feet and hands were bound behind her with electrical cable, she was blindfolded, gagged and put to balance barefoot on a metal paint can stacked on top of a plastic can.  A wire noose was tied around her neck and strung over a rafter.  The co-accomplices, Persaud and McCollin, left her to sit on the balcony and wait for her parents until she collapsed and hanged.  McCollin warned Anna if she fell off she would die.

DPP Charles Leacock did not present the available evidence in a murder trial for Teerath Persaud when there was overwhelming evidence plus testimony from the accomplice, McCollin, to demonstrate intention to murder Anna Druzhinina.  The disturbing question remains, why didn’t DPP Leacock press a murder charge and conduct a trial for the brutal hanging murder of the Russian teenager?

Guyanese Teerath Persaud, who was employed as a security guard by her parents at SO-LO wholesale food store in Black Rock, killed her along with his accomplice Christopher McCollin.  Anna had been known to Teerath since she was 7.  According to the court sentencing for manslaughter in 2010 of the accomplice McCollin, they went for “revenge and robbery”.

Teerath Persaud was allowed to plead to manslaughter and sentenced Dec 11, 2012, to just less than 21 years (plus time already served).  The parents and public had to be offended, prior to sentencing, by reading in the paper that Persaud went to steal garden tools and that Anna “jumped” to her death and accidentally died.  Does it take six hours to steal garden tools?  The garden tools, unlocked below the house, were untouched.

Read Justice Crane-Scott’s sentencing remarks at http://www.lawcourts.gov.bb/Lawlibrary/events.asp?id=892 .

After waiting four years for a murder trial, the DPP accepted a manslaughter plea from Persaud.  This is a travesty of justice and a dark day for Barbados.  The Nation News printed a two-page spread with 4 photos of Anna and the murder scene on Dec. 23, 2012, in both the hard copy paper and online at http://www.nationnews.com/index.php/articles/view/deaths-load/ .

On January 2, the Nation News story page would not load.  A Google search for the words “Anna Druzhinina Dec 2012 deaths load” listed a link to the story.  When pages are removed from the internet, Google saves the last copy or snapshot of the page in an archival file called “cache.”  The cache showed an empty page with the message “Preview not available,” proving that the page had been removed.

 It looks like ongoing censorship has been hiding this murder crime so as not to let the international press get hold of it.  Later in the day, the Nation News page was restored and Google cache showed the screen shot:

Anna Druzhinina 2 click photo for large

Coming in Part 2: Revenge or robbery?


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