Owen Arthur chides DLP for hidden campaign spending, not declaring assets to Parliament


by TickTock

In terms of shear naked hypocrisy and bravado, can any living or dead Bajan politician equal former Prime Minister Owen Arthur?

It is easy to picture Owen as a 6 year old boy getting caught walking out of the local shop with stolen sweets in his pocket. Caught red handed, with the evidence sticking out of his pants he would utter in the most surprised and innocent voice, “Not me, Sir. Somebody must have put them there.”

Other than hypocrisy and bravado how else can we explain the apparent disconnected reality of Owen Arthur now criticizing Prime Minister Stuart and the DLP for not declaring their assets and for hidden campaign spending? After 14 years as Prime Minister when he did not introduce integrity legislation, conflicts of interest rules, freedom of information laws or elections spending laws Owen Arthur now points the finger at the DLP. That takes style!

After 14 years of Owen having his friends act to ‘source’ government purchases, after 14 years of mega-projects issued without open tenders and increasing our national debt by a billion dollars with no appreciable benefits or assets gained, Mr. Arthur is criticizing the DLP?

Pot, meet kettle…

Please read the following article at The Nation, but as usual we have to print it here in full as that paper has been known to change and delete news to suit agendas.

Arthur questions Sinckler’s assets

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has not set an election date because his ministers are yet to declare their assets to Parliament, Opposition Leader Owen Arthur has charged.

The former Prime Minister also urged Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler to declare his assets and sources, saying the minister was spending heavily in his constituency and he wanted to know where “all this bounty” came from.
Arthur was speaking at the opening of the St James Central Constituency Office of the Barbados Labour Party in Hoyte’s Village Saturday.

“Mia Mottley and I, without there being any need, went to Parliament and said this is what I have, this is what I own and what I owe,” Arthur said, explaining that he and the former Opposition Leader had long declared their assets. (GA)


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12 responses to “Owen Arthur chides DLP for hidden campaign spending, not declaring assets to Parliament

  1. Robert Ross

    Arthur said it .Is what he said true? The rest is fudge.

  2. 220

    Politics for you, One side is no better than the other, this is the time you see the other side speaking of what they themselves had done in the pass.

  3. Well Well

    Yeah, but in saying that, they ARE in power AND SHOULD declare their assets, what’s the holdup if there is no wrong doing. When BLP returns, they should also be pressured. Give the taxpayers explanations, Including explanations on why Sinckler’s brother gets such lucrative government contracts.

  4. caribeye

    What lucrative contracts does Sinckler’s brother get? C
    an you name some?

  5. Well Well

    Go ask Sinckler!!

  6. Well Well

    Now what ever happened to theFour Seasons hotel project partially funded by taxpayer dollars, and NIS contributions?? when will it start??? What has chief cook and bottle washer Persaud said about it recently?? Has anyone thought to ask legal engineer Mia Mottley????

  7. SPOIL your vote -deliberately -in your thousands -I dare you

    Taxpayers have zero clout.
    Electorate count for Z.I.P.

    Lawyer-Politicians hold *ALL* the clout!
    You know that.
    Stop fooling yourselves.

  8. Well Well

    Poetic Justice would be making sure the two parties are forced to form a coalition, so we can sit back and watch them kill each other.

  9. Tall Man

    Agreed! Here, here!. I too was planning on spoiling my vote anyways.
    BLP= corruption and parro economics, while DLP=impotence and incompetence. My good god!

  10. Tall Man

    Fuh right now Bim two top political parties are burdens on the people of Bim and akin to detritus.

  11. Mark Fenty

    Politicians and diapers have one thing in common, they should be both be changed regularly. And for the same reason, because there are both full of shit.

  12. 127

    All one in the same if you ask me.