Commissioner Dottin says accused rapist Derick Crawford confessed to particular knowledge of crimes

UPDATED: January 1, 2013 – Victims angry with Commissioner Dottin!

“Dr Rachel Turner and Diane Davies are hopping mad because of comments made by Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin during a Press conference last week.

The top cop had indicated that both women were uncooperative during the investigation of their rape, at the same spot two days apart, and that the Police Force had done its job properly in arresting Derick Crawford.”

The Nation: Reopen the Case! Find the man who raped us!

But can we trust a confession collected by the police without video?

For years judges and commissions have recommended that the Royal Barbados Police Force video confessions to crimes to remove the doubts.

Why should there be doubts? Aren’t all our police officers perfectly proper and honest when it comes to confessions?

Bajans know that many young men have died or been seriously injured in police custody where it is said that the police were trying to obtain confessions. Our officers have been known to shoot unarmed bicyclists in the head when they didn’t stop for police for a “routine checkstop” and were riding away. Young men have been known to jump off a cliff 50 feet into the sea and die rather than face questioning by our police. Or maybe they didn’t jump.

Can you blame Bajans for having doubts about the confession of Derick Crawford? Did the police provide him with the “particular details” of the crime that appeared in his confession?

“We know what goes on ’bout hey, and that’s why we have doubts.”

Commissioner Dottin: we wouldn’t be having this conversation and public embarrassment if you had of ordered that confessions be videoed as you said you were going to do years ago.

Video courtesy of The Bajan Reporter


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48 responses to “Commissioner Dottin says accused rapist Derick Crawford confessed to particular knowledge of crimes

  1. 189

    they need to free every person where there is dout

  2. 189

    please free earl victor before it is to late .this wiil be a good new years gith to his 14 year old child

  3. Mark Fenty

    Of course Crawford confessed to a particular knowledge of the crime, who wouldn’t? How long could one man tolerate a serious beating at the CID?

  4. Mark Fenty

    I thought that I would not have to voice my concerns, about the many instances of police brutality, that I’ve read about quite recently. Given the fact I had been raised behind District A Police Wall, and knew many of the police there on a personal level.

  5. Well Well

    If dottin is so sure its crawford, beyond the confession, where is the DNA evidence. Or is that not in his little playbook??? There was a rape of a child and the police in Bim did not think it necessary to collect evidence from the bed clothes where a grown man raped her, natrually the guy walked. Where are the rape kits in Bim?? How much longer will rape victims, women, girls, infants and little boys have to endure rape, while the police use confessions as evidence. When will these clowns leave the 18th century and step into the 21st. DOTTIN YOU ARE A DISGRACE. JUST LIKE THE FORMER CHIEF JUSTICE SIMMONS WHO ALL THOSE YEARS WAS AWARE OF THE INJUSTICE OF INQUIRIES THAT CAUSED ACCUSED TO SIT IN PRISON EVEN IF INNOCENT GLAD TO HEAR HE IS STARTING TO LOSE HIS MIND.

  6. yatiniteasy

    More news coverage today by BBC on this…Mr Dottin will not admit that a big mistake was made in this case, and this coverage in the UK does not help create a feeling of confidence in our RBPF. Perhaps its time to take the “R” out of their name.

  7. Well Well

    The R should not be there if Bim wants to call itself independent, this continues to show the weak mindedness of our black leaders and continue to brand them as the weakest link.

  8. Well Well

    Am sure people who live in the back of District A can speak about the screams from beaten confessions.

  9. hmmm, maybe I need to think again

    With my familly I holiday twice a year in Barbados, but when you read all the goings on in goverment and the police along with the high cost of holidaying in Bim, maybe time to find a sunny less corrupt destination, who want tourists to visit …..just a thought

  10. 19

    Dottin is an idiot to believe he has any credibility left. He’s the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand though I believe in his case the home his head has found is up his azz. Dolt.

  11. Well Well

    Sorry for various reasons you must think twice about Bim as a holiday destination, but honestly, only a few there benefit in the millions fron tourism anyway. Also, the corruption, nepotism, croneyism and plain stupidity is so condensed that if not exposed and fixed now, there will be absolutely no hope for future generations that now comprise the majority. It has been going on for many decades to the detriment of those deemed ‘nobody’. I had to get my family out years ago, no one should have to endure that type of trauma.

  12. A disillusioned traveller to Barbados

    Darwin Dottin is a good actor but he was reading from a script. Who wrote this script? If Dottin is a puppet,albeit a rather stupid one, who pulls his strings? These questions need to be answered before Barbados loses all it’s income from British tourists not to mention the subsidies they still receive from Britain. I too believe the R should be removed, for the police have absolutely no concern for British citizens.

  13. A disillusioned traveller to Barbados

    Sorry, I forgot to add that they do not even care about Barbadian citizens!

  14. Well Well

    Apparently, he was put their by former AG Mia Mottley, according to reports out of their own camps, he is just a stooge for those who can manipulate him and whom he cannot arrest. It is very vexing that these situations were allowed to get out of control in such a small island. Many lives have been destroyed because of these practices.

  15. Well Well

    The argument you always hear is that it “happens everywhere”, but no one is taking a good look at the damage it is really causing.

  16. Well Well

    If these british females did not stand their ground, this guy, though not a saint, would spend many years in prison, because the police did not think it necessary to gather evidence.

  17. Mark Fenty

    The time have come where Commissioner Dottin, needs to establish some clear policies and procedures, that would address the level of wrong doing in the force .It is unfortunate, that the poor people of Barbados have no turn to, in their efforts to call attention to police misconduct. In America for example, citizens can appeal to the NAACP, the ACLU and the Justice Department in their search for justice.

    Clearly, the lack of clear guidelines and standardized procedure has for many years,contributed the level of wrong doing in the force. Especially, when there is clear evidence of police misconduct,as we have seen in this case. And what makes it more disturbing, is the fact, that Commissioner Dottin possess the audacity to insult the public conscience. In his failing attempt to speak away the facts in this case, and previous cases.

  18. LOOK

    Barbados at moment is chaotic, just a total mess. The S&P and Moody’s said so. There are lots of theft there [Barbados], the United Nations said so but Violet Beckles proved it. Worse, statistics show that domestic violence involving women and children are quite common there [Barbados]. The young senator Kerri Symmonds in 2009 proved this.

    Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall gave contractor Al Barrack a government contract, without tender. Barrack built the complex at Warrens in St. Michael but had never built a project that size. Bajans now owe Barrack approximately 77 million and must pay. Barack has in his posession a court ordered judgement. Wait, there is more embarrassments, Owen Arthur Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall awarded VECO (Alaska) a government contract without tender. VECO built the prison at Dodds in St. Philip but had no record of building prisons and low and behold the prison project extended millions over budget. LOL

    Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall embarrasses Barbados. The Violet Beckles and the Myrie Rape case embarrasses Barbados. The Colin Peter and Terry Schwartzfeld murders embarrasses Barbados and this nutcase, the Police Commissioner Darwin Duttin embarrasses Barbados.

  19. Well Well

    how will dottin create any clear guidelines or procedures when he is just a stooge following instructions from his master, or should i say, dont know what to say. By the way, dont know if anyone remembers the case where these british?? i think brothers went to Bim and kidnapped and assaulted another brother over money; well they were arrested and detained on these very serious charges, well after a couple months we are hearing the courts in Bim were trying to extradite these same criminals from england, that sounded a little confusing, then we were told the IDIOT for a judge, allowed these criminals to return to england for the christmas holidays fully expecting them to RETURN TO BIM TO GO TO PRISON. Now tell me, where else in the world could this ever happen but in Bim where a black judge would still think white criminals are honest because they white, now does that make any sense??. Some said he was paid to release them, I don’t know, but I will tell you it’s another embarassment to Bim and should be exposed along with all the other nasty stuff those in position of small island power practice.

  20. LOOK

    Their incompetence is certainly entertaining others and other countries: Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, Dale Marshall, George Payne, Gline Clark and this nut, Darwin Dottin.

  21. insanity squared

    The World Bank, International Monetary Fund, European Union, and the Canadian and American governments have the power to end this charade of a “kleptocracy” masquerading as a democracy by cutting off the funds and grants as well as cancelling the tax treaties.

    Derick Crawford and Raul Garcia are just two of the many examples of a non-existent justice system.

    These institutions are part of the addiction if they refuse to enforce a “tough love” policy. There must be strict accountability tied to each and every loan or grant together with pressure to reform every democratic institution with full accountability and transparency.

  22. Well Well

    I do wish you luck with the accountability and transparency. I do not live in Bim but make sure am fully armed at all times, some people want to protect their corruption and will do so at all cost. Exposure certainly was not taken into account in all these decades of wheeling and dealing in Bim………………………you get my drift.

  23. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    I really did not want to comment on this one because I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the police commisioner would have relinquish all diplomacy and blatantly indicate that the blame is squarely at the feet of the victim. I also knew that the idiot would have stated that his officers excecuted correct procedure and going on their findings caught their man. It would be intersting to determine what internal investigation and questioning of the detectives and officers in the case would have convinced Mr. Dottin that his officers thoroughly pursued this matter according to protocol. But Jesus H Christ the women said its not Crawford Mr. Dottin how could you come on air and publicly announce that the two obvious intelligent women where uncooperative and that your officers did their jobs. You idiot!!. Could you have not choosen a more diplomatic approach? There was nothing wrong with you saying that the leads your officers followed obviously took you towards the wrong man and as a result the force will extend an apology for apprehension of the wrong man and for any discomfort the matter may have caused to the two ladies. Now all you have done is send a message to the world that your are a Johnny; Barbados got Johnnies who have positions but no understanding of what needs to be done and that our development has only taken us as far as banana republic thinking. Do you not realise that your words can significantly affect our number one foreign exchange income earner.

  24. LOOK

    @ Well Well

    Responding to your posting: A sitting judge[in Barbados], allowed criminals to return to england for the christmas holidays expecting them to RETURN TO BIM TO GO TO PRISON. Seriously, that happened. Oh! Oh My God!!!

  25. Well Well

    I swear, if i did not happen to be on the island myself at that time i REALLY would not believe this could happen in this century. If you have relatives in Bim ask them.

  26. Well Well

    That’s one of the reasons people in Bim have become desensitized to everything, and one of the reasons I arm myself because in realty no one wants to talk about these things in Bim, and I see no reason to shut up about them, the majority don’t realize when you shut up you enable the perpetrators to continue their criminal activities.

  27. LOOK

    @ Well Well

    I am not Bajan, no not inhabit the Barbados island. Thank God!!! What century is it [in Barbados]? LOL

    Never stepped down on Barbados soil, I’m sure I won’t EVER!!!

  28. LOOK

    @ Well Well

    Who is this judge, an ABSOLUTE IDIOT? Who appointed him? Who appointed the Police Commission, Dottin, an ABSOLUTE IDIOT?

  29. Well Well

    They still have a 16th century mentality, following 18th century rules, while modeling 21st century styles and fashion. Can pitch a great game. Read from the top of the comments to get that info. As for the judge’s appointment?? some things there I dont even want to know.

  30. LOOK

    According to Simple Simon, Barbados Underground post “citations are issued, receiptants, however, are unable to research and or validate them”. Breathalyzers I hear have also not yet surfaced in Barbados. Person (s) causing a fatal accident could be drunk, could be Owen Seymour Arthur. LOL

    Barbados must somehow catch up.

  31. Well Well

    They will have to catch up by 400 years, that’s alot of catching up to do. The laws, rules and regulations will have to catch up by another 200 years, no one ever thought it necessary to change the colonial laws since it is working so well in their favor, why change anything and rock the boat?? works well for the minorities on the island as well, they get a free pass. What none of them realize is after so many decades of fun for them , something has to give.

  32. observing

    Well Well:
    Do you think Anna Druzhinina (murdered in her home at age 16) and her parents John and Larisa Jackson got a free pass because they are white? Please be careful of such racial stereotypes. I think a lot of people do find justice in Barbados courts, but also, some Barbadians AND some visitors of all races DO NOT experience justice and it’s much more complicated than saying it is a racial issue. It’s more than time for Barbadians to be speaking up against injustice. A difficult problem is that with their Bajan passports, it’s not an easy matter to go live somewhere else if repercussions cause them to lose their job and ability to support their families. It is not easy to be a whistle blower anywhere, but it is especially hard in a small community. In all countries and societies, it is common for the forces of change to come from outsiders who may have less at stake. Barbados is still a lovely place for foreigners to come on holiday and to live here.

  33. heresay

    I hear a rumer dat a plastic bag was put on Crawford head and someting like BOP was sprayed inside it. dont no if there is any trut to dis rumer

  34. LOOK

    @ Well Well

    That judge must say is CAKE TOPPING as is Owen Arthur. The plantation deeds mess alike Al Barrack, VECO and CLICO roots from the BLP administration with Arthur at the helm. Arthur we know is a drunk; he stutters and his mind is a lot less stalwart. Several Youtube videos prove this. Also Arthur, during a budget debate could not remember that he actually chaired the meetings of Cabinet discussing the VECO matter. He said he wished he was there. But when told by both Minister Sinckler and the Prime Minister – ‘no Owen, you were there,’ he then said that he said something else. When pressed again, he again said something completely different and also said that he never said what he said on the two previous occasions the entire country heard him say it. Either he is a suffer of Alzheimer’s disease, forgot taking his medication, possibly drunk or both. Arthur is now racing for prime minister title, AGAIN. His previous terms of fourteen years yielded more negative than positive – lots of embarrassment.

  35. Well Well

    Hey, who mentioned that young child’s death, check the DPP if something went wrong, better yet check the same outdated colonial laws that are now returning to bite everyone in the ass, even those who HAD a free pass. Different era. And it’s time it all changes for the benefit of everyone, the way things are going in Bim soon there will be no jobs for anyone to lose, through political retaliation or anything else, so it’s better to start exposing, fixing and rebuilding NOW.

  36. Well Well

    And yes, Barbados is a beautiful island, but first we have to rid it of the ROT.

  37. LOOK

    @ Well Well

    Another Barbados CAKE TOPPING.

    The crooked Barbados lawyer, Sir Richard L. Cheltenham QC, ph.d is linked to the Violet Beckles mega mess in Barbados and also linked to the United States Embassy [Bridgetown, Barbados]. Cheltenham is among the list of attorneys, [June 2009 documentation DRAFTED by the Embassy of the United States of America – Bridgetown, Barbados] recommended for United States citizens who require legal advise and assistance in civil or criminal proceedings or disputes within the Bridgetown Consular District. . . . Barbados, Antigua, St. Kitts and Nervis, Dominica, St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. LOL

    Barbados recommends a crooked lawyer, Sir Richard L. Cheltenham QC, Ph.d. to offer legal advise to United States citizens and or assistance in a civil or criminal matter. LOL

    Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall embarrasses Barbados. The Violet Beckles and the Myrie Rape case embarrasses Barbados. The Colin Peter and Terry Schwartzfeld murders embarrasses Barbados, the Police Commissioner Darwin Duttin embarrasses Barbados, also Sir Richard L. Cheltenham QC, PH.d., a crooked lawyer.

  38. LOOk

    Never stepped down on Barbados soil, I’m sure I won’t, EVER!!!

  39. Well Well

    It’s still a beautiful island, although people keep warning me not to go back there (warning am taking very seriously). However, apart from all the corruption and denials and……………………it is a wonderful island to visit, not to embed yourself.

  40. Monkeyspoon

    hey wassap wid yous guys.
    De rock still de bes place on dis erf.
    Jus cos a lil change pass mek nah diference.Yuh Mekin sport.
    WE PM doin fine , an he wekup sometimes an mek a comment ah two bout nuffin much,what de hell he de man so we does say Nuff respec.
    What de hell ,you skin yah teet for,I sereus man?
    Bahbadhus , ya nah, ent easy,gotta grease tuh slide .I ent sayin we corrupt nah nuffin but I ent NOT sayin it .nither.
    Politishuns bout de place,whoo man some heavy rides,like dem got $ to burn,like dem been in 4 year ah so and dem on wheels dat cost more like 15 years pay. Shoot bro,does mek yah ax some pertinent questions.
    man I gone like I scarcer than money, Monkeyspoons yoh man, lissen up an learn.
    In politics you got de B’s de D’s De he’s de she’s and de he/she’ and de she/he’s . I does Just say he he he.
    Politikin like keepin stocks.
    Count de Grantleys not wha dey does lef behind.. B jahbie an D jahbie juss all Jahbie tuh we. .

    Nuff said.

  41. Well Well

    Now monkeyspoon, you know some people would need a dialect dictionary to decipher that. You and I and the guilty parties would know, understand and appreciate (not the guilty parties) that input, but people living abroad would be totally and utterly confused.

  42. Well Well

    Well Well | January 6, 2013 at 9:11 AM |

    Waiting to hear when another foreign entity will acquire Barbados Water Authority, National Insurance, Barbados Credit Union, CBC (definitely) National Housing, Ministry of Education, Internal Revenue (definitely, since everyone uses it as their personal piggy bank to steal millions) and other government ministries, as well as BLP, DLP …………………………………..all in an effort to save the people from themselves. Oh yeah, forgot the Police Force, the Courts, DPP, lawyers, some magistrates and judges, particularly those who proudly throw around the words royal and privy council with their sick obsessions.

  43. 127

    Sorry for various reasons you must think twice about Bim as a holiday destination,when these women were raped including an elderly grandmother no warnings what-so-ever about a possible serial rapist.The country has been ran corruptly with no accountability for years. They like foreigners money but not them perse . The place has so many robberies now and I do not feel safe with crime up and yes coming from the UK was my favorite destination is not any longer. More like destitution status. Very limited few benefit from over pricing to tourists Nepotism, megalomania syndrome . \Corruption where justice can easily be bought and heads turn the other way, People are to afraid to expose the crooks they run the country and ruin it . Prices going down on real estate so many ponzi schemes to, Being a Brit I have found better places .

  44. LOOK

    Diane Davies, a grandmother of nine says she was visiously raped on the beach in Barbados, and in broad daylight. She tells journalist Angela Levin [November 30, 2011] that “ there had been a rape in the exact same loaction two days earlier. . . . [a women] raped in Barbados likely will not get the support she needs. There are almost no procedures in place and the police are way behind in how they tackle crime. LOL

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  46. Mark Fenty

    I think that it is important that we start to examine the etiologies rather than that symptomologies of the new normal of Barbados. Before we start to paint with a narrows brush the behavior and attitudes of those who are charge to Protect, Serve, and reassure the public safety. Obviously, we must make sure that we examine meticulously, the facts and factors which have given raise to the present reality in Barbados, before we start to employ our unique brand of fairytale- logic. Now, I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve been raised in the ambiance of the law enforcement environment in Barbados. And I’m quite honored to have known most of the men and women who have gave of their best, to maintain the peaceful solemnity of our island.

    And what is more interesting, it the fact that I’ve grew up just behind (District A Wall) as a young lad. And I therefore, counted it a blessing to have known some of the men and women in the Royal Barbados Police Force at that time that possessed the Iron- Qualities that is so sadly missing in our present generation of Police. I’m sure that we all could remember a time in Barbados when police were respect for the position their held in society. Now it seems like the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction which this new generation of Police. Furthermore, it appears like the public has loss complete confidence in their ability to Protect, Serve, and Reassure the citizenry.

    Likewise, accountability, transparency, and the respect for the citizenry seem to no longer define that Royal Barbados Police Force. There was a time in Barbados when the average citizen could have reported the Constable to the Station- Sergeant for inappropriate conduct, and he or she would have been reprimanded. Try doing that today and you probably would be lucky if you get out of the station without getting your ass cut from the Station- Sergeant. This kind of discipline which once defined that Royal Barbados Police Force is also sadly missing. So in reality, there is fundamental decline in the institution of law enforcement in Barbados. Finally, I think that the (Special- Branch) if there is still such a thing need to play a more active role in policing the police in Barbados.

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