Christmas 2012: The list of Muslim attacks, slaughters

It’s the same every Christmas and it’s getting worse with each passing year. With millions of Christians gone from the Middle East and North East Africa, and increased efforts to exterminate Christians in Malaysia and Indonesia, it won’t be long before vast areas are truly ‘Christian Free’.

And women’s rights? Gone.

Gays? Atheists? Critical thinkers? Dead meat, all of them.

Let’s have a look at some of the Christmas news this week…

Australia: Head Imam at Australia’s largest mosque issues Fatwa against Christmas

Saudi Arabia: 41 arrested for plotting to celebrate Christmas

Nigeria: Muslim gunmen kill 12 Christians and burn two churches.

Muslims burn 20 Christian homes.

Pakistan: Christian girl shot dead.

Indonesia: Mob beats Christian girl for saying the name of Jesus. Judge jails Christian girl for 60 days for talking about Jesus

Indonesia: Mob throws rotten eggs, urine, feces at Christmas Eve service.

Iran: Muslim convert to Christianity arrested on Christmas Day


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8 responses to “Christmas 2012: The list of Muslim attacks, slaughters

  1. Send him back to Lebanon Australia!

    When an individual moves to a tolerant society and then brings his or her hate with them, it should be a condition of their citizenship to be sent back immediately to from wherever they came from, for practicing hate and intolerance.

  2. St George's Dragon
  3. St George's Dragon

    Or look at the number of anti-muslim crimes there are in the USA:

  4. aint no place to go

    why are most other faiths happy to let you beleive/worship whatever you want, yet muslims work on the convert or kill basis and have no tolerance

    Especailly when you die thats it game over no heaven or angels …there is no more, yet people kill themselves and others to get to this mythical place….even if it does exist it must be full of crap as surely there aint gonna be any intergrity laws in non existance land is there and all the bad guys become good guys

  5. Distant voice

    Well I have news for you all. I spoke to god the other day and she said that all religions have got it wrong regarding what happens when you die. All religions are very primitive in the big scheme of things and that when you die, you go to the realm of the absolute, where there is no time or space. NO TIME or SPACE. Think about it….not easy huh?
    Furthermore, god said that the human soul is on a very long journey and elects to be re-born over and over again. This “reincarnation” has been denied by many religions because it goes against the concept of hell. Hell of course is a dead end (no pun intended) and was created by the Catholic church a few hundred years ago. Hieronymus Bosch was employed by the church along with Dante to illustrate hell to give the average person the heebi geebies and convince them to pay more money to the church. Pay for their sins so as to avoid hell.
    God also told me that love is real and the opposite of love is FEAR. Fear shuts down, fear holds on to redundant ideas when no alternatives are offered. Men who fear women lock them down and hide them. Men who live in fear are easily convinced by their masters that it is ok to kill in the name of their god.
    God told me that knowledge is power and that most religions hold back the important knowledge. They call it “esoteric” knowledge and say that the ordinary person is not capable of understanding it.
    I can tell you that every one person can communicate with their creator. No permission is required except that to do so, a person should have a clean (drug free) loving and honest mind.
    Be mindful that all philosophies must soon come together and identify the common good and practical ethics that apply to all humans on this planet. The religious leaders need to create a forum to discuss the future of mankind. Failure to do this will cause the largest war and the death of hundreds of millions of people. This war has started aleady and will escalate with the use of nuclear weapons. When this happens it will be impossible to stop…..most people will die from the blasts (gamma radiation), but most of the rest will die from the nuclear fallout. Fallout is the stuff which causes cancer and genetic defects (alpha and beta particles) This stuff will pollute the water and earth, over the whole planet slowly killing everyone and all living creatures and everything that grows.
    The reason that this can happen is that mankind has developed too fast technologically and has not matured philosophically to keep up. The conflict right now is the perception that “there is not enough” to go round.
    Solar power is one solution because it will enable all nations under the sun to be energy independent. This will change our lives radically as we will no longer be dependent on oil, and no longer at the mercy of OPEC.
    I have been assured however, that our planet is not the only one that supports human life in the vast universe. All the souls that die on this planet will be re-born on other planets after passing through the realm of the absolute. This planet will have failed, just as illustrated by the story of the seeds that fell on barren ground.
    God has also explained that all planets go through this important phase, and that many dont make it. Just as in nature as we know it.
    So please try to be positive and talk to your philosophical leaders whatever religion or sect and try to open your doors to each other and share the good stuff that really works. All the stuff that is sponsored by LOVE.

  6. aint no place to go

    @ distant voice….you certainly had a good conversation. As you refer to god as a she, I assume you have met this person?

    When you next converse, could obtain the winning lottery numbers in advance for me as you so well connected

    thanks in advance

  7. Distant voice

    well “she” got your attention…….sure, give me your name and I will put in a good word for you

  8. aint no place to go

    @ distant voice thank you

    I will call round later and collect personally :-0)