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Ian Bourne and Donville Inniss face off again: this time over hacked phones, Inniss-connected porn sites

Barbados Bourne Inniss (click photo for large)

Someone is trying to hack into The Bajan Reporter

According to journalist Ian Bourne the trouble happens again and again and seems to coincide with articles he publishes about Minister of Health Donville Inniss.

So Ian phoned up Minister Inniss and had a little chat. Wahloss!

Head over to Bajan Reporter for the latest installment in the battle between Ian Bourne trying to get an answer out of Minister Inniss about the Inniss-related porn websites and other topics…

The Bajan Reporter: How close is a general election in Barbados? Ask the would-be hackers (or is it ‘Porn Webmasters’?)


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Christmas 2012: The list of Muslim attacks, slaughters

It’s the same every Christmas and it’s getting worse with each passing year. With millions of Christians gone from the Middle East and North East Africa, and increased efforts to exterminate Christians in Malaysia and Indonesia, it won’t be long before vast areas are truly ‘Christian Free’.

And women’s rights? Gone.

Gays? Atheists? Critical thinkers? Dead meat, all of them.

Let’s have a look at some of the Christmas news this week…

Australia: Head Imam at Australia’s largest mosque issues Fatwa against Christmas

Saudi Arabia: 41 arrested for plotting to celebrate Christmas

Nigeria: Muslim gunmen kill 12 Christians and burn two churches.

Muslims burn 20 Christian homes.

Pakistan: Christian girl shot dead.

Indonesia: Mob beats Christian girl for saying the name of Jesus. Judge jails Christian girl for 60 days for talking about Jesus

Indonesia: Mob throws rotten eggs, urine, feces at Christmas Eve service.

Iran: Muslim convert to Christianity arrested on Christmas Day


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