Rihanna’s Christmas message to the world

Rihanna Christmas 2012

“It is most important to be happy, eliminate negativity around you this holiday season…2013 is way too futuristic for the same weak shit.”


But Rihanna’s real heart and Christmas message might be found at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where the Clara Braithwaite Center Oncology and Nuclear Medicine was christened in memory of Rihanna’s grandmother with RiRi’s cheque for $1.75 million dollars.

BBC News: Rihanna donates $1.75 million to hospital


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  1. An amazing Christmas gift from Rihanna to Barbados that I hope her detractors take note of. Merry Christmas to one and all!

  2. Robert Ross

    @ Search Barbados Property

    You are absolutely right. Blessings to all this Christmas morning. +

  3. jdid

    me duz mek alot a joke offa her but I respect this girl. good work rhi rhi, thanks for giving back……..(now how long before the QEH brek dat equipment)

  4. Well Well

    For those who don’t know every Rihanna give back is a huge tax write off, she is in essence giving back nothing at all. i really don’t care if chris brown kills her, she kills herself or whatever, what am concerned about is that she makes black women in bim look like uneducated, no-class, disrespectful of themselves and everyone else around them skanks. Millions cannot buy commen sense> One only has to travel and say ur from Barbados to see the smirks and looks. Don’t care what she does with her life, but don’t let it reflect on me, my daughters or grand daughters who are intelligent enough not to act like no class, low life idiots.

  5. Well Well

    By the way, what positive will she do for 2013, open her legs in Playboy???

  6. Robert Ross

    Well well…….whenever I say I am from Barbados people tell me how lucky I am. Well well, stop repressing your sexual urges and SMILE and BE GLAD with the rest of us.

  7. Well Well

    can tell robert ross never connected with the words morals and respect, which is worlds apart from sexual urges that should not be for public viewing unless you are in the world of pornography or prostitution> By the way ross, u would be lucky to live on any place on earth, where else would u live, on mars??

  8. Well Well

    it’s a sad day in our lives when respect is given to paper regardless of the damage done to young, impressionable minds that lack certain knowledge.what am happy about is that my 10 year old grand daughter pointed out that Rihanna is a lost soul, pity alot of adults in Bim cannot see this and can only see paper and have only learned to respect paper rather than themselves or each other. What am GLAD for is that my grand daughter can show the maturity lacking in so many adults who are just as lost, the end does not always justify the means. when our young see the double standardss, how can we tell them anything. Ross, if you are a parent or grandparent< what are you telling them, or are you speaking out of both sides of your mouth because of your liberated sexual urges.

  9. "Willie & Rib Bone Consultants, Esq-Ltd".

    Willie and me be thinkin’ dat de girl workin’ good to clean up de langage for de new year and she maybe not say de S word no more but insted use caca or poopoo or icky.
    When we gonna see more of de girl do the boop ba doop and get dirty wif us?

  10. cheryl waterman

    As usual we as Bajans cannot accept what is positive in the world. What is wrong with us when we cannot accept a gift and appreciate the person who gave it. Rihanna is young and what she is doing is age appropriate and shows growth. Stop criticizing. Rihinna did the right thing by dealing with her incidents of domestic violence by probably helping Chris to deal with his anger by going to treatment, and she herself. If she chose to open her legs that is her business. From what I saw it was done tastefully and not wotless. Bajans or whoever the haters are, stop it, it is wrong and sends the wrong message to the world. She did a wonderful thing because Barbados needs to have the hospital fixed. She could give that tax write off to a charity in America, but she chose Barbados. For the person who says Rihinna is a lost soul, what you need to do is talk to your granddaughter instead of helping her to be critical. That is much too cynical for a pre-teen. You need to enter a conversation with your granddaughter on how she must deal with domestic violence in the future. Most young women have to deal with this issue and they do not tell their parents or family. They feel shame. Use this as a means of educating instead of criticizing

  11. WNH

    Thank you Ms. Waterman!!

  12. anonymous

    Agree, the 1.75 million was a wonderful gift given but yes a tax write-off. Agree also that black women in Barbados are reflected negative. Proof is Rihanna. She, Rihanna is just product of her environment as is Carole Boyce, 50 years old [Administrative Assistant] [Lester B. Pierson School]. Carole says I’m not weak. I’m strong. I don’t chase men. She said that but journed from LaSalle Quebec, Canada to St. Lucy, Barbados opening up her mouth for Winston Roach [Purchaseing Officer] [Barbados Water Authority]. All they do is mouth, nothing else, all they can do is mouth, nothing else. Carole, additionally does not know word meaning, actually, does not know what that word means, Actually. Must have been raised on a monkey farm. LOL

  13. Robert Ross

    Well Well the Pharisee…you are very funny. From a mean spirited jibe about tax write-offs you move to the good R “opening her legs for Playboy” – which is frankly prurient. I therefore concluded you have repressed sexual urges; and nothing you have said since changes my position. It is usually the case with those who lambast the alleged sexuality of others. Read your Freud. BTW does Playboy still run and do you read it? I have no idea whether it does.

    Now: in the case of Well Well’s grand-daughter – it is clear to me that she has already been spoken to. A child of 10 would not normally speak of “lost souls” unless it had been mouthed to her which, reading dear old Well Well with his twisted moral sense, it probably has been. Thus is the innocence of the young taken away and the child becomes something she never previously was – and with the rest of us too.

  14. cheryl waterman

    I agree with your comments, Roberts. Many of us forget that we were young once and stand in judgment of the young. More props to Rihinna. Now we can have a hospital that we can be proud of. We have good doctors who are probably the best in the world. They train abroad and return home to give back. Now with new equipment and a better working environment, perhaps we can keep them home.

  15. cheryl waterman

    I disagree with you stating the Rihanna is reflecting a negative part of Barbadian Women. I live outside of Barbados and let me know all of my US VI, Antiguan, Trini, American, Canadian friends love Rihanna. They see her yes as a product of her environment. So are we all. Those who are innocent and free of shame cast the first stone. Stop the hating and relax. Enjoy our song bird as the world is, and be grateful that we have her. If not the QE will continue to crumble.

  16. St George's Dragon

    Read Rihanna’s tweet again and reflect with sadness on what free education in Barbados can achieve.

  17. anonymous158

    Statistics show that domestic violence involving women and children is quite common in Barbados. The young Senator Kerri Symmonds in 2009 proves this.

    Oprah probably regrets interviewing Bajan singer, Rihanna (August 2012). Rihanna we know was brutally attacked by boyfriend Chris Brown. Chris Brown as of this date is still on probation for the beating, but the two are again a couple. Now, Rihanna, according to journalist, Billy Johnson on 11/06/2009 “said “I’m glad it happened to me. . . . I can help young girls. . . . I will say to any young girl, come out of this”. She, Rihanna is glad that Chris Brown brutally beat her but won’t leave him alone, won’t come out of that relationship. REALLY. Rihanna’s mother [Monica] according to Billy Johnson was frequently beaten by her father, once breaking her nose. Again, Rihanna is a product of her environment as is Bajan woman Carole Boyce in LaSalle Quebec, Canada, 275 lbs CHASING Winston Roach, 130 lbs or less, who dominates her, buttttttt Winston is cousin to a man of importance, Owen Seymour Arthur.

  18. Well Well

    There is a reason why there is freedom of speech, am not trying to change anyone’s opinion, and most 10 year olds have a thinking brain and can express positive opinions, i have seen it in my children and grandchildren, they are not stupid unlike some tunnel visioned adults who equate success with MONEY and no spiritual input necessary. We are fighting a losing battle on the morals and respect ground in Bim and the Caribbean as a whole, their sick little narrow minded argument is very one is doing it, and as long as America et al put their stamp of approval on it, that’s okay. As i said, LOST SOULS and MY OPINION. Welcome to democracy.

  19. Well Well

    It’s sad and unfortunate that domestic violence is still condoned and seen as “he beat me cause he love me” ignorance. Rihanna does not know any better and is trying to prove something to the world, cant and don’t care what she does with her money but someone with more common sense would have used it in a more meaningful way in the fight against domestic violence and to further educate herself since clearly she is still lacking in that department. Brown may never touch her in a negative way again, but the message sent to the young minds is still very destructive. Rihanna did not go through anything worse than Oprah did, as i said she is still young and although she has all the technology, money and information available to her that Oprah (and by extension you and me) did not at that time, she still is totally unaware, maybe the blunts are too big. FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND DEMOCRACY.

  20. anonymous158

    @ Well Well

    Agree, Barbados is fighting a losing battle on the morals and respect ground. Ex-prime minister and current opposition leader, Owen Arthur allowed himself both a wife and a significant other, same time. His morals apparently went down the toilet.

    People who had never heard of Barbados may know of it now, mainly because of Rihanna. Rihanna don’t forget shined light on domestic violence of which was prevalent in her immediate family and prevalent throughout the Barbados island.

  21. Socialist

    Well Well let me say I’ve been blogging for awhile and you are the most reprehensible no class despicable poster I’ve encountered. Its a pity Barbados is not a communist counrty where we could forcibly deport you to a gulag or work camp in Siberia. The thought that you are Bajan makes me want to puke. The thought that my hard earned tax dollars helped to miseducate you is revolting. You are a piece of sh*t. You cant change my opinion or anyone with a sprinking of common sense and self respect. Rihanna has done more for Barbados at every level than you and the garbage who think like you can ever do in one hundred lifetimes. She just donated millions to help save our citizens lives and this is your reaction you assho*le. Your spite, jealousy vile spirit and nasty insides are transparent. I am ashamed that youre a black Bajan(if indeed you are). You make me sick you bastard.

  22. anonymous158

    Didn’t think Rihanna would ever again link with Chris Brown but did. Apparently, she loves Chris Brown, regardless of FACT, he is violent. Rihanna in Playboy would hurt her mother and maybe some of her fans. Don’t think she would do that. Hope not.

  23. Rastaman

    @Anonymous 158.: You think she really cares.?

  24. Well Well

    Well socialist, that was indeed a mouthful, tells me you are one of those bajans who are just plain stupid and will go to your grave totally unaware. Does not change my opinion and i certainly don’t care about yours.

  25. Well Well

    Oh and robert ross, i won’t let a 10 year old within a 100 miles of you with your liberated sexual urges and all.

  26. Robert Ross

    Well Well….did someone give you Playboy for Christmas? Either way, be happy.

    I wonder how many people outside the Caribbean actually know (or care) from where R originates. But if they do, I can’t help but think they would say “Yummy…Bajan women are HOT”. Is that a bad thing? Pace Well Well – rest yourself. Is it worse than “Bajan women are dogs” – a sentiment expressed by many Bajan men? – just as many women say “Bajan men are dogs”. Ergo…………..

    For myself, I wish people would get on with their business and leave R, the super-star, to get on with hers. Mean spiritedness, another well known Bajan characteristic, is just rather sad and certainly inappropriate in a post which brings this news. Where do we place that in our scale of values? Is it on the same level as lying? What would Jesus say, I wonder, lest I forget the “Barbados is a Christian country” brigade? Oh yes: ‘her sins are forgiven for she loved much”. Well, that will do for starters.

  27. cheryl waterman

    We all know the cycle of domestic violence. My hope is that because this is a public issue between Chris and Rihanna that the two have gone through therapy and working out their problems. They love each other and probably will not stay away from each other. Lets’ pray that they both have healed their respective problems and are new and improved. That way they will bring much to their relationship. Other than than I respect Rihanna.

  28. cheryl waterman

    I doubt that Oprah will ever regret interviewing Rihanna, it was a wonderful interview, Anonymous 158. These Chris Browns are our brothers, uncles and fathers and friends. You must remember that everyone is allowed to make mistakes and we deserve a second chance. Lets reserve judgment because none of us are free of sin. Robert, Rihanna was the third richest female singer in America by Forbes Magazine. Beating out Beonce, and one of the first black women in the US. That says that she had a lot of credibility and yes she is well known world wide.

  29. anonymous

    @ Cheryl Waterman

    You must be Bajan, inhabit the Barbados island. Please say no more to embarrass yourself as did Rihanna and Bajan woman Carole Boyce [LaSalle Quebec, Canada].

    Oprah, immediately after interviewing Rihanna vowed to air a show on domestic violence and sent message to Rihanna [made public statement] “if he [Chris Brown] hit you once he will do it again. Search this on google. The Rihanna interview apparently was not satisfying. Oprah apparently regrets interviewing Rihanna.

    Rihanna “no doubt” is “off-balanced”. Rihanna we know was brutally attacked by boyfriend Chris Brown. Chris Brown as of this date is still on probation for the beating, but the two are again a couple. Now, Rihanna, according to journalist, Billy Johnson on 11/06/2009 “said “I’m glad it happened to me. . . . I can help young girls. . . . I will say to any young girl, come out of this”. She, Rihanna is glad that Chris Brown brutally beat her but won’t leave him alone, won’t come out of the relationship. REALLY. Rihanna, additionally is also a product of her environment [Barbados]. Rihanna’s mother [Monica] according to journalist, Billy Johnson was frequently beaten by her father, once breaking her nose.

    There’s nothing wrong with saluting your country/heritage. Rihanna thus far is the only good grade mark Barbados can claim. Moody’s and the S&P, this year did not award it [Barbados] a good grade. Barbados, at moment is into junk bond status, worth nothing. This will not instantly change.

    Statistics show that domestic violence involving women and children is quite common in Barbados. The young Senator Kerri Symmonds in 2009 proves this as does Rihanna’s mother [Monica]

  30. Fun in de sun

    Thank You Ri

  31. Well Well

    Know i have never said i hated anyone in my comments and not about to do so now, hate will never play a part in my opinions. What i want to bring to this table is the fact that no right thinking people seem to think or care about self-respect and good morals anymore, especially if the target of their admiration is rich. In my opinion the people willing to enable, admire and idolize Rihanna are just looking at the money she is currently generating without any care whatever about what happens to her eventually. Now if these same narrow minded people would go on mediatakeout before 10pm tomorrow morning (like right now) and see the positive Rihanna did right there in Bim her home, knowing the papparazzi were outside her window watching bends over, takes off her drawers and opens her ass so it could be on mediatakeout for the world to see first thing this morning. Now tell me, would you like to see your daughters, wives, sisters, grandma, mother, aunt, niece etc displaying such lack of CLASS. I bet some will now tell me she has money and could do whatever. 2012 is not even done, she did not wait for 2013 to once again expose her low class, uneducated antics. I would not expect less than an attack from her equally low class, uneducated supporters. And you want to tell me that this does not reflect on our women. GET A LIFE!!! Stop thinking of money only, just a suggestion, there is no need to actually pay attention to me.

  32. Well Well

    And to socialist, am sure you would be proud to see your female family members expose their ass and vaginas to get attention and sell albums. Despicable!!!

  33. Well Well

    Rober Ross, if not before, as of this morning the world now knows that we have a morals, self-respect and lack of class problem in Barbados, thanks to Rihanna opening her ass for everyone to see, right there in Barbados, hope you are very proud. She has certainly put Barbados on the map. You should hear some of the comments in North America and Europe. Glad you are proud.

  34. Robert Ross

    Well well

    You come over as a jealous, spiteful, mean little man who cannot help jawing with a foot in the mouth. I see we’re back to anatomy again. May I recommend a good therapist?

  35. Well Well

    I suppose there is nothing else left for you to say, and am female (clearly you don’t think females have brains, morals or self-respect, just breast and vaginas for your sick viewing and titillation). men like you with your chauvinistic, masochistic illness need more than therapy, how on earth would i need therapy hoping to see a misguided young lady who is a product of a disrespectful and selfloathing environment, see her true worth, practice self-respect and recognize that there is absolutley no need to continue to debase and demean herself to get fame and attention, forget the money that would eventually disappear, it always does. but i really don’t expect you and those like you to understand that concept, maybe if you took yours eyes off all that porn you consume, something will click in that wasted and diseased brain. Hopefully you do not have any female relatives, you do not deserve any.

  36. cheryl waterman

    Those who are free of sin cast the first stone

  37. cheryl waterman

    Well, Well. I guess you are free of sin. Have been perfect all your life, is a pillar of humanity, take care of the poor and love your neighbor as yourself? Forget about the bullshit about morality. Do you give back to society, donate your time to a charity and know what your purpose is in life? Do you give without expecting something back? Well if you do you are better than Jesus. Stop moralizing. Clean your own glass windows.

  38. anonymous

    Rihanna is not the best the music world has seen but the best good grade Barbados can claim. She, Rihanna no doubt has tasted success and enjoying it, allowing also her family and even her country [Barbados] to enjoy it as well. Her donation to the new hospital was a wonderful gift to give. The mansion she gave to her mother was also a wonderful gift to give. Her giving, though, does not change FACTS; She, Rihanna is STILL mentally off-balanced, STILL uneducated and STILL a product of her environment. Statistics show that domestic violence involving women and children is quite common in Barbados. The young Senator Kerri Symmonds in 2009 proves this. Ex-prime minister and current opposition, Owen Arthur sad to say was not a man of morals. Arthur allowed himself both a wife and a significant other, same time.

  39. anonymous

    @ Cheryl Waterman
    Barbados I know is proud of Rihanna, its music icon, their ONLY ONE. The United Kingdom is proud of its music icons; more than one: Elton John, George Michael, Boy George, Sade, etc. The United States, likewise is certainly proud of its music greats, more than one: Barbara Streisand, Bette Midler, Whitney Houston, Miriah Carey, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Beyonce Knowles, Alicia Keys, Luther Vandross, R. Kelly, Price, Kenny G, etc. The United States is additionally proud of its Olympic Gold Metal Winners, more than one, professional athletics, more than one, notable literary writers, more than one, celebrity actors/actresses, more than one.

    Owen Arthur, ex-prime minister and current opposition is a public drunk, inept and corrupt. Barbados, apparently is proud of him too. LOL

  40. Mark Fenty

    I know that I’m going to catch some criticism for making this point, but Rihanna has done little to reverberate the name of Barbados in these parts.

  41. Robert Ross

    @ Cheryl

    Actually I think Well Well is a product of someone’s imagination as the character we are all meant to hate. But he’s a ‘good value’ blogger for all that.

  42. ac

    why the negativity. fuh christ sake it is a gift to help others. this is the season for positive thoughts. PEACE and Goodwill to all.

  43. Well Well

    I really did not expect the ones who are stuck on the money and material bandwagon to understand half of what i said, money and material disappears, all we have left after that is self-respect, self-love and the morals some of you care nothing about. I can see some don’t even quite comprehend the word negativity and have no idea when to apply it. Limited brain power is the cause. As for the ones talking about the talented artistes from other countries, how many of them parade around naked and want the world to see the size of their private parts, grant you everyone has something or other in their closet, but most of us would be happy if it’s not up for constant viewing. The girl might be unbalanced, who is to say some people are never diagnosed, but it does reflect on us the shenanigans that continue to make us look retarded worldwide. Who is having problems with my posting, just don’t read the blog or if you can’t help it, please give me intelligent replies. Maybe if some of you females would stop putting on all that fake hair, chemicals that seep through your pores, fake nails, chemicals that seep through your pores, you will understand the definition of morals, self-respect and self-love. Some of us are already aware that the males are the weakest link in our society so seeing a naked body destroys what little common sense that is left; our females are supposed to be stronger, but stuck on money to buy fake everything, skin bleaching chemicals and so clouded by materials. Hope our future generation can see the light.

  44. anonymous168

    Rihanna gave to Barbados a wonderful gift to help others but she herself needs help. She, Rihanna is so very young and confused. She’s mentally off-balanced, uneducated and a product of her environment [Barbados], a developing country but STILL “third world”. Her mother tolerated domestic violence. Rihanna witnessed this. Her mentally, therefore, forces her to do the same, tolerate domestic violence.

    Rihanna, no doubt put Barbados on the map but exposed us to what really goes on there. A lot of it is domestic violence involving women and children. Celine Dion forces us to spotlight Quebec, Canada. Celine Dion like Rihanna is product of her environment [Canada] [highly civilized]. Canada, unlike the United Kingdom and United States has few voices in the music world, their ONLY best [Canada] is Celine Dion. People love Celine Dion all over the world. Celine Dion is first choice above Rihanna.

  45. anonymous168

    Well Well

    Some of what you said referencing Rihanna is acceptable except the playboy comment. She, sometimes does not care what she looks like in public. Those tatoos all over her body are not attractive. Chris Brown like her has tatoos all over his body. She does what he does.

    Have always seen Alicia Keys look like a lady also Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Adele, etc. Can’t state the same for Rihanna.

  46. Ri Ri is just giving back part of what richard sealy gave her to preform here and to promote barbados. Can richard sealy show us one tourist that came to barbao because of ri ri

  47. Mark Fenty

    Anonymous, I would agree with one point that you have made regarding Rihanna, and that is, she need to educate herself in the formal sense. Quite recently, Rihanna gave an interview, in which she spoke about the incident involving Brown and herself. And I was quite surprise to discover that her grammar was just as worse as mine.

  48. anonymous185


    Barbados relies on too few things to survive, mainly tourism, should consider another cash crop, maybe cotton, makes more sense than Owen Arthur’s Nigerian water heater project and that nutcase Rihanna.

  49. anonymous185

    @ Mark Fenty

    She, Rihanna could have a little class. Her American & British competition [Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce Knowles, Miriah Carey, Kelly Clarkston, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Adele etc.] at least has that.

  50. anonymous185

    Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid professionally known as Iman is a Somalian fashion model, actress and entrepreneur. She, Iman is married to English muscian, David Bowie and noted for her charitable work. Iman like rihanna is associated with a third world country but classy not trashy.

  51. Mark Fenty

    My object is not to pass judgment here,all I wish to do is analyze. And I should not be sorry to disturb anyone who can’t accept my view. I know that I’m probably not qualified to voice my concerns with respect to where I see the Caribbean heading. In terms of her economic and academic development in the future.
    And even though my analysis maywhappear a little disingenuous at times; l remained convinced that I can assert my right to advance my independent perspective here.

  52. Duppy Lizard

    @ Annonymous and your post regarding Canadian singers, singling out Celine Dion as the best and stating that Canada has few well known singers. My reaction to your statements are “Which planet are you living on?” Here are some of numerous popular Canadian singers: Jann Arden, Susan Aglukark, Carroll Baker, Nelly Furtado, Rita MacNeil, Diana Krall, k.d. lang, Joni Mitchell, Ann Murray, Shania Twain, Alanis Morissette, the list goes on and this does not even mention male singers.

  53. There is nothing wrong with recognizing your heritage. Rihanna has achieved this via the 1.75 million that she donated to the new hospital but Rihanna herself is nothing to be proud of. She is very uneducated and chaotic, One can certainly detect this without difficulty. Barbados itself is chaotic. The S&P also Moody’s recently said so.

    The 1.75 million that Rihanna donated to the new Barbados hospital was a wonderful gift to give but now [if] she received payment to peform there [Barbados] and receives payment to advocate tourism, she really didn’t give anything.

  54. Well Well

    AT LAST, we can analyze without being blinded by personal misguided views. Yes Rihanna is a product of an environment that still thinks there is nothing wrong to begin with, her Mom, and i will defend her here, like so many female domestic violence victims in the Caribbean did not have the vital education necessary to fight the circumstances in which she found herself in, at that time, a chauvinistic and very male dominated society. Now, there is now no such excuse given all the information that is available to females worlwide including Rihanna; therefore, there could be an underlying problem. I personally know the area she grew up and many areas like it in Bim that are not easy. Negativity is the order of the day, before anyone jumps on me, the same could be said for the black ghettos in any part of the world. However, if she has the prescence of mind and awareness, she ould get the help she needs and help others who are not as fortunate given the access she has to resources. It would still be a great tax writeoff because she still needs those tax writeoffs, uncle sam does not forgive. On another note, lets hope the Barbados governments dont leave the gifted equipment to the QEH t rot, given their history of neglect, and keep in mind that they or their relatives may someday be in need of same equipment. With constant discussion we may get to the root of our problems and find a solution.

  55. Well Well

    Barbados’ problems stem largely from the mentality of its leaders, a bunch who refuse to acknowledge their mistakes and try to fix them so as to move forward. Their pigheadedness is now the islands downfall.

  56. Mark Fenty

    @Well Well

    I think that we all can agree that domestic violence is a serious problem on the island of Barbados. And this problem is intricately interwoven with the tapestry of the Barbadian ethos. So therefore, we need to heighten the aware of this problem, by enacting the appropriate legislation that would act as a deterrent to this kind of senseless behavior. I also believe that the first step in sensitizing the public conscience to this problem is through education.
    In a male dominated society such as Barbados, the women obviously look at the man as the bread winner, and the source of her economic livelihood. And unfortunately this cycle of dependence, couple with drug and alcohol abuse has intensifies this maladapted behavior.
    Moreover, we have to teach our young men and women that it is wrong to use physical violence to solve their problems. This kind of antisocial behavior leaves emotional, physical, and psychological baggage. Some of the victims of this unspeakable evil, even suffer from post traumatic stress disorder from being beating into submission.
    Nonetheless, I really understand where you’re driving at with your argument sir. But you have victimized the Barbadian woman once more, by unilaterally and unequivocally equating the problem sole to her. I find that you’re rather disingenuous in your analysis of the Barbadian woman. Because you have yet to condole the unpardonable behavior of the male abuser, and this has cause me to question the principles and convictions which governs your thinking.
    Finally, research has shown that domestic abuse occurs at every income and education level. So it is therefore stereotypically on your part, to stamped a specific class of individual’s which this kind of mentality.

  57. Well Well

    Mark, read my comments some more, I agree it is all strata of society and as I say our males, lawyers, doctors, politicians, homies, ghetto rats, are the weakest link. Again, our women are supposed to be stronger given the years of abuse, neglect and left to fend for ourselves and raise our childred alone, but yet, there is the problem of self-hate, no self-respect and not wanting to embrace our blackness; added to that the selling and advertising of all the garbage our women think they should have to change their looks; A myriad of problems and alot of educating to do. But in saying that, we do have access to information via computer, books and every other device known to man, yet our women and men are not interested in educating themselves, but just settle for following the demented and misguided like so many sheep. I welcome your advice on changing this mentality. Gotta tell you, it would be alot of work,if you have the stamina.

  58. LOOK

    @ Well Well

    Agree, the root of problems in Barbados root from its government leaders. A lot has happened in Barbados: corruption, fraud, massive land theft, etc.

    Barbados over the years have stepped down several steps. Domestic violence involving women and children is non-secretative also increased crime and a nonchalant THIRD WORLD judicial system. The island’s economy relies heavily on sugar, rum and tourism, mainly tourism. Terry Schwarzfeld, in 2009, just a tourist in Barbados was murdered there. Colon Peter, also “just a tourist there was brutally murdered; this was recent, November 25, 2012. Rihanna seems to care more about Chris Brown than ills in Barbados.

  59. FACTS

    Just to clarify the Oprah interview musings……. Oprah regrets? I doubt it….

    Winfrey recently revealed to The Hollywood Reporter her most interesting or surprising interview of the year. It’s also the one that nabbed her some of “Oprah’s Next Chapter’s” highest ratings: Rihanna.

    Despite gab sessions with the likes of Lady Gaga, the Kardashians, Justin Bieber and Whitney Houston’s family, Winfrey said the Rihanna sit-down “surprised” her the most.

    “[Rihanna] brought 1,000 percent of her,” Winfrey told THR. “You could tell that she came ready. She was open to anything. I really didn’t know that much about her. I just thought she was so thoughtful and so smart. I didn’t know that she was or wasn’t; I only knew her from her music.”

    Rihanna’s Aug. 19 episode of “Oprah’s Next Chapter” racked up 2.5 million viewers, whereas the series normally sees somewhere between 400,000 and 700,000 viewers.

  60. Aliciaosborne

    I have read all of these comments and I shake my head in disgust to see that Barbadians have not changed or grown. Some of you are still small-minded, very critical and judgemental. The article is about a young Barbadian who has become successful and live out her dream (despite coming from a small island that quite a lot of people in the world had never heard of until she came on the scene) and then shared some of her financial success (whether it is tax free or not, she could have chosen to put it in an off-shore bank like all the others do) to help her country (which she is very proud of) and these are the kind of comments that people have to contribute. Rhianna might not be a of sainthood and she never professed to be but she hasnt forgotten where she came from. All the name calling and judging is just atrocious and despicable. People make mistakes in their lives and some are fortunate to live on and learn from those mistakes. However when you have Bajans like some of you on here it is no wonder some people commit suicide and feel like they cant move forward and put those mistakes behind them. And before any of you start calling me names, I am far from uneducated and unintelligent and I am a proud Bajan.