Readers want to know: Who dresses Chief Justice Marston Gibson?

Chief Justice_Marston_GibsonGrey suit. Bright sky blue shirt. That brown striped tie – OH THAT TIE!

And the fit. Oh my.

Who dresses Chief Justice Marston Gibson?

Sorry, BFP. I couldn’t help it!



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10 responses to “Readers want to know: Who dresses Chief Justice Marston Gibson?

  1. jezzabelly

    The colours! The Colours! The wrinkles! The wrinkles! If he would deliver judgments on time at least we could say he was doing something right.

  2. 49

    His mother dresses him.

  3. Neco Ifill

    Oh it’s that kind of blog now… On the same topic though, shirts two sizes too big, clip on ties, baggy slacks. It’s been like that for years in Barbados.

  4. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    SOrry to say this sir but u your suit makes u look like a corspe

  5. Tudor

    Same person who dresses the GG

  6. 46

    I thought I was the only one who thought that. For a man who lived and worked in the US I was quite surprised. The GG is another one. I think they share fashion ideas.

  7. Kentucky bone cracka

    They dressed him at 2sons

  8. 226

    its not there clothes its because they were appointed by the dlp that you get these type of comments . who dresses the other judges?