UWI student death at Grantley International Airport: Questions about ambulance delay

Barbados Airport Death

by Clanger

Dear Barbados Free Press,

I would like you to print this letter and I hope that people will ask questions about how long the ambulance took to reach Shenice Davis at Grantley International Airport. Shenice was only 21 years old and she collapsed at the airport and died. Everybody is saying that it took too long for the ambulance to arrive and maybe she could have survived if we had a proper medical response team at the airport.

Every day thousands of people move through and around the airport it makes no sense to not have a medical team and ambulance at the airport. Many passengers need assistance every month because of the rarefied air pressure in the airliners and thrombosis and other medical problems. We do not have an ambulance and first responder medical team at the airport and that is criminal.

Barbados stakes its reputation on tourism visitors. Visitors to our country should be confident that if they have a medical problem that trained help is readily available on a FIRST WORLD BASIS, not a third world basis. Whatever shortcomings we have in tourism can be made up with smiles and friendliness but proper medical care cannot be made up with friendliness and excuses.

It is about priorities and some idiot spent money on something else instead of proper emergency medical care at the airport.


Please read the full story at The Nation: Student Death

Student Death

A 21-year-old Trinidadian woman who was studying at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies died yesterday morning after collapsing as she was preparing to go home for the Christmas break.

Reports indicate that Shenice Davis fell ill at Grantley Adams International Airport and was rushed by ambulance to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where she later died.

Close friends said that Davis’ 19-year-old brother, who was at Piarco International Airport awaiting his sister’s arrival, had to catch the next plane to Barbados when informed of her death.

It is understood that he arrived here with his pastor yesterday afternoon.

Chelston Lovell, public relations officer at the UWI, confirmed the incident and said that the brother was receiving counselling from senior officials at the Campus.


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21 responses to “UWI student death at Grantley International Airport: Questions about ambulance delay

  1. Carson C. Cadogan

    I think you need to learn to speak the truth.

    There is an ambulance with a fully trained crew on standby every single hour of every single day at the airport. They are ready, willing and able to deal with any situation which might take place, including people collapsing at the airport.

    The truth shall set you free!


    The only place that have an ambulance is the New York Stock market , People care more about money than other people.
    Barbados is the wrong place if you are sick,,
    We are very sorry for this news.

  3. Carson C. Cadogan

    However let me further add, if your time up, it up.

    A million ambulances will not save you.

  4. British Bajan Gal

    Not just at the airport, Barbados needs more ambulances and first response teams full stop. I was in Barbados on holiday in May this year and suffered heart problems. I called an ambulance to be told “Madam, right now all our ambulances are out on calls, can you get someone to bring you to the hospital”! I was in total shock panic and scared. I was suffering my first attack of what I know know of SVT. Eventually I managed to call a taxi friend and attended the FMH where I was swiftly seen.

    I must stress the ambulance service personnel was very good and attentive where they still had me listed for an ambulance until I found transport and called me several times with an update on an ambulance and my health.

    More ambulances and first response teams are needed right now. – British Bajan

  5. R.C.

    Recently most of the posts to the Barbados Free Press are so much junk that I just delete them and move on to something more sensible but I could not let this grossly inaccurate lie remain unchallenged.

    I work at the G.A.I.A. almost every day and a blind man could see the AMBULANCE parked midway between the Departures and Arrival sections with the Rapid Response Crew located nearby.

    I recently saw them galvanised into action when an arriving lady fell on her bag of Duty Free liquor, breaking the bottles and cutting herself very badly. The Ambulance and crew arrived instantly and treated the lady and a clean-up crew mopped up the blood and disinfected the area.

    Get your facts straight …Clanger.

  6. Anonymous

    Carson need to speak da truth. They said they would put a ambulance 24 hours at the airport but it is there about 50% of de time. 45 minutes for ambulance to arrive it was all over.

  7. 254

    Well, is there or isn’t there one? It would surely be a simple matter to check. BFP – this is down to you surely?

  8. Robert Ross

    Well is there or isn’t there one? BFP – this is down to you surely?

  9. Rastaman

    I agree .It is either so or not. Surely this can be easily checked.

  10. St George's Dragon

    “Ambulance Centre
    For our arriving or departing passengers and members of the public and airport staff, there is an Ambulance Centre, which operates from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm daily, in the public area of the Departures Terminal. Contact your airline representative, or the GAIA Inc. Duty Manager at 1-246-420-2900 should the need arise. Please note that there may be a charge for the use of these services”

  11. Robert Ross

    St George

    Thankyou.Next question is whether the airport ambulance was summoned and by whom. If it was, did it come and in a timely way? If it was not, was an ambulance summoned from Bridgetown and by whom, and how long did it take to come?

    An aside:

    In May I had cause to summon an ambulance. I telephoned the Sparman Clinic and summoned theirs. It came in approximately 15 minutes to upparish St George. The service was first rate.

  12. 19

    Sparman’s medical credentials surfaced yet?

  13. anon

    GAIA Management should place defribillators in the three most heavily used areas of the airport.

  14. anon

    Oops ! …defibrillators.

  15. Just stating the obvious....

    What in the story in the Nation makes Clanger think that there was a delay in the ambulance? Far as I know there’s one stationed there pretty much full time.

    This is a tragic story without people making a meal of it.

  16. Anonymous

    A number of years ago, the B’dos government was offered the assistance in the form 2 paramedics from Toronto, Canada, who were willing to provide ACLS training to the Barbados Ambulance Service along with gently used, advanced care equipment and vehicles to augment the fleet. This was refused, even though all that was asked for was free accommodation for the paramedics and very reasonable payment for used equipment. B’dos jus ein ready.

  17. Carson C. Cadogan

    So because Barbados refused the offer that means that they are not ready?

    You are a real idiot!

  18. Well Well

    Bim is not ready and will never be, too lazy, too laid back, this attitude is not cute and costs lives. If an ambulance is always stationed at the airport, as i have seen myself when in bim, why was one summoned??

  19. Carson C. Cadogan

    Well well
    Go and find something better to do with your time.

    You are not making any sense at all.

  20. Well Well

    sorry if you don’t have the intelligence to comprehend what i said carson cadogan, not my fault, u should have paid better attention in school

  21. Ric

    December 21, 2012 at 3:32 am
    Carson need to speak da truth. They said they would put a ambulance 24 hours at the airport but it is there about 50% of de time. 45 minutes for ambulance to arrive it was all over.

    Anonymous seems to have information on what transpired re: the ambulance. If so then there are a lot of questions which need to be asked.