Barbados Police need to watch CSI crime shows!


“DNA evidence? Hair and semen samples? What’s that?” says the Commissioner of our Police

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In the wake of yet another world-wide embarrassment for the Royal Barbados Police Farce, Commissioner Darwin Dottin is desperately performing damage control. Again.

Dottin is becoming pretty adept at damage control: too bad he can’t devote the same amount of energy to managing major crimes – then he wouldn’t always be in this position.

This time it’s about Derick David Rudolph Crawford who languished in jail for two rapes he did not commit, or so say the two victims. Next time it will be about some other person who our police beat a confession out of or planted evidence on. It is a wonder the police bothered arresting Mr. Crawford at all but they needed a warm body to show the tourists. Crawford should consider himself lucky in some ways and don’t we all know it!

Video-taped confessions? What’s it take: a computer and an internet camera. Maybe a good old fashioned 8mm or VHS video camera, a $30 karaoke microphone on the never-never. Barbados police been talking ’bout video taping confessions for years. We’ve had studies, mentions in Parliament, statements from the COP and talk talk talk talk but never do. Why not? Police don’t want to, that’s why. Enough of the police force believe in the old way that if you beat a confession out of a man it’s still good because no man would confess to something he didn’t do. Some still believe that and they are ‘fast wit their fists and slow of their wits.’ That’s what they call them: fast fists, slow wits.

Dottin? He just need to go.


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Please visit The Nation to read the full article Case Study

Case Study


COMMISSIONER OF POLICE Darwin Dottin will today begin a series of meetings with officials within and outside the Police Force before speaking publicly on the dismissal of two rape cases against a man whose British “victims” had insisted on his innocence.

But the police chief said that the dismissal of the charges did not prove the innocence of former double-rape accused Derick David Rudolph Crawford, who now wants to sue the state for malicious prosecution and false imprisonment.

Dottin has also defended the overall competence of investigators.

It was last Thursday that Crawford, who was charged with raping researcher Dr Rachel Turner and retired teacher Diane Davies in separate incidents in October 2010, had his cases dismissed.


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14 responses to “Barbados Police need to watch CSI crime shows!

  1. Aliciaosborne

    Is this man mad? How you mean the dismissal of charges does not prove the man innocent? He still intends to go on with that even though the victims have gone through all this and stated that it is not the man. Come on! Seriously!. The best and most appropriate thing he can do is admit to making a mistake and trying to do better next time. It continues to be more and more embarrassing. I hope that Mr. Crawford can win a considerable amount of money because these people only seem to feel when it is hitting their pockets. It just frightens me to think that this is happening and can happen to even myself, GOD forbid. Mr. Crawford is lucky he had adamant, intelligent victims who desperately wanted to see justice but we all will not be so lucky.

  2. Mike

    Yeap it was Darwin Dottin who duped and lied to US lawenforcment officials that Earl Victor was wanted for murder in Barbados. Earl has been incarcerated at Dood prison for 4 years without a trial. The murder charge was dismissed against him on June 27, 2012; nonetheless Dottin and Charles Leacock refused to release this young man from confinement.

  3. Nostradamus


    “I hope that Mr. Crawford can win a considerable amount of money because these people only seem to feel when it is hitting their pockets.”

    Sadly, it is the taxpayers whose pocket it hits not the ones responsible for this travesty.

  4. LOOK

    Barbados is rather embarrassing and still THIRD WORLD. The Myrie rape case embarrasses Barbados. The Violet Beckles case embarrases Barbados and now the Police Commissioner, Darwin Dottin. He (Dottin) apparently does not have a background in Criminal Justice.

  5. Anonymous158

    Need to somehow get him out the police department, Darwin Dottin.

  6. judyjudy


  7. 19

    If the Commissioner is not fully aware that the entire case required eyewitness identification and a positive DNA match to be successfully prosecuted he really is a misplaced nightwatchman from WIBISCO. The case had neither and Dottin really needs a donkey’s tail pinned to his butt. Jackass.

  8. LOOK

    Who, what jackass appointed him (Dottin) Police Commissioner?

  9. 19

    jackass duz bray together and help one anudder.

  10. anonymous139

    Shame, everything it seems is off-track, one car crash on top of another, all due to someone’s incompetence and fact that Barbados is still THIRD WORLD. Barbados has reason (s) to imprison an innocent bajan citizen not its corrupt lawyers, politicians, government employees. Thought we were beyond the stone age, apparently not in Barbados.

  11. Mark Fenty

    There are countless innocent people sitting in the jails in America, for rape,murder, arson, etc, and America is suppose to be the forerunner as far as criminal investigation is concern . So given those set of facts, who could argue that Barbados isn’t holding her own in comparison to some developed countries?

  12. Mark Fenty

    To date the Innocent Project in America has freed 301 wrongfully convicted people, including some on death-row. So you see, no criminal justice system is without it’s fails and failings, including the United States of America.

  13. The Watcher

    This guy is a persistently pompous, pseudo-pious, sanctimonious.jackass!
    He has proven every time his retarded pie-hole opens up that the first thing the RBPF needs is a LEADER!
    The second thing they gravely need is a cleansing of its ranks from its top to its bottom. They are way too many deceitful, rotten and UN-scruptulous individuals wearing a uniform in that organization.
    Thirdly, they need educating! Too many fools up in the mix.
    Fourthly, STANDARDS! Be held to and be measured against some of these.
    Finally, REGULATION by a public body with no ties to them and one that answers to the people they claim that they serve, THE PUBLIC!

    Running up and down spending government monies on cameras taking license plate photographs on the Garrison Rd and just past Champers heading east don’t make for good policing. Especially when they can be defeated with a simple $20 trick! That’s DAMN nonsense.
    And what about that radio network they erected since 2005~2006 that was supposed to tie in all this wonderful stuff like the quick movement of data for the Emergency services? Yes that one! Which after its erection, the police started talking mess about how no one else could be on their network. So the Ambulance and Fire Service got relegated back to some old system. The one that is now a monument to government wastage and spending compliments of the Police dept.
    Don’t watch to much CSI, Criminal Minds or any other show which seems to glorify policing, Please don’t get any more ideas on self-glorification. Those people are way more intelligent that you will ever be. And I’ll tell you this. The best NEVER get caught because they use the most simple techniques to foil all of the technology you’ve got. The proof is in the pudding of your in-effectiveness! Nothing to prove here over and over. The facts are staring us all in the face.
    Want to impress us the public? Do the following:
    Make a 50% dent in drug trafficking!
    Arrest the financiers of the trade in Barbados!
    Clean up the force so that its beyond reproach!
    Earn the respect of Barbadians again!

    Put UP, or shut to ass up!

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