Kickbacks at Queen Elizabeth Hospital: Supplier “a shadow company” ?


Something ‘on the side’ as Bajan as whistling frogs

Call it ‘consulting fees’ or whatever you like. Everybody on this little rock knows what you’re talking about. It’s that extra one percent or ten percent or twenty percent that taxpayers pay for everything; for every road project, for every new school desk, for every latch and toilet in the new prison. For everything.

And it has cost our children and our grandchildren and Barbados the greatness we have sought and so rightly deserve. It undermines our economy. It teaches our young people that success comes from manipulation and theft, not hard work. These ‘consulting fees’ are never asked for, never offered in a direct manner. It is subtle and incideous because it is so casual and difficult to prove. And on this little rock, no one likes to say too much about the subject.

Now it is done subtly, never with too much flash like the old days… and it works like this:

I want that government contract for that new school, or new road or new batch of medical supplies for the hospital. You have the ability to make that contract happen, or to influence the information that the deciding government official bases the purchasing decision upon. You also have a son who wants to go to school over and away. So… my company hires your son as a ‘consultant’. Maybe he gets some ‘reports’ or ‘research’ for my company to make things look good. Then my company pays your son in the UK while he’s going to school.

And my company gets that contract.

See? Nothing wrong there! Just people doing business. Can anybody prove there is a trade? Can anybody prove that the consultant job is related to the government contract? See? Nothing wrong there!

Except… there is something wrong…

Bajans for Prosperity says…

Duguid recently pointed out on national airways that certain items were being purchased by the QEH from J&R World Trade at rates substantially higher than could be obtainable locally. Duguid has called J&R a “shadow company”.  Although  J&R claims to have been in business for 25 years, we are not of the opinion that Duguid is entirely wrong. We are convinced that J&R is in fact one of the companies through which (Name removed by BFP editor) makes certain arrangements to inflate costs and put extra cash from the QEH into his pocket. If it is not his own pockets being lined, then as (position removed by BFP) we believe that he should take all the blame nonetheless for the purchasing scandal nonetheless.

According to the prices Duguid quoted, (Name removed by BFP) is making or authorizing  purchases at outrageously higher prices than could otherwise be obtained from Collins Ltd in Barbados.

At a time when this island is struggling, when sick mothers and daughters can’t get medical treatment, when the Ambulance service can’t get to sick people, when taxes are going up and the Government coffers are empty, could it be that the man charged with procuring our medical supplies (and we doubt he is alone) lines his pockets with our hard-earned tax dollars? We should all feel personally robbed and violated.

There is nothing against using foreign suppliers if they are cheaper and/or their product is better. If, however, that is not the case, then when QEH money goes wrongfully overseas, not only does (Name removed by BFP) cause money to be taken unjustly, he causes it to be taken directly from our sick family members who need the hospital to have resources, and from our schools, and from our children. It destroys local medical suppliers, and their staff, who require that business to have jobs. It bankrupts the local economy. It’s stealing blindly from every one of us, and from the promise of our brighter future.

We urge Duguid, and anyone else with a spine inside BLP, and anyone with dignity in the DLP, to look at the time when (Name removed by BFP) started at the QEH. Check how soon after his employment began did purchases start being made by the QEH from J&R World Trade.  Check when the QEH began purchasing “supplies” from other tiny companies too – some which we believe may have been founded after he started his new job.

We urge this ministry of justice to look into these allegations and prosecute (Name removed by BFP) if fault can be found. To use our diplomatic ties with the United States to prosecute anyone at J&R who might be complicit if these actions can be considered bribing a government official. We urge the people of this nation to open your eyes to the corruption around you, and demand more from our Governments! Demand a hearing into this purchase scandal at the QEH. Demand integrity from our officials, not just the regular political noise. Demand freedom of information! Demand not to be lied to, or robbed from, or forgotten, and punish those who do. Remind our leaders that by their actions and inactions we have been wounded, but we are watching, and we are waiting, and not long from now we will throw off again these economic chains that bind us to those who exploit us.

We are free, we are united, and together we are strong. We demand a better Barbados and we will uncover anyone who acts against us. We will expose their vindictive crusade, and with the light of Christ we shall cast them out.

By His mercy we will work to forgive them, but we will never, ever, forget.

~ We are the people. We are “Bajans For Prosperity

Note: We trust that the Barbados Free Press will as always post any response to the above that may set any inaccuracies  straight. If we are lucky perhaps, someone will come forward with QEH’s books.



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    Same she-it different day in BARBADOS. IF YOU CAN THINK OF IT ITS WAS DONE AND BORN IN BARBADOS , With the CJ and Kieth Simmons blocking the law.
    Up holding the crooks lawyers and trespass on land now call the HIGH COURT , Lets see the kick backs on that $150,000,000 deal.
    Kick backs at the UDC
    Kick backs at the NHC.
    Kick back MOH
    Kick Back Land registry
    kick back Air port
    now the People are being Kick also . Sir COW kick back to Sir Cheltenham?

  2. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Oh this has been going on for a long time. In every ministry, from health to Agriculture to commerce; departmental heads, ministers, permanent secretaries anyone who inlfuences or have input into the award of a contract makes sure that the final cost of any project includes the amount each must get as their share. And since its all done via cash, its not that easy to track unless the beneficiaries decide to start living large and draw attention to themselves. Politicans and other senior officials in government have lived lavishly off their drawbacks. It is ver easy to take out a morgage on a house or loan on a car and let your salary pay the monthly installments. All that time your drawback and other sources of non taxed income ensures that you do not feel the pain of that chunk of change coming out of your salary. This is not new. What we need to see is some serious investigative tracking of suspects. Yeah right I dreaming I know

  3. J & R. Sounds familiar?

    is this the same J&R bagman that represented the BLP?

    same old same old, if it is the case

    These guys aren’t even subtle. They control the levers of government without being elected.

    Money without work and the taxpayer gets double burdened by amoral pigs at the trough once again.

  4. what will they think of next

    Someone actually quoting the Dentist with the dirty mouth?

  5. 220

    The facts from Duguid’s mouth are way dirtier.

  6. Tudor

    If you need to know how it works ask the former high flying hotel MD & his pretty boy associate who has shut down 2 companies so far

  7. Hello!! Hello!!!

    This Scam is just bread crumble compare to the on going DLP & BLP organized rip off regarding vehicles and equipment for The Barbados Water Authority, The Sanitation Service, BADMC, The Transport Board etc…

  8. Hey Hello!! do not forget BNOCL with all the IT

  9. you must be joking

    Why do eveybody complain about the corruption and then no action.

    surely there must be someone who is honest, cant be bought and can lead the sheep to put a goverment in place that is clean and honest…surely this is possible

  10. "Willie & Rib Bone Consultants, Esq-Ltd.

    So how Rib Bone and me get a piece of da action?
    We bin consultin wit each other for years. We most recent give info to da Road Gang on how best to maximize dey profits when dey extortin’ tourists and propose dey expand business to beaches where them fools hang out who not drivin’ vehicles.
    It ain’t fair that we can’t get our trotters in da community trougth.
    Willie & Rib Bone, Consults at Large

  11. Hey “you must be joking” so how you goin do dat den. I had a police tell me after I stop a teef robbing me that no crime had been committed because I stop it already. A friend if mine had he boat teef and the police tell he that he need papers to say it was his boat because it is his word against the teefer who said it was his boat ! Everyone know is was my friend boat but the police need more than a few words of honest people to prosecute a crime you know. I do wish it was as you say that there is a system and government that could do something, even if there was a system in place which could deal with the odd teefin politician or civil servant but teefin is now just too widespread and how you goin to elect me when the first thing I say is “I am going to root out corruption fellow citizens”. What most will say is “what is in it for me and how I goin get my piece of de pie that owe me” wait mister you sayin I got to work for my money ? no way I votin for you, uh uh.

  12. Well Well

    whatever happened to the doctor brought in from england who still had his practice in england. who got paid more than QEH CEO dexter james, who also had a house and car at taxpayers expense, who out of 4? months of being paid at taxpayers expense only came to the QEH office a number of 2-3 times, since he still had his practice in england, who never did any work because his american born assistant was delegated that task, also at taxpayers expense, she then got fed up and returned to the us, smart girl. when will minister of health donville inniss answer why taxpayers dollars had to be wasted in this fashion, when he could have easily gotten an equally qualified doctor in bim to perform the same task. luckily for the taxpayers the doctor returned to england. WASTED TAX DOLLARS

  13. This is just one of numerous significant letters Prime Minister Stuart and Attorney General Adriel Brathwaithe refuses to acknowledge regardless of mountainous irrefutable material evidence.

    Mr. Jerry Mervriel Nurse
    Pilgrim Road
    30th December 2011

    Prime Minister
    The Honorable Freundel J. Stuart MP
    Prime Minister’s Office
    Bay Street

    Dear Prime Minister


    This letter is of significant importance as the eyes and ears of nations will be at-tentative on your government ability rectifying matters herein which I have updated the United Nations, London Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Caribbean Secretary, Amnesty International and Her Majesty Queen of England – Barbados Head of State, whom over the years had willfully been lied to in correspondence from Her Majesty Governmental Representatives. The evidence speaks for itself.

    Everything you are about to read is backed by irrefutable “Documentary Evidence” known to Barbados Government Governor General and Police Commissioner. Barbados Government Standard Procedure Records Data on all Civil Servants, attorneys at law etc. etc.

    William Shakespeare puts it: “They commit the oldest of sins the newest kind of ways”. “It is impossible to imagine a worse outlook than when wickedness has become lawful.”

    Permit me to quote, Michel de Montaigne (28th February 1553 – 13th September 1592):
    “It is a dangerous and serious presumption and argues an absurd temerity to condemn what we do not understand, for having by virtue of your excellent intellect established the boundaries of truth and error, and found yourself compelled to believe stranger things than those you deny, you are obliged to abandon those boundaries”.

    Prime Minister, 2008 you were Attorney General when I personally on two occasions hand delivered written complaints to your office on these exceptionally serious matters herein of the Callender Estate and Supreme Court Registration Department involvement in Fraud, Fraudulent Practice, deception and theft dating back to 1964 and Government Obstruction of Justice

    (Reference late Prime Minister David Thompson Q.C. Letter dated 20th August 2009) Copy: Hon Freundel Stuart, Q.C, M.P. Attorney General.

    Truth is the principal and fundamental part of virtue. The pursuit of truth is noble. There is no desire more natural than the desire for truth. Truth is a lethal weapon against corruption.
    Prime Minister, most unfortunately as Attorney General you willfully failed to respond or acknowledge the two hand delivered correspondences above mentioned, as likewise three former Attorney Generals, the Honorable Maurice King MP, Deputy Prime Minister the Honorable Mia Motley MP, and recently retired Chief Justice Sir David Simmons MP.

    I Jerry Mervriel Nurse freely state my opinion following approximately fifty (50) years Barbados Judiciary and Supreme Court Registration Department corruption, backed-up by irrefutable concrete “Documentary Evidence” that cannot under any circumstances whatsoever be, denied by any court of law or legal authority in Barbados or elsewhere.

    I do not for a moment suppose myself to be a judge. Examination of the mountainous documentary evidence, subject to the “Documentary Evidence Acts” certifies an apparent commission of acts of fraud, fraudulent practice, theft, deception, embezzlement, prevention and obstruction of the natural course of justice by Government Officials and Attorneys at Law.

    Twenty five (25) years unrelenting pursuit of knowledge of truth investigating the theft of my inherited legacy in the last Will & Testament of my exceptionally wealthy uncle Fitz-Gerald Callender who mysteriously and un-expectantly died 18th day of May 1964, believed poisoned, despite what is recorded as his cause of death in his Death Certificate.

    Gary Cole in his Book – The Bombing of Cubana Flight CU455, 6th October 1976 wrote: “The Barbados Labour Party Government spiked this country’s investigations and Dr. Blackman a Government Minister, shocked the world when he stated in Parliament that”:

    “His Government would neither investigate, nor help in an investigation although there was evidence that the bomb was planted by C.I.A operators on C.I.A orders and confessions from the two terrorist”. Gary Cole continued and stated in his Book: 1976 Barbados Prime Minister the Right Honorable Adams MP said: “I have a corrupt Chief Justice and a crooked Commissioner of Police; what can I expect them to do? nothing.”

    For the past twenty-two (22) years I have courageously and constantly brought this matter before Prime Ministers the Honorable Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford, the Honorable Owen Arthur and recently deceased, the Honorable David Thompson without any satisfaction whatsoever with the exception of the removal of Sir David Simmons Q.C as Chief Justice.

    Friday 4th January, 2002, formerly Parliamentary Minister for Saint Thomas and Attorney General Sir David Simmons Q.C was appointed Barbados twelfth (12) Chief Justice by Prime Minister the Right Honorable Owen Arthur MP, presently Leader of the Opposition.

    It is well noted, regardless of mountainous material evidence, then Prime Minister Owen Arthur MP, (Leader of the Opposition), and Prime Minister David Thompson (deceased October 2010), failed to investigate twenty-five (25) years of written complaints of miscarriage of justice, obstruction and prevention of justice against Sir David Simmons Q.C and his wife Madam Justice Marie Mac Cormack Q.C, Mr. Justice Christopher Arthur Blackman Q.C and Mr. Justice Frank Decourcey King in the irrefutable theft of my, and my immediate relatives inherited legacies as recorded in the deceased last Will & Testament with all Estate Duties Paid in 1966.
    I am herein making it abundantly clear Chief Justice Sir David Simmons Q. C Madam Justice Marie Mac Cormack acted in serious miscarriage of justice abused their Power of Authority whilst in office. On two separate occasions the actions of Chief Justice Sir David Simmons protecting Mr. King were designed to have me killed on 16th March 1999 and again,

    18th September 2003 whereas I was imprisoned at H.M. Glendiary Prison on falsified charges from Thursday 18th September 2003 to Thursday 25th September 2003. I have enclosed a copy of these shameful Statements as given to me in Magistrate Pamela Beckles Court No.2.

    I have also recently posted copies of these statements and other material evidence to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 Head of State for Barbados, the FBI, United Nations, Foreign & Commonwealth Secretary and also the BBC where I have an outstanding documentary on hold.

    1997 I brought a Supreme Court Writ of Summons against then Chairman Barbados Disciplinary Committee Senator & Attorney at Law Mr. Christopher Arthur Blackman Q.C Senior Partner and Part Owner Carrington & Sealy Attorneys at Law, for fraud, fraudulent practice, deception, maladministration, malpractice, fraudulent representation and theft of beneficiaries’ assets in the Estate of FitzGerald Callender deceased Court N0.6, December 1997.

    Five years later 18th September 2003 Chief Justice Sir David Simmons in complete disregards for LAW and in serious “Conflict of Interest” willfully placed my Writ of Summons before Mr. Justice Christopher Arthur Blackman and I was then thrown into prison on falsified charges.

    David Anthony Cathcart Simmons had resided at N0.22 Redbourne Avenue W.3 in London, and
    Marie Adarre Mac Cormack had resided at N0.32 Lumley Flats SW1 in London.

    They were married 30th July 1966 at Saint Mary’s Virgin Church at Pimlico, Vauxhall in London, England and they were both close to Mr. Justice Frank Decourcey King at the Honourable Society Inn of the Middle Temple from 5th May 1967.

    Barbados House of Parliament June 1967 Senate Prime Minister the Hon Errol Barrow, Hon Grantley Adams, Hon Bernard St John, Hon C. E Talma, Hon N. W. Boxhill, Hon J. C. Tudor and others;

    Debating the mysterious Chief Marshal Frank Decourcey King February 1967 Supreme Court Registrar Official Gazette Public Notice Advertisement Provost Marshal Public Auction Sale of Postman Wooley Layne – Water Street Christ Church Property; made no mention of Mr. Frank King fictitious Chief Marshal Appointment or the said Frank D. King at that time was in London.

    In this Debate the Hon Boxhill “On a Point of Order, I would have to call the Hon. Member a stranger to the truth.”

    Requesting Prime Minister David Thompson having my matter brought before the Senate as was the case with Mr. Layne, Prime Minister Thompson response he was prevented from doing so by then the Attorney General the Honorable Freundel J. Stuart MP. Copy of letter enclosed.

    Now Prime Minister I am again requesting matters herein be brought before a “Special Senate Debate Committee due to its nature. Barbados Labour Party had worsen this situation during their continuous fifteen years in office by denying the heirs of Callender Estate any kind of justice and appointing attorneys to High Court Judges disregarding numerous written complaints against those attorneys.

    Furthermore as emphasized since 1989 to the Police Commissioner and Supreme Court Registrar the said Frank Decourcey King was fraudulently in receipt of, Five Thousand Four Hundred ($5,400.00) Annual Salary for a Government Appointment never ever held as Chief Marshal.

    The Registrar Madam Justice Mac Cormack as portrayed in the “Documentary Evidence” was a companion of Mr. Justice King / having knowledge and also of Barbados Standard Procedure Operations the said Frank Decourcey King born 18th November 1930 was indeed a Law Student at Honourable Society Inn of the Middle Temple in London England and she herself was called to that Bar seventy seven (77) days after Mr. F. D. King call 24th November 1970.

    Madam Justice Mac Cormack as Supreme Court Registrar and Secretary Barbados Bar Association with Mr. Justice King a Member of that Disciplinary violated all natural rules of law denying myself, mother Ernester Nurse and Clinton Nurse both since deceased JUSTICE; and she was appointed High Court Judge 1st December 1995 regardless of mountainous complaints.

    Likewise, regardless of mountainous written complaints against him for fraud and malpractice Mr. Justice Frank Decourcey King was 17th March 1995 Appointed High Court Judge and to worsen matters his Appointment was back-dated by four (4) years to 18th November 1991. This is all so shameful and vile defrauding Barbados Treasury and Tax Paying Citizens.

    We also have Mr. Justice Leroy Innis head of Police Complaint Authority as an Attorney at Law controlling thirty-nine (39) allotments of the deceased Callender London Road Britton’s Hill Estate having that Estate name changed to that of the Estate of Sybil Williams Braithwaite under the Urban Development Commission. (18th September 2003 seven Days in Cell N0.11)!

    Now Prime Minister the Callender’s Estate illegitimate Beneficiaries will be adequately compensated fifty –five ($55) million dollars for this forty-nine (49) years fraud and deception. Furthermore, the now empty Pegwell Christ Church California Guest House and entire lands be Assented according to the deceased Callender last Will & Testament, that will now have to go into my name and, compensation for furniture’s and general repairs to the property.

    Finally, I seek adequate compensation for my falsified charges, imprisonment and discrimination of character as I was paraded on CBC Barbados and the national newspapers for revealing the truth of my inheritance in the Callender Estate whereas I will not even mention Saint Philip.

    Will they be a calling of a General Election with this matter outstanding?
    Yours truly


  14. (1) Under Proceedings of Administration of Justice Acts, a Company is obliged to ensure it is not giving out insufficient, inaccurate or misleading information. In considering whether an instrument is of a testamentary character or is conditionally or unconditionally testamentary, the “Probate Court” Constructs the will in the manner of the “Court of Construction,” and may receive extrinsic evidence of the intention of the alleged testator with regard to the character of the instrument were that character ambiguous. In as much as the title of the donees under a will is by law subjected to that of the testators Personal Representative.

    (a) 1989 to 1995 Supreme Court Registrar Marie A. Mac Cormack willfully gave inaccurate and misleading information to the “COMPLAINTANT JERRY MERVRIEL NURSE” regarding the “COMPLATANT” “Specifically devised & bequeath inherited legacy” the property known as the “CALIFORNIA GUEST-HOUSE” situate at Pegwell in the parish of Christ Church.

    (b) December 1997 Madam Justice Marie A. Mac Cormack acted inappropriately as High Court Judge in the Hearing of WRIT of SUMMONS 1266 / 1997 against Attorney-at-Law – (Barbados Government Labour Party Senator) Mr. Christopher Arthur Blackman who was also (Part Owner of Carrington & Sealy Attorneys at Law – Law Practice) and Deputy Chairman of Barbados Disciplinary Committee, Madam Justice Mac Cormack was Barbados Bar Association Secretary.

    (2) Fitz-Gerald Callender deceased Estate has been subjected to wrongful actions by numerous Freemasons believing themselves to been untouchable (above the law). These very same Freemasons represents the Law as Attorney Generals, Chief Justices, Governor Generals, Solicitor Generals, High Court Judges & Magistrates.

    (3) FREEMASONARY: “In its work it wants its brethren to be upright men, and it symbolizes that ideal by the use of the Plumb Line. It wants them to be upright in character, upright in thought, upright in action, and as true to the perfect perpendicular. It implores the brethren to look upon themselves as cubic stones in the hands of a master mason. Before such a stone may be properly placed in the great superstructure of the world’s temple, it rough corners must be taken off, its sides must be smoothed, and its angles made perfectly square. It asks it brethren to be free men—free from superstition, free from limitations of ignorance, and free from the limitations of dictators.”

    (4) These words were written more than 200 years ago by William Preston, one of Freemasonry’s greatest teachers in 1772. “It is an obvious truth that the privileges of Masonry have long been prostituted for unworthy considerations, and hence their good effects have been less conspicuous.” “Today Freemasonry has an even worse public image than in Preston’s day.”

    (5) Polybius – Grandmaster, Fraternity of Freemasons said: “If we eliminate truth from history nothing will remain but an idle tale.”

    (6) Freemasonry and Metropolitan Police Corruption:
    “The British Metropolitan Police was founded in 1829. There have been two complete reorganizations of its Detective Department. Both were provoked by massive corruption scandals leading to criminal trials 100 years apart, in 1877 and 1977. In each scandal Freemasonry played a dominate role.”

    (7) 1977 Scotland Yard Convicted Masonic Officers: “In 1977 three Old Bailey High Court Trials revealed the tip of an iceberg of corruption in London’s Criminal Investigation Department.” “Thirteen (13) Detectives were jailed up to twelve (12) years, including two (2) Commanders, one Superintendent and five (5) Inspectors.”

    (a) “In the course of the investigation it emerged that most were Freemasons.” “The probability is that they were all on the square.” “Freemason Detective Superintendent Bill Moody was sentenced to twelve (12) years of conspiring to take money from pornographers over an eight year period.”

    (8) “The United Grand Lodge of England in the past 30 years until September 1988 has expelled only (7) Masons for Criminal Acts, even though many more have been convicted in the law courts of spectacular crimes.”

    (9) House of Commons London 1985, Labour MP Brian Sedgemore, “(A scourge of City Corruption) used the House of Commons to attack Freemasonry Grandmaster – Bickford Smith Q.C whom had lied to Counsel in the matter of Lloyds Insurance (Defendant) – (Plaintiff) Moshe Tubero, Los Angeles $2.7 million Jewelry Store Diamonds Robbery.”

    (a) “The Diamonds were insured with forty-one (41) Syndicates at Lloyd’s which refused to bear the loss.” The Diamonds owner Moshe Tubero employed the services of London Solicitor Brian Chase Grey. Mr. B.C. Grey successfully sued all 12000 Syndicate names (Investors).”

    (10) 1986 Trinidad and Tobago Government dismissed 4 corrupt Judges and fifty-four (54) Police Offices.

    (11) November 2005 Serbia Government dismissed forty (40) High Court Judges involved in corruption; in an effort to clean up that country Judiciary.

    (12) November 2010 Mexico Government immediately dismissed three thousand (3000) Corrupt Police Officers.

    Ve/ Ni/Vi /Di /Vi /Ci

    The Estate of Gerald Callender (Deceased 18 May, 1964):
    King James Bible Luke 13-11 & 16; 18 years!
    Mr. Justice Frank Decourcey King, date of birth 18 November 1930 – N0.18 name is required!

    Fitzgerald Callender eighteen (18) years after his death, he sells ST Philip property 16th December 1982!
    18 days after swearing in of Madam Justice Mac Cormack Governor General Dame Nita Barrows dies!
    28th September 1990 Mr. Hamish Mc Clurg “(CONFESSED LETTER)” to Registrar mac Cormack.
    California Guest House valued at $18,000.00 26th January 1966 and again 18th September 1975?
    18th March 1999 Jerry M. Nurse at Oistin’s Magistrate Court on a falsified charge!
    18th September 2003 Mr. Justice Blackman Supreme Court N0.6, as Judge!
    18th September 2003 Jerry M. Nurse wrongful arrest and hostile publicized imprisonment!

    Prime Minister Stuart understands anti corruption laws will see numerous Civil Servants before the Law Courts for which he shuns responsibility.


    Why does the police supplied with mountainous irrefutable material evidence not investigate these matters allowing guilty lawyers to be appointed High Court Judges? Why does the Prime Minister and Attorney General – Minister of Justice refuse to have any investigations allowing tenants to unknowingly purchase stolen properties through the Urban Development Commission under fraudulent Estate Named Sybil Brathwaithe deceased whilst the actual Estate is Gerald Callender dec?

    One reports a crime but the Police Commissioner does not reply, why?
    Mr. Jerry Mervriel Nurse
    Parish Land

    28th February 2013

    Mr. Darwin Dottin
    Commissioner of Police
    Police Headquarters
    Roebuck Street

    Dear Sir


    In 2006 and again in June 2012 whilst at the London Foreign & Commonwealth Office regarding matters herein I had been advised to again bring this matter to your attention since you failed responding to my United States of America Attorney Dr. William F. Pepper 17th September 2004 correspondence.

    I have therefore taken this opportunity writing you requesting an investigation into wrong doings in the Estate of my uncle’s Fitzgerald Callender deceased 18th day of May 1964, in that particular “Specifically Devised & Bequeathed Property” known as the California Guesthouse situate at Pegwell in the Parish of Christ Church approximately one minute drive from Oistin’s Police Station. I have enclosed a copy of former Commissioner of Police Mr. Orville Durant’s correspondence dated 19th December 1994, where it states: “We are satisfied that a matter of this nature should be dealt with by the Bar Association in Barbados, which falls under the Registrar of the Supreme Court, in Bridgetown” Together with numerous Irrefutable Supreme Court Exhibits of Evidence regarding Estate Malpractice and Deception.

    Following numerous years of investigations into this matter it has been certified the said Supreme Court Registrar had deliberately concealed the truth of the theft of the said Specifically Devised & Bequeathed California Guesthouse, knowing for certain Mr. Justice Frank Decourcey King Supreme Court Chief Marshal Judgement Sale Conveyance N0.798, 14th July 1967 to Deputy Chief Marshal Mr. Kenneth Griffith was fraudulent, and should have been there and then “Struck Out as Nil and Void,” as proper Barbados Governmental Records and those records of the British Bar Council in England certifies the said Frank Decourcey King was a Law Student studying law in London, England at the very same Honourable Society Inn of the Middle temple with the said Registrar and shockingly during the same period as Sir David Simmons, Mr. Justice Sherman R. Moore, Mr. Justice Lionel Greenidge, 1995 Registrar Madam Justice Shirley V. Bell, 1996 deceased Parliamentary Ombudsman and others.

    My interest centers upon the proper ASSENT of the said Pegwell, Christ Church California Guesthouse without further delays and for you’re the Police Commissioner having your Officers seized the entrance keys to that property which is still subjected serious malpractice at this very moment. Thanking you for your cooperation in this matter.
    Yours truly



    (18). 18th September 1793, George Washington laid the Foundation Stone for Washington State Building in a special “Masonic Ceremony”.

    (18) (Requiring a N0.18) Mr. Justice Frank Decourcey King was born 18th November 1930 and his name has been used / misused in this Callender’s Estate scandal.

    The Pegwell, Christ Church California Guest-House 28th November 1955. Land Owner
    Cecil C. Mahon License N0.4375 /28th November 1955 were granted for sale of land.
    Clinton Nurse, part owner of the California dies 28th November 2008.

    (18) 18th October 1963 Barbados Town & Country Office Approved Gerald Callender N0.3509 -877 / 590 – 18th October 1963 Approval for sub-division into “Housing Allotments at Britton’s Hill

    (18) Barbados Supreme Court October 1963 sold Gerald Land at Pilgrim Road Christ Church for the sum of eighteen hundred $1800.00 dollars to a relative Ermmertude Callender.

    (18) 18th May 1964 Fitz-Gerald Callender is dead.

    (18) 18th September 1964 Carrington & Sealy Solicitors took control of Fitzgerald Callender Estate.

    (18) 18th September 1975 Attorney-at-Law Hamish Greig Mc Clurg constructed a Power of Attorney for a Ronald Walter Springer and an Edwin Callender of 11-18 Winthrop Street, Brooklyn, New York as the Legitimate Beneficiaries in Fitz-Gerald Callender last Will & Testament knowing his actions were malicious and deceitful as this property is jointly owned by Clinton & Ernesta Nurse as recorded in Barbados. Supreme Court Registration Department and the deceased (WILL),

    (18) 18th November 1997 Letters of Administration N0.388 of 1996 to the fictitious Estate of Sybil William Braithwaite deceased were granted to her daughter Clotelle Braithwaite, represented by Attorney at Law – Mr. Justice Leroy Inniss Q.C. (This is part of Gerald Callender’s Estate).

    (18) 1st December 1995 Marie Mac Cormack was sworn into Office as High Court Judge by Governor General Dame Nita Barrow; 18 days later, 19th December 1995 Dame Nita Barrow is dead.

    (18) 18th March 1999 Jerry Nurse appeared before Magistrate Valton Benn at Oistin’s Magistrate Court Christ Church Barbados falsely charged with throwing a stone and breaking a $14.00 Barbados Dollars ($7 US dollars) Glass Window Panel of the Pegwell, Christ Church, California Guest-House property and continuously appeared in at intervals to 31st August 2000. Two days before 16th March 1999 Jerry Nurse sat in the Commissioner of Police Office on estate matters.

    (18) 18th September 2003 Jerry Nurse Barbados Supreme Court Writs of Summons were maliciously placed before Mr. Justice Christopher Arthur Blackman Q.C in serious Conflict of Interest.

    (18) 18th September 2003 Jerry Nurse was imprisoned for seven days detention on falsified Assault Charges to publically discredit his character.

    (18) 18th October 1963, Barbados Town & Country Planning Office approved Fitzgerald Callender – London Road, Britton’s Hill, Saint Michael –Housing Allotment Sub-division Plan N0.42, RE: 877 / 590 / 3509 – 1963.

    (18) 18th May 1964 Fitzgerald Callender is dead.

    (18) 26th January 1966 Carrington & Sealy Solicitors Valuation for the Pegwell Christ Church California as $18,000. Ernesta Nurse the legitimate beneficiary dies 26th May 1991!

    (18) Ten Years Later 12th March 1976 Carrington & Sealy Solicitors representing the Estate fictitious beneficiaries succeeded in having Mrs. Lillian Drakes Granted a Supreme Court Limited Grant of Administration of the very same California Guest-House remains valued at $18.000.00.

    (18) 16th December 1982 eighteen (18) years after his 18th May 1964 death and 21st May 1964 burial Fitzgerald Callender mysteriously sells one of his numerous properties, a six bedroom bungalow at Four Roads Saint Philip on 14.000 st. ft. of land for three ($3000) thousand $$.

    (18) 18th September 1976 another part of the Estate was transferred to a wrongful person.

    (18) 19th September 1975 Jerry Nurse was in Northern Ireland soldier of the British Army on a Stake Out, four of my associates were killed within 24 hours.

    (5) September 1971 Jerry Nurse first arrival at the Army Junior Soldier Services age 15.

    (18) September 1974 Jerry Nurse given less than three weeks to live by Garrison Medical Officer in Cyprus and I was flown back to London and hospitalized.