Barbados Chief Justice to meet with a man. Will consider maybe putting up website!!!!!

CHIEF Justice of Barbados Sir Marston Gibson is of the view that there should be greater use of technology in the Supreme Court of Barbados.

Yesterday, he revealed that he would be meeting with a visiting official who would assist in getting court decisions available via the World Wide Web, “so that you can be sitting in Germany and go onto our website or their website and see our decisions,” he said.

Barbados Advocate: Use Technology more!


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27 responses to “Barbados Chief Justice to meet with a man. Will consider maybe putting up website!!!!!


    This new site will be Busy. The police need one also, so we can post the crooks and have leads posted ,
    Also to report what the lawyers are doing .and who they crooking

  2. Caswell Franklyn

    I don’t know why the Chief Justice does not busy himself with dispensing justice and leave matters like creating an already existing website for online judgements. Next thing you would hear that the CJ is meeting with someone to invent the wheel. For Christ sake can someone suggest to him that his time would be better spent clearing up the backlog of cases. I would but I doubt that he would listen to me.


    We went to the high court and all we can get under Beatrice Henry name is a her will probate in 1986.This may help if they put all cases and names on line that ever came to court and sales of land by the court .
    130am 14th Dec 2012

  4. That maybe the start of FOI with out going to the Minister to do so , maybe a good bypass .
    Most of the cases on back log for 20 years seem to be dealing with land that none of the parties own or cant find root tile nor have deeds to show how they own it , Some may have tax numbers and no deeds.

  5. A policy holder

    Nonsense! The CJ does not need to have a web site. He needs to see that decisions are given in a TIMELY MANNER and the Bdos court not the butt of endless jokes about JUST HOW BLOODY LONG IT TAKES TO GET ANY MATTER THROUGH THE HIGH COURTS!

  6. Tony Webster

    Birth of a new Bajan proverb…”Hero burns money while Romulus fiddles”?

  7. robert ross

    @ Caswell, A Policy Holder (name is familiar) et al…….

    Yes……the judgment in the gun case was supposed to have been delivered in June (from January)….

  8. Point to Extinction

    @ Caswell

    The CJ must realise that the frigging problem with the Courts is not an inability to get judgements and orders put up on the world-wide web.

    The frigging problem Sir Marston is that judges DO NOT issue judgements. The judges in Barbados are lazy, indecisive, nieve and most do not warrant being on the bench in the first damn place. THE COURT SYSTEM IN BARBADOS IS A MIKEY-MOUSE, BACKWARD BANANA LOOKING REPUBLIC SYSTEM.

    But with all that said you have to admid that of all the ineffective judicial systems in the world, Barbados has the best looking and most impressive system. If only we could get away from the FACT that the JUDUCIAL system in BARABDOS DOES NOT FRIGGING WORK PERIOD.

  9. Point to Extinction

    Attention: Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizebeth

    Dear Majest,

    Please come back for your place Barbados. It is/has run to ruin.

    Awaiting your return.

    Your loyal subject,

    Jeffrey Hinds


    The Judges on the bench were lawyers 20 years ago and is part of the Massive Fraud , So today they will not rule against the deeds and fraud they have done as lawyers being paid.
    It will set back all the deeds they made, Thinking no one will help Violet Beckles , Look and see how many of the back log case deal with land and you see your and answer Crane Scott one to watch.?

  11. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    What can i say but chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupse. He is really working.

  12. British Broadcasting Service

    Look our justice system is so brilliant it made BBC World News.

  13. 220

    The real problem for our justice system is that an incompetent Judge cannot be fired and replaced. That simple fact allows them to do what they want without fear of dismissal. Also, to give the finger to the CJ Marston and anyone else who tells them what they don’t want to hear.

  14. Aliciaosborne

    All this said about needing to have judgements and backlog dealt with if the idea is to get court decisions seen online it might force them to deal with things more expediently as more people will be watching. It will also assist in the Freedom to Information. It would be a good move. Whose job it is to get it done? Well that is a different matter but I think as long as it gets done and done properly then that is not so important.

  15. Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Are you serious. You honestly believe that a website on judgements will result in expediency? The system has alwas been rediculed and under scrutiny because many know that it favours status hence its workings. Prior to the internet and the blogs, many things were hidden and concealed. Because of internet and the blogs many can air what they know without fear of reprisal, revenge or victimizazion. The hidden is coming to light on the blogs and the nefarious do not like it and are trying all in their power to regulate or shut down the blogs. The crooks and wolves are being exposed but they have no fear yet because on my island the octopus of corruption has more than 8 legs to stand on.

  16. Caswell Franklyn

    Hello! That website already exists even though Sir Marston is thinking about establishing it. Follow the link below. Rather than diverting himself with nonsense, he should work on the backlog of cases

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  17. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Mr. Franklyn that website is not opening.

  18. LOOK

    The judicial system in Barbados is too far outdated, REALLY. It’s a shame to have to tolerate an incompetent judge that cannot be removed from the bench. It’s a shame that lawyers and judges are not properly repremanded for wrongdoing.

  19. LOOK

    @ Sunshine Sunny Shine

    King Belshazzar and members of his court were having a feast. They were all laughing and drinking. In that same hour a man’s hand appeared and wrote on the wall MENE MENE TEKEL PERES, meaning your days are numbered, you have been weighed and weight not enough, your kingdom has been divided and given to the Medes and Persians. King Belshazzar that very night was slain, lost his kingdom to Darius the Mede (Old Testament/Daniel 5:25-26).

    The writing is on the wall. MENE MENE TEKEL PERES. Their days are numbered [crooks in barbados]. The country will be taken. Maybe.

  20. The Ghost of Things to Come

    Is the CJ going to be Tiny Tim with his new web crutch or just running for election?

  21. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    @ Look
    Somethings I believe God will deal with in the fullness of time but matters such as the open of show of dishonesty and corruption that has been allowed to continue in my homeland unchallenged requires the intervention of protestors. However Barbadians have been fed well a diet of fear and victimization to stand up for what they know to be right.

    @ Caswell
    I see your point now. There is already a website in place. It may need some additional information and a bit of revamp to make it more presentable and appealing but there is a website. Therefore what is it that the CJ is embarking upon if the wheel has already been invented. I hope he fully understands that the criticism he is getting is justified on the basis of what he has been able to acheive so far, which according to many, is zilch.

  22. Capital Life

    The CJ should considering not attending every blasted cock-fight in Barbados morning, noon and night and lock his backside in the fancy new building so as to get the judicial system in Barbados working.

    On an aside he does dress like a gangster from Al Capone era, he only missing the tommy gun.

  23. 3453400-88-34c

    What a nasty little rat-hole this island has become
    in just 20-25 yrs.!!


  24. Aliciaosborne

    @Sunshine Sunny Shine, Please read my words carefully. I did not say it will I said it might and then you go on to express exactly the point I was making. Thank you. It might take time as most things do in Barbados but eventually things will have to change when so many eyes are upon us. It is good to know that this site is already up and running now all it needs is stringent managing and maintenance.

  25. Sunshine Sunny Shine


    THe internet is not what I am critical of here. It is your belief that posting court judgements via the internet will make a difference.The system has been infiltrated by corruption and manipulation. Who is to say that a website of judgements could not be subjected to the same or many of the judgements exempted for a myriad of reasons. The blogs are making a difference all around the world but in my little island I hardly see any changes but further alleges of corruption and obvious exploitation. Bajans are educated but subdued by small island thinking. THe people never stand up for what they know to be right

  26. Well Well

    Fantastic, now when will we have the freedom of information act passed and implemented along with integrity legislation, it can all be done at the same time to really cement transparency……….