A sad passing… and life goes on.


Dear friends,

Sadly we have been over and away for a week.

Life will never be the same again but life goes on ’bout hey.

Our heartfelt condolences to family and friends.

We’ll be back to normal in a few days because life does go on…



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9 responses to “A sad passing… and life goes on.

  1. robert ross

    From whoever to whomsoever……..+

    Meanwhile, yes, life goes on and for GARCIA too.

    Yesterday the Government tried another little trick. From the blue, it tried to argue yesterday in the latest round in Court No 6 that the Court did not have jurisdiction to hear a habeas corpus application because, it argued, the Court could not look behind an executive deportation order. It was absolute and the executive order inviolable. Counsel cited one case on this – the Sparman case – and shuffled around to find some others with an ever growing sense, for those of us who listened, of incompetence.

    Now: the Applicant (through Commissiong) had not been warned of this latest little trick but bravely soldiered on after a 15 minute adjournment.

    Of course, the answer is simple enough. Nobody is questioning the deportation order itself. The complaint is, in fact, that the Order is not being applied, with the consequence that Garcia’s confinement is excessive and therefore unreasonable.

    I have the impression that the Judge was not too enamoured by the Crown’s argument. She said she would think about it and give her ruling on this preliminary point on Monday. Imagine: the case has been stumbling on since October and now a ‘preliminary point’. Incidentally, on Tuesday the Crown filed affidavits at the last minute, one of which alleging that the Court could not deal with a matter concerning national security.

    Look – when will this Government get big enough and bold enough to acknowledge that this case is a sure litmus test of its willingness to honour its international obligations? It continues to hide behind what it conceives is public opinion. How mean spirited. What little people they are. Meanwhile the Church stands in the corner and mutters incestuously to itself about social justice – and comes up with what…oh yes, domestic violence – which has been knocking around as a serious subject for decades. Pathetic.

    PLEASE will someone go listen on Monday (and then hopefully Tuesday) and give support. I am away.

  2. rastaman

    What happened BFP?

  3. It is almost a year since my father left this veil, I can only hope you do not mean Auntie Moses?

  4. Carson C. Cadogan

    probably Ali?

  5. Anonymous

    I can state categorically the deceased is not rastaman, IDB or CCC….its some person else.

  6. just want to know

    BDF is Freundel Stuart dead! Alleluya, now we can have an election!

  7. Breadfruit

    Sorry to hear of your loss.

  8. BFP

    Thank you Breadfruit,

    It has been a hard week because she was so young.


  9. Shona? :O Whosoever, very sorry, to paraphrase Tyrion Lannister – sympathy is not easy for either side but it’s expected and shows we are civilised (except that moment of lucid candour I had once)…