Harlequin’s Ames family: Police charge Matthew Ames with £1.2million investment fraud

Kate’s brother – James Middleton, right, at the carbon trade exhibition in London October 2010

Kate’s brother – James Middleton, right, at the carbon trade exhibition in London October 2010

Prince William’s brother-in-law, James Middleton, represented Matt Ames’ Ponzy scheme

Hey… told ya so! The Ames family was all over Kate Middleton’s brother like parasites.

The son of Harlequin’s David Ames has been charged with two counts of fraud. £1.2million is missing from investors’ pockets and Matthew Ames is charged by police.

The moral of the story? If you’re going to steal, steal big. Make it too big to fail, involve politicians up to their necks so you have some insurance – then you’ll not be taken down. Matt should have followed his father’s example and he wouldn’t have had any trouble. Oh well, maybe next scheme!

Now folks, you should visit the Echo-News website to read the story, but with the Harlequin related news we have to print the whole thing here because some of those stories get yanked and then where would we be? If we’re going to comment on this story, we have to keep our sources ya know!

Fraud charges for green firms’ boss

THE BOSS of two “green” finance firms which allegedly took more than £1.2million from investors has been charged with fraud.

Laindon-based Forestry for Life and the Investor Club allegedly took hundreds of thousands of pounds from people who paid into environmental investment schemes involving teak tree plantations and rainforest protection projects.

Matthew Ames, 37, from Goldfinch Lane, Thunderlsey, who ran both businesses from a converted farm barn in Dunton Road, Laindon, has been charged with two counts of fraudulent trading.

The firms were investigated by City of London Police specialist fraud unit following a referral from the Financial Services Authority.

Ames, the sole director of both companies, was arrested at home in September last year.

A police spokesman said: “Matthew Ames has been charged with two counts of fraudulent trading.

This relates to investments made in teak trees concerning The Investor Club and carbon credits for Forestry for Life.”

One charge relates to the Investor Club, which was set up in 2008, which allegedly took £846,494 for investments in teak tree plantations in Sri Lanka.

The other concerns Forestry for Life, set up in 2009, which allegedly took £443,327 from investors keen to protect rainforest in Brazil and other third-world countries.

Forestry for Life was briefly represented by Kate Middleton’s brother James Middleton, 25, at a green trade fair in October 2010, where former energy secretary Chirs Huhne was shown the investment, but severed all links with the company soon after.

He is understood to have had no knowledge of any alleged wrongdoing or involvement in the investigation.

Forestry for Life allegedly offered guaranteed interest of 12 per cent for three years for minimum £25,000 investments which were said to purchase carbon credits.

Police investigated whether Forestry for Life owned any rainforest land or carbon credits at the time of taking the investments.

Both firms were placed into liquidation in March 2011 with alleged combined debts of more than £1.6million, including trade creditors.

Insolvency practitioner Begbies Traynor, based in Southend, which handled the liquidations allegedly found they had £310 left between them in the bank. It is also separately still investigating the finances on behalf of creditors.


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70 responses to “Harlequin’s Ames family: Police charge Matthew Ames with £1.2million investment fraud


    Well I dont suppose it will be lonely if he goes to prison he will have his Dad to keep him company soon wont he? 🙂

  2. Sean Chandler

    It continues to amaze me that otherwise (apparently) intelligent people will invest money with someone promising double-digit returns on an investment that cannot be seen. PT Barnum was right, there is indeed a sucker born every minute.

  3. J chalmers

    I had been wondering what had happened to the Harlequin saga and find it hard to believe David Ames has still not been held to account.anyone know how things stand at Buccament bay resort and if they are paying their staff on time now.

  4. BBaywatch


    I believe that this was posted end of July 2012 – Ongoing concern over the alleged business practices and treatment of workers –

    quote – ‘On the local front, while the lights at Buccama shine brightly, Vincentian workers are short-changed. There is a rapid turnover of workers as if there is a hatched plan to relieve employees of their duties before they dock two years of service, and become eligible for severance payment.

    There is also the problem with late payments of workers’ salaries. More than one current and former employee speak of not being paid on time. Others complain that the owners of Buccama Resort openly flout the law and refuse to abide by the grievance process as outlined in the Protection of Employment Act of our country. One executive of the company, Andy Smith, is reported to have said SVG is a small time KFC country and his company does not have to pay workers what are due to them.’

  5. yatiniteasy

    The sums of money invested in Harlequin makes This case look like chump change.

  6. Ha Ha Ha!! Now we can wait and see which Caribbean polititian gets indicted along with those two.

  7. Robert Shaw

    I visited Buccament Bay in November, spoke to many staff, all of which were very satisfied with Harlequin as their employer, and we’re glad to be playing their part at the resort. None looked like they had been treated in the way suggested.

  8. yatiniteasy

    Robert Shaw…Do you really think staff would tell you…a complete stranger,and a guest at the resort, if they were having problems with their employer? They know they are spies who report back, and they don`t want to lose their precious jobs.

  9. 36

    Just to back up Robert Shaw, I recently visited BB for a day. An independent taxi driver told me that staff were being paid, the staff told me they were happy and were extremely friendly. The first apartment block is being being finished for Christmas and further building work is due to start, i.e a new entrance and access. The problem with Harlequin Air is that Liat is controlled by officials in the Government who do not want a rival airways oppperator working in the area. The hotel is indead 5* finish, the only problem being on the day of our visit it p****d down with rain. No doubt someone on here will consider that Harlequin should be able to control the weather!


    36 I am suprised Ames doesnt think he can control the weather the egotistical bas…ard!!! Brilliant news that the apartment block is going to be finished soon another white elephant me thinks all you need then is PAYING customers! get real the place is empty now so why build more so there is more empty?
    And as for the Government not wanting Harlequin Air all I can think is they must not have been offered a big enough backhander.
    Go home and take your quiet life tablets or better still give your head a wobble!

  11. BBaywatch

    How on earth can Harlequin Air possibly be a rival to LIAT? HA’s capacity could never service the number of pax that BB needs to be profitable – and don’t tell me that they will buy more or bigger planes, they can’t finance their property let alone service the costs of running an airline.

  12. 36

    @sick of Harlcoruption, “Go home and take your quiet life tablets or better still give your head a wobble” Oh dear, what a silly childish comment. I thought you were an investor and would have been interested in some up to date info. By the way are you an investor? Have you tried to get your money back as per your contract? Or are you just a perpetual moaner?

  13. 36

    @BBaywatch. Don’t forget it is Harlequins intention of being able to fly inter island. I’m only passing on the info given to me by a taxi driver who normally have reliable information.

  14. 183

    Liat is a service of dozens of Dash 8 flights accross the Caribbean per day, which are 50 seater aircraft. Harlequin have two Piper Chieftains, carrying 9 passengers, and they have zero flights per day right now. I doubt they intend to be any competition to Liat, just want to carry their passengers to their resorts (of course, they are all unbuilt other than the 25% completed BB, and Blu is not a resort) Harlequin Air was very poorly planned and conceived, but when you consider Ames said a few years back that they are going to have a fast ferry service from Barbados and St Lucia into BB, then such lack of planning and forethought should come as no surprise. Also on video as saying BB will have the best marina in the world. Also, a fairly bizarre statement. Certainly not someone I would want to be managing my money.

  15. BBaywatch

    @36 – I’m sorry but that comment makes no sense to me. LIAT only fly inter island as would Harlequin Air – your point is?

  16. 36

    @BBaywatch. Harlequin Air would be a rival to LIAT. Everyone complains about the Liat service and pricing. If Harlequin Air expanded from Barbados/St Lucia/St Vincent to other islands then the LIAT operation would be under threat. Not my words, that of informed local.

  17. BBaywatch

    Then someone is either deluded or pulling your leg. SVG Air and it’s associates also operate in the region with many more aircraft and much greater capacity and yet both work side by side. LIAT has recently paid the deposit on brand new larger aircraft while Harlequin can only run to a couple of 30 year old bangers – not much chance of any competition there!

  18. 36

    I dont profess to be an expert on Caribbean airlines. It was something I was told. If it doesnt stack up so be it.

  19. yatiniteasy

    From September 2012 Harlequin Newsletter.

    “In the early days of selling property in the Caribbean, some people said that this
    was all too good to be true and that it wouldn’t happen. I feel that we have proved
    them wrong as we are now in the process of handing over legal title to the
    properties at Buccament Bay Resort, which is a significant step and completes the
    cycle that we promised all those years ago.
    We look forward to a great future for all our investors and I thank you for your
    continued support.
    Kind regards
    Dave Ames

    So exactly how many investors have received legal title to their properties at Buccament Bay Resort?…It`s December 17th 2012 already!
    In the real world, saying that you are about to do something is quite different to actually doing it.

  20. 183

    That is delusion of the highest order. He sold many units many years ago, has built less than 5% of them. That is not too good to be true, that is a disaster. If you are one of the lucky ones who gets title, that is also not too good to be true. You paid someone to build you a hotel room or two in the Caribbean many years ago. Finally, you are getting it. That is the bare minimum you should expect, hardly too good to be true. Now, what about the 10% guaranteed returns, the ongoing huge returns after that? The 100% financing etc? The marina that was supposed to be on property, all the other units on property and promised amenitites? That all seemed too good to be true. What about all the other resorts you were supposed to be able to visit. Not even started. Of course, many years have passed, so those promises all were a million miles from being fulfilled in St Lucia, DR, Barbados etc, although I expect many knew from the outset that all this could never happen. We all know this, it is not new, but the statement in this newsletter should worry people, that Ames is looking for praise for this shambolic performance.This Ames chap sounds like he is either on another planet, or taking everyone for fools.

  21. yatiniteasy

    @36…I too get my investment advice from a local taxi driver…he says a lot of people in St Vincent have been burned by Harlequin…also several suppliers including Graves have cut their credit for Liquor etc because of slow payments…of course, this is just what I heard..

  22. 36

    @yatiniteasy er no I did not say I got any investment advise from a taxi driver. Funny how your taxi driver only gave you negatives. Any positives to report. Do you know the occupancy over Christmas. And certainly no one I should imagine would share any personal investment details with you
    @anonymous are you an investor or do you just spout the same message on here regardless of the thread title.

  23. yatiniteasy

    I Don`t know about occupancy, and don`t care. No positives to report from my Taxi driver…sorry.Next time I might hook up with your positive taxi man.
    Trip Advisor reports still are very positive for the resort,so I am glad that at least paying guests are happy. Investors? Don`t think so!

  24. yatiniteasy

    Another example of Harlequins promises yet fulfilled..

  25. BBaywatch

    @36 – in the latest reviews – quotes ‘It was very quiet when we were there from the end of November to the 12th December, so there was always plenty of room by the pool, or on the beach’

    quote ‘there were only eight guests and eight staff on a catamaran designed for over 80!’

    If that is any sign of the occupancy levels then over Christmas the resort is highly unlikely to be anywhere near full!

    Oh and there are still desperate attempts to puff Harlequin Air in nearly all reviews – almost as if the ‘guests’ have a crib sheet from which to write their reviews. How does it work a free cocktail for every plus point covered in the review?


    yatiniteasy I wish I had used the local taxi driver as a IFA
    They really couldnt have done a worse job then the one who took a 3rd of my deposit and sold me on Harlequin!
    I really wonder how the IFAs can sleep at night and still promoting this I find unbeliveable

  27. Anonymous

    SOH -have you tried claiming against your IFA? If he sold this to you as a safe, regluated scheme, then you may have a clear case. Is Harlequin in breach of their agreement with you, and who is the contract with?

  28. 36

    @BBaywatch, erh end of November to to 12th Dec is NOT over Christmas. All hotels are quiet just before Christmas.
    @Sick of Harlcoruption, now you have stopped the silly comments, have you taken the advise of the link you posted and asked for your money back AS PER YOUR CONTRACT?

  29. BBaywatch

    @36 very perceptive of you – and that’s not what I said, but nevermind we’ll pass that over. However as Harlequin has been offering 50% discounts on bookings over the Christmas period it does rather look as if the hotel management was anticipating some difficulty in filling the resort during that period – which was what I said.

    The issue for Harlequin – and investors like you 36 – is that the hotel can’t be generating anywhere near enough profit to move the project on and as the Echo reported – quote “The firm has also been unable to arrange borrowing to develop all its resorts or to provide loans to investors to complete their purchases.” that doesn’t look good for the future prospects of anyone involved.


    36 I think I know who YOU are………SO you know I have asked!
    Truly I am now at the stage where I think I will have to write this money off

  31. 36

    @BBaywatch And that is the catch, the hotel cannot be filled because of airlift capacity. Until the new airport is completed, 2013-2015? the only current option is LIAT which seems to be very unreliable and expensive. Hence the need to get HA up and running. If there is no confidence in this happening why are the apartments being made ready for use? BB could be losing money but I believe this is out of Harlequins control.

  32. 36

    @Sick of Harlcoruption, How you could guess who I am is beyond me but hay ho. What you have to come to terms with is that there is no such thing as a garanteed investment that makes money. Endownment mortgages, shares, buying your own home, pensions. You name it and they can all be lose makers. You signed the contract, no-one forced you to.


    I NEVER signed a contact that said The Ames,s could help themselves to MY money and that they would NEVER have to produce audited accounts
    I NEVER said they could take all the time in the world to build and that they NEVER had to update me DID I?
    And I never agreed to pay wages for people employed by Harlequin to sit on computer all day posting nonsence

  34. Anonymous

    SOH, your money need not be written off. If Harlequin Caribbean have breached contracts, they must pay whatever the penalty is. If it is clear that they owe you, you can get a judgement and/or issue a statutory demand for payment. You can issue that demand without a court case. They have assets in the Caribbean, such as Blu, and if Harlequin do not pay you after such a demand, you can get a court to liquidate their assets and get yourself paid. Of course, it would be worth their while just paying you than facing that. This is IF they have breached your agreement and also depending on which company the contract is with. I am not a lawyer, but have seen this done many times. Find a local lawyer and get to work.

  35. 36

    @SOH And did you ever buy a house and finish in negative equity, did you pay into a pension scheme only for Gordon Brown to distroy it, did you ever buy an endownment policy only to find that you had been made false promises? The list goes on. Stop being so bitter and fight for what you believe is yours. As per your contract.

  36. yatiniteasy

    So, no one has yet received legal title to their property at Buccament Bay Resort?


    Fancy being bitter because I was ripped off I will promise you one thing Ames will regret stealing of me! You disgust me trying to jusify what Ames has done, I beleive he ALWAYS planned to rip everyone of HE is nothing but a THEIF!!!!! And I dont think that that was the intention with endownments and/or other investments.

  38. 36

    @SOH, No-one is trying to justify anything, just dealing in facts. If you took a step back from your bitterness and thought this through in a more pragmatic way then you might learn how to get something out of this. Have you tried to get your money back yet?


    YES IN MANY WAYS………………

  40. BBaywatch

    Oh dear -quote

    ‘@BBaywatch And that is the catch, the hotel cannot be filled because of airlift capacity. Until the new airport is completed, 2013-2015? the only current option is LIAT which seems to be very unreliable and expensive.’

    That is complete and utter nonsense, there are at least 250 villas on Bequia – plus half a dozen or more hotels and almost all of their guests arrive either with LIAT or with SVG Air and between them they are able to service the demand – and that’s not counting the other islands in the SVG chain whose guests are catered for by LIAT and SVG Air. They are transporting many many more pax than BB currently has the capacity for – and have been for many years. Airlift capacity is absolutely not the problem for guests who want to enjoy the islands of SVG. In high season Mustique alone must have greater capacity than BB and getting there has never been a problem for guests.

    I grant you that LIAT do have issues but it doesn’t seem to prevent guests from reaching villa and hotel destinations on even the more remote islands.

    I don’t know who is feeding you this nonsense but you really do need to do some research locally before parroting this misleading information.

    BB just doesn’t attract the normal type of people who like to holiday in SVG – it’s the wrong product in the wrong place at the wrong time. Building a resort that appeals to guests at the lower end of the AI price range at a location where the transport costs are an obstacle to filling the resort is plain folly – investing in such a scheme without any understanding of the region or location is madness.


    mmmm They manage to get ALL Harlequin staff there for Xmas dont they!

  42. 36

    @BBaywatch, talking of research, do LIAT fly to Begquia, or is it SVG and Grenadine airways? The point I am trying to make is that occupancy will only improve when there are direct flights to BB. If you are paying for a 5* hotel you expect 5* travel which includes direct flights.


    Okay 36 Can you please explain why Harlequin have built the block?

    Do you not think they woud be better of concentrating on the other resorts……. that are supposed to have built and ocupied by now!

  44. BBaywatch

    @36 SVG are the only carriers to Bequia but many visitors fly LIAT to St Vincent and then take the ferry across.

    You are just completely wrong in your assertion that the current flight options are holding back 5* visitors from travelling to BB – if your argument re direct flights were true there would be no visitors to Mustique (or isn’t the accommodation there 5* enough for you?) Many of the villas and some of the hotels on Bequia are extremely luxurious, very expensive and yet very busy so quite clearly the current flight options are no obstacle to luxury travellers.

    The simple truth is that guests who holiday on Mustique or Bequia wouldn’t be seen dead in a hotel like Buccament Bay. If/when the new airport becomes operational there might be room in the AI guest market, but they will be competing with operators in countries like the Dominican Republic who are well established. You can believe the marketing nonsense about redefining luxury in The Caribbean if you want, but this product fails in so many areas compared to other luxury Caribbean resorts.

    As I have said before wrong product in wrong place at wrong time – and further proof of Harlequin’s inexperience and incompetence.

  45. 183

    I believe BB started off much smaller, but as they realised they could sell more, they created more inventory, without perhaps giving consideration as to how they would sell those rooms to the travel market. The sales commissions were too attractive to resist. It will be very hard to get good occupancy at a good rate at BB, it is hard at more established and more luxurious hotels at the moment. What this says for the unbuilt ones is that, even if they are built (which seems extremely unlikely), they will have an even bigger challenge in filling them. In SVG, BB is the only show in town really, other than Young Island. In the other destinations, competition is fierce.


    Having visted BB I have to say it was 10 very long days. and reminded me of a time share sale in spain in the 70s, hassled on the pathetic crappy beach, ha crappy that reminds me how do they now get rid of the waste from the toilets?

  47. 36

    @SOH Crappy beach? must have been on a different one to me mate. As good as any in the Caribbean. You really know how to devalue your investment dont you. Don’t tell me you signed up to a Spanish time share as well.


    I have NOT got a investment that is MY point………..
    You cannot devalue something you dont have and probably never will have.
    When I was on the beach all I could see was human extrement floating and heading straight up the beach, I have never seen anything like it, this was in the days before the swimming pool. I really think you are only on hear to wind people up and take them away from the topic in question? from now on I wont comment on your post and would ask you not to comment on mine

  49. 36

    @soh this is a forum and open to anyone to comment. If you don’t have an investment why are you on here? The swimming pool has been built a least 12 months so your comments about a crappy beach are hardly up to date. iI joined this thread to back up Robert Shaw which you decided to comment on so dont throw your toys out of the pram just because you dont like some of the comments. I was there less than a week ago. How is that being a wind up. If you don’t like factually accurate comments start your own thread and go play by yourself. No wonder you cannot make any progress with your attitude!

  50. 666

    Well Well WELL WELL!
    Have you nothing better to do on Christmas Day than to spend your time posting rubbish and doom mongering. What a sad life you must lead!
    Get yourself some counselling.

  51. J chalmers

    I think it’s time you all realised that B B has no advantage to the people of St Vincent the people who go to a resort like that stay in the resort and few venture beyond it to spend money to benefit the majority of Vincentians.No one wants to work there and if they do they don’t get paid and don’t stay long.The money wasted on the airport should have been used to upgrade the island to five star status with decent roads hotels and apartments signed routs for places of interest medical services postal service cleaning up Kingstown itself and a rival airline to Liat using the same possibly extended airport would have been a better idea.St Vincent here is being advertised as the jewel of the Caribbean you are on the map but only because of B B use their advertising for the good of the whole island you deserve better.

  52. 36

    @J Chalmers. If no-one wants to work there and do not get paid, how come everyone is so helpful and friendly? Not the sign of an unhappy workforce. Also the new airport is essential so SV can have direct flights from Europe and the US. SV will not compete until this is available.

  53. J chalmers

    Being helpful and friendly to residents doesn’t mean they are happy .staff would not complain to visitors for fear of loosing their jobs.if the airport is essential to st v then its essential you upgrade the facilities on the island as I suggested otherwise visitors will come once and not return and they won’t give good reports about the island to other people.your roads accommodation medical tourist signs emergency services etc are not up to a standard that a plane load of Europeans expect.just an air port will not help you to compete with other Caribbean countries.just open your eyes when you walk around Kingstown think how it looks to tourists.I read in your paper not so long ago one of your own councillor s said the town needs cleaning up.I have no doubt St Vincent could be the jewel of the Caribbean but not as it is at the moment.

  54. Anonymous Bystander

    J Chalmers – Your posts are nonsensical in the extreme !
    St Vincent is truly a Jewel of the Caribbean- always has been,always will be! Everyone in Buccament Bay is working so very hard to ensure all who stay there have the holiday of a lifetime. This is reflected in the,fantastic reviews on TA.
    Your observation that staff morale is low and staff turnover is high is absolute rubbish!
    The new State of the Art Airport is a vital component in bringing prosperity to the long suffering people of these islands.Without it,the nation will continue to face a difficult future.Once visitor numbers increase, then is the time to upgrade the other facilities you speak of .I am qiuite sure the Government do not need morons like you to give advice on the subject.
    Your stinking posts disgust me so much that I am going to amend your name slightly for future reference ( and I hope others will follow my lead)
    Henceforth you will be referred to as De Chamberpot- You are ,as your new name suggests, full of S..T. Get back under the bed where you belong!!!

  55. J chalmers

    Dear sir with respect I have the interest of Vincetians and the island at heart.Buccament Bay is a resort and as such provides all the guests need within the resort and guests have no need and few the desire to venture outside the resort.The only Vincentians who benefit are the few who work there happy or not.What the St.Vincent needs is for all its hotels and apartments full with tourists who will shop in your super markets,eat in your restaurants,hire out boats, visit places of interest,and buy souvenirs in Kingstown shops, then everyone will benefit from tourism.You want to put the cart before the horse.you only have to read previous posts by other people to know I am not alone in my views.BB and an airport will not bring prosperity on their own.time will tell.yours sincerely chamberpot.have a good day.God Bless St Vincent.

  56. say as is

    anon bystander

    It is you who posts crap BB will never be completed, Ames and Harlecon are crooks and the net is closing daily

    As for you, you are the one who is full of s**t must be the stress of having to have solo sex

  57. J chalmers

    Thank you for your polite reply I think you are right about BB which will make the airport obsolete and you have contradicted yourself from your previous post where you promoted BB and said the airport was vital.have a good day good manners cost nothing they obviously were not part of your education best wishes

  58. 58

    Hell get a life. instead of knocking harlequin, invest some of the money you have in the country and employ some people. You guys are pathetic. You think vincentians are stupid and would not speak up.

  59. yatiniteasy

    Vincentians are nice people and it is nothing to do with stupidity…this is to do with an English , twice bankrupt developer, taking millions of pounds from investors over the past 6 years, and delivering less than 10 % of what he has promised.
    The bubble will burst, and a lot of people will be hurt…it is only a matter of time.

  60. 231

    Deadlines in the DR of late 2011, and not even started to built. Have said they cannot get finance. Investors wanting their money back, BB losing money, Blue losing money, Ames spending loads and taken millions in commission. On it goes. It has to burst, there is nowhere else for it to go. I don’t think any Vincentians invested, so they are not the stupid ones….they are doing a great job at BB by all accounts.

  61. s harrison

    Hi there I was googling about Matthew Ames as id heard he had been arrested for some kind of fraud.My interest being that i have been a tenant for the last nine months in his old property in Benfleet Not long into the tenancy letters started to arrive from a banks solicitor about the house being repocessedBut being reassured by Mr Ames that there was nothing for me to worry about and that his accountant had everything in hand I have just received an eviction letter from the court and i have to move out in six weeks causing upheaval and much stress for my family and I.Apparently he was aware this was going to happen but just wanted the rent for as long as possible.The greed is staggering but having read all the articles this is very small scale but he met my young daughter and my husband but if he can con on the scale he does this is nothing to him.

  62. Eddie Lizzard2

    I suggest you contact Jon Austin at The Echo I am sure he will be interested in your story. He is one of the few commentators who have not been silenced by a writ from Carter Ruck. The more people who know about this vile family and their unsavoury business methods the better.
    email: jon.austin@nqe.com

  63. EddieLizzard2

    Matthew Ames appeared at the Old Bailey on Thursday 21 February 2013 and pleaded not guilty to a charge of fraud by false representation and another of fraudulent trading.

    He was bailed to appear for trial at the court in September 2013…

  64. J chalmers

    At last some progress in this unfortunate saga if slow and when Harlequin and the Ames Family and their cronies are brought to book what of Buccament Bay then and more important what of the International airport on St Vincent?A huge white elephant and even bigger blot on the landscape as it will be left.

  65. BBaywatch

    Although the “extended” UK Royal Family might not be the brightest, at least someone with some smarts managed to extricate James Middleton from this fiasco. We might otherwise have had the unedifying spectacle of the future Queen emerging with a babe in arms at the same time as her brother was being banged up! It wouldn’t of course have been the first Royal scandal with Caribbean connections, as a certain princess had a notorious taste for rough trade, and indulged in it on Mustique.

    One does wonder just how Matt Ames and James Middleton even happened to be in the same room at the same time – let alone in business together.

  66. Don’t forget it wont be his fault…..just like his farther

  67. Wonky Donk

    Mr Ames and the Middleton family met on the Caribbean island, Mustique I believe.

  68. Anon

    I am more than sure that Mr Middleton had absolutely no knowledge of any alleged fraudulent activity at Mr Ames’s company. Having met Mr Ames, I can assure you he is the ultimate salesman, and could talk you into selling your grandmother if need be.

  69. He and his family can enjoy meeting more people………… In prison