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CLICO, CL Financial: Trinidad and Tobago Director of Public Prosecutions calls for criminal actions against Duprey, others

Clico CL Financial Fraud

Trini DPP’s letter to Attorney General flowing freely on the internet

A September 10, 2012 letter from the Trini DPP to the Attorney General Ananad Ramlogan calling for Criminal actions against former CEO Lawrence Duprey is circulating freely on the internet and amongst professional journalists in the U.K. and throughout the Caribbean. Carefully worded news articles by the T&T Guardian, Caricom News Network and others report snippets of the letter but don’t quote even 1% of the juicy stuff.

We at BFP aren’t quite sure what we’ll do with this story. Do we publish the entire letter? Some? Bits and pieces?

The letter says that the DPP doesn’t intend to provide details to the public to “in order to avoid others destroying evidence and concealing assets.” Then there follows 25 pages of highly detailed facts including secret companies, secret deals and dirty deeds done dirt cheap on the backs of the public and little shareholders.

We have a feeling that “others’ already have a copy of the DPP’s letter and are busy shredding away records and selling assets if not already done, probably years ago!

But still, we can’t bring ourselves to publish the entire letter right now.

What say all, folks? Should we? Should we not?


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Harlequin’s Ames family: Police charge Matthew Ames with £1.2million investment fraud

Kate’s brother – James Middleton, right, at the carbon trade exhibition in London October 2010

Kate’s brother – James Middleton, right, at the carbon trade exhibition in London October 2010

Prince William’s brother-in-law, James Middleton, represented Matt Ames’ Ponzy scheme

Hey… told ya so! The Ames family was all over Kate Middleton’s brother like parasites.

The son of Harlequin’s David Ames has been charged with two counts of fraud. £1.2million is missing from investors’ pockets and Matthew Ames is charged by police.

The moral of the story? If you’re going to steal, steal big. Make it too big to fail, involve politicians up to their necks so you have some insurance – then you’ll not be taken down. Matt should have followed his father’s example and he wouldn’t have had any trouble. Oh well, maybe next scheme!

Now folks, you should visit the Echo-News website to read the story, but with the Harlequin related news we have to print the whole thing here because some of those stories get yanked and then where would we be? If we’re going to comment on this story, we have to keep our sources ya know!

Fraud charges for green firms’ boss

THE BOSS of two “green” finance firms which allegedly took more than £1.2million from investors has been charged with fraud.

Laindon-based Forestry for Life and the Investor Club allegedly took hundreds of thousands of pounds from people who paid into environmental investment schemes involving teak tree plantations and rainforest protection projects.

Matthew Ames, 37, from Goldfinch Lane, Thunderlsey, who ran both businesses from a converted farm barn in Dunton Road, Laindon, has been charged with two counts of fraudulent trading. Continue reading


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