Barbados ends reflagging of Iranian vessels

Barbados voted for child execution

Barbados Supports Child Execution in Iran

Barbados should completely remove support at the U.N. for Iran

Whatever the problems and failures of Western societies, the Iranian government’s human rights abuses and promotion of hateful ideologies has few equals in the modern world.

Barbados has, in the past, shamefully supported Iran’s ‘right’ to execute children and hang gays and unmarried girls who have sex.

Barbados is now talking about deregistering Bajan-flagged Iranian vessels.

Is our attitude changing towards Iran? Is our re-flagging decision due to finally realizing we were aiding evil… or, did we cynically choose our action because the USA threatened us with sanctions?

Prime Minster Stuart… over to you Sir!

“Much of what drives Iranian politics and decision-making is a hatred of the West. The Iranian regime demonizes the U.S. as the ‘Great Satan,’ repeatedly and forcefully denies the Holocaust, pledges to wipe Israel off the map and threatens to overthrow or dominate America’s Persian Gulf allies. Moreover, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has stated his belief that the mission of Iran is to prepare the way for the imminent return of the ‘Hidden Imam’ messiah, whose reemergence will be preceded by a period of chaos and war. Nuclear weapons would give Iran the ability to realize this radical vision.”

“In the more than 30 years of its existence, the Iranian regime has violated international and diplomatic norms in every way imaginable. In light of this history, it is unlikely that Iran will behave as a responsible custodian of its nuclear arsenal.”

from the website United Against Nuclear Iran

United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) applauded Barbados for ending its reflagging of Iranian vessels.

In a letter sent October 26 to Barbadian officials, UANI called on the nation to “cease the flagging of all Iranian vessels.”

Wrote UANI CEO, Ambassador Mark D. Wallace: “Barbados has reflagged as many as three vessels owned, managed, or operated by the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines … By collaborating with IRISL, Barbados is undermining U.S., EU, and UN sanctions …”

UANI has since held discussions with Barbadian officials, as well as officials from another government speaking on behalf of Barbados. This week, Barbados directly informed UANI that it would no longer certify Iranian vessels, and stated that it has “completed the deregistration of all ships with Iranian interests.”

UANI accepts this pledge and applauds Barbados for its decision.

Said Ambassador Wallace:

We applaud Barbados for ending its reflagging of Iranian vessels. No country should be reflagging Iranian vessels, given the risks and stakes involved. We thank Barbadian officials for discussing this with UANI, and for acting responsibility. We call on the international community to impose a complete shipping blockade on the Iranian regime.

Barbados joins Hong Kong, Moldova and Mongolia in ending its reflagging of Iranian vessels. All thirteen of the world’s major shipping services have now stopped certifying Iranian vessels following UANI’s campaign, including Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd, the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Korean Register of Shipping, China Classification Society, and ClassNK.

… from  Barbados Applauded for Ending its Reflagging of Iranian Vessels


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  1. It might help if you explain what reflagging is and what it connotes.

  2. Might be wise for bim to stay neutral inthese type of situations, wen these countries become friends again they will definitely have long memories on who was undermining them. No reason to get involved. Use that energy to get the economy up and running. The american economy is starting to heatup. Iran is not the cause of the problems in bim. Mind ur business.

  3. Anonymous

    Yes St. George’s Dragon, google does work but if you are going to write a good article you should explain for all readers not some and shouldnt assume.