Who wants a sweet? They are handed out for free. Tasty! MMMMM… good! Everyone has one…

Barbados Chief Justice SIR!!!! Marston Gibson

SIR Marston Gibson… Can ‘e even find Grape Hall?

THIS COUNTRY’S CHIEF JUSTICE, along with a leading academic, has been conferred with the knighthood, Barbados’ highest honour, in this year’s Independence National Awards.

The Knight of St Andrew has been bestowed on Chief Justice Marston Creighton Dacosta Gibson for his outstanding contribution to the legal profession in Barbados…

From The Nation article Worthy Sirs


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33 responses to “Who wants a sweet? They are handed out for free. Tasty! MMMMM… good! Everyone has one…

  1. Unbelieveable!

    Sir Marston? Give me a fucking break! the guy just arrived here and his tenure has been a disaster!


    What a fucking place!

  2. Sam Shank

    This is atrocious.

    This man has not given anything to Barbados, he has taken everything he could (See his list of scholarships paid for by the tax payers of our island). Then he took off for the big money of New York, now that his pockets are full of US Dollars, he comes back to Bim for glory. All of a sudden after a very short time, the “boys” have played right into his hands and made him a knight.

    Please tell me why he was appointed chief justice.

    Surely there are people who have served their life and paid taxes in Barbados that were perfectly capable of doing the job.

  3. 174

    You lot are so funny. Titles…….. look at me, I am beeter that you !!!
    Why not remember a man for who is was and not who he thought is was.

  4. Sam Shank

    I entirely agree with anonymous this whole title bit is a bunch of (rhymes with bit) and is a hangover form colonial times.

  5. Tony Webster

    Once upon a time, National Honours were awarded on the basis of outstanding achievements (that’s spelt A-C-H-I-E-V-E-M-E-N-T-S) which redounded to the National Good. Even our goodly Queen’s Counsels, had to patiently bide their time. Now see here. Yours very truly has an ambition, a vision ( or was that perchance, a dream…I cannot exactly recall, but pooh, what does it matter) Where was I? Oh yes, I will change the whole face of Barbados judicial system, to match the absolute grandeur of the new pad we have out there in Whitehall.

    Yessir, I will (beyound a shadow of doubt, and without any fear of contradiction) “soon” have our Courts render decisions in four micro-seconds after the summing-up is complete, and will banish post-ponements, adjournments, no-shows, inconvenient-to-attend pleas; errant lawyers; VERY errant lawyers; disciplinerary committees; and I will also set (in law, of course) compensation for all legal practitioners (ALL folks: bailiffs, marshalls, folks who sit on bench, or sit before benches on high, security guards etc) on an ad valorem basis (meaning, they get paid according to RESULTS, and not for “work”). On that basis, I confidently look forward to the call which shall imminently come though to me on my $69.99 cellphone , to alert me to my Knighthood. Hmm, Sir Lisle…naw…too formal…Sir Tony…a bit slack..Sir Webby! That’s it!

    And cheese-on-bread: no-one will have to bother to change our constitution, to get this little surprise put into effect. And henceforth, no-one shall ever have to suffer the disgrace and indignity of being referred to as Chief Justice Whats-His-Name. Very reluctantly submitted by one who used to tremble at the sight of an approaching policemen mounted on horse and one who still has the utmost respect for those in whom we trust, honorably to to maintain and practise Law and Order, and Justice..for all. I also have a respect for the necessity of politics, but not nearly as much for the practise thereof.

  6. 16

    Bloody shocking he Aint done Shit to deserve that

  7. 16

    Bloody shocking he Aint done nothing to deserve that

  8. what will they think of next

    Sam skank, I will make sure that you get your knighthood next year, that will shut you up.

  9. Sam Shank

    If I was offered one – and I won’t – I would refuse it. I know of several knights who are nothing but crooks so being knighted does nothing for me.
    Give me a rum and water instead.

  10. yatiniteasy

    Its about time we do away with one of the most odious and useless artifacts of our Colonial past…”Knighthood”…a total waste of time, and a title that really means nothing…(think, “Sir Allen Stanford”)
    This relic of our Colonial past is designed to infer or confer a superiority to the knighted person, making him better and more honourable than the common man. A bunch of British crap that we are still living with, 46 years after gaining our “Independence”

  11. Green Monkey

    I know of several knights who are nothing but crooks so being knighted does nothing for me.

    Not just crooks, a number of them with very powerful and influential friends in high society we find out once they are dead and gone were sexual deviants and perverts as well.

    Evil MP (Sir) Cyril Smith and (Sir) Jimmy Savile were close friends for four decades

    Smith and Savile shared many similarities in addition to their sickening sexual desires.

    Both were closely involved in care homes — where they selected their young victims. Police investigated Smith THREE times — in 1970, 1998 and 1999 — but charges were never brought, despite claims of spanking, touching and handing out “punishments” to kids.

    Greater Manchester Police and the Crown Prosecution Service said if the claims had been made today Smith would certainly be charged as there was “overwhelming evidence” against him.

    Smith was governor at one home for vulnerable boys, Knowl View, Rochdale, where a former resident yesterday waived his right to anonymity to tell how the MP — known as “the fat man” — abused him in 1979.

    Chris Marshall, now 40, said: “The truth needs to come out. People need to know this is what he was like — he was a paedophile.”

    Savile, in turn, was the subject of SEVEN police investigations — and was interviewed by cops under caution in 2007. But again no charges were brought.


  12. A policy holder

    He got his Knighthood, now haul ass back to New York and for God’s sake let Barbados get a CJ who is BRAVE enough to take on the job!

  13. Sam Shank

    Good shot “A policy holder” nuff big talk when he arrived and no action. SSDD

  14. A Cadogan

    What is the criteria for bestowing honours on individuals and who eventually gives the final approval. The conferring of a knight hood on the CJ needs further explanation. How long has he been in the job and what can one point to as an achievement in Barbados worthy of the honour.
    Still, this notion of a Barbados Knighthood is a colonialist hangover of little worth. It shows the lack of imagination of the people responsible for dreaming up these quite frankly meaningless awards.

  15. backroom deal

    it’s unlikely that the present CJ knew or cared much about this title.

    It’s more about those in power reminding themselves and their constituents that he has been elevated as high as the last fallen Sir CJ which,in a way, is no elevation at all but a stark reminder that these honours are often given out for the wrong reasons—politics versus years of positive, active and selfless service.

    Barbadians are still waiting for action and not title ceremonies.

    The Barbados legal system is on death watch and desperately looking for resurrection.

  16. 48

    We got Marston and “cardiologist” Sparman installed by the DLP…one ent done one kont to deserve his knighthood and the other has no medical credentials the Medical Council of Barbados can find!,Phuque ’em both!

  17. St George's Dragon

    I supported Marston Gibson for the post when he was rumoured to be in line. It seemed a great idea to bring in someone who has experienced a strong and vibrant legal system elsewhere in the world and get them to come back here and sort out ours.

    On the basis of his achievements so far, I guess my theory was a good one but flawed, in that the gentleman has not succeeded in making any perceptible change.

    I can only assume that the Knighthood was part of the package agreed for the job when they were trying to tempt him back.

    Maybe they had to give him something – a school named after you being popular at the moment – but I guess it shows they must be out of schools now. Most of the roundabouts seem to be taken as well. Gibson could have had the electricity pole outside my house.

  18. Told u all those titles were pure and unadulterated crap, created as some prize for the most corrupt in the society who have managed to slither away from being caught in any wrong doing. Some of them wait all their lives for these usless titles cause in their little twisted minds they are nothing unless these titles are bestowed upon them. How sad and pitiful.

  19. Ping Pong

    I thought that Professor Henry Fraser would get a knighthood.

  20. 225

    @ Ping Pong. U are soo rite. thought Prof. Fraser wud get that title forsure.

  21. Black Bitch

    bear shit… this reminds me of Allan Stanford and Antigua these knighthoods are like a dim a dozen.. I propose Ahmed (vacant of cut out yah belly fame) as B’dos newest Knight of St. Andrew for 2013

  22. Realistic

    What is Barbados trying to prove by naming Whosoever will may come a Knight? Has this honor and/or the word lost its value and true meaning? Soon from now, we’ll have more nites than dayz and we’ll be in a daze because of all these so-called knights.

    Barbados really needs to take these titles serious and just don’t use for the sake thereof. The island would be seen as a joke you can’t even laugh at.

    Get a grip BARBADOS!! Don’t try to impress when you can’t express.

  23. anon

    To all of you ” experts “, the Knighthood is conferred to ALL holders of the post of Chief Justice of Barbados. A similar arrangement is in place for the holder of the post of Principal of UWI – Cave Hill.

  24. Bestowed but not earned

    A senseless and stupid regulation which denigrates the office.

  25. 10

    The Knighthood is a relic of the colonial past, and should, I respectfully submit, be discontinued.
    Having said that, with regard to the Chief Justice, what outstanding contribution to the legal profession of Barbados? Are we serious? The good sir just arrived here. Are we aware of the debacle involving the dear sir and the Barbados Bar Association, or the recent case, reported in the Nation newspaper, emanating from a decision of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission, headed by the dear sir?

  26. Bim, forever living in the 16th century, with no grip on their own destiny. Someone else who don’t really give a crap still decides who is worthy of a worthless title. Shame

  27. Marston should have never gotten the job but he is a DEMS that is why thiefing Thompson offered him the job and the sleeping giant followed through with it

  28. 10

    Mediocrity such as this seems to be the norm in Barbados now. Hey, it is the place where Jennifer Edwards sits as a QC and the Solicitor General!

  29. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    You people are to darn insulting and unfair. The Chief Justice has been given the royal treatment of the status quo for ensuring their ultimate protection as they continue to plunder the islands treasury. The chief justice deserves to be knighted. He has done all that he can to protect the rich, richer and richest, failing not to mention the crooked politicians who are smiling all the way to the bank. The man is a hero and deserves his reward. Hooray for a chief Justice….we are greatful that you have brought reform to our poor rakey, bias, onesided, twisted, corrupt, lieing, cheating, thiefing justice system….HIP HIP:::HOORAY; HIP HIP NO WAY; HIP HIP TOTAL CHARADE

  30. Annette Baker

    There are those who will oppose their own shadow. As long as the DLP does anything, that too, they will oppose. Why don’t they seek out what the CPO is rubber-stamping in the PAD and criticize her? Oops, it wouldn’t be good to chastize one’s creation in public huh?

  31. 79

    This politically appointed xxxx fit right in the corrupt legal system here in Barbados.He held court at 5′ o clock one evening to give a white man bail on a gun charges after a magistrate had remanded him to prison earlier in the day. Money talks bullshit walks ,I wonder how much money he got for doing that ? Now they give him a knighthood that he has done nothing to deserve. Fruendel you are a bigger idiot than I thought.