Arab Spring Freedom: Libya Muslims to mutilate and then execute 12 homosexuals

Barbados backs the right of Muslims to execute gays

By the time you read this the twelve men in the photos taken by  the Nawasi militia group in Tripoli may have been mutilated and then executed for homosexual leanings. Their crime was to be at a private party frequented by (gasp!) gay men.

Arab Spring. What do you think it really is?

Barbados has no problem with other countries executing gays and lesbians. We even defended the executions in front of the United Nations.


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28 responses to “Arab Spring Freedom: Libya Muslims to mutilate and then execute 12 homosexuals

  1. I see no one wants to be first to comment on this. I wonder why????????

  2. St George's Dragon

    It’s quite difficult to work out the reason for this post.
    Of course it enables you to point out the horrendous track record of the Barbados Government in voting like this at the UN.
    It also allows you to point out yet again some of the bad things done by Muslims around the world – a subject of some obsession with you.
    Yes, Barbados votes the wrong way. I agree, and they should think again.
    Yes, it is wrong that gays are discriminated against and worse still that they may have been killed. That’s a terrible thing.
    Why am I left thinking that you are more grateful for the opportunity to raise another Muslim “problem” rather than to be able to comment on the Government’s strategy at the UN?

  3. Proud Bajan

    asickening piece of work. We must be fair to all

  4. Liberal Lester

    I am a professed liberal and believe what is happening in Libya is immoral.

    Here’s my problem – every day I find it more and more difficult to read the BFP. I have stopped reading most articles… and am thinking about unsubscribing.

    Has the BFP turned a corner or crossed a line into the dark side?

    Is there no longer a mission for the BFP other than muck-raking for the sheer sake of always having muck to offer people? Has the BFP become nothing more than a TABLOID?

    I remember a time when the BFP – printed interesting info about REAL problems on Bim that were being ignored by the mainstream press… a time when the BFP served a purpose as a breath of fresh air and honesty… a questioning voice… a voice inspiring people to Do Better by everyone touched by Bim.

    I care about the problems in Libya. They are, however, being covered in the World Press. Without a call to action, this BFP article feels like yellow journalism.

    We need the return of the OLD BFP or it’s time for this liberal to cancel my subscription.

  5. BFP

    Fabulous Liberal Lester!

    Tomorrow we shall write another article on the need for FOI and Integrity legislation – instead of writing about the corrupt people who won’t give it to us.



  6. SHAME!

    HOW DARE BFP point out that Muslim law calls for the killing of gays and that Muslims in Libya intend to do just that!

    HOW DARE BFP point out that the Barbados government voted to support the ‘right’ of countries to execute homosexuals!

    Shame on BFP for mentioning these things!

  7. Just plain ugly

    History tends to repeat itself. The evils of fundamental Islam brought the US through the leadership of Thomas Jefferson into it’s first continental war with the pirates of the Barbary Coast. The treatment of slaves was horrific.

    For those who defend this barbarism, don’t worry, your time, under Sharia Law will come and make our days under Plantation slavery look like a picnic.

    Sharia Law is the non separation of church and state.

    Thank-you for constantly reminding us BFP

  8. I must agree with “Just plain ugly ” with regards to Sharia Law, we have stopped hanging and the Cat O Nine, It will not be too long before we will be under Sharia Law, who will be there to protect us from these murders ?
    However, Gays should be given their own Island and be seperated from normal people,

  9. wstraughn

    I’m certainly not a supporter of gay anything, but at the same time it’s hardly a capital offense. For us to support what the Muslims are doing to gays can’t be right… and we cant’ even execute our own murderers! Why are we celebrating independence again?
    This world we live it has been turned on it’s head… It would seem that what once rightly viewed as wrong and evil is now the new ‘good’. Heterosexuals don’t’ want to get married, so we change the laws so people shacking for 5 years have the same rights as married people, so why the heck bother to get married at all now?? Fine! Next, you hear gays all of a sudden decide they want the right to be married. WTF for?! God luck to us all…

  10. millertheanunnaki

    @ deleted November 27, 2012 at 11:30 am
    “However, Gays should be given their own Island and be seperated from normal people,”

    You might find that you would have to part company with some of your family and friends.
    Even your doctor or priest might have to emigrate to that island.

    Watch yourself, deleted, you could also be on that list of deportees to “homo “island!

  11. It is good to address the homo problems that has invaded bim over the decades, too young girls and boys initiated into the practice without choice or chance. I have no problem with gays, I however, I have a problem with young children being recruited into the lifestyle without freedom of choice because of the disgusting and lustful ways of adults who know they can get away with it because there is no recourse for these victims in bim and the caribbean.. Maybe that is what should be addressed in bim and now the opportunity has been presented.

  12. An Abomination

    Batty Bwoy Got to go. When Christ returns battty bowy will go. AllPraises to the most High in Christ.

  13. robert ross

    Forgive the totallly moronic comment from An Abomniation who dares to speak with his ass in the name of Christ.

    St George…your slip is showing.

  14. 16

    Jesus will deal with all those peoples who practise homosexuality when he casts them into the lake of fire for all eternity

  15. Well, the issue still has to be addressed and children protected. Which one of those spineless, gutless decision makers who are themselbves culprits will start the change or create the laws.

  16. Kentucky bone cracka

    Bullin is a personal choice. Bullers are just wutless humans guided by satan. I hate bullers.

  17. wstraughn

    @Kentucky bone cracka
    why, did one one them assault you or a loved one? you will end up hating everyone who ever committed sin, including yourself…

  18. 174

    You attack us for our choice to by gay and proud. What about all you married men that bulling young boys on the side. My EX BF is having something with a big up married man that is selling cars at MQI. Shame on you GS. He got a picture of his 30 year younger wife in his office shame on you.

  19. An Observer

    Not only are some of the posters showing their ignorance and bigotry-but they are also just plain stupid…
    They would be perfectly at home in one of the “Enlightened Muslim Nations,” UNTIL the religious police and zealots come after them. Then I’d expect that they would flee to the nearest airport or Western embassy and scream about how they want to be protected and be sent home..

  20. Kentucky bone cracka

    Wanna fags vex cause people like myself don’t like what u’all stand for. I cud hold my shite long wa bout you

  21. Canadian Tourist

    Rather ironic that the same Bible you use to justify your bigotry was used to justify slavery….

  22. An Observer

    Bone cracka, It’s obvious to us that you are a closet homo and in denial.
    Are you a petite flower or macho man?

  23. Kentucky bone cracka

    @Observer – if ya sen ya mer i’ll surely bull’er

  24. An Observer

    Sorry, KBC, I’m not interested in a romantic interlude with you.
    Perhaps you can find a sheep or goat that suits your romantic inclinations.

  25. Truth

    If you are so against it “Kentucky bone cracka” why are you in this topic? and the other one? constantly responding?

    ur an eediat, probably a downlow eediat who cant find comfort in your own skin.

  26. Kentucky bone cracka

    I hey ta bun fire pun all wanna stinkin bullers. I vibes fags does get offended quick, like na body can’t say nuttin bout wanna nasty ras$oles

  27. Stop the Hypocrisy

    How come you have not posted concerning Babados’s vote on Palestine. Where Isreal is considered by 138 UN nations to be commiting crimes on not simply 12 people but millions of people.

  28. Credit is due

    Barbados voted honorably and with principle. We stood up against the terrorists.