Why does the LGBT community give a pass to Muslim treatment of gays?

“The gay community should be in the avant garde that is fighting for the oppressed members of their community in the Islamic world. There is no minority in the U.S. that is as passionate, as fierce, and as effective as the LGBT community. What they have achieved, in relationship to their numbers, is spectacular and unrivaled. Why would they not apply their same premise of opposition to oppression and discrimination to societies that are abhorrent and monstrous in their treatment of gays? There is no group that I would rather have shoulder-to-shoulder with me, hands down, than this effective, uncompromising movement. And what could be more crucial, and as clear-cut an issue, as life and death?”

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs says: Pro-Gay Equals Anti-Sharia.

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12 responses to “Why does the LGBT community give a pass to Muslim treatment of gays?

  1. 136

    This is one time I am on the Muslims side, Government ! No Guts, No Balls, do they really have any thing to shout about

  2. millertheanunnaki

    @ Anonymous November 26, 2012 at 11:13 am

    What are you telling us here? Are you in favour of the killing of homosexuals in Islamic countries?
    Just asking for your clear position on this issue!

  3. Canadian Tourist

    Yeah, keep shooting your mouth off. You’re making the other Caribbean islands look better.

  4. Kentucky bone cracka

    Fly low fly high all botty boy fe die all botty boy fe get boom bye bye

  5. It takes all kinds to make up this world and that includes Anonymous and Kentucky bone cracka. As unfortunate and shameful this might seem at this time, it is true. GOD be with you.

  6. robert ross


    Right on.


    Time you sussed Anonymous.

  7. Wonder wat would happen if they passed laws executing all gays in bim both male and female.

  8. robert ross


    Time 2.25am. Anonymous is now 136.

  9. Kentucky bone cracka

    @aliciaposborne & de ressa wunna fags is it so wrong to have morals….. killabulla

  10. PsP

    … and the act of Murder is a good Moral to have?

  11. Kentucky bone cracka

    Only if its perpertrated on a buller

  12. Anonymous

    do not encourage homosexual but do not kill its just as bad as killing because of race