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BLP Member of Parliament William Duguid apologises, but not to porn industry profiteer Donville Inniss

Dr. William Duguid, MP

Well this is interesting…

by Passin Thru

Bajan ex-patriot, Canadian immigrant and still-sitting Member of Barbados Parliament Dr. William Duguid went ballistic the other day and shocked the nation with an outburst directed at Minister of Health Donville Inniss. According to Duguid the outburst (which included Rihanna’s favourite ‘C***’ word) was in response to a slur against Duguid’s family.

Duguid apologised to Bajans for his outburst, but not to ‘Pornville’ Inniss. I can’t blame Duguid for that.

Health Minister Inniss, of course, has had some pretty shocking behaviour himself in the past – but the Bajan and wider Caribbean news media keep mum about it. As documented in a series of stories at BFP, Inniss profited from a worldwide online pornography business that involved teenagers, pregnant women and other vulnerable people performing sex acts on video for money. And not to be too blunt about it, some of the other ‘performers’ that Inniss profited from made sounds like “Baaaaaa” and “Moooooo”. Check out some of BFP’s articles on the subject and visit the Inniss-associated website “orgasm.com” for some samples.

But don’t forget: it’s William Duguid that needs to apologise to Bajans!

Hey… I just telling like it be!

Apology from Barbados Member of Parliament Dr. William Duguid

“The Parliament of Barbados, the third oldest in the Commonwealth, has a rich and proud heritage. The BLP has steadfastly followed our Parliament’s noble traditions and over the years we have distinguished ourselves by our exemplary conduct as MPs.”

“On Tuesday 20 November, I fell far short of those traditions and standards. During that sitting, I made an outburst which I instantly regretted, and for which I now humbly apologise to my constituents and to the wider public.”

“That outburst was the result of the most grievous of provocations which came from the mouth of a DLP parliamentarian. It would be improper of me to repeat the insulting words used but I will say that they constituted the gravest possible insult to my wife and children.”

“Notwithstanding that, I now humbly apologise to my constituents and the wider Barbadian public. No matter the provocation, I am certain they must all be disappointed in me.”

“I intend to tender a similar apology to the Parliament on the occasion of its next sitting.”

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