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BFP’s Cliverton: I quit my job…

Did too so!

Some time ago I walked into the big boss, smiled and handed in my resignation. I have nothing but honey, honey all the time, to say about the place I was working, my “job”.

It was time to go, so I went. I wasn’t going ‘to’ anything, just going ‘from’ something that wasn’t me.

I hadn’t seen this video but a friend sent it to me after I quit. This video could have been made for me. Let’s see if I’m still as happy a year from now…

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Canadian firefighter criticises lack of Barbados Tourism promotion in Ottawa, Canada

“Every Saturday the newspaper travel section comes out and there are trips everywhere except Barbados.”

Dear Barbados Free Press:

Thirty years ago I met my wife in Barbados, and the one promise I made was I would get her home every year if she moved to Canada. So you can imagine I am always watching the newspaper travel section about flights or packages to the island. Every Saturday the travel section comes out and there are trips everywhere except Barbados. What does your tourism authority do in Canada????

Ottawa is where we live and your embassy is should be ashamed of the lack of promotion of probably the best island in the Caribbean. When the average firefighter in Ottawa earns over 180,000 Barbados dollars a year, is this a market to be overlooked? The time is past for only name recognition to keep people coming. The Barbados Tourism Authority must be actively pursuing new tourists. That’s what the BTA are they paid for!

name withheld by BFP editor


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