Rihanna’s audience: Right for Barbados tourism?

Scenes from Rihanna’s Boeing 777 on Tour

Rihanna is one of the biggest names in show business right now, and she’s from Barbados.

They say there’s no ‘bad’ publicity and I guess that could be true. What do I know about that?

I do have doubts that Rihanna’s audience is the one we would choose to target, but it could be I’m wrong there too. I thought we were targeting upscale adults with Rihanna’s help. Maybe we’ll hear some statistics later on about the success of the Rihanna Barbados campaign… but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Is the campaign worth it in terms of direct returns? I don’t know. Future returns? Nobody knows ’bout that fur sur!


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17 responses to “Rihanna’s audience: Right for Barbados tourism?

  1. That we shall see. It will be interesting to watch from a moral perspective.

  2. 219

    A focus on Rihanna by the BTA is a plausible marketing campaign with all of her “variables”? Cyar yuh mudder kont, do!

  3. Son Of Spam

    Leave the cussing for Billy Dee, LOL! 😀


    Well, if you want a bunch of drunk kids running around a la Cancun spring break, that’s what your gonna get. I guess Banks Beer and Mt Gay Rum will do just fine. The rest of us?

  5. Check-This-Out


    You got dat right plus brekking up de hotel rooms and using RiRi’s favourite word

  6. Check-This-Out


    Should have said favourite “C” word of RiRi and the (dis)Honourable Member from Christ Church

  7. wild youngster

    wants dem come and spend nuff money who give a rass!!!!!

  8. Bill Gibson

    How many Rihanna’s need Barbados?
    Read this:
    Article: 10 islands for every type of traveler

  9. She will probably draw some streakers, but will they have money. This crap just angers people, wen polititians are paid monthly to use brain power to keep the economy afloat and the population fed, is this the best they can come up with?? Am sorry but a lot of people in the real world, am not talking about paradise island, do not like wat rihanna represents. Good Luck

  10. you must be joking

    Rhania…maybe she is famous and rich…but to most adult people in the UK she is simply a foul mouthed slapper. Bet her parents are real proud of their daughter, or maybe they just takin the handouts. Still once her voice runs out of steam, she can always continue in the pron industry.

    yeah the BTA certainlycame good if they people gonna flock to Bim coz Rhiania

  11. I certainly don’t see people in north america or europe wasting their hard earned dollars that is so very scare right now, to see where she came from or if there are anymore like her there. Wat a cockup.

  12. Tudor

    Peoples, this is just another opportunity for the local Dem hogs to fed at the trough once more. Rihanna as a plausible marketing opportunity? what a load of crap & we pay people to come up with this?

  13. cheryl waterman

    Listen to me. Before there was Rihanna very few people knew there was a place call Barbados.

    Stop the hating and recognize this woman from a humble background is an international star. Since she is in the media many people in the artistic and media are admitting that their are of Barbadian descent are that their parents or grandparents are from Barbados. Yes she is good for Barbados. I

    f you saw a person who looked like Will.i.am.walking int he streets of Barbados, you would never know he had money and clout. This includes the ragamuffins who by the way have money abroad. Barbadians judge people by the how they look. Many times those same people have more money and clout that we do. If she brings a thousand young people who listen to her music. They will bring a thousand others. As Barbadians we need to stop the hating.

  14. LOOK

    Agree, before Rihanna, few people knew there was a place called Barbados; she has earned barbados some recognition, but Barbados over the years have stepped down several steps – desperately needs a miracle. That miracle won’t be Rihanna or Owen Arthur/Barbados Labor Party. The tsumani in Japan has come and gone. Before the earthquake and tsumani, the Japanese economy was struggling. Barbados is struggling but was struggling before prominence of Rihanna and was struggling before entrance of the DLP (2008)

  15. And still struggling 3ihanna or not. As long as productivity and creativity is not applied, getting nekkid is not goig to grow the economy nor will worldwide recognition feed the people. If u don’t do something productive, businesslike proactively, u have a dead economy.

  16. LOOK

    Oprah, just months ago interviewed the singer Rihanna in Barbados. Both the singer and the DLP government gives to the world knowledge of her nationality. There’s nothing wrong with that but Barbados at moment needs toning up and alike most all other countries large and small it is financially and economically weak. Tourism we know is vital to the life of Barbados but the majority civilians are also financially weak. Leisure traveling, therefore is delayed and or not planed.