Barbados Member of Parliament uses Rihanna’s pet phrase

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Dr. William Duguid calls out Health Minister Donville Inniss “Carry your mother c–t”

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Tempers flare in Parliament – William Duguid


Tempers flared earlier today in Parliament when debate degenerated into a verbal assault on a Government MP, while an Opposition member was barred from continuing his presentation and threatened with further sanction.

The drama unfolded during the post-lunch session of debate on a resolution to grant $614 000 from the Consolidated Fund to support Government’s National Summer Camps Programme.

During the session St Michael Central MP Steve Blackett accused the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) members of behaving as though they did “not liking poor people” because of their refusal to support programmes such as the free summer camps and free bus rides for school children.

However, when Christ Church West MP Dr William Duguid took to the floor, he charged that the entire Summer Camps Programme was a grand design by the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) to win the next general election.

What did Duguid say to Inniss?

The Christ Church West MP then launched a verbal attack on St James South MP Donville Inniss questioning his suitability even to serve as a camp counselor.

And with wild cross talk from floor, chairman of committees James Paul stopped Duguid in his tracks blasting his behaviour and preventing him from continuing his address to the House.

He also instructed that the offending comments be struck from the records.

And what the Nation did not report was what really was said by Duguid, from a totally unprovoked position.

Well, well, well, today we saw the lowest of the low this evening coming from the mouth of the out going MP Duguid to have the shock and disgrace of listened to him say loud and clear coming over the radio this evening CARRY YOUR MOTHER C__T as part of his contribution in Parliament this evening.

This was triggered and he is annoyed because last week Minister Inniss said that instead of Owen asking about the assets of DLP MPs he should ask how is it that Duguid can live in Toronto and only visit Barbados for Parliament sittings.

The Nation carried the Minister’s comments and he was angered that Minister Inniss asked that publicly and that the press picked it up and carried the story.

The nation and our decent people call on Duguid to apologise to the entire nation and our children, he was no example of decency to a child here today, he should do so immediately as a result of his vile conduct in Parliament this afternoon his outburst was disgraceful and uncalled for and not expected from someone who has served in Parliament for too long.


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38 responses to “Barbados Member of Parliament uses Rihanna’s pet phrase

  1. First class

    How about no class and sucking up a salary with intermittent stops in Barbados to pick up a check courtesy of the taxpayers.

    These are the kinds of government representatives Barbadians elect from both sides of the aisle.


  2. John

    So, “the Honourale” so and so’s continue to demonstrate they really are a classless set of clowns in the house ……

    Last time that part of the female anatomy came up for debate it was Mia, their colleague and equal, they were discussing ….. forget which of them did it …. seem to remember it may have been the first among the equals but stand to be corrected.

    What exactly that has to do with the economy or anything else they are put there by us and paid handsomely to deal with is a mystery to me.

  3. More of the same, am sure they both fired a drink later at that one in the usual ‘how u lkie tha one, man I massacre yuh’ style. The voters are pawns, ask pornville inniss who criticizes mia no end, but was at her party back in july august, this is just a show for voters who are unaware and staunch party supporters, but one day it wqill not work anymore.

  4. gg

    MP Duguid any decent man would not stoop so low, as to dwell with the bottom feeders. But somehow MP Duguid, you have manage to dig deep into the bottom and in doing so the cesspool that you now reside in has altered your sense of what is real.
    Lesson number 1: A mother is a woman who has raised a child, given birth to a child, and/or supplied the ovum that united with a sperm which grew into a child.
    Lesson number 2: Cunt is a word that primarily describes the female genitalia, particularly the vulva, and is widely considered to be vulgar.

    MP Duguid, you need to be humbled……5 lashes with cat.

  5. de hood

    Seems to me that he was only using the expression that our official “Youth Ambassador” (Ri-Ri) confirmed a few months ago is an everyday expression of all Bajans. (even the little children) these days! 🙂 True or lie??

  6. de hood


    Don’t you think he would welcome de cat licks (lashes)? 🙂

  7. Canadian Tourist

    I’m not fond of many of our politicians either. Maybe we could institute a trading system.

  8. Adrian Loveridge

    Canadian Tourist, Great idea, we will give you ten of ours for every one of yours.

  9. John


    What a fabulous idea.

  10. 247

    Shame to be bajan. Politicians only care about lining their pockets.

  11. robert ross

    The ‘C’ word is clearly unparliamentary and doubtless the appropriate penalty was imposed. However, I don’t think it qualifies for the prurient moralizing of my fellow bloggers – who doubtless use that word and many others in everyday speech and most especially when provoked. Why should we expect MP’s to be Olympians? It’s like saying ‘you shouldn’t get angry in public because you’re a minister of religion’ – when Jesus did and not rarely.

  12. robert ross

    Or to put it another way:

    Scribes and Pharisees – hypocrites.

  13. I would bet my last dollar that one month with bajan polititians will scar canadians for life, be careful for what u wish,

  14. carson C. Cadogan

    de Hood, I see that you are trying to white wash it.

  15. Profoundly Impressed

    Mr Inniss did not deserve that response from Mr Duguid especially after he had honorably questioned the paternity of Mr Duguid’s children. I am sleeping better in the knowledge that a Minister of the Crown, a former (?} purveyor of that widely popular art form known as pornography (for which BFP has commended him) would be bold enough to expose an opposing member of parliament as a cuckold. My unemployed nephew, who has been looking for a job for the past 10 months, feels more hopeful as well.

  16. I see the hypocritics large and in charge… I’m not so sure what I should be more ashamed of…the fact that an outgoing mp feels he can swear on live broadcast for the world of innocent children to hear or the fact that there’s a sitting mp with who is/was involved in the ‘skin’ business.

  17. John

    The scribes and pharisees are sitting in parliament!!

    These are out “leaders”!!

  18. John

    The honourable so and so’s are separated from us by the word honourable and parliamentary privelege.

    Lose the two if they want to be like us …… that means Duguid ….. sorry, the honourable William Duguid, can bring his paternity test to a court of law and sue Pornville, …. sorry, the Honourable Donville Innis … for defamation.


    The market vendor is worried about how selective the international media is,meanwhile Starcom stations have not yet found out about the dismissal of Kamar Jordan from the Barbados Nation,their subsidiary sister.They know nothing about the reduction of our parliament to a fish market.

  20. robert ross


    Of course they are also. It’s a statement about the human condition. All you can do is finger it when you see it. And I see it here.

  21. 184

    Help what kind of society do we live in when a member of Parliament can speak like the way he did sounds like we are in the dark ages he should be banned from the house.

  22. Canadian Tourist

    This is nothing new to Westminister Parliaments. PM Trudeau is famous for saying Fuddle-Duddle in the House of Commons:

  23. 148

    Is Xmas and I feeling generous….allyuh cud cyar yuh mudder konts, do!

  24. 41

    Why are bajans so hypocritical… A man said ‘cunt’.. so what?!?! im sure everyone including the author of this blog as well as the self righteous ones that are commenting. my issue is really the way in which he used the word. If he said “Like your mother!” would we be freaking out the same way? we shud be telling or kids its not right to tell another about his mother. So dont worry about the C-word.. its the favorite word of our cultural ambassador who happens to be launching a campaign for barbados in a bit. a word to the BLP … please dont implode at this time and to the DLP please deal with the issues that bothers us poor people. Criticize the BLP’s Plan by comparing them to yours. i am standing on the line here unsure who to vote for by im leaning more to the side of red because i can see a plan and hear it discussed and explained. but until the plans of the DLP come forth its looking like a vote to the BLP

  25. Anonymous

    Two cunts. Give them a dick and let them have an orgy , sorry Orgasm.

  26. Orion

    Dunno understand here…BFP attacking D. Inniss all the time about his alleged liasons with porno sites and now attacking Duguid just because made the same point …but in a rough way??! Something wrong here

  27. Raging Butterfly

    “I see the hypocritics large and in charge… I’m not so sure what I should be more ashamed of…the fact that an outgoing mp feels he can swear on live broadcast for the world of innocent children to hear or the fact that there’s a sitting mp with who is/was involved in the ‘skin’ business.”

    …..Okay… I can help you answer that…Think: would you prefer your daughter to wait for you by Uncle who cusses or by Uncle who Makes Movies???

    The cussing is reprehensible, but a total red herring – at most a “by-the-way” given the accusation that was being made. THAT is what I am ashamed of the world seeing of us. Right now I feel sad sad for my country!

  28. aburke

    Butterfly darling, at this moment in time de wide world got bigger problems to concern themselves with than Bajan mothers nether regions – that includes the size and depth of said region. i am sure most poor Bajans rue de day that they ever saw de light a day, through said orifice. I gon hea…r

  29. David G. Brooks

    Okay, so Duguid has been a man and apologised … don’t you think Inniss should too for on top of the insult to Duguid family, he called Duguid a big fat slob, to which the reply was the heart of this matter, but continued twice more (that I could hear) to call Duguid a big fat slob but the Chairman didn’t see fit to pull him up on that too. Sorry but both should have apologised – one has, and all the press got today from Inniss was a ‘nothing to say’.

  30. aburke

    why so much fuss over that good old ANGLO SAXON word much loved by the famous ol’ English poet and artist Geoffrey Chaucer? I’m sure that de well read and highly esteemed politicians are well acquainted with the vernacular contained in his writings eg. C–T, S–T, SH–E, etc. All perfectly standard medieval English!!!

  31. aburke

    ##gg – Which cat you talking ’bout? De one wid de hooks dat does cut up yuh back? Or de one wid de fur dat purrs (when yuh done de job Right??!!?)

  32. what will they think of next

    Interesting Coincidence – William Duguid And Persons Making Death Threats Used The Same IP Internet Number A Year Apart

    We’re Doing Some IP Research…

    Hi folks. As you will see when we post the article after this one, the death threats against Adrian Loveridge and others continue – so we are doing some research into the internet source of the death threats and look at the amazing coincidence that we found about IP Number…

    The IP number was originally used by Dr. Duguid of the BLP when he first set up the official BLP Blog and asked us and our readers for our opinions. That was back in May of 2006.

    Then over a year later in August of 2007, the folks who run BFPE blog who also made death threats against Adrian Loveridge and others used the same IP number as Dr. Duguid.

  33. BKS

    I think so called “Live broadcast” should come with a 15 -20 second delay; this would stop inappropriate comments from getting out to the public. I lived in Barbados all my life and had no idea that that “C” word was used so rampantly and in an everyday fashion.

  34. Duppy Lizard

    All this shows is that so called “higher ups ” are nothing but low down “NOUVEAU RICHE” suddenly ascertaining heights that they are incapable of controlling.


    Duguid is a joke! I voted for him in the 2008 general election when my gut told me to vote for Abed and he DID NOTHING for us. I wish we didn’t put him in for a second term because now he will be getting life pension from us tax payers when all he did was run off to Canada. How is this accepted?

    We need independent people like Taan Abed in Christ Church West. I done with both DLP and BLP. BOTH ARE SHAMEFUL HYPOCRITES!

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  37. what will they think of next


    May 29, 2008 at 10:09 am

    Some more information that might help: the computer at parliiament is in a room frequented by very few MP’s during that time. All of them were BLPs. Duguid was a regular visitor along with Liz Thompson. Those are the only two who used the computer.

    As to Duguid saying he never used threats against anyone. How laughable. Any man who woul conspire with a Speaker in the House to call members – in their absence – “the good, the bad and the ugly” would not fear threatening anyone.

    I have heard Duguid say some of the things he does to his opponents and some of the rumours he spreads against his opponents on the ground. These guys idolise Tom Adams and every wicked streak he had in his body. Duguid is a nasty piece of work.

    From BFP.

  38. Anonymous

    Any of them people in his constutuency got any real real benefits under the Duguids representation. He ain’t even quarter of what Henry Forde was to the people of Clapham and beyond. He is a pathetic fat slob indeed and a nasty mouth brute. He like all th rest of the BLP cronies got there share of the fatty calf. I do not think that I leaving out these jokers in the DLP. They too are getting fat from the drying up calf. But if I had to choose any of the two evils I will choose the DLP.