Health and Transport Ministers no-show at World Day of Remembrance for Traffic Victims

Barbados still without breathalyzer laws

Transport Minister John Boyce – Zero action on breathalyzers, road safety laws.

Health Minister Donville Inniss and Transport Minister John Boyce continue to send a big message to the Barbados Road Safety Association and all Bajans. That message is that the Ministers and their staff members don’t care about the deaths and ruined lives that happen because our governments have failed to implement modern anti-drunk driving laws and testing equipment.

The Ministers’ “I couldn’t care less” attitude to traffic deaths and injuries was again reinforced by their failure to show up at the World Day of Remembrance for Traffic Victims memorial service. Inniss and Boyce and the Ministry personnel didn’t even bother to respond to the invitations.

Given how important our tourism industry is to our economy, and how tourist safety is a big factor in destination choice, one would have hoped that our government would act to reverse the slaughter on our roads. After all, Barbados road deaths happen at a rate 240% greater than in the UK.

“I am very disappointed that both ministers did not feel the need to have an authoritative figure at two very special events. This is their people; it is our brothers and sisters that have been killed on the road. The families of these people are still hurting.”

… President of the Road Safety Association, Sharmaine Roland-Bowen, quoted in The Nation Absence noted

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11 responses to “Health and Transport Ministers no-show at World Day of Remembrance for Traffic Victims

  1. Proud Bajan

    Given the fact that the Minister of Health Donville Inniss recently spoke at two related events (church service to start Road Safety month and at No Thumbing Campaign), I found the accusation of his absence quite strange, so I called up today to ask why he was absent from both events yesterday.

    Lo and behold, it seems as though the Minister of Health never received an invitation to the events as Sharmaine Bowen stated! This puts a new twist on things and does make the President of the RSA seems a bit hasty and wrong in her attacks on the Ministers.

    I heard Minister Inniss make it clear that he is fully in favour of bretahalyzer tests and went even further and supported tests for other substances if possible. It is the duty of the Ministry of Public Works to do such.

    I await Sharmaine’s apologies and John Boyce’s leadership on this issue.

  2. Mac

    Ministers support the breathalysers but do nothing to introduce them & actively avoid introducing them. How much “in favour” are they really?????

  3. BFP

    Proud Bajan…

    I’m happy that Inniss has changed his mind and now supports breathalyzer testing because he was vocal against it before, but he and his government had five years to introduce legislation and they did not. Therefore, it was not important to them.

    Pretty well says it all.


  4. But wen they want to rush some nonsensical crap through parliament in the dead of night wen voters are asleep, it is done in 2 minutes. Don’t hold ur breath (sorry) told u they DONT CARE.

  5. And besides am sure inniss wwas aware of the upcoming event, and should have invited himself, they like so much pomp and bul*s*i*. And if he was not awarean why is he minister of health again?? Only there to draw down on taxpAyers dollars m$onthly. Too much arrogance at play

  6. carson C. Cadogan

    They had more important things to do. I am sure she would understand. She must not be so childish!

  7. Bam Bam

    Carson, You really dont understand the importance of that event to speak about it. Maybe tyou will if you lose someone in a traffic accident. that is a world wide event where leaders in over 150 countries participate. Leaders who cvare about their people. Why did Barbados sign on to the decade of action for road safety and promise to acknowledge thios day if we were not serious about rducing accidents and saving lives. acknowlwdging that dy was all part of the declaration.

  8. dont you think that as minister he would try to clear hiis name. I would if i were him. I dont think that lady is stupid to have suggested she sent an invitation when she did not as those things can easily be proven. only he knows the truth.Invitation or not those ministersre sponsible for road safety should show more interest in the plight of victims and relatives who have suffered tremendous loss and show support for these persons

  9. They just like to pay lip service and don’t back it up with actions

  10. Proud Bajan

    I spoke with the lady who admitted that Minister Inniss’ invitation seems not to have been received by his office. She also admitted that unlike John Boyce, Inniss did appear in person and spoke at the service at People’s Cathedral and the No Thumbing Campaign.

    Give jack his jack BFP – Inniss has been consistent in his views and his attendance. The lady owes an apology – she acted hastily.

    BFP dislkikes Inniss so much that you are prepared to lie about him. Where is the evidence that he ever opposed breathalyzer machines?

    Whilst you are anasty piece of work, at least try to be fair. It is tough, but at least be fair.

  11. BFP

    Hi Minister Inniss! (‘Proud Bajan’ as you call yourself)

    Good to see you coming ’bout hey.

    So why didn’t you propose breathalizer legislation? You had five years.

    Thanks in advance for responding!