Abused Barbados prisoner Raul Garcia denied proper medical treatment: Suspected cancer

A source informs Barbados Free Press that illegally-imprisoned Cuban Raul Garcia is thought to have bleeding sores and internal lumps (including one large internal lump) that could be cancerous, but he is not being offered proper medical care.

“If this was someone else, not a prisoner, he’d be undergoing extensive tests and ongoing treatment on a priority basis. Raul’s condition has progressively deteriorated because he was earlier denied tests and treatment when he originally complained in November  of 2011. By the time Garcia receives his scheduled tests it will be some 16 months past his initial complaint of bleeding, non-healing lesions.”

Raul Garcia completed 20 year sentence in Barbados prison, but has been held illegally for 2 years since then in contravention of both Bajan and international law.

For background, see Barbados prisoner Raul Garcia vows hunger strike until death



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15 responses to “Abused Barbados prisoner Raul Garcia denied proper medical treatment: Suspected cancer

  1. And why is cuba not seeing this as humanitarian grounds to take back their citizen. Can david commissiong answe this question??

  2. Dimpy

    If he had stayed up at DODDS he would have been better off.

  3. Warm Heart

    This is cold-heartedness. Sickness and death should make all alterations. An animal would be treated better. Shame on Barbados!!

  4. Please stop blaming b’dos only for this, cuba and the US are just as complicit seeing he is a product of cuba from birth and the US by citizenship or whatever and none of them seem to care either. Bims leaders are way out of their depth with this one, remember it has nothing to do with tourism and even that is presenting a mental challenge for them………

  5. BFP

    well well….

    Barbados is the one that has the control. There is no one else to blame at the moment.

  6. Well in that case, garcia is in for the long haul, because he is not tourism product and everyone will sit and hmmm and hawwww well into their 80s. I still believe cuba and US has a duty to look at this case from a humanitarian angle at this point. Bim has every right to deport Garcia, but these two countries continue to pass the buck on their product. Garcia will suffer and die in bim, the leaders dont like problems that call for deductive reasoning, am sorry.

  7. 195

    Well if he dead off soon that will be the end of that and not too soon for me.

  8. Mac

    @195 – So what happened to paying his dues to society??

    When will the gov talk to Cuba & publicly call for Garcia to have his Citizenship returned or give him residency here. to keep him in limbo is contrary to all human rights. In the mean time, he needs & deserves proper medical attention. I don’t believe in coincidence, so for him to fall ill now is too convenient.

  9. 110

    On this issue, I’m ashamed to say that Bajans aren’t humane and are breaking every humanitarian law in the book. We cry out when our fishermen are held overseas and follow closely the treatment they get. Let’s stop this madness and behave like humans. None of us made Barbados, we are only priviledged to have been born here. Ridiculous.

  10. I do have to concede that after some time americas pending deportees are released into americas society under circumstances where no country will take them, they cannot be held indefinitely. However, ur dealing with b’dos, where governments have no sense of time or care too much about human suffering, whether the understand the situation or not brutality is second nature, and redtape allows them to drag out the simpliest tasks. So wat are the odds that garcia will make it out of this alive, given all these factors againt him????

  11. Alicia Osborne

    I find it totally ridiculous that in this day and age a basic human right ‘health care’ is being withheld from this man. Time is money and it is time for Barbados government to make a move and either deport or release this human being and or allow him access to healthcare.

  12. Some people were not blessed with commom sense at least not enough to understand that it will costs the taxpayers more to keep him detained than to release him, remember when all is said and done not one red cent of these authorities is going toward housing and feeding this individual, with all the pompous decision making by immigration and the judge and that lawyer, its taxpayers footing this bill.

  13. Justice for Raul Garcia

    It makes me sick to see how much hate Mr. or Mrs Well Well have for another human being!!

    I’m sure that you have heard of Karma have you not?

    Well, let me tell you all your negative comments will come back to hunt you in your old age and maybe before you die Karma will pay you a visit..It always does!

    We all have one maker and all those people that have close the door for Mr. Raul Garcia to be free will have to pay one day for all their wrong doings.

    He is a father, a son, a brother to many who have waited patiently for your goverment to set him free..Just like you have brothers, sons, husbands so do other people on earth.

    What has been done to Mr. Garcia during these past two years is to hold him captive…captive like a caged animal…How many of you would like to trade places with him?

    I read your news every single day…and your country has brutal rapist, murderes, child molestors, and they get to watch tv, and get medical care as needed…yet a drug dealer ( who already served ) his sentence is denied the most basic medical care!!!!


  14. Don’t blame me for wat the b’dos government is doing to showcase their brutality. If u read my comments carefully and slowly word for word u will see clearly that without actually saying so, am not for the caging of this individual indefinitely. Some of the same ones making these decisions ought to be in cages themselves.

  15. me

    @well well Says:
    And why is cuba not seeing this as humanitarian grounds to take back their citizen. Can david commissiong answe this question??

    Cause Cuba don’t even care about those who reside there now!