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Abused Barbados prisoner Raul Garcia denied proper medical treatment: Suspected cancer

A source informs Barbados Free Press that illegally-imprisoned Cuban Raul Garcia is thought to have bleeding sores and internal lumps (including one large internal lump) that could be cancerous, but he is not being offered proper medical care.

“If this was someone else, not a prisoner, he’d be undergoing extensive tests and ongoing treatment on a priority basis. Raul’s condition has progressively deteriorated because he was earlier denied tests and treatment when he originally complained in November¬† of 2011. By the time Garcia receives his scheduled tests it will be some 16 months past his initial complaint of bleeding, non-healing lesions.”

Raul Garcia completed 20 year sentence in Barbados prison, but has been held illegally for 2 years since then in contravention of both Bajan and international law.

For background, see Barbados prisoner Raul Garcia vows hunger strike until death


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