Thefts at Barbados Port – Sandra Husbands lets it fly!

Quite an amazing speech that is very critical of our work force.

Should we privatise the Port?  A familiar voice speaks about Port workers and the Union

It’s difficult to find a brutally honest public figure these days.

The call to PRIVATISE the Barbados Port Authority and send home all of those workers is understandable.

It seems like they take long to do jobs and are involved in a high level of _ _ _ _ _.


“B. Padmore”



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23 responses to “Thefts at Barbados Port – Sandra Husbands lets it fly!

  1. Unsettling

    There has been hundreds of years of abuse of some sort or another at the Barbados Port.

    What is really disturbing in this video is the people laughing and snickering in the background who seem to be saying that this Union blackmail is well known and acceptable.

    Sandra Husbands is spot on but does Barbados care enough to do anything?

  2. John

    Will privatising the port stop the theft?

    I don’t think so ….. I was once asked if I knew of any product a Bajan would not teef!!!

    All that happens in the private sector is that the cost is passed on to the consumer in the markup.

    In fact it could be argued that the private sector and government are in collusion at the port to rip off the consumer.

    Stealing is endemic to Barbados.

    If the reduction of theft is the goal of privatisation of the port ….. forget it.

    Try investigation and prosecution first.

    Make that work across the board, in the public and private sector, and then consider privatisation.

    Did they ever install the cameras at the port?!!!

  3. 254

    And we want to know why our products on the shelf are high in price ?? The consumer pays for it all.
    No way steeling in Barbados will stop, it is the way of life.
    Lock up is the only answer.

  4. Welcome to bim where the usual world wide stealing and corruption is taken to a whole other unprecedented level.

  5. 66

    Theft is also applicable to what our public figures do when they attempt to influence our thinking and steal the facts from the circumstance. Take Adrian Elcock for example. I like how Elcock states in today’s Nation that he won’t bash the Civil Service coz it was “responsible for the standard of living we’ve had and keeping our politicians in check”. Both claims illustrate this man is a dweeb and a dork with his head stuffed up his azz. The Civil Service at best “contributed” Elcock, it NEVER was responsible for our standard of living we’ve had….and that last word “had”, Elcock? I’ll agree with you on that, our life standards are GONE, and will return only when ALL of us accept that its not “business as usual” and we ACT accordingly with the inescapable new realities. As to “keeping our politicians in check” Elcock? Who are you kidding, you jerk?

  6. .......

    That is government workers for you. They have been stealing the people’s stuff ever since. The cameras were never put in place, neither at the airport. Imagine you run a country and decide you are going to install cameras, the workers don’t want them, the union backing the workers and no cameras were ever installed!! Who has the higher authority in bim, is it the PM or the union??!! I have seen a forklift driver in the port punch a barrel and exposed all the person’s goods. He went along bout hid business and as the workers passed the took the food stuff out the barrel. When that person goes for their barrel, they will be told that it came damaged! They need sending home!

  7. Tony Webster

    I agree with @unsettling: seems that we, (like our Trinny friends), “like it so”! It passes understanding that when Ms. Husbands summons the courage to publicly lay bare the bald truth, anyone would possibly find it humourous. Serves us right, for the quality (quality?) of people we elect to run this country. AMAZING, but there again, we do not call this the “silly season” for nothing. When all else fails, the reality of our national challenges will smack us in the face…but by then, the horse will have well bolted. What a future we bequeath to the coming generations!

  8. Carson C. Cadogan

    Sandra Husbands does not know what she is talking about.

    I hope that she rememberS that these are the same voters that she is asking for a vote.


  9. Sticky Fingers

    >>>>at Carson C. Cadogan> Pls tell us how many of your relatives work at the Port and whether you do?

  10. Adrian Loveridge

    I can only tell you of our personal experience. Soon after moving to Barbados, we ordered some (50 x 5 gallons) of special paint made by ICI Paints in the UK. They sold it to us at special price, shipped it to Barbados and even agreed to partner with a local paint manufacturer to produce the same product here at a later stage. When we attempted to collect it from the Port, a licence to import it was refused and for over a year we fought to pay the duties (twice the cost of the paint).

    When eventually, we went back to the port, paid the duties and drove into port to collect it from Customs Shed No.2. We had noticed the pallet straps had been cut and it turned out that 1/3 of the paint had been stolen. I went back to the Customers Office and asked it they would recalulate the duties for the actual quantity of paint and we would give them a new cheque. The Comptroller of Customs refused, so I stated that I would cancel the first cheque, which I did by informing our bank.

    Many weeks later at 10pm on a Sunday night, I had a call, which the person indentified themselves at Customs, stating that our cheque had bounced. I stated NO it had not bounced, but as advised I had cancelled it.

    The ‘officer’ said that he wanted to collect the remainder of the paint, I said OK, then bring lots of men with paint scrappers, as its up on the walls already. We never did hear anymore on the subject.

  11. 66

    Cadogan, you are another thief that needs tar and feathers up your azz and all bowt your person. Cyar yuh rawsole, yuh worm.

  12. Anonymous


  13. Carson C. Cadogan

    It is open season on Public workers in Barbados.
    Lies, lies and more lies.

  14. Carson C. Cadogan

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  15. Welcome to bim, land of thieves, no wonder the flying fish RAN (swam away).

  16. Breadfruit

    Customs Officers & Port thefts heavens above, what old news this is for all of us here. Colleague recently bought a car in from the UK & having paid all the duties had to shell out thousands extra to the officer or ‘not coming out’. Bajan Brit’ returning here on few years ago never even saw the vehicle that was in the container (though seen afterwards being driven around St Lucy) Containers opened at your business, with Customs officer present (after 5pm of course for the overtime) Officer sees the lock off a cursory glance inside $300 in the back pocket & homeward bound. I was sent a box of ‘work related craft items’ as a gift by a friend overseas, so no invoice, Post Office worked watched me unpack it said ‘you making money from this, I got to have a piece’ stared me down till I gave her $10! what to do? makes me as bad as she.

  17. Carson C. Cadogan

    “Welcome to bim, land of thieves, no wonder the flying fish RAN (swam away)”.

    Was Bernard Madoff and Allan Stanford from Barbados?

  18. caribeye

    @Cadogan. “was Bernard Madoff and Allan Standford…” you are a biased simpleton. R U saying that they stole so it is OK for Bajans to steal too? I hope you did not raise any children! Frighteneing thought. What a worse-than-stupid thing to say! Your argument (non-argument) sounds worse that the logic one would expect from the boys sitting on the block!
    I have had years of dealing directly with the Port. They do hold us all to ransome because of a misguided Union that believes that things are OK as they are now. For example, I have a fork-lift driver-friend who was so pissed off because they cut down on overtime so as to improve efficiencies. He said he used to take home Bds$110,000 annually with overtime. That is more yearly salary than most Managers in Bridgetown! Do you understand now what is meant by inefficiency and ransome?

  19. 110

    Stealing has always been happening at the port, airport any kind of port in Bim. The workers know that you are at their mercy, if you want to get your items. There is no real standardization of what’s charged for personal or even commercial items it seems. It depends on how the officer is feeling that day. That’s a formula for thievery and disaster. The government can do something, cameras and standardization. What’s there to object to a camera if you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing? They’re not putting it in the bathroom for crying out loud. I can’t believe that the union would back them on this in a highly security enabled area which has to be secure to pass international standards. Barbados will never attract offshore companies to manufacture here as long as those port charges remain what they are, so all the talk about making Barbados the preferred place to live, work and to do business is just hot air.
    The Barbados port needs to be known for integrity and efficiency. I personally know of people who when they went to collect their items were told to pay or leave them. In one instance it was as much as $700.00 and he refused. This has got to stop. If you order and pay for items, that is what you should receive. The port should verify that what you say it is, is what it is and the charges paid according to law.

    This issue is so big, that retailers know that to get through you have to walk with a with a few extra dollars, to grease the hands of the officer. That is how containers came into Barbados full of drugs, highly publicized by the media, but yet we hear nothing more of it, no questions asked. If I park in the wrong place, I pay $50.00 or more.

    In some places in the world, their ports of entry are known as thieves, unfortunately Barbados is among the famous. If the government knows what’s good for this country they will do all that is necessary to stop this practice immediately, but that, like everything else that is important in this island, has gone on deaf ears.

  20. 110

    I agree with Sandra Husbands. Tell it like it is!

  21. 110

    I know of some thieves at the airport. They aint shame at all. Sometimes they carry home van loads of items. If I talk, they carry on and I’m done. Sad that international importers can’t rely on Barbados to do the right thing.

  22. Proud Bajan

    Where was Sandra Husbands when the same kind of tiefing was going on at the Port under the BLP. Even the so-called small businesses she professes to be an “authority” on were complaining about high port charges. She kept silent and never objected anything done under the BLP.

    Sandra is just another lot of political hot air whose only interest is in being called MP (Madame Procrastinator).

    I have no faith in the likes of Sandra Husbands. She has no spine. Just a big, ugly, square faced, unemotional, stiff faced political fart. She could not stand up to Owen and his failure to reform the public sector in times of plenty.

    Having said that, the Port does need a major overhaul. Start by getting rid of the BWU.

  23. 213

    I just loged on to this site to see if i could make a complaint. Are there any guide lines in that port except for the silly things that they do to waste peoples time, only in Barbados these worker steal and waste time and the people who comment that this does not happen must be workers, I grant you that there are nice honest people working there, but there must be some guide lines and cameras. I live in NY i sent a barrel to my sister,came down went to Dacosta Manning and paid for the paper work, I had a letter from my sister stating to release the barrel to me. Da Costa employee stated this on the paper, I went in the port and was told that i could not get the barrel. I showed this lady my NY i.d. showing that i had mail the barrel i had to go back and send my sister the next day. I was told i should have brought a letter address to the Barbados Port Authority stating, and sign.. Grant you that this might have been the potocol but how was i suppose to know that? Next thing the worker wrote the truck# wrong mn instead of nm we had to come back to the gate to get that corrected. That was last year, I just returned from there, the barrel sent since Dec.10 did not clear while i was there. Sent some one to pick up they name was on the barrel only the gap was not on the barrel E.G. Black Rock
    but not a gap the person had to make 2 almost 3 trips to get barrel and then was asked for $100.00 to correct the address? what was to be corrected . If i send a mail to Black rock St Micheal it would be delivered why could there not release the barrel without the gap?.