What happened to Firearms Act charges against Owen Arthur’s brother?

Richard Seymour Arthur was charged with illegal possession of over 100 rounds of ammunition

When the brother of former Prime Minister Owen Arthur was found last February with 102 rounds of ammunition, “without permission, contrary to the Firearms Act of Barbados”, many folks were amazed that he was charged at all. We know how it is ’bout hey: there’s one law for ordinary people and another law for ‘special people’.

So it was unusual that the former BLP candidate and Owen’s brother should have found himself spending a few nights at Dodds Prison before getting bail.

And that’s the last we heard of it: Richard Arthur made bail and nothing since.

It may be that we’ve just missed more recent news stories and updates to the situation – but not one of us has seen anything.

So what’s happening? Was Richard Arthur convicted? Is the case still before the courts?

Or… as happens in so many cases, were the charges just quietly dropped on a Friday afternoon?


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36 responses to “What happened to Firearms Act charges against Owen Arthur’s brother?

  1. gee

    Talk about an abuse of position.

  2. just want to know

    What about the case in the environs of the Barbados Parliament, was anything done about that? and this was by parliamentarians.

  3. Anonymous

    What a silly law…they give you a permit for 50 rounds , Ammo is sold in boxes of 50, but if you have six left in your gun you can be prosecuted.

  4. Son Of Spam

    If Owen doesn’t win this time around, Richard was to finish what Sidney Burnett-Alleyne started

  5. LOOK

    Owen is a drunk, dishonest and corrupt; this is TOTAL TRUTH. He, Owen is a national embarrassment but many in Barbados support him; this also is TOTAL TRUTH [If] Owen wins, things will be business as usual . . . and the beat goes on (money laundering, land theft, etc). . . good news for Richard Arthur [brother]. . . good news for Winston Roach [cousin] what he is doing at the Barbados Water Authority and not doing.

    Mitt Romney and the Republican party (United States) were sure they could/would defeat Barack Obama and the Democratic Party (United States).
    Romney: ‘It’s possible Obama could win but ‘not likely. Romney had prepared ONLY a victory speech. He had prepared also his inaguration and apparently in process of choosing his cabinet. Romney and the Republicans (United States) are now very embarrassed. [If] Owen does not win, he will face like embarrassment alike [similar] media statements uttered and published.

  6. "Dead-Eye" Dicky

    A Gentleman can never have enough ammunition.
    [or whisky, women, horses, ganja or influence]

  7. Sean Chandler

    AFAIK the limits imposed on ammunition (and calibre of firearms permitted) are solely at the discretion of the COP and are not enumerated in the Firearms Act

  8. just want to know

    Why not LOOK when talking about corruption, talk about David Thompson ( deceased ) and his corrupt DLP government, and the CLICO affair, it would only bring balance to the whole corrupt politicians in Barbados. Don’t be so one sided all the politicians in this country are corrupt, and please read the stories about our Minister of Health, or are you turning a blind eye to those?

  9. Name

    Small Island ting, nah? lol
    Dah get squash! ..long time!

    Move along folks: nothing to be seen here.
    Move along, move along!

  10. I see “look” like the rest of the DLP are annoyed and vex and angry because we say we are not going to be tricked by the DEMS agin. We were tricked in 2008 and we were told all sorts of nastiness.
    “Look” better look again cause don’t care how bad the DEMS cuss Owen and call him all sorts of names we still not voting for DEMS. And further the DEMS should be ashame to call someone dishonest. We all were fooled by sweet talking David THompson only to find out that he and Parris were thiefing all of our Clico money.
    The grave of Thompson want moving to Dodds and Mara should be made to pay back alll the money thatwas stolen from clico thru Thompson law firm

  11. LOOK

    Greed and corruption shines on both parties, the BLP and DLP but idiocy without doubt weighs more on the BLP side of the road. This is NOT DEBATABLE.

    Owen Arthur and the BLP gave birth to Al Barrack. Three (3) S&P downgrades, massive land theft, those deaths at Arch Cot, and copyright theft involving the Barbados Free Press all occurred during the BLP government with Arthur at the helm. Wait! here more, more BLP embarrassment, the Nigerian Water Heater Project and the 75,0000 campaign cheque. Ohhhhhhh The VECO Corporation, can’t omit The VECO Corporation. Really, VECO is the height of delight. Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall awarded VECO a government contract without tender. VECO built the prison at Dodds in St. Philip but had no record of building prisons and the prison project low and behold extended millions over budget. They (Arthur, Mottley & Marshall) maybe now are slapping each other in the face like the goofy Three Stooges.

    The DLP house is not spotless. They, the DLP entertained friends but the wrong ones, Leroy Parris and Lawrence Dupre. The BLP house is also not spotless. The BLP, though, with audacity barks at its DLP foe as though its house is clean or cleaner; it’s not.

    Interesting, Mara Thompson has possession of CLICO money and must surrender it butttttt Violet Beckles/heirs are victims of land theft. Violet Beckles produced land deeds and a will; the land must be returned to heirs of Violet Beckles. Tax payers in the soon coming general election will choose a ruling party for the next five years. If the DLP wins, tax payers care nothing about CLICO money that Mara Thompson has in her possession. If the BLP wins, taxpayers care nothing about FACT that Arthur is a drunk and care nothing about none of the following that occurred during fourteen years of the BLP with Arthur at the helm:

    Massive land theft

    Contractor Al Barrack mega mess

    The VECO Corporation

    Dodds Prison – Extended million over budget

    Nigerian Water Heater Project, 2.4 million dollar loss

    Arch Cott – Britton Hill deaths

    75,000 Campaign Cheque

    Three (3) S&P downgrades

    Plagiarism & Copyright Theft (Barbados Free Press)

    Both the BLP and DLP are tainted with mountains of mess. The BLP mess mountains though are more immense and overly embarrassing. Stuart seemingly does not know what he is doing. Arthur, for certain, does not know what he is doing, sober or drunk.

    Further on, there will be another CLICO, money laundering, land theft, etc because Barbados does not enforce investigation, persecute and convict corrupt lawyers, politicians, etc.

  12. LOOK

    FEDUP – November 13, 2012 @10:40pm

    Don’t forget the BLP has a proud and enviable record of keeping promises. Don’t forget Opposition Spokesperson, Mia Mottley in her reply to government 2012 – 2013 budget outlined a number of measures the new Barbados Labor Party (BLP) government would IMMEDIATELY put in place. Don’t be fooled by sweet talking Mia Mottley

  13. 31

    What happened to Estwick’s brandishing of a gun in Parliament?
    And his heavy drinking beforehand.

  14. Look the sad little Yardfowl

    Really…amongst your dungheap of information that you spout…you claimthat the Arch Cot disaster was Owen’s fault?
    Sad sad little DLP stooge.
    Your party has Barbados in crisis…again!

  15. WHAT A MESS. Without doubt, although there are a lot of questions about BLP reign, I would be more than alittle scared of DLP members seeing that their leader thompson with his air of superior pretence and and corrupt personality chose this same bunch of Clowns as his underlings knowing of their arrogance and lack of ethics as pertains to the populations well being. The only consistency in their mouthings are wat proud bajans they are, this nationalistic claptrap does not run a country or feed its population. None of them has the intelligence level to match their portfolios or the mental acuity to think beyond tourism.

  16. So am wondering if the DLPs next move is to turn every sexy looking bajan woman who has moral issues into a porn star to generate foreign exchange seeing they so limited in thinking outside tourism. Now when people ask me where am from and I say barbados, I get funny looks, THANKS RIHANNA AND PROUD POLITITIANS FOR MAKING US ALL LOOK LIKE MORALLY BANKRUPT SKANKS, and all for paper.

  17. LOOK

    Bajans did not deserve David Thompson and don’t deserve Owen Arthur. Let that dog lie dead, Owen Arthur.

    The recent S&P downgrade was made MAJOR NEWS due to Arthur and the BLP. Arthur and the BLP surely had not forgotten that Richard Francis, an S&P associate in 2005. . . . stated that the [Barbados] deficit of 10% was too high and the debt level between 43 and 50 percent of GDP, although less than half of Jamaica’s and even smaller than St. kitts-Nevis’ was unacceptable and should be reduced if the island were to maintain its high credit rating. Francis further stated that the S&P worried about the Barbados deficit which should jump even more. Barbados before 2008 was financially unstable. The DLP in 2008 inherited a lot of mess from the BLP that they had accumulated in fourteen years. The half has not been told.

    Arthur in 2006 invested 2.4 million dollars in a Nigerian Water Heater project. No water heaters were produced and the 2.4 million dollars that belonged to taxpayers were lost and or unaccounted for. Also, Arthur during a budget debate could not remember that he actually chaired the meetings of cabinet to discuss VECO. He said he wished he was there. But when told by Minister Sinckler and the Prime Minister – ‘no Owen, you were there,’ he then said that he said something else. When pressed again, he again said something completely different and also said that he never said what he said on the two previous occassions the entire country heard him say it. Either, he is a suffer of Alzheimers, forgot taking his medication, drunk or both.

    That’s all folks – Buggs Bunny

  18. LOOK

    well well – Novembeer 14, 2012 @ 11:18am

    Barbados is bankrupt or close to it. They Bajans can rightfully credit this to Arthur and the BLP. Barbados before 2008 was not financially sound. Three (3) S&P downgrades proves this. Also, well well Arthur you know allowed himself a wife and a significant other both at the same time; his morals apparently went down the toilet.

  19. 225

    BFP, you really mean to say this is an important subject you had to spend time on compared to all the other shyte going on bowt here? Steupse. Grow up.

  20. LOOK

    Children of young age most times do not like foods they are forced to eat – adults the same. Bajans did not deserve David Thompson and don’t deserve Owen Arthur. He, Arthur is a drunk, inept and corrupt, did not know what he was doing drunk or sober. The half has not been told, fourteen years of ongoing BLP government with Arthur at the helm. CLICO does not taste good, neither are all of the following BLP indelicacies:

    Massive Land Theft
    Contractor Al Barrack
    VECO Corporation (Alaska)
    Dodds Prison Project – Extended millions over budget
    Nigerian Water Heater Project – 2.4 million dollar loss
    Three (3) S&P downgrades
    Arch Cot, Britton Hill Deaths – linked to Mia Mottley
    75,000 Campaign Cheque
    Plagarism and Copyright Theft (Barbados Free Press)

  21. 174

    Stay on subject.

  22. Anonymous158

    Richard should be in jail still.

  23. Gulliver

    wow!! how many temporary judges we having here!!! You should be ashamed of yourself making stupid and ignorant (but seems that, recently, ignorance is rampant on this Rock) statements about a case with many points to be clarified. Illegal or not the rounds found in Mr. R. Arthur residence is Court matter and not BFP matter. Amen!

  24. Guess bim is between a rock and a harder place.

  25. LOOK

    According to cousin, Winston Roach ‘persons of my family have much influence and credibility’. That influence gave Winston the position of Purchasing Officer [Barbados Water Authority], not qualified but allows him to travel into the United States (Brookly, NY) visiting relatives and Quebec, Canada visiting Carole Boyce.

    Arthur, a drunk, inept and corrupt politician yet has influence and many in Barbados still support him. He, however, in 2008 did not win prime minister title. He (Arthur), and his supporters though are sure he will win the next election (2013). Mitt Romney alike Arthur had much influence and many supported him. He (Romney) in 2008 did not win in the primary election and did not win party nomination. He (Romney) in 2012 won primary election for his party, won party nomination but lost in the final election to Barack Obama. Romney and his supports were sure they could/would defeat Barack Obama and the Democratic Party (United States). Romney: ‘It’s possible’ Obama could win but ‘not likely’. Romney had prepared ONLY a victory speech. He had prepared also his inaguration and apparently in process of choosing his cabinet. Romney and the Republicans (United States) are now very embarrassed. [If] Owen does not win, he will face like embarrassment alike [similar] media statements uttered and published.

    The Barbados Court, it’s decision concerning Richard should certainly not be influenced and or await Arthur winning prime minister title, AGAIN.

  26. "Dead-Eye" Dicky

    About the ammunition…
    How many cartridges can I have on my person, hidden in my shoe and tucked under the mattress with my other ill-gotten gains?
    Is it advised to be carrying any particular Party affiliation card?
    “Dead-Eye” Dicky needs to know

  27. Anonymous64

    Surprised Richard was charged at all. His family has much influence and credibility. LOL

  28. just want to know

    LOOK, whatever you say I know that my Family & I will be voting for OWEN SEYMOUR ARTUR. He certainly not mor coupt than any the other that are in now,& I know I will have a bit more money in my pocket to go to the supermarket.

  29. just want to know

    He is certainly not more corrupt than any politician that are in power now.

  30. LOOK

    Things will be business as usual with Owen. . . . and the beat goes on. Richard [brother] off the hook. Winston [cousin] will still be traveling US and Canada but certainly not purchasing for the Barbados Water Authority.

  31. 110

    Any who get in, we still getting bull hard hard hard by whoever in power….muh rawsole suffering, HEEEELLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

  32. LOOK

    Surprised Richard was charged at all, his family has much influence and credibility. LOL

    It’s possible the DLP could win a second term following Barack Obama (United States). It’s possible Arthur could win (2013) ‘he has much influence and credibility’. LOL.

  33. Anita

    Why does Owen drink so much rum.

  34. LOOK

    Winston Roach of St. Lucy, a purchasing officer (Barbados Water Authority) is a cousin of Owen Arthur, an ex-prime minister and ex-opposition leader (BLP). He, Winston said “persons of my family have much influence” but Owen is a drunk, inept and corrupt. He, additionally lost his bid for prime minister in the February 21, 2013 general election, and no longer Leader of the Opposition (BLP), did not influence voters or BLP party members. Barbarian were not fooled by sweet talking Owen Arthur and or Mia Mottley. So, Richard Arthur not off the hook for the fire arms charges made against him (illegal possession of over 100 rounds of ammunition), must finish what Sidney Burnett-Alleyne started. Winston Roach, purchasing officer (Barbados Water Authority) hopefully has not and won’t forget the Septmeber 2012 special audit commission by Minster of Finance, Chris Sinckler. Proof of what he has purchased in Brooklyn, New York and Canada [if] anything should be reported and properly documented. Minister Sinckler, I think is serious about his job and means business.

  35. Anonymous

    he was given back his firearm too!!

  36. Anonymous

    Richard’s last court day was January 12, 2015. No case was drop