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What happened to Firearms Act charges against Owen Arthur’s brother?

Richard Seymour Arthur was charged with illegal possession of over 100 rounds of ammunition

When the brother of former Prime Minister Owen Arthur was found last February with 102 rounds of ammunition, “without permission, contrary to the Firearms Act of Barbados”, many folks were amazed that he was charged at all. We know how it is ’bout hey: there’s one law for ordinary people and another law for ‘special people’.

So it was unusual that the former BLP candidate and Owen’s brother should have found himself spending a few nights at Dodds Prison before getting bail.

And that’s the last we heard of it: Richard Arthur made bail and nothing since.

It may be that we’ve just missed more recent news stories and updates to the situation – but not one of us has seen anything.

So what’s happening? Was Richard Arthur convicted? Is the case still before the courts?

Or… as happens in so many cases, were the charges just quietly dropped on a Friday afternoon?


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