Another road death: Barbados Police cannot test if school bus driver had been drinking

What is the likelihood that the driver of a bus carrying 46 students was hung-over from a late night drinking session? Your guess is as good as mine, and as good as the guess of the police officers who investigated a fatal collision on Friday morning.

How much the bus driver had been drinking the night before, if anything at all, will remain a guess because both DLP and BLP governments in their time promised to implement breathalyzer equipment and legislation, but did not do so. Our police therefore have no law allowing them to administer a breath test to drivers involved in serious collisions. Third rate. Third world.

After at least 15 years of broken promises, we have to conclude that our politicians don’t want effective anti-drunk driving laws on the books.

Here are a few of our previous stories on this topic. Have a read and ask yourself how the DLP differs from the BLP when it comes to minding the safety of our children as they travel to school each morning…

November 28, 2010: Barbados road deaths: 240% higher rate than UK

December 29, 2009: Another Drinking Driver gets off easy because Barbados Police lack Breathalyzers

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16 responses to “Another road death: Barbados Police cannot test if school bus driver had been drinking

  1. Mirna

    Breathalyzer equipment and legislation is a must!!! There is no reason not to implement it!

  2. St George's Dragon

    What is the likelihood that the driver of a private car carrying one passenger was hung-over from a late-night drinking session?
    Why pick on the bus driver?

  3. They will probably implement breathalyzer in bim in the year 3014, knowing how slow they do everything. Why should it be high priority, someone only died. The mentality sucks.

  4. sober as a judge

    Pick on the bus driver because he has a load of school children and the car driver is dead so they will get the results of his drinking via the autopsy. It is a disgrace that our politicians don’t care enough about protecting the public to pass this one law.

  5. 22

    Why do you need a breathalyzer, it should be mandatory in a case like this and most accidents that the driver be taken to the Hospital for test, weather it be Alcohol or DRUGS.
    What are the Law makers / Government scared of ? They seem to be able to make all sorts of Laws to make it impossible to live.

  6. rastaman

    Agreed ,this should be mandatory in cases like this.What is the problem???

  7. Soverign democratic country?

    And to think Barbados representatives are wandering throughout the world to UN and other similar functions as if they were actually contributing to the betterment of their citizens, with equal votes in some cases and spending money that doesn’t belong to them for doing nothing.

    What a joke!!!

    The responsibility lies with those countries who have the financial club to insist on immediate financial and legal reform such as the European Union, the US and Canada, but then again they are part of this charade for their own reasons.

    The small island instrument of fear and reprisals perpetuates a do nothing
    attitude and surely there are enough citizens with all these legitimate repetitive complaints who can phone around and form their own groups to put alternative candidates up for election and REAL change?

  8. gee

    I was in barbados two years ago and was amazed that the police were taking the breath test equiptment to school children.
    Bajans are licensed to drink and drive if we realy look at it.

  9. Introducing the breathalyzer in Barbados at this time would be to penalize the ordinary man who likes a drink in the evenings or at weekends.
    Alcohol can be detected in the blood the next day.
    Must target:
    (1) Those who are given the responsibility to use breathalyzer.
    (2) The Politicians.
    (3) Those irresponsible citizens.
    (4) Those irresponsible Tourists.
    (5) Implement laws so all are dealt the same under the law.
    Then observe the state of roads in ALL Parishes, especially in St. Lucy.
    I am fairly convinced bad roads are a contribution to accidents.
    Potholes, narrow roads, bushes by the wayside, roaming cows & horses and some irresponsible pedestrians.
    The ‘Transport & Works’ should be charged if any accident can be proven, was caused by the state of the roads.
    Education is the ‘KEY’.
    (a) Target schools; (b) Use the media to spread the message.
    If the law is broken, no matter who that person may be, Dodds the answer, NO fine. While he/she is spending time at the pleasure of HM, treatment should be mandatory if found to be an alcoholic.
    If found not to be an alcoholic, a period of rehabilitation a must before discharge. In each of the above, the insurance company should be informed.
    Two questions to answer!
    Would the ‘ALCOHOLIC’ industry approve such a simple measure as a BREATHALYZER in Barbados?
    Are there any politicians brave enough to mention a BREATHALYZER in its manifesto?

  10. As I said that breathAlyzer is not happening in bim till 3014. Sad as it is the transport board and insurance companies protect the reckless drivers who injure, maim and kill bajans, these same tax paying victims are the same whose money keeps the bus service operating. The insurance companies go the extra mile to ensure plaintiff claims are not paid, with the help of the thiefing lawyers of course.

  11. On another very serious note, these consulate employees who waltz around the world on taxpayers dime and who we know get their jobs through any number of things except their own merit, attend every seminar and conference under the sun that relates to export, trade and general nation building, yet when u call the consulates requiring info on. How to start a business outside as a bajan, ur told ‘WE DONT DO THAT, WE ONLY DO TOURISM”. WELL, WHAT A BUNCH OF SMALLMINDED IDIOTS, THAT IS WHAT CONSULAR SERVICES ARE FOR, UPLIFTMENT AND PROGRESS OF UR COUNTR AND PEOPLE. These consulate employees need to be reminded of this, the big countries make sure their employees are aware, they cannot keep babysitting pettyminded small island mentalities.

  12. 92

    legislation is a must!!!

  13. 92



    U follow everythg ,y o follow LEGISLATION of the BREATHALYZER it’s a must!!!
    U don’t think this is IMPORTANT enough

  15. SUN


  16. Looks like bim is just going around and around in circles, there must be a cutoff point somewher when things change, then again I forgot most people don’t want change and prefer the 16th century mentality with the 21st century lifestyle.