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Barbados tourism to benefit: Air Passenger Duty eliminated for flights from Belfast.

The imposition of an expensive Air Passenger Duty from the United Kingdom devastated our long stay visitor arrival numbers over the last few years, so Barbadians should be cheering the latest news that as of January 1, 2013, APD will be cancelled for long haul flights from Northern Ireland.

The obvious thing for our Barbados Tourism Authority to do now is to target Irish and nearby markets where tourists can be looking at direct flights from Northern Ireland. There should be a marked increase in traffic from the Republic of Ireland if the BTA gets at it.

What a great place to feature the new Rihanna Barbados tourism campaign and commercials!

Can the Barbados Tourism Authority move quickly to capitalize on this new development? It’s a gift so I hope so!

Over to you, BTA…

Belfast International Airport

Air Passenger Duty reduced to zero on all long haul flights from Belfast

Finance Minister Sammy Wilson has welcomed the abolishment of Air Passenger Duty on long haul flights from Northern Ireland from January 2013.

The Final Stage of the Air Passenger Duty Bill was passed in the Assembly today. This means that Air Passenger Duty on direct long haul flights departing from Northern Ireland airports will be reduced to zero with effect from January 2013.

Welcoming this Sammy Wilson said: “The Executive committed in the Programme for Government to reduce the Air Passenger Duty for direct long haul flights to zero. The legislation passed today delivers on this commitment and is good news for our economy in these challenging financial times. Continue reading


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