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Barbadian fights Taliban in Afghanistan

Dozens of Bajans have served in Afghanistan and Iraq

It doesn’t matter what you think of a war that has gone on more than twice as long as World War II. It doesn’t matter what you think about remotely controlled aircraft launching missiles that kill ten and twenty innocent people and children to take out a handful of Muslim terrorists. (What was that definition of ‘terrorist’ again? Oh ya… someone on the other side.)

None of that matters in the context of Bajans fighting for the British and American military. None of that matters in the context of Bajan civilians working in Afghanistan and Iraq. None of that matters when you are there and just trying to survive.

Soldiers don’t give a damn about politics… or whether KFC serves cold chicken, or a neighbour stays up too late yelling at his kids and wife in Grape Hall. Soldiers only care about survival.

A few years ago BFP’s readers were surprised to hear from our own Robert as he did a quick turnabout in Kabul. It is also surprising that Brit soldiers are wearing hats knitted in Barbados.

So why should we be surprised that every day, Bajans are in combat in Afghanistan?

From Barbados to Bagram, beyond

FORWARD OPERATING BASE SHANK, Afghanistan – It’s a long way from the tropical shores of Barbados to the rugged terrain of Afghanistan – the latest deployment in the career of one Air Force battlefield weather forecaster.

Tech. Sgt. Omar Nurse, born on the island nation just 60 miles east of the Caribbean Sea, is assigned to the 19th Expeditionary Weather Squadron, headquartered at Bagram Airfield. But Nurse lives and works far from Bagram, embedded with U.S. Army soldiers at the Tactical Operations Center of Forward Operating Base Shank…

… read the full story at the Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System: From Barbados to Bagram, beyond


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