The neighbourhood of CL Financial’s Lawrence Duprey

Hey… that sure looks like my place at Grape Hall!

“10 Harborage Drive, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This spectacular Intracoastal estate home is located on a private gated island in the heart of the Venice of America. Built in a contemporary Mediterranean design, the home features an open floor plan with soaring ceilings and luxury amenities. This smart home offers both Lutron and Crestron entertainment and lighting effects. Special features include gourmet gas kitchen inside and out, gymnasium, large 3rd floor theater, sauna and up or downstairs master. The garage can accommodate eight cars.”


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14 responses to “The neighbourhood of CL Financial’s Lawrence Duprey

  1. A policy holder

    Surely, he could not be so STUPID as to live in such a home. He might be renting a “cottage” on one of these palace grounds!

  2. Moneybrain

    He and anybody could get away with LOOTING because they OWN the AUTHORITIES! If he was likely to end up at Club Fed or worse, exchanging notes with Stanford and Madoff and NOT bending over to pick-up the soap at shower time, he would NOT have been so comfy now or then.

    All the Corporate Crooks globally should have been stripped of all their ill gotten gains years ago and be serving serious time! They are NOT because the elected Pols have been and are COMPLICIT!!! I know cause I work in the investment world!

  3. What will they think of next

    what was it that lawrence did wrong?

  4. glickfree

    2 Harborage Isle Drive
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
    Find on map >>
    Land value: $4,158,730
    Building value: $2,923,020
    Total value for property: $7,081,750
    Last sale date: 04/12/2002
    Assessments for tax year: 2009
    Building area: 8,588 square feet

  5. glickfree

    According to tax records Sylvia Baldini (Mrs Lawrence Duprey) owns three plots of land/houses at #2 and #9.

    Perhaps she is a lady of independent means.

  6. Anonymous42

    October 27, 2012 at 7:27 pm
    what was it that lawrence did wrong?

    Among other things, he enriched himself and his friends off the life savings of helpless old people and others. Now he is rich and they are destitute.

    Truly a great man!!

  7. yatiniteasy

    from what I hear he may like being in jail with Tyrone….sorry, Leroy.

  8. 107

    US throw people like this in Jail (Sanford) while West Indians go scot free and live like Kings

  9. Racketeering

    This is nothing more or less than racketeering ( RICOH ), so why is the US tolerating it or are Caribbean citizens of lesser importance or really in need of greater protection within the confines of stolen property?

  10. 138

    There are many politicians in the islands living like kings on bribes and back handers too. Our society allows this, others do not tolerate it. Many of these own properties in America too.

  11. Anonymous

    I’d expect no less of a residence from a Grand Master Teef like bulling Larry….live large and Teef Strong!

  12. Wonder wat the jail cell will accomodate

  13. To be fair, unless US , and/or international laws are broken there is very little the US can do, let’s hope they find some breeches that I can guarantee they are searching for, and lock these leeches and human vampires in the cages they belong.

  14. A policy holder

    How come the Income Tax man doesn’t visit, LD, LP and others involved? The wife of LD. Where did all the millions come from to acquire these palaces in Florida etc?

    Did our late PM get tax clearance for his will to be probated? And if so why is his Will still a document hidden from those who need to know. Like the many with matured CLICO policies that haven’t been paid. Where is the forensic report from the JM and has the DPP seen any of this stuff just for Sunday reading material. Col JN should have some advance warning of how many cells he will need!