Baby goes to Barbados! – Visitor thanks Zed Surfing Adventures with a YouTube video

A short film to say thanks to Zed Surfing Adventures for a great holiday. You can see more of barbados at or check out Zed’s Surfing and snorkeling trips at

Shot with a GoPro Hero2

Editor’s comment: Now that is cute! Zed’s visitor must have been pleased with their trip to go to this trouble. Looks great for Zed Layson and all his crew.


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8 responses to “Baby goes to Barbados! – Visitor thanks Zed Surfing Adventures with a YouTube video

  1. Breadfruit

    Brilliant advert & nice to see an original idea, well done Virgin & Zeds.

  2. Neco Ifill

    More effective than anything the BTA did in the last 20 years.

  3. Adrian Loveridge


    I agree. If we are currently targeting the Baby Boomers, what do you think this marketing should be called?
    I have suggested to Nick that he posts it on the BTA FaceBook site and also sent it to Sir Richard Branson.

    Beautifully done.

  4. Mac

    Agree with Neco. Brilliant video. BTA should be ashamed. It will be the best thing on their website.

    @Adrian. How about “Barbados – it’s where great memories start” or “Barbados – Baby knows best” or “Barbados – Yeah Baby!!!”

    FYI – GoPro camera is on my Christmas list. :-))

  5. Zed

    Thanks for the comments all, nick thinks outside the box and he has a great way of putting that emotional feeling into videos, he did this as a thankyou to us and a bit of a surprise, i only had one word when i saw it —– Genius …..

    I think its high time we stop spending hard earned tax payers money on million dollar campaigns that may attract visitors once and (instead) start rebuilding Barbados tourism product with heart tugged campaigns that keep them for a lifetime, it involves investing in the people that tourists see the most..

    The “Small Man” – whoever that may be.


  6. Adrian Loveridge


    totally agree.
    Nick tells me that he had alreday sent the Baby video to the BTA and also another Beachesof Barbados, but did not even receive a response from them.
    The the staff walk out due to having a sick building ,but they still have enough money to buy/lease a high end luxury Audi SUV for someone that is leaving next week.

    Its just as well, we don’t we don’t have the same priorities in the private sector.

  7. rastaman

    Really catchy video.Well done..The BTA is just like every other Government orginisation.

  8. Harry callihan

    i got one word to say.lies.