Should BFP remove all David Thompson ‘piggy’ cartoons?

Google search for deceased PM Thompson. Click photo for larger version.

“Google search engine is pulling your pig image of Prime Minister David Thompson in its search mode. The image may have been hacked or intentional, but nevertheless, I do not think that it should remain in its present state. Not sure if you are aware, but a lot of us would appreciate that it is rectified. For me its not about politics or how we feel about a person, but rather its more about respect to a memory of not this prime ministers only but every one of them. Hope you understand.”

Should Barbados Free Press remove cartoons of deceased politicians?

Well folks, what do you think? We haven’t created any new political cartoons of David Thompson since he died because 1/ We have a new Prime Minister in charge of corruption, and 2/ We don’t think we should create disrespectful political cartoons of dead people, at least in the immediate time after their passing.

We are aware though, that had David Thompson lived he would have been savaged in the coming election for the breaking of his election promises regarding integrity and transparency, his corrupt actions relating to the CLICO fraud and many other actions of the DLP piggy government.

Should we remove the David Thompson political cartoons? All of them? Some of them? Just the piggy ones? Just the ones deemed ‘disrespectful’ by our readers?

Should we remove the one about David Thompson’s corrupt relationship with Leroy Parris and his free use of a corporate jet when the Barbados Government provided favours to the corporation?

PM Thompson Says His Use Of CLICO’s Business Jet Is None Of Your Business

What do you think?



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12 responses to “Should BFP remove all David Thompson ‘piggy’ cartoons?

  1. Tell me Why

    With an eminent election on the horizon why would you only contemplate the removal of a “piggy” cartoon and not the silly “Veco” banner above?

  2. Rastaman

    @tell me why: Good point!!!

  3. St George's Dragon

    So it’s the two year anniversary of David Thompson’s death.
    Someone needs to remind Mara to pay the bill for the plot at St John’s Church otherwise they will be digging up his bones and burning them soon.

  4. Rastaman

    @St Georges Dragon: So they did not own the plot?

  5. Remove them for what. The only thing that needs to be remove is thiefing Tompson remains from st john to Dodds st philip

  6. Anonymous

    Burn Deadvid in effigy…a fat hog with his face and CLICO writ large on his hogside would be fine.


    There is a lot more , many more bigger crooks to put up .
    Why BFP dont put up the other crooks we put up.?
    C O Williams

  8. 158

    Plantation, COW never teef from an entire population in the manner of Deadvid and CLICO….Deadvid is the biggest teef.


    Anonymous@ We here have what we have , after 5 years of looking at the books . Freedom of Information Act or law will never be passed , It will show up ALL that is wrong and why Barbados is number 10 in Fraud in the
    World of about Countries.
    Plantation know and singed complaint with the Fraud Squad,18 pages and the POA Singed 22 Pages.
    Plantation can back up their Words With Facts , More Fact than the GOVT . can or will ever show.
    David was on of her lawyers at one point on a land suit. David charged Violet Beckles for the case , They Lost the case for even the Judges in this and moved up to be a Judge to cover the work they did 20 years ago as a lawyer , Who did not make Judge made QC.
    David lost the case and told Violet Beckles this is Fraud and did not take any funds.
    David knew Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckles , They Both worked for Her , with the Rents with D. Scott.
    Rents went to the law firm ..
    law firm , with Errol Barrow,QC,whose law firm Trident Chamber, Asquith Phillips QC ,George Moe Q C, Carlo Fields QC, and Philip Greaves Q C .
    David count the money give to Fields to put in the bank , no where for the money to be found today.
    SIR COW with Sir Richard L .Cheltenham QC, Phd. on whitepark road.main Crooks we know of as of 1996 0r 7

  10. Mike M

    Say what ever you will or think…the fact is that David Thompson was Prime Minster of Barbados and was loved and admired by most Bajans – a fact proven by the outpouring of grief by the multitudes who came out for his funeral and/or showed remorse.

    It is vastly disrespectful for his image to be portrayed by that of a pig if some student or a person doing research on Barbados for what ever reason, to see a “pig’s” image emerge!!

    Errol Barrow was not loved by all and from all accounts he was by no means a saint. Yet I believe there would be a mass outcry if BFP were to put a pig’s image on his picture!!!!

    Write whatever you want to about Thompson, at the end of a day it is recognised that BPF is only a blog, but a picture is worth more than a 1000 words!!

  11. T.

    For those who would like to see the image on the Google search changed, do a search for “david john howard thompson” in Google. When the image comes up on the right of the page, click “feedback/more info” at the bottom right-hand corner of the box, and then click “wrong?” under the image. If enough people do this, the image will eventually be replaced by another image from the web, whether BFP removes their cartoons or not.