Barbados election doesn’t matter when the two parties are the same

DLP & BLP politicians at work

by Perdy

There is no difference between the two parties in my opinion. Both parties take it in turn to dupe the public into believing they are better than the other; yet when either wind office, they carry out the same or similar agenda as the the other party next.

Prior to the 2008 election,we were told by one party how corrupt the other party was, displaying so-called evidence. Four years later this claim is still being banded about. If one party has evidence to prove the other lied steal or borrowed, which may be against the law, it should proceed to bring a case against the other in a court of law and have those responsible prosecuted.

Four years later, with no action being taken, brings me to conclude there is no truth or, those critical are just as guilty as those they are criticizing.

If there are no laws currently on the statue books to use to prosecute, why not? Again 4 years have passed where those laws should have been implemented so as to halt or prevent a repeat of it happening again.

“The truth of the matter is: There is no difference between the 2 parties. The party is in power is as guilty as that out of power. If one witnessed a crime or is aware of a crime committed; refuses to take action to prosecute or to take preventative action, he is as guilty as the guy who has committed the crime.”

I would like to see good governance; transparency, integrity, especially those who are holding the public purse. There is temptation in many organizations and ‘Humans’ are weak. Some kind of legislation should be on the statue books so as to deter those who weak. The law should be applied equally to all who break the law.

It is high time now. We should be pressuring those who are in office or are thinking of running for office, that if they break the law, they will be harshly dealt with. No mercy should be shown to corrupt politicians.

Barbados has no anti-corruption laws. Neither party has put Integrity Legislation or Freedom of Information laws in place although each party has promised to do this many times. This brings me to conclude that neither party can claim to be credible when it comes to being honest with the public.

There is no difference between the two parties.

Submitted by BFP reader Purdy. BFP’s Robert corrected a few spelling mistakes and added some connective sentences. Purdy’s original can be viewed here.


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3 responses to “Barbados election doesn’t matter when the two parties are the same

  1. 110

    BLP/DLP no difference……no action to put anyone in Jail from either side…”What a waste of a new Jail”
    What good has come out of any of the “Commission of Inquiries”,
    Anything been done about C&P, must these children continue to suffer? rather than get an education.
    In your words Mr. Perdy, “I would like to see good governance; transparency, integrity, especially those who are holding the public purse.”
    Where are we going to find these people? Import them ?

  2. LOOK

    Both the DLP involving David Thompson and the BLP involving Owen Arthur are tainted by mountains of mess but the BLP mess mountains are more immense. Stuart and the DLP cannot hide the recent S&P downgrade or CLICO. Barbados before the 2008 general election was handed three S&P downgrades. Arthur and the BLP cannot hide this. Barbados during a better economic climate was handed three S&P downgrades. This occurred during the BLP government administration with Arthur at the helm. The BLP before 2008 was not financially sound. Three S&P downgrades proves this.

    The Al Barrack mess mountain originated during the days of Arthur and the BLP. They know this, can’t hide it, that or the $75,000 campaign cheque that Arthur invited into his personal banking account. VECO is another BLP mess mountain and embarrassing. Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall gave the VECO Corporation (Alaska) a government contract WITHOUT TENDER. VECO built the prison at Dodds in St. Philip but had no record of building prisons and the prison project extended millions OVER BUDGET. The Nigerian Water Heater Project is yet another BLP mess mountain and embarrassing. Arthur invested 2.4 million in a water heater project. No water heaters were produced and the 2.4 million was lost and or unaccounted for. Seems to me Arthur and the BLP is responsible for a lot of mess-ups, want to publically advertise any and all errors linked to the DLP but hide and or over look their own, NOT WORKING.

    The S&P on July 17th downgraded Barbados to junk bond status. This was MAJOR NEWS due to Arthur and the BLP. Immediately after announcement of the S&P downgrade Arthur went about ranting and raving CALL ELECTION!!! “let us get this behind us [the election] and let all the fundamental decisions that must be made about the countries future be made in a period of calm and seriousness rather than in a period of electorial frenzy”. Arthur seems to think that Barbados needs him only him to survive in light of fact, he’s a drunk, inept and corrupt. Bajans did not deserve David Thompson and don’t deserve Owen Arthur. Arthur, during a budget debate could not remember that he actually chaired the meetings of Cabinet discussing the VECO matter. He said he wished he was there. But when told by both Minister Sinckler and the Prime Minister – ‘no Owen, you were there,’ he then said that he said something else. When pressed again, he again said something completely different and also said that he never said what he said on the two previous occasions the entire country heard him say it. Owen had apparently had hit upon a drinking binge.

    Arthur and those BLP folks though really can put on a good clown show and get laughs. The DLP government according to Arthur has a moral responsibility to fix CLICO. He, Arthur perhaps forgot that the supervisor of insurance in 2006 issued a Cease and Desist order against CLICO and he, Arthur had knowledge of it. He, Arthur alike David Thompson allowed the CLICO disaster. Interesting, Arthur and the BLP are now the fix it folks. They will fix CLICO. They will fix it. They will fix the economy. They will fix it. They will fix the national debt. They will fix it.

    Corruption we know is everywhere and in every place. Some countries, big and small fight it, some don’t. Some countries, big and small accept and or tolerate it, some don’t. The US fights it, Barbados does not. The US does not tolerate it, Barbados does. These individuals are all proof that the US fights corruption and will not tolerate it: Kwame Kilpatrick, Monica Conyers, Rod Blagojevich, Italia Federici, Kevin Ring, Barbara Rose Collins, Nicholas Mavroules, Albert Buslamante, Samuel B. Kent, David Safavian, J. Steven Giles, Richard Tonry, Mario Biaggi, etc.

    Lawyers, Judges, politicians, etc. in the United States are persecuted and convicted if warranted. Barbados though is rather far behind. Yes, It is a developing country but still THIRD WORLD. There will likely be another CLICO further on and continued land theft. Owen Arthur, if given prime minister title will still be a drunk and put into his personal banking account money that belongs elsewhere. IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE IN BARBADOS. Corrupt lawyers, judges, politicians and government workers are not prosecuted and or convicted. Otherwise, all would be residents of Dodds in St. Philip: Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, Dale Marshall, Gine clark, Leroy Parris, etc.

  3. Willie & Rib Bone

    My BBF, Willie and me is thinkin’ we’s bonna start the TIT Party (Trotters in Trough Party) and maybe get enough votes to where we can relax on the beach, drink our Banks & rum, smoke de spliffs and diddle with the ladies.
    If you vote for me and Willie and we get into the mainstream of hoggin’ de cash-you all will be welcome to the Big Fandango we be planning annually that gonna be better than Cropover.
    Your Eager Representative,
    Ribe Bone