Tamara Marshall comes together at Carib Beach Bar

The audio doesn’t do justice to Tamara’s powerful delivery… but all in all it’s not bad for a little Flip camera that Ian Bourne won in a contest!

Thanks to The Bajan Reporter for “working” on a Saturday night!  🙂



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7 responses to “Tamara Marshall comes together at Carib Beach Bar

  1. Tamara has always had one of the most lovely voices on the island. love u girl.

  2. caribeye

    Tamara is always a “righteous” performer with the best set of pipes in the Caribbean region. Power, range, tone she simply stands out from the rest! Pity Ian didn’t capture the near Finale when the Band had Tamara, the talented and sassier Jan Keizer and the (surprise!) Empress of Jazz CiCi Austin, now back from living in Canada on stage for the rollickin anthem Proud Mary, led by Tamara at her fullest powers! The entire Carib was “rollin’ on the river” a river that seemd to be in full flood! CiCi had them cheering when she addded her trademark “growl” to the lyrics!

    The funniest scene of the night was a cameo by Ricky Stoute, in for a few days from his German home! Up on stage to sing Hey Jude with Tamara, Ricky suddenly realised he didn’t know the lyrics! Much to the hyper-amusemnt of other songstresses like TC , Jan et al! That didn’t stop him from grooving to the tune and finally Tamara found him a sheet with the lyrics and Ricky, as to be expected from such a class professional deliverd in spades! Rickty come home more often. Your super voice is much missed by aficionados who appreciate real artistry!

    Footnote: A Canadian visitor spoke to me and said: Wow! Great show eh? This Band is f***** good!” I replied ” Amazing talent on stage and from the invited singers, some of whom sang unrehearsed! Do you think you could hear all that back in Canada for $15 Barbados? “Nope” he said. “No way for that price, anywhere in the world”! Now that is added value! I’m sure he’ll tell every one back home about this night!

  3. Dan

    Ummmmmm, Ian or somebody labeled that video wrong. It’s not “Revolution No. 9”. It’s not even “Revolution”.

    Try “Come Together”.

  4. Ouch I will correct it, there’s also another video on and that is correct – Wayne Gibbs covering Sweet Caroline (Youtube would not let me save it under Creative Commons, had to use a Standard YT license), and one more to upload – Malissa Alanna, did not see Ricky but I left at 11 {the rum was a bit too free-flowing, probably why I misnamed the Beatles’ tune ;)}

  5. 158

    Relieved and delighted the defibrillators remained unused for the evening…

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