38% of Barbados voters reject both DLP and BLP – would vote for an Independent candidate

UPDATED: February 7, 2013

How many independent candidates are running? That’s a tough call because the old media isn’t mentioning independent candidates – sometimes not at all. The CBC doesn’t even include Taan Abed in its candidate list. There are apparently seven independent candidates but their names are difficult to find, if you can at all.

The fix is in folks: and your Bajan news media is part of the problem.

Here’s a little article from October 2012 where Bajans indicated that independents could do very well in the current election.

What do you think?

Original article…

“I’d vote for anybody but a DLP or BLP candidate”

A recent online poll conducted by Barbados Free Press shows that 38 percent of voters reject both the DLP Democratic Labour Party and the BLP Barbados Labour Party and would vote for an independent candidate if given the opportunity.

This is a stunning revelation in a country where the few independent candidates on the ballot traditionally receive only a handful of votes and are not a factor in determining the outcome. Voters seem to be fed up with both of the old parties, citing corruption, greed and incompetence in comments left at the poll.

“If BFP’s poll is accurate at all, it shows a high dissatisfaction with both DLP and BLP.”

“I’d vote for anybody but DLP or BLP.”

“It could be said that Barbados voters elect no one: they only unelect the last government.”

“A dead cat as a candidate would win in Grape Hall.”

“To vote for either party means you all will eat @#$%. Just how much @#$% can you stand before you walk away? Hold you nose and you can eat even more.”

“Anyone but DLP and BLP.”

“Goin wid Owen no more! Not goin with Stuart either.”

“Bajans did not deserve David Thompson and don’t deserve Owen Arthur.”

Readers comments on the poll in BFP’s Obviously sober Owen Arthur presents a good case. Would you vote BLP?

Independent candidate Taan Abed could win in Christ Church West   

One of the most exciting races will be Christ Church West where former DLP candidate Taan Abed (photo above) declared himself an Independent Candidate after he was apparently tossed from the DLP ticket over his race. As we wrote in our story Taan Abed declares: Independent candidate Christ Church West

Why did the DLP Executive turf Abed? Disgusting racial politics, Bim style…

It was all about race according to some sources who claim that Taan Abed was dropped because of his race. So the story goes, the DLP executive believed that Abed’s race and Syrian roots make him unelectable in black-majority Barbados, even though Abed is a devout Christian. In his March 2012 interview with Ian Bourne, Mr. Abed had lots to say about racial politics and the DLP. Now though, Abed is focusing on the positive. He intends to win, and he just might do that.

If the Barbados Free Press poll has shown anything, it is that Bajan voters do not trust either the DLP or the BLP and that they are in a mood to punish the two worn-out parties that they see as corrupt, greedy and incompetent.

People aren’t stupid: most know how the party system works here in Bim and they are not willing to publicly reject the DLP or the BLP. But what they do alone when voting is another matter. Independent candidates will do surprisingly well this time around – better than they have ever done before. Some might just win.

As our own Cliverton declared “A dead cat as a candidate would win in Grape Hall.”

That might just be true this time around.


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43 responses to “38% of Barbados voters reject both DLP and BLP – would vote for an Independent candidate

  1. Greg

    Sounds like Shakespeare: “a pox on both your houses”.


    Taan Abed has our vote, He Have seen the proof and now know the PM, AG, OWEN , and others are crooks. Over taxing the People . Both the BLP and the DLP have been fooling the Bajans and the crooks they have in Key places in the GOVT. Selling and kissing Sir Richard L Cheltenham PHD QC Massive PONZI with C.O Williams.Renting the High Court the Land they sit on for Beatrice Henry to Violet Beckles have the deeds, Ask them All to see the deeds.All land have deeds and owners,Its their DUTY to keep the Book right and safe .
    Mr Ford Land TAX games and NHC, UDC, Water Company, Inland Rev, National Trust ,
    Ivan Jessamy, G> Dennis Clarke , Jennifer King, Cicely P Chase, Keith A E Mayers UDC Lawyer, Samantha Cummings NHC,Barry Thorpe, and much more.

  3. how short memories we have, was Tan Abed not accused of rape shortly after 2008 elections. what about the family activities to attain wealth over the last 30 years. why are these things so neatly covered up when certain people are involved. and please, its way past time to change the name and faces of the DLP given the history of the family who started the party back in the 50s. seems like curses and blights manifesting themselves in 2012. what has happened to our morals over the years. how sad.

  4. 158

    A dead cat winning in Grape Hall and a donkey braying in St John…LOL!

  5. 43

    I would vote for a new Party

  6. Red Lake Lassie

    Anonymous says “I would vote for a new Party” but there is no new party and there won’t be one this election, maybe next time.

    It is time to vote independent right now and take away the legitimacy of the DLP and BLP that they obtained only through elimination of any other opposition and their agreement not to be too tough on each other. Lots of taunts and allegations but no one goes to jail no matter who is elected to form the government.

    That was true last time and it’s true this next election too.

  7. Miller

    Taan Abed will likely win and what then? What could he do to change anything?

  8. John

    So, if enough independents ran, it is conceivable that the next PM could be an independent …. a la James Mitchell in St. Vincent …. if the DLP candidates were minded to join with the independents and make a coalition Government!!

    Mind you, it might be Freundel who gets a second chance!!

    Either way, the BLP will remain in opposition … no Owen!!

  9. FearPlay

    Just remember that those who enter the race as an Independent can change their tune after elections. Think now, elections are held and there is a tie between parties. An independent or independents is/are approached to help form a government. From the moment that person(s) makes a decision, they are no longer “Independent”. Whither you vote now? Hammie anyone!!

  10. GlenWick

    Ro:16:18: For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

    Isa:32:5: The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful.

    Isa:32:7: The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right.


    MILLER@ Taan knows the true and what is hidden, He will speak
    John @ Alex Mitchell will run in the PM area St Michael South independent

  12. John

    This independent thing is pretty neat.

    If I wanted to run as an independent, I could use the internet to publish my manifesto, although I would avoid calling it a manifesto given its negative connotations.

    It would more be a statement of beliefs which I would expect anyone to hold me to at some later date.

    I would simply be concerned with issues in my constituency and invite conversation on those that excite me and find out what excites the voters in my constituency …. all on the internet.

    When I had established that there was an interest in my running as an independent, I would then announce “meet my constituents” sessions which I would hold at some public place, eg after church in the carpark, …. nothing fancy, no free food and blaring music.

    I could keep costs to a bare minimum that way, voters would know upfront I am not buying anybody’s votes and they would see me in the flesh and hear me out.

    I would get the feedback to justify running as an independent.

    Then I would pay the deposit which I would know by then if I had a good chance of not losing, …. but in any case would not care if I lost it.

    Next get a friend to nominate me all the time maintaining a presence on the internet.

    It might drive the two main parties to apoplexy as their way demands excessive funds, ….. my way would not.

    Wonder if Bajans really want a change!!

  13. name withheld

    The quality of the candidate doesn’t matter to those who vote DLP or BLP. They vote for party. Same for me as I vote for the Independent “Party”. I’ll vote for any independent but none declared yet in my area.


    name withheld@ run in your area, we looking for one in each area to run

  15. who says when these independents finally attain the little power they now crave that they wont resort to utilizing the same defamation laws and lack of freedom of information act, to become predatory and continue to commit serious and vulgar crimes against the bajan populace. who will stnp. way i see it constant exposure is the only weapon there is until we can grow people with actual integrity. until then they all want to look fat like frogs.

  16. John

    Independents making noise and pressuring the status quo are a way of getting constant exposure!!

    Who knows, maybe the fat frogs will suddenly realise their easy days are over and exercise a modicum of integrity while the as yet imaginary people are grown with actual integrity.

    But what is the point of growing people of integrity if they won’t stand up and practice it in the glare of public life?

    Seems to me that Courage better be part of the program for growing these people of integrity.

    “Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualites because it is the only quality that ensures the others” – WSC

  17. GlenWICK

    YOu people keep looing for political leaders to save you. No Independent ,DLP BLP will save you. All of them are corrupt people. There is only one who can save. You are looking after a world that will be destroyed and is currently being destroyed. If we don’t get ourselves right we will be destroyed along with it. Oh Children of Israel return to the Most High. YOu are the Negroes who were sold into slavery.

  18. GlenWICK

    You of the slave trade are not africans. The Africans and the Arabs sold you into captivity to the white man.

  19. GlenWICK

    We the negroes are not African. The Africans and the Arabs sold us to the the White man. See Joel Chp 3. Stop with these political leaders. They are a waste of time. They have sold you out and sold themselves for a pretty penny. If they do not repent they too will be destroyed.

  20. Audit must be done to fix what is broken, stolen and hidden

    We know what the Ministers are hiding from ,and no pay will be taken if we win a seat ,until the truth is told and AUDIT is done,
    Alex Mitchell St Michael South FOI
    Will go toe to toe or nose to nose with the PM and the AG and Police Fraud Squad. All government Departments
    Show the records for all things
    1630 plantation 1846 were printed
    1913 plantations were printed
    1920 plantations were printed
    1926 plantations were missing -Beatrice Henry -1892 -1985 to Violet Beckles 1918-2010
    1936, 46, 56,66, 76, 86, 96 ,2006 -2012 Missing
    20 year good title rule to cover root title and clear title facts
    why cant we see how they were sold and cut up. Nothing was Sold by the Owner. 20 to 30 year gap between the land registry and the Barbados Archives
    Sold for personal gains by Sir Richard L Cheltenham PHD >QC lawyers and CO Williams with the BANKS lawyers from 1986 to now
    This is what they are hiding , No time limit on Fraud.
    Ask the UDC for the deeds for the land bank .
    CLICO is in this land Fraud also, lets see the root tile for Sam Lords,New High Court on white park road.
    The Proof is in the LAND DEEDS of this Massive Fraud report from 2002.
    This is where the money is made by the BLP and the BLP .
    over taxed the people for cover the fraud ,Bank accounts missing.
    Time for the People to get land to build their homes and live well .

  21. is it not ironic that the same defamation laws crafted by the colonial establishment to prevent blacls from having recourse has been used against the same black population by blacK politicians, lawyers and every other dirtbag to gain massive illgotten wealth, lots of free sex and a safe environment to practice any and all perversion againt those who are unaware or unable to retaliate. i feel sure these exposures are the beginning to the end. DONT STOP EXPOSING THESE DEMONS.

  22. loweredexpectations

    “Expect Respect”

    “how short memories we have, was Tan Abed not accused of rape shortly after 2008 elections. ”
    I can accuse you of anything. If I lack the evidence (evidence which is very easy to acquire if you have “raped” someone) then my case is as good as dead.
    Did you see pictures of the “accused”? If you did you wouldnt fuck her with the PM’s dick….and that says alot. When evidence was brought against her she said it was all a lie and everyone here knows that so check your facts and include that the next time you decide to bring up that topic before you try and bring down a good mans name….

    “what about the family activities to attain wealth over the last 30 years.”
    When Taan Abed was rolling around on the ground working at 2 AM in the morning on my neighbours car when HIS government was in power where were YOU. Does that sound like someone who “attained” wealth or someone that WORKED for it?
    I will let you figure it out.

    “what has happened to our morals over the years. how sad.”
    They have been replaced with ignorants like you that send Barbados back to the 20’s.You sound like someone who prefers to point fingers “at the white man” instead of actually seeing the bigger picture.

    Everyone from CCW that knows Taan (Taan not Tan) knows how hard he works for the people and he does this from the goodness of his heart. He was the representative for 3 years while the DLP was in power. Does it sound like he abused his power over those 3 years to get some fancy house or car? Did not think so…

    Feel free to come back and post more jobbie anytime you feel like. I and others will be here and he will have our vote.

  23. The truth

    Expect respect where do you get your facts from? Let us play a game , I will reveal my alias if you reveal yours….on the count of 3.

    Only cowards can hide behind keyboards and post such propaganda! If you believe the assault and Taan Abed being kicked out the party was anything but racial politics then you need to broaden your horizons stat!

  24. who is white in barbados again? ha ha ha! (fall down on the ground, roll around laughing) shake the ‘white’ family trees in bim and more africans and monkeys will fall out than can be contained. besides, a MINORITY population of 3 to 5% can only talk with real cash, bullshit walks. MAJORITY RULES for elections. pity they not as politically savvy as they should be. too party committed, culturally, to their own detriment. u really shovld have shut up about rape accusation, now spotlights on. HA

  25. to add to the tan abed rape accused saga, we all know how police go about collecting evidence in bim, particularly when the accused is politically connected. as for the other idiot who thinks it can take me on, even if i reveal myself, u will have to travel thousands of miles, only to look stupid.

  26. Breadfruit

    I’d like to vote without my ID # being written on the stub of the voting slip, voting is supposed to be anonymous but we all know its not, I questioned it last time & I’ll question it this time

  27. loweredexpectations

    “to add to the tan abed rape accused saga, we all know how police go about collecting evidence in bim, particularly when the accused is politically connected. ”
    Do you write story books?
    What evidence was there to collect if the bitch APOLOGIZED and said she LIED (read lied , as in told an untruth) .
    You call that connections or someone try to extort a “connected” man for money. I am going to go with extortion because I have a brain and can see things for what they are. Politically connected , the parties involved succeeded in stupefying dumbfuck bajans like yourself to “believe” that which is fake is infact “real”.

    You are entitled to your own propoganda but not your own facts.

    The white man aka the minority are not the problem with barbados , it is us the majority that is the problem and election time is evidence of this.We are the ones selling out our own people , trying to extort the fortunate for what they have.

  28. Carson C. Cadogan

    From over at Barbados Underground

    LOOK | October 17, 2012 at 6:07 PM |

    Really, that Arthur the BLP group is thrilling and suspenseful. Film producer, Michael Bay should consider them for movie making. First, Kensington oval, the stadium was built on land that belongs to Violet Beckles not the Barbados government. That woman, Violet Beckles produced land deeds proving that property on which Kensington Oval was built rightfully belongs to her. Beckles had land deeds proving she was owner of at least 200 other properties that includes the famed Sandy Lane Hotel Resort in St. James. Beckles had in her possession the land deeds and a will. The will, incidentally was reviewed in 1990 by then Attorney General, Mia Mottley. Mottley in 1990 confirmed Beckles as beneficiary of the will. Clyde Denny, another victim of land theft willingly gave up his house and land to the Barbados Government for construction of the Eagle Hall Market. Denny was relocated to Passage View, Passage View Road in St. Michael by government but never compensated for the loss of his property. So, Bajans are not surprised that the property of which sits the home of BLP member Gline Clark rightfully belonged to a private owner but seized by government.

    Wait! No wait! There’s more BLP theft, The BLP around August 2007 created a look-alike version of the Barbados Free Press site and used their logo. The BLP attempted to confuse the public and to draw traffic from the genuine Barbados Free Press posts. In doing this, they, the BLP entered into plagiarism and copyright theft. . . Mind blowing. That’s mind blowing but character of the BLP. The Barbados Labor Party prompted a website that involved arson, rape and murder of a political opponent of the government. Arthur refused to acknowledge a letter from the victim of death threats and the police would not investigate because some of the death threats were forwarded from a computer used by a BLP member. . . Mind blowing. That’s mind blowing but character of the BLP.

    VECO is yet another BLP embarrassment. Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall gave the VECO Corporation (Alaska) a government contract WITHOUT TENDER. VECO built the prison at Dodds in St. Philip and VECO had no record of building prisons. What was the OVER BUDGETED AMOUNT? Who is accountable for it, the over-budgeted figure amount? Seems to me Arthur and the BLP is responsible for a lot of mess-ups, want to publically advertise any and all errors linked to the DLP but hide and or over look their own, NOT WORKING.

    The path of the DLP involving David Thompson is non-delightful. The path of the BLP (1994-2008) involving Owen Arthur and several BLP members is also non-delightful. They, all BLP members could and should sit at dinner table, pass it all around, their own non-tasting food.

    Massive Land Theft

    Contractor Al Barrack mega mess

    VECO Corporation mess

    Three (3) S&P down grades

    Arch Cot, Britton Hill Deaths linked to Mia Mottley

    Copyright theft involving the Barbados Free Press

    75,000 Campaign Cheque

    BLP involvement/Violence and Letters of Threat

    The DLP house is not spotless. They know this. The BLP house is also not spotless. They know this. The BLP, though, barks at the DLP as though its house is clean or cleaner than the DLP; it’s not. Bajans could do better than Stuart but without Arthur. Let that dog lie dead, Owen Arthur.

  29. I hope when Taan speak he speak about the white powder. “And he no want to powder we face but to bring shame and disgrace to the human race.” lol.

  30. looks like none of the polititians (that word has too many i in it) are lily white like that powder and people in bim are up the creek, no boat, no paddle. can anyone say it will not be business as usual this time around.

  31. expecting a fedup

    that is the only way you can justify your lifestyle by claiming someone else does something illegal because they have what you do not have. Do you even know how difficult it is to get cocaine you simpleton?
    Try getting off your ass and working instead of using the government internet during 9.00 – 5.00 PM

  32. Prince of Barbados

    Taan Abed is the man who wanted to mash up Long Beach and The Chancery Lane Wetlands but then subsequently pulled his application after much criticism. I wouldn’t vote for him even if my life depended on it! I would more vote for David Commissiong he seems to be a proactive man.


    Expect Respect @ study the Plantation deeds , see what you can find and who own what and how they were cut up the for by the BLP and DLP pvt ownership and sale , 44000 sqft sell for 1 million usd, to build on and then taxed the overseas buyers, more than 20,000 open lots they cut up for sale and taxes purpose for self gain. The BLP and DLP both fighting for the market.NOTHING WAS SOLD BY THE OWNERS , BUT TAKEN UNDER THE SO CALL CROWN .CROWN NEVER PAID FOR WHAT THEY SELLING OR TAKEN,UDC LAND BANK, LAW FIRMS ALL OF THEM
    The funds then hidden in banks own by the same people, The taxes goes up but nothing gets better but accounts in other peoples names,Lawyers getting rich of acting like they doing work and getting work done,More lies then you ever seen, Smile as your money walks away ,Police and courts does nothing for all of the same RATS .Taking notes and then hiding the facts and cover them up to keep the Fraud on the World to keep coming to the money PIT of the Caribbean .My words are easy and easy to look up when all the information is missing or hidden.
    Road tax, water rates, land taxes, food prices, oil or gas prices in Barbados and lack of medical gear to save lives,
    Plantations DEEDS is the root of all things
    Study People for all other things is just smoke and long talk.
    Always ask to see the deed and look for clear title , Not good title of 20 years.go back 60 or to the Plantation deed for root title and see more gaps that will never stand in the united states, will not even get a loan or title insurance.
    Root title ,Beatrice Henry 1926 deeds to 1986 to Violet Beckles 1986 to 2010, Massive fraud report to the AG in 2002 cover Up ,Owen , AG, PMs no F.O.I ACT not laws ,for you all will see what is hidden and missing , the key is the Land , land LAND.
    vote both them Bitches out of office or this will never end,leads to CLICO books stuffed with deeds they never owned but selling .
    Calling Eric Holder and the FBI , Scotland Yard.Your Citizen being robbed.PONZI government on the rampage .

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  35. Voting Fraud

    Breadfruit is bang on!

    Having to put your ID on a ballot receipt does not conform with the right to cast your vote privately and not being subject to corruption and victimization.

    Having the CBC fail to mention independent candidates is another kind of horrendous abuse of a citizens right to know.

    Where is the OECD and its oversight???

  36. 138

    @ Carson C. Cadogan

    “The DLP house is not spotless. They know this. The BLP house is also not spotless. They know this.”

    Spotless is an understatement. Their houses are both NASTY, NASTY NASTY.

  37. 88

    Wow. Carson finally admit that DLP house is not spoyless. Jon should have release him long time ago since he like he now seeing the truth since Jon released him

  38. The Phantom

    So what if the man was accused of tekking a little pussy. I can accuse any one anything. Unless he was charged or found guilty, that arguiment has no merit.

  39. LOOK

    The BLP throughout the year embarked upon numerous issues, any and everything they could think of to sink the DLP ship. Arthur just months ago reported to Midweek Nation that REDjet might still be flying if government has honored its commitment to the collapsed airlines. Arthur, apparently did not consider FACT that Bajans owe REDjet nothing, absolutely nothing but indeed owe Al Barack millions. Barrack has in his posession a court ordered judgment; REDjet does not. Mia Mottley fusses to the Nation News (July 2012) that government owes more than $100 million to the University of West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill Campus and called for an “urgent” permanent solution to the mounting debt problem. Laugh. Go ahead and laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Government at moment owes Al Barrack $77 million, a mounting debt problem that occurred because Arthur was into folly with Julie Price, had hit upon one of his drinking binges and or was sleeping. Barrack wants to get paid. Barrack has in his possession a court ordered judgment, Bajans must pay. Mottley herself has taken posession of property that belongs to Violet Beckles not her. David Thompson investigated Violet Beckles claim of which involves the BLP administration, and the National Housing Commission (NHC), a government entity. . . . . moving tax numbers from one person with deed to another person with no deed and no proof of sale. . . . massive land fraud.

    Speaking at a political meeting at the corner of Deacons Road, Owen Arthur said “the island had been humiliated by the recent S&P downgrade.”We have been reduced to junk status and someone has to be held responsible for it. He Arthur said also that the S&P downgrade report must be taken seriously, buttttttttt Violet Beckles. That old woman has been humiliated by massive land theft and fraud perpetraded by corrupt lawyers and high authorities in Barbados. This must be taken seriously. This must be taken seriously. Someone has to be held accountable.

    Owen Arthur and the BLP gave birth to AL Barrack. Three (3) S&P downgrades, massive land theft, those deaths at Arch Cot, Britton Hill, etc. all occurred during the BLP government with Arthur at the helm. Wait! Here is more, more BLP embarrassment, the 75,000 campaign cheque and that damn Nigerian Water heater project and The VECO Corporation, can’t omit The VECO Corporation. Really, VECO is the height of delight. Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall awarded VECO a government contract without tender. VECO built the prison at Dodds in St. Philip but had no record of building prisons and the prison project, low and behold extended millions over budget. They (Arthur, Mottley and Marshall) maybe now are slapping each other in the face like the goofy Three Stooges.

    All of the above stated does not solitarily endorse and or bless the DLP. Thompson of the DLP was not honest but certainly not fearful. Thompson unlike Stuart did not fear the Violet Beckles case. Violet Beckles must be taken seriously. All those involved and must be accountable: Sir Richard L. Cheltenham, QC A [Quick Crook] lawyer, Samantha Cummings, Mark Cummings, Mia Mottley, etc.

    Prime Minister Stewart made public sixteen points why David Thompson should not be prime Minister. Clyde Mascoll’s reply to Owen Arthur’s 2004 budget was also made public.

    “Mr Speaker, as I sat yesterday listening to the Right Honourable Member for St Peter, once again I became convinced that the Right Honourable Prime Minister does not have any clue as to where he wants to take this country Barbados. The Right Honourable Prime Minister has no clear vision of the kind of Barbados that he wants to leave when he exists the political stage . . . . The Right Honourable Member for St Peter does not speak from a deeply-held philosophical position. His positions and policies reek of political opportunism and pragmatism. His blunderings and meanderings have been masked by excellent public relations machinery.

    “Mr Speaker, in addition to that magnitude of borrowed funds, this Minister, the Right Honourable Prime Minister, had an additional $900 million more in taxes in one fiscal year, than the last Democratic Labour Party Finance Minister.

    Mr Speaker, that would have given the Minister, the Right Honourable Prime Minister, $3.5 billion more at his disposal, than the Democratic Labour Party would have had in 1994. Sir, the national debt is not just an amorphous figure that we conjure up. It is money that our children and grandchildren would have to repay . . . .

    “Mr Speaker, the thing about it is that this Prime Minister is a catastrophic failure, when you look at the fact he had more resources than any other Prime Minister in the history of Barbados. The Prime Minister has, in fact, not made good use of the resources available to him and when you look at the social state in Barbados, the decline in the ability to get housing, the decline in the health care delivery, the educational system, the transportation system, you have only to conclude that this Government has wasted the resources of this administration.”

    Laugh, go ahead and laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Barbados is chiaotic. It’s just a mess. No government is perfect and no country utopia, but damn Barbados is off the hook and a piece of work. Barbados offers tourists and its own civilians more disadvantages and advantages. There is no such thing as emminent domain. Barbados lawyers and government took from Violet Beckles masses amount of land that she owned but WITHOUT COMPENSATION. They did this because they could. Driving under the influence (DUI) is legal not breathlizers. Corrupt lawyers and politicians are not persecuted or convicted

  40. Well Well

    Not even in the good old US of A is anyone, regardless of the family connections and tainted with a rape accusation, even mildly considered for political public office.

  41. innocent until proven guilty

    No matter how traumatic and electrically charged, a rape accusation is for both sides it becomes nothing when the charges are dropped

    It didn’t happen unless, of course, your legal system is bust.

    Taan Abed looks a hell of a lot better than the motley crew running for the BLP and DLP

    I wouldn’t think twice about voting for him

  42. loweredexpectations

    @ Prince of Barbados
    kiss yuh rass… what long beach what. Wrong Abed!
    As for rape , see above….I going accuse all of you of rape tomorrow and put it in the papers. How are you going to like that?

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