Harlequin posts H Hotel construction video – “Seven guys trying to look like a busy mob” ?

by Doing Alright

The ongoing saga of Harlequin Resorts property developments in the Caribbean and Asia long ago became a contest of dissatisfied and worried investors claiming that the progress of various Harlequin projects doesn’t match the millions upon millions of dollars ‘invested’ vs. Harlequin’s efforts to calm fears and show satisfactory progress. When projects are years behind schedule continuing excuses and blaming local governments for holding things up only goes so far.

Barbados Free Press recently featured some photos of Harlequin’s H Hotel project on the island that showed little visible construction progress. (See here and here)

In apparent response, Harlequin posted the above video on YouTube. I count seven construction workers throughout the video and few wide angle shots that would reveal the true extent of worker activities at the site.

Have a look for yourself, but my sense of this video is that it is seven guys trying to look like a busy mob. I have never worked in construction but this doesn’t seem to be a healthy and vibrant construction worksite to me. I wonder if BFP’s readers have any other interpretations of this video.

Barbados Free Press Editor contributes…

Harlequin’s sales representatives Assets International recently published H Barbados Update for October that says the following…

“We recently visited the hotel site in Barbados (11th October 2012) – below are our photographs for you to enjoy – currently onsite there are 54 construction workers with supervisors and architects – the current construction is on sections A, B and C. Huge amounts of underground work has been carried out with deep piling for the existing structure and new phases, in all this will be one of the leading hotels on Barbados and in our opinion the “leading boutique hotel” on the island. The site is on schedule for opening in 2013.”

“54 Construction Workers” currently onsite ?

Have a look at the photos and you’ll certainly see progress from the above video that was posted in September, but whether the progress is reasonable for ’54 Construction Workers’ currently onsite, we’ll have to leave to other more knowledgeable people. The update promises that H Hotel will open in 2013. As recently as January 2012 Harlequin was promising a 2012 opening.

What is the truth? Once again we at BFP are no experts, but we remain unconvinced that H Hotel can be a functioning resort anytime in 2013.

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  1. I think that you need to have a closer look. Modern construction methods don’t necessarily mean “mobs” of workers. A concrete pump can move hundreds of cubic meters of concrete in a day, placed by a few workers. When the next block gets set, again, more modern methods will be in play. Panelized construction is widely recognized in the industry as a structurally sound, yet cost effective, way to erect a building. A crane and a few skilled workers can erect a building with components built off-site. Hide and watch!

  2. BFP

    Thank you Mr. Bennion,

    Perhaps some of the doubt comes from the fact that Harlequin’s online postings state 50+ workers toiling away at the site and I doubt I’ve ever seen more than a handful at a time.

    Will this project be opened in 2013 as claimed? If past performance is an indication of future performance, Harlequin’s claims are unconvincing.

    Let’s see how it looks at the end of November. We’ll take another look then.


  3. 144

    How are people still defending harlequin after years and years of lies, non performance and still many projects have not even begun? Allamanda was a new project, “investing in a new project costs more but returns come quicker” That was said well over a year ago, when it was supposed to be open 6 months later. In the US the SEC is allegedly getting sued by victims of madoff and Stanford because they were told years before these criminals were operating a ponzi scheme. Can see UK authorities facing same problems in due course.

  4. Neil

    Check the time those visitors went to the site. If it was around midday you’re not gonna see many workers in the shots. Workmen gotta eat too you know! lol. Somebody ask them….

  5. Miller

    Neil say “If it was around midday you’re not gonna see many workers in the shots. Workmen gotta eat too you know!”

    So tired of excuses. This was a video made to show the progress and activity at the construction site. It was the best they could do and we’ve seen it.

    Drive by today and you’ll not see any beehive of activity. It is a veneer of activity, like trimming the tree in one of the photos. Trimming the tree? What a joke!

    Look at the photos. You think that place will be open in 2013? It was supposed to open in early 2012, February.

  6. rastaman

    Can anyone confirm that Preconco was paid Bds $22,000. 00 for each concrete slab they put down on the ABC highway?

  7. Anonymous

    That jobsite clearly on a go slow, especially when Harlequin themselves put this out there to show progress at best of times. Douglas’s defense very poor – many investors may not know construction sites, but even a complete novice can see this jobsite is nowhere near at full flow.

    I bet Ames cannot believe people are still investing and backing him. He can do no wrong – sell properties for years that he still does not begin to build, then go off on a tangent and buy existing hotels despite still not starting old projects (who knows in whose name or to whose benefit he is buying these hotels and given he is using other people’s money how that shareholding is made up, but easy asset building for him personally with your money), claim these hotels will deliver a faster return, then fail to complete those anywhere near on time, sell Blu on the basis it will be completely renovated (after an initial lick of paint that was done) and run at a rate of US$700 per night and then change his mind about the promised renovation and charge US$100 per night instead, buy airplanes with your money and not be able to use them, constantly pay celebrity sportsmen to come over and still not begin any other of the old projects, lie incessantly about occupancy levels at BB, in the face of bare fact, still talk about new smaller hotels and yet still not begin any other of the original projects other than BB, not pay out any of the guaranteed returns, not yet hand title to a single owner, lose money hand over fist in his hotel operations (losses that can only be funded by investor deposits given there is no other form of revenue in Harlequin and financing is not in place), ignore many investors who are distressed – and still people defend him and buy.

    the agents don’t care, they get their 10%. Buy a place with Harlequin and your deposit could be used for any of the above – could be used to fund one day’s losses at BB for all you know, literally thrown down a black hole – and yet still he goes on without even having to explain the above. Have to hand it to him that he keeps going in the face of overwhelming and undeniable evidence that this is a massive scam at worst, and a risk not worth taking at best as your money is going into a vortex of liabilities and unfulfilled commitments. Congrats to the Harlequin PR and marketing machine, commiserations to those duped.

  8. CQ9

    Unbelievable that Ames has not had to justify himself and his operations to any authorities. How much higher will his pyramid of cards go?

  9. 166

    Which concrete slabs were put down on the ABC Highway by Preconco?

  10. Anon - reasons unknown


    Investor successfully sues Harlequin in Barbados court for non-completion of unit at Buccament Bay.

    Will they pay up I wonder??

  11. CDW

    For all of those who cannot provide jobs for even 5 let alone 54, please shut up! At least Harlequin is providing a livelihood for some. Better than can be said for many who simply criticize and can’t provide a solution to the need for meaningful work on these small islands.

  12. Harlisuccess

    Well said CDW,
    It has been reported elsewhere that 37 hotels have recently ceased trading .
    In rebuilding the hotel on Hastings beach and refurbishing a second,surely Harlequin should be praised for reversing the trend of closures and a faltering tourism.!
    Yet another nosey-parker toublemaker comments on a recent visit (view from the roadside ? ) to the site on Hastings beach, that there were only seven men working there ,trying to look busy” ,as he puts it.
    Not far from my home here in the UK , one of the largest building firms in the country are constructing a 7 storey block of 110 apartments. Following several weeks working on the piling and foundations, they are now building the reinforced concrete skeleton framework. Question – How many men on site ? Answer – Nine,!
    You obviosly know nothing about construction, so stop talking rubbish and mind your own business.!!!!
    Harlequin success in the Caribbean goes from strength to strength1 Redefining Luxury in the Caribbean .


    CDW You are so right Harlequin are providing jobs for people the question now has to be who is paying for them people to work Your right again US investors.The big job goes to the man at the top it seems easy for him to do it as well The job……….SPENDING OUR MONEY instead of building our units and you wonder why WE are sick to death????? AMES YOU DISGUST ME!!!!

  14. 146

    Should Stanford be praised for his successes in what he built in Antigua, or Madoff be praised for the returns he got early investors? Not suggesting that Ames is the same, but the deeper questions asked on the varous forums relate to Harlequin model. I don’t think people would doubt it is good for Barbados to see these hotels restored and opened, of course that is good news (although it is fair for people to comment ont he work given that when Allamanda was purchased it was sold on the basis it would have been open by now, yet still has a very long way to go) However, what would you say to those people who purchased years ago in St Lucia, at Merricks and in the DR? What would you say to the fact that there are so many liabilities in the form of unfulfilled commitments, and that should Harlequin not be building these places people bought before buying and restoring other hotels?

    Obviously you are either an investor or work with Harlequin, and you should therefore be expected to defend your company/investment, but can anyone answer the question as to how these comitments will be met, given the many very obvious challenges with the model, and the fact that there are losses to be funded at BB, at Blu, legal bills to pay, guarantees to pay, airplanes to pay for, and no financing in place etc etc and that people have only paid deposits on the whole. The numbers simply do not add up, and cannot add up. A balanced well argued reply would be appreciated rather than an attack on people asking genuine questions in a non-emotive way.


    Lets see the DEED, Who did they buy the land from?


    As a chap named Levene is convicted of running a multi-million Ponzi scheme, Tony looks at the history of Ponzi schemes and how to spot one.

    Earlier this week Nicholas Levene was sent down at Southwark for 13 years for cheating investors out of £32 million. And before you ask, despite the same surname, we are not related.

    But I have met him.

    Because of the coincidence of name, he noticed my byline in a newspaper and phoned me, almost certainly out of curiosity as his then-job did not involve media contact. I had lunch with him a couple of times around a dozen or so years ago. He was then working for an eminent firm of money brokers.

    He paid for these meals – but the bill for the food did not come out of his victims’ pockets, as the occasions pre-dated his fraudulent practices. They were strange occasions. While it was an era where lunchtime alcohol flowed more freely than now, his habit of drinking from a large bottle of scotch, diluted with bottled water, throughout the meal was probably unique.

    And although it was clear from his suit and the solid gold Rolex that he had expensive tastes, he came over as the eminent professional.

    As did Bernie Madoff, the New York based financier whose scheme defrauded American and other investors (including a UK hedge fund or two) of anything – depending on how you count the numbers – between $15 billion and $65 billion. Madoff, now in his early 70s, is now serving a 150-year stretch in a US prison.

    What links the fraudsters?

    What Madoff and Levene – nickname Mr Beano due to his love of the comic – both operated was a Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi is a simple form of fraud. You promise a very high – perhaps guaranteed – rate of return which investors cannot find elsewhere.

    You also promise instant or very easy withdrawals so if anyone wants their money back, you simply send them a cheque from new cash coming in. But when the flow of fresh investors stops, for any reason, the scheme quickly unravels.

    Ponzi schemes are centuries old. But they took their name from Charles Ponzi, from Boston in the US, whose scheme operated just after the First World War. He guaranteed huge returns from international postal coupons, which Americans sent to poor relatives in war-torn Europe so they could write letters back to the New World. He told investors that buying them in one country and cashing them in a second could produce 50% or more gains within a month or so.

    He never bought coupons – there would never have been enough anyway to fund the millions he attracted – and merely repaid early withdrawals with the cash coming in.

    Madoff was more subtle. Instead of high and fast returns, he promised lower but steady money. His scheme lasted for decades while the Ponzi postage plan was over in months.

    Levene claimed he had a unique method of spread betting. Like Madoff, he convinced friends who brought in more friends, working on circles of acquaintances. Whatever optimism existed at the start, as losses racked up, the pair became increasingly desperate. Levene was, in fact, a bad spread better who went bankrupt in 2009 after staking £58.5 million and owing £101 million. Madoff, who claimed to play the bond markets, went down for billions.

    Ponzi aimed his scheme at small savers. Levene and Madoff went for the rich, sometimes self-made people who, arguably, should have known better. These victims had the cash to sustain the illusion – and wanted to believe they were among the select elite. In both the Levene and Madoff cases, courts were told of a succession of very wealthy people lining up to offer their money, sometimes even begging the scheme operator to count them in.

    How to spot a Ponzi scheme

    So faced with almost daily assaults from dodgy investment firms, what are the lessons to be learned from the Levene case?

    1. No one can produce extraordinary results to order – or even more than occasionally.

    2. If the investment mechanism is not 100% obvious, steer well clear.

    3. Pay no attention to the past. It’s easy to produce an apparently great track record from previous winners – anyone can claim to be a great racing tipster by looking at yesterday’s results.

    4. There are no secret money making methods. Beware of “confidentiality clauses” preventing you from discussing schemes with others.

    5. The involvement of rich or famous people is meaningless. An investment will not become successful just because footballers or film stars have bought into it. Their skills are on the pitch or in the studio – not in money.

    6. If something looks too good to be true, then it is

  17. 13Anonymous

    So what on earth has this to do with a building site in Barbados ?. IDIOT

  18. Harle SUCCESS

    As has already been said, if you are expecting your deposit back from your investment in the DR in 12 months time why are you causing trouble? Why not just sit back and wait , like anyone else who thinks they may have made a mistake would do (although you havn,t ?
    for one who boasts about moving in banking and money broking circles and lunches and drinks with Ponzi practitioners,you should perhaps be better informed and more experienced than most investors. Thus you must have considered this to be a good investment from the outset.
    Maybe you have run short of funds and seeking a refund to bail you out.Just because you have an agreement that says you cannot yet have a return of your deposit does not in any way mean that Harlequin are corrupt.
    Put up and shut up before you land yourself in yet more difficulty.
    Your dream of wearing a solid gold Rolex will have to wait .Show some restraint,man!1
    Investors in Harlequin are not interested in your cry-baby tantrums. keep your toys in the pram!!1

  19. Mr Brown

    Happy Christmas Greetings to all at Harlequin,to the family of investors and especially all those lovely people doing such a wonderful work in beautiful Buccament Bay.Greetinng to the staff in Hotel Blu.Greetings and thankyou to all the construction staff for the marvellous work done during the year in Buccament Bay. Greetings to all those who have worked tirelessly throughout the year building the new Argyle International Airport.Greetings also to all the construction staff at H Hotel Barbados Enjoy your well-deserved break.
    A very happy Christmas to you all.
    So much looking forward to my next trip.
    God Bless You All.

  20. Harlisuccess

    Cheers to ALL those construction workers who are working so very hard to ensure Harlequin achieve success in the Caribbean, Well done for the fantastic achievements in Buccament Bay,H Hotel and Merricks in Barbados and Blu St lucia,
    Great progress made towards the goal of Redefining Luxury in the Caribbean,
    Looking forward to an exciting 2013 bringing even more success in establishing superior quality 5 and 6 Star hotels and resorts in paradise.
    Happy New Year to you all.

  21. Anon - reasons unknown

    ^^ Piss myself laughing.

    Why not 7 or 8 star hotels? Just make it up; say what you like!

    Those places are crawling with celebrities and billionaires, and simply ooze class. Tropical Havanas. Even the Great Gatsby wouldn’t look out of place!

    The Essex marketing spin never ceases to spew.

    “Roll up roll up, get yer cut price bleedin’ luxury, Guv! Cheapest 6 star in the whole bleedin’ Caribbean! Even Bianca off East Enders stayed ‘ere!”

  22. 138

    Absurd. This is not endearing them to anyone here. Whilst it is funny on the one hand, some holiday punters may believe the PR and then leave the Caribbean thinking it does not know luxury, and head to Indian Ocean or Far East for luxury and we lose revenue. There are luxury products in the Caribbean, and whilst BB is indeed not bad it is nowhere near the best in the region for service or design or anything frankly, claiming Blu is 4 or 5 star must be a joke and H is a building site so we do not know what leve of quality it will be. This company does far more harm than good for this region, and hopefully 2013 will be its last year in operation.


    A New Year Message to all the Doom-mongers.
    The group of people that make up the ” Harlequin Family” is wide-ranging in content…..
    .Investors,private backers,specialists in construction,design,materials procurement,resort management,travel industry experts,sports facilities design and management,sports superstars recognised the world over,food and beverage procurement and delivery,quality management,personnel training,aircraft consultantcy,spa management,health and fitness training,water sports tuition,world class theatre and performing arts tuition,legal and financial services…..the list goes on and on! Not forgetting,of course,the great contribution made by the local brothers and sisters in delivering the 5 Star service!
    A world-class team of experts.Experts with a strong determination to succeed in growing the business.Everyone of the above,individually and collectively,are far,far too strong to be deflected from the pathway to stunning success,much of which has been achieved already.
    So, petty little green-eyed losers in life,perhaps now is the time to realise the doom mongering you broadcast will never succeed in bringing Harlequin down.Why don”t you take your pathetic,boring comments and direct them to those projects in the Caribbean,all of which are at a STANDSTILL,despite in some cases having received or promised huge cash injections of public funding.Many of these projects were started before or at the same time as Buccament Bay and to date have not generated a single tourist reservation!
    The great majority of investors in Harlequin are able to observe real exciting progress moving forward, admittedly somewhat slower than envisaged when they made their committment,but moving forward none the less.
    Taking into consideration the continuing unparalelled world-wide recession,look around you and see the concrete wastelands,boarded-up development sites,hotel closures etc ect and maybe you will begin to appreciate what star performers Harlequin are.
    This is why old and new investors alike continue to place their funds into “Redefining Luxury in the Caribbean”.Sorry guys, but it really is happening.So shut up and get used to it !!
    P.S. Have you seen the fantastic photographs on Facebook of the fabulous Xmas and New Year festivities at Buccament Bay? WOW !!


    The green-eyed monster rears it’s ugly head again!
    Your response to my recent post is both rather sad and pathetic,but not surprising! It is a reflection of a troubled mind and typical of a loser in life,and an envious doom monger.
    Channel your energy into something more worthwhile and perhaps your life will change for the better. As a first port of call,why not call the Samaritans?

  25. Mike Devenish

    My wife and I recently enjoyed a holiday in Barbados .During our stay we took a helicopter ride to enjoy a birds-eye view of this beautiful paradise.I wonder if any of the contributors to these forums can shed any light on a derelict building site on the north west outskirts of Bridgetown?It was on the sea front ( ST Michaels,Black Rock?),close to an industrial area and near to a Gas Station ( which appeared to have it’s own above ground storage tanks,also not far from the Cruise Terminal.
    When we asked the pilot what these consrete derelict buildings were,he seemed a little embarrassed to answer at first,but eventually said it was originally planned as a hotel, but the developer ran out of money.he now thought iplans had been drawn up to turn it into a residential home for those with learnig difficulties. Can you help please?

  26. Adrian Loveridge


    I think you mean the on/off Four Seasons project. If you want to get some idea of what was planned, go onto http://www.clearwaterbarbados.com

  27. Four seasons blackrock to be a mental health Unit?at last some body is getting their priorities right.

  28. yatiniteasy

    I wonder when Mike Devenish( If that is his name) and his wife recently took a helicopter ride in Barbados, since we have not had a helicopter operator here for at least two years.
    A New Year`s message to Harlisuccess : You are as delusional as David Ames…or perhaps, you are David Ames? I think I recognize your writing style from Harlequin Newsletters, but I may be wrong.

  29. have

    Have been watching the various posts on here and elsewhere. I do not think Harlesuccess and other Harlequin marketing people who post here are delusional. When one examines the basic and irrefutable facts of Harlequin, it is must more sinister than being delusional. The irrefutable facts are that Harlequin have been selling property in the Caribbean for almost 7 years now. Several years ago, they were sold out of Merricks and Ames reported 4 years ago they had sold 1,200 in St Lucia. The Dominican Republic had also seen sales into the thousands. Not a single bit of construction has commenced in St Lucia or the DR, nor have more than show homes been commenced at Merricks. The outstanding success of Buccament Bay is in reality a 30% completed resort. Noone can dispute these facts.

    Ames has not just missed the estimated completion dates, but he has not even started these resorts so it remains anyone’s guess when and if they will be built. If one examines other indisputable facts, they collected 30% deposits for the most part, the bulk of which was paid out in commissions and fees, leaving approximately 10% with which to build. Of that 10%, there are also massive losses to sustain in BB, the bizarre purchase of other smaller resorts in St Lucia (which also loses money) and Barbados, as well as airplanes, legal fees and more. It is simply a fact that without massive financing, the funding for constructing these homes is not there. So, in order for the lights to stay on in the Harlequin offices and hotels, they must suck more people into investing. They must take more people’s pension funds, knowing that these people are very likely never going to see this money again nor anything for it. Harlequin therefore rely entirely on new sales to fund any existing commitments, but they will never be able to sell enough to meet them, and of course they are just taking on more commitments that they cannot fulfill. There are words to describe this.

    The facts above are basic and irrefutable, witha couple of obvious conclusions which some may dispute. Yet, despite these obviously serious issues, one still sees people like Harlesuccess push the product, and say that anyone pointing out the salient points as being jealous (not at all sure why anone would be jealous of a company whose balance sheet would show it to be in devastatingly bad shape – all the sales made should show up as liabilities on the balance sheet as they are committments yet to be fulfilled), or doom mongering. If any of the above is not accurate, then a well argued defense is always welcome. Otherwise, to encourage people to put their retirement money into this is not delusional, it is far worse.

  30. Sandman

    Have on
    My pension is in the hands of the Barbados Gov,forcing we ,without even asking we,to give a huge sum to the 4 seasons mess.What you say about that then man? Time they gave it back to we who need it.Mental health unit good idea man.


    Just like each and every other statement and assumption you have ever made on these forums,you are wrong yet again to suggest Dave Ames and I are one and the same person. For the record,I am not a Harlequin employee.I am not an agent or IFA. I find following successful enterprises fascinating.
    As always,your stupid comments contribute nothing of any interest to these pages.
    Have on
    The rave Trip Advisor Reviews of Buccament bay confirm my own experiences and clearly demonstrate that Harlequin know what they are doing.( Over 100 guests at a wedding – Wow ! ) They are achieving success right now.By the way,have you been there yourself to see at first hand how mistaken you are ? Well, have you? As has been stated elsewhere,satisfied customers are the best marketing tool.Harlequin certainly has many,many satisfied customers.
    When the new Argyle International Airport opens at the end of this year,as it surely will,the remaining accomodation (much of which requires only finishing works).will quickly be brought into use,There is no point in making this available before then.Your 30% guestimate is obsolete.With regard to the other resorts,i anticipate these will soon begin to move forward at pace,
    Who would not wish to invest in Buccament Bay or any of the other projects when they see what is already being achieved ?Who would not wish to invest in in this exciting venture?
    How can you suggest something sinister is going on ? Do you think the Government of SVG would be moving mountains (literally ! ) to build Argyle Airport if they had any doubts about the sincerity of Harlequin’s plans?
    How can you suggest something sinister is going on when millions have been spent on Buccament Bay?New beach,new restaurants,top quality sports facilities- tennis courts,cricket nets,even a full size soccer pitch has been laid etc.etc .Come off it!!
    How can you suggest something sinister is going on when you look at the large team of experienced professionals,recruited from all over the globe?
    Why work to establish an airline and proceed to establish a facility in St Lucia,already having purchased two aircraft?
    Harleqin’s plans in the Caribbean are both huge and bold and it will take time to bring them all to completion.
    The only sinister intentions come from you and others like you in trying to sabotage ” Redefining Luxury in the Caribbean” I wonder why. Would you like to tell everyone the REAL reasons why you continue with your pointless quest?

  32. Mark Amen

    Harlisuccess………..SUCCESSFUL You are delusional…….if you think about what HE/YOU has NOT achived how can you discribe Harlequin as succesful……. You really need to get a grip before the men in white coats come looking for you. Or the men in Police uniforms……

    I did read last week that the Queen is looking for someone to help her with her money it could be the right job for Ames….. He would help it disapear maybe then the police would do something to shut down this farce.

  33. yatiniteasy

    Ok Harlisuccess…you may not be Dave Ames , who cares?…and you may dismiss my comments and thoughts if you wish..however, you have not responded to one single statement from Have, as to the lack of progress or even start dates in some cases, by Harlequin on projects in St Lucia, Dominican Republic, Merricks Barbados…for which they have received millions of pounds in Investors` money , going back some 6 years! You only state:”With regard to the other resorts,i anticipate these will soon begin to move forward at pace,”
    Today, Jan 16th, there are 4, maybe 5 workers on the site at the H hotel in Barbados…is this what Harlequin refers to in their Sept 2012 Newsletter “work continues apace”
    From Harlequin Newsletter Sept 2012.:”As you will see within this Newsletter, work continues apace and millions
    of dollars are being invested in moving our developments forward towards
    completion, even during these difficult times.
    As we head into Autumn 2012, work continues
    at a pace; not only at Buccament Bay Resort,
    but The Merricks Resort, H, Barbados, The
    Marquis Estate, and, we hope to make a major
    announcement soon regarding a speedy start of
    works in the Dominican Republic.”
    This “pace” and “apace” thing has me laughing.
    Your feeble and comical efforts to praise Harlequin and to defend their “success” to date is amazing.

    It may be a better thing for you to just keep quiet, that to enter into a debate where the FACTS, as presented by Have and others on this blog can not be refuted.

  34. St George's Dragon

    @ Harlisuccess
    Three questions.
    Firstly, please update us on the situation with the airline. Can I book to fly from Barbados to St Vincent, or is it another thing which will “soon begin to move forward at pace”.
    Secondly, is it true that the Harlequin Barbados office has been closed down? If not, what might be causing Harlequin employees in Barbados to tell people that it has?
    Thirdly, is it true that part of the reason planning permission has not been granted for Merricks is because BWA does not have an adequate water supply in the area? What progress is being made on getting the Barbados Water Authority to improve the water supply, when are the upgrades going to take place and how much will it cost Harlequin to get the water infrastructure upgraded?

  35. BBaywatch

    @ Harlisuccess

    ‘When the new Argyle International Airport opens at the end of this year,as it surely will’

    Oh really? even the Wiki suggests 2014 as the opening date and as that is bound to be updated by the IADC I think that you are as wrong in that statement as you are in other declarations.


    You imply that the lack of airlift capability is the only factor restricting the completion of the BB resort yet ignore the thousands of visitors who manage to travel to St Vincent and the other islands using the current facilities.

    Latest guest reviews confirm that the resort is nearly empty despite huge discounting of prices – “I do wonder about the viability of the complex as there were very few other people staying when we were there.” TA review 279

  36. yatiniteasy

    The Buccament Bay Resort is their pride and joy,” redefining luxury in the Caribbean”….but has any investor yet received legal title to their unit there?
    Not one.


    B Baywatch
    Officials report that Argyle International Airport will open in November 2013 and the first international flight will arrive early 2014.The building works of the three storey terminal building are ahead of the planned schedule.
    When you reported the comment about “the viability of the complex…..”from a recent TA review, you conveniently left out the preceding sentence and the sentence following the extract. To balance your one-sided viewpoint and for the sake of completeness,I will repeat them here.
    “We will definitely go back………All in all, we would say that this is the best Caribbean resorts we have been to and we have seen quite a few.We used to be Sandals enthusiasts,but Buccament Bay is streets ahead.”
    All resorts have quiet periods and offer discounted rates. It is not long ago that Sandals were offering two for one holidays.Businesses all over the world offer discounts,lowering their prices at different times The discounted rates generally result in lower profit margins,but make a contribution to the covering of overheads. I would have thought that an educated man (if that’s what you are?) would have known this!!

  38. yatiniteasy

    Harlisuccess..again , you have avoided or dodged the questions about Harlequin not building the stuff for which people have invested millions of pounds, going back at least 6 years..The problem has little to do with the (red herring) Argyle Airport, or the glowing reports on Trip Advisor. Has any investor received title to their property at Buccament yet?…their Sept 2012 Newsletter says they were doing that, yet as of Jan 18th,2013, not one investor can wave that piece of paper in his hands, thereby giving Harlequin at least some measure of credibility!
    From that Newsletter..(You can`t make this stuff up)

    “In the early days of selling property in the Caribbean, some people said that this
    was all too good to be true and that it wouldn’t happen. I feel that we have proved
    them wrong as we are now in the process of handing over legal title to the
    properties at Buccament Bay Resort, which is a significant step and completes the
    cycle that we promised all those years ago.
    We look forward to a great future for all our investors and I thank you for your
    continued support.
    Kind regards
    Dave Ames

  39. anonymous

    Click to access alert-pension-transfers.pdf

    please see the other thread which FSA have issued warning re SIPP investment into harlequin

  40. Anonymous

    Early afternoon in Barbados, there was no activity on the H hotel site, which has not changed for many months. Of course this is a bit of a poke in the eye for those who invested years ago in the earlier resorts like Merricks (the resort has not started being built there either other than show homes), Marquis Estate (nothing at all started there), and Las Canas and Two Rivers (nothing at all started there) Harlisusscess, there has never been a less successful development company in the history of the Caribbean. To say tey are successful because millions has been spent on Buccament Bay and that there are lots of experts there is the same as saying that the US$20m 20-20 cricket proves that Stanford is a success, or that Madoff being chariman of the Nasdaq shows he was a success. The millions spent were millions invested in other projects, not Buccament. All three “successes” are on the back of scamming people and leaving the majority of them with nothing. Fact is, those who bought into Harlequin many years ago have nothing to show for it, and there is simply no possibility of the majority of them seeing anything unless sales continue apace, which is unsustainable, as are all ponzi schemes. Ponzi schemes do often benefit early investors, but certainly screw later ones. Harlisuccess, you make no argument to suggest Harlequin is not a scam – they have failed to deliver on their contracts and promises to thousands and only have heavy loss making resorts. It is a disaster.

  41. BBaywatch

    @ Harlisuccess

    when an otherwise satisfied guest, on their second stay at the resort, perceives that this is an issue worth commenting on, then I think that is sufficient evidence that there is a major problem. When it’s obvious there is a major problem, even to the guests, then clearly the success is only ephemeral.

  42. 36

    @yaniniteasy. How do you know no one has received title to their property in BB? Please expand.


    What a cheek you have to suggest I am dodging your questions! How dare you DEMAND answers! I know lots of things you would like to know. What makes you believe I should share this information with you.? What concern is it of yours as to how many investors are in possession of their title deeds? I enjoy keeping you in the dark.You are a troublemaker who has set himself against all matters Harlequin . You have the biggest nose in Barbados,that’s for sure!!!

  44. SANDman

    Hey 138 man.Its 4 seasons mess that is no more in 2013.Stole pension money from we. Stole our beach from we.
    Anonymous man. You crazy man.4 seasons mess worst ever disaster in caribbean.They take pension money from we.They spoil our beach for we.Stay off the drugs man or you end up in 4 seasons mental unit.

  45. yatiniteasy

    Harisuccess…You can`t take the heat..you won`t respond to questions asked by myself and others as to the status of Harlequin projects because you can not. As to being a trouble maker…wrong, I`m simply a citizen of the Caribbean who is sick and tired of seeing foreign scum purchase land in these Islands, take millions of Investors money and then run when they can not complete the projects they sold.(Example Four Seasons project) Of course you know lots of things I would like to know, which is why I believe you are a Harlequin operative.
    BTW, I heard the purchase of the Amaryllis Hotel (the second H hotel in Barbados, said to opened in 2013) has fallen through…then again, you already know that.

  46. 36

    @yatiniteasy. Why would you think that just because someone knows something they are a Harlequin operative, whatever that is. Do you think you are the font of all knowledge? You still have not answered my question from my previous comment. Come one, put up or shut up!

  47. yatiniteasy

    @36.. I have reliable contacts in St Vincent, who would know..besides, would it not be the ultimate PR move for them to show photos of smiling investors receiving their legal titles to their units at BB?

  48. 36

    I don’t think your contacts are good as you think. Does it not occur to you that not every investor wants their personnel financial affairs published to the public?

  49. Mark Amen

    hahahahahah There is more chance of Ames getting a OBE than anyone getting a title to there own property!!!!

  50. Anonymous

    Well, he is an Obviously Bent Englishman.

  51. Terry

    The beginning of the end at last
    FSA Alert Issued in relation to “Harlequin” investments – 18th January 2013
    Link to alert

    Click to access alert-harlequin.pdf


    The once booming Barbados economy of the last 30-40 years was built on the back of investment largely made by “foreign scum” as you call them.
    You failed as a nation to look after the goose that laid the golden egg.You preferred instead to greet the tourist with extreme rudeness,rape,drug fuelled abuse etc.etc. Is it any surprise that your your abominable treatment of the tourist has eventually led to your economy being down-graded to Junk Status?Tell me how do you propose to rebuild your economy without further investment from those you call “foreign scum”?Going to do it yourself ,are you? I the meantime,don’t ignore the urgent necessity for a radical overhaul of your crime prevention agencies and a re-evaluation of the treatment of your guests.
    As far as Harlequin is concerned,be grateful for their prescence.Be grateful to all those who have invested in the Carribean through Harlequin.
    I can well understand your anger at the Four Season debacle and the other developments at a standstill or abandoned.And there are many,as we know.
    Harlequin is working very hard and showing great determination to build a successful enterprise.They have NOT abandoned ANY project in the Caribbean.Do not rush to tar them with the same brush as those who have left you high and dry.
    Before you call others “foreign scum”,take a look at yourself and your Junk Status mentality.Your stupid vendetta against Harlequin is of itself highly damaging to the Caribbean economy.It’s people like you who have brought Barbados to the sad state it finds itself in today.

  53. BBaywatch

    A favourite tactic of Harlequin supporters used on TA (before TA closed the accounts of all who comment in any negative way on Buccament Bay) was to escalate the personal abuse level to such an extent that the thread was pulled on grounds that it might offend. Hardlysuccess seems to be attempting a similar tactic but I suspect that BFP is made of sterner stuff.

    That last post though was the authentic voice of the neo-colonialist, supremacist hypocrite, typical of the type of scum who thinks that Caribbean nations are merely there to be exploited.

  54. yatiniteasy

    B Baywatch…I was thinking of how to respond to Hardlysuccess for his personal attack on me, but you did it for me.
    His attack on Barbados is also an indication of the vile that is accumulated in this person..

  55. yatiniteasy

    vile experience

  56. 36

    Glad to see Terry has reappeared. Now Terry where is my apology for calling me “lying Harlequin scum” or doesn’t your memory go back that far!

  57. Terry

    Yes your right I’ve forgot (busy life etc) and can’t be bothered reading the full thread. We’re you the one who gets a rental income and got a full refund on one property.

    The fsa warning changes things now for harlequin. Financial advisors will automatically be held liable for their clients losses. Sipp (pension) “investments” is what as been keeping this ship afloat. Once sipps dry up Harlequin will collapse.

  58. 36

    And the apology?

  59. BBaywatch

    Before berating foreign nationals and their economy a commentator from the UK might do well to reflect that the UK economy is almost certain to enter a triple dip recession (which will be blamed on the current snowfall, but as we all know is far more to do with underlying problems and government policy) and that the UK Triple A status is forecast to fall before long. Said commentator might also reflect on the numerous illegal and fraudulent activities of the financial services sector in the UK ( as proven by the huge provision for compensation on miss selling and likelihood of prosecution relating to Liebor etc etc) Said commentator might further reflect on the activities within the financial service sector, particularly with regard to release of equity and SIPP pension monies used to fund speculative investments in property (currently failing just about everywhere where this ‘English’ disease has touched).

    In light of the above, said commentator might feel it wise to exercise a degree of humility when commentating on the economy of foreign countries and when addressing the citizens of those countries – especially when said commentators interest is to exploit the foreign country and its citizens for personal profit and to remove wealth generated by the citizens to offshore banking where it will not be taxed or otherwise benefit that country.

  60. Terry

    What for do remind me.

  61. 36

    Is it not countries in the carribean that encourage offshore banking/fiddling tax which deprives us poor colonialists of hard earned revenue which would help keep us out of a tripple dip recession? Having said that I would rather be sitting on Sandy Bay drinking beer at $2.00 a bottle than freezing my ass in the UK.

  62. 666

    Yes,it was a vile experience for You to call investors “foreign scum. Not suprising you got the backlash you did.If you can’t take it,don’t dish it out.

  63. yatiniteasy

    666 ….I did not call ALL foreign investors “scum” I was referring to those foreign developers who take investors` money, don`t build what they are paid to build, and then run when their “business model” fails .Read my original comment again .If local developers were to do the same, I would also call them “scum”

    @B Baywatch…..Besides the Economic situation in the UK, the commentator on Barbados and crime should also know that only a few years ago, the UK was named as “the most violent Country in Europe”
    I will just offer the following report for his indigestion:

    The most violent country in Europe: Britain is also worse than South Africa and U.S.

    By James Slack
    UPDATED: 18:14 EST, 2 July 2009

    Britain’s violent crime record is worse than any other country in the European union, it has been revealed.

    Official crime figures show the UK also has a worse rate for all types of violence than the U.S. and even South Africa – widely considered one of the world’s most dangerous countries.

    The figures comes on the day new Home Secretary Alan Johnson makes his first major speech on crime, promising to be tough on loutish behaviour.
    Britain even has a worse violence rate than South Africa

    The figures, compiled from reports released by the European Commission and United Nations, also show:

    The UK has the second highest overall crime rate in the EU.
    It has a higher homicide rate than most of our western European neighbours, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
    The UK has the fifth highest robbery rate in the EU.
    It has the fourth highest burglary rate and the highest absolute number of burglaries in the EU, with double the number of offences than recorded in Germany and France.

    But it is the naming of Britain as the most violent country in the EU that is most shocking. The analysis is based on the number of crimes per 100,000 residents.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1196941/The-violent-country-Europe-Britain-worse-South-Africa-U-S.html#ixzz2IYTxmOU4
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  64. New stuff

    Would be good to hear hardlysuccess/harlisuccess/harlesuccess comment on the FSA alerts.

    The general FSA alert to IFAs relating to SIPP investments in unregulated products would have been sufficient to cause a change in practice, especially as overseas property developments were mentioned. It must therefore be significant that the FSA thought it important to issue an alert relating to the operation of Harlequin Property in particular.

    “H-success” seems well placed to give us an insight into the three due diligence areas that the FSA expect each IFA to satisfy themselves over. I can’t see how it is possible to be satisfied about the use of investors funds without audited accounts for all resorts and HMSSE being published. So, is this the FSA’s way of advising IFAs to stop recommending these products?

  65. 241

    FSA wre not allowed to go the whole way and tell people not to recommend, this was as close as they could go. Shame did not happen a long time ago, would have saved a lot of people’s pension money which won’t be seen again by them. Those agents and IFA’s who made millions in commissions without doing any due dilligence are as bad as Ames himself.

  66. For anyone who wonders if Hastings arm of Harlequin is going 2 be ready this year? This was shot on 16th, Pre-Casting pic.twitter.com/Frn8qkDk

  67. 79

    Passed by the site a few days ago, I would think there is very little chance it will be ready this year, but we shall see. Even less chance Merricks will be open this year!

  68. 195

    @IDB..can`t see it, but what do you think about chances of project being ready this year?

  69. St George's Dragon

    How does Harlequin manage to keep the celebs like Liverpool Football Club, Pat Cash and Gary Player on board – assuming that they still are?
    If I was them I would have run a mile a long time ago. The bad press they are going to get when the crash comes can’t be worth the money they are getting paid now, surely.

  70. 79

    They remain because they are well paid, and/or are given an investment in Buccament Bay. More owner deposits and pension money being thrown away.

  71. Anon - reasons unknown


    ifaonline’s article today on the FSA alerts.

    The legal firm quoted in the article can be contacted as follows:

    Twitter – @regulatorylegal
    Skype – regulatorylegalsolicitors
    Telephone – 01384 426400
    Facsimile – 01384 894807
    Post – Brindley House, Engine Lane, Lye, DY9 7AQ
    Email – info@regulatorylegal.co.uk

  72. Mark Amen

    Well I guess all the alternative websites were telling the truth, I guess this Jeremy Newman ( ex Wilkins-Kennedy employee) and webhost of (Harlecon) will now have the FULL backing of the FSA.That will be a interesting court case!
    Now we might find out where all the money has gone!

  73. Kevinp

    I think I have been slow on the uptake here but be warned. This this the first time my monthly finance money has not arrived. Adrian Browne at Harlequin HO apologises and says they will pay it next month. I think Harlequin have now squandered all the deposit money and now is the time to try and hope to get out what you can. By the way the Hide Out in Dom Rep should now be finished in 18mths, quote Mr Brown loyal employee of Harlrobbing Properties.

  74. yatiniteasy

    Another notice from FSA, specifically about Harlequin,,fated 21 /2/2013.

  75. yatiniteasy

    dated 21/1/2013…no coffee yet!

  76. Anonymous

    One has to hope this is really the beginning of the end of this utter farce. Since Harlequin first started peddling its cheap property years ago, with 100% finance, 1k deposit, 10% guarantees, everyone in the industry in the Caribbean laughed, as did some lawyers and politicians and said this will go down very soon as so many others had who came out with such nonsense. Who was this Ames, who after a very simple check it was revealed was a bankrupt window salesman with no experience in the industry whatsoever and of course none in the Caribbean, a region where experience is crucial. A man completely unqualified to do what he was saying. The difference was, when Harlequin realised the impossibility of what it was promising, they broadened this scam and started selling other properties. When they realised that people were actually buying into this in their droves (on paper it sounded good, but anyone who knew the islands or the basics of resort operation or regional financing etc would have known it was ridiculous), they needed more inventory so dreamed up more projects. That money was needed to go back into their first one, Buccament Bay, but the model being so wildly unsustainable, they needed more projects to keep the cash coming in to cashflow BB’s losses and all the other huge overheads that were building up. As you fast forward 7 years since they first started selling this con, nothing anywhere else has been built or for the most part even started, and BB remains a third complete. Excuses about airports and more come up, but they are smokescreens to the real problems. BB may be very nice as it is, but the point is thousands of people have been needlessly ripped off, if Caribbean or UK authorities had responded sooner to the objections from experienced regional developers who flagged this to them many years ago then this could have been contained and it may even have been to Harlequin’s benefit to control Ames and his complete lack of contact with reality (or perhaps he knew from day 1 he was scamming) The upshot is that thousands of people will never see a cent back from their investment, whether this latest development by the FSA is the trigger or something else down the line. It is also quite sad that the FSA have to tell IFA’s to do due dilligence – it would seem rather obvious they should do that, and if they had it is likely 90% of buyers would not have bought. Good luck to all in trying to get some money back, you should no longer wait and hope but do something very quickly whilst there are still some unencumbered assets to liquidate.

  77. Mr Brown

    B Baywatch
    Further to your post of January 17th,how come,as an avid reporter of occupancy levels,you have not brought to our attention that Buccament Bay was FULLY BOOKED over Xmas and the New Year and into January?
    How good to see all fifteen reviews on Trip advisor to date in 2013 have been rated as “Excellent”

  78. New stuff

    Mr Brown,

    The excellence or otherwise of BB is completely irrelevant now in determining whether the good ship Harlequin stays afloat.

    It now entirely depends on the amount of money left and the rate at which investors are prepared to part with their pension savings. With IFAs in the firing line in the event of a collapse then I can’t imagine many advising this as a suitable SIPP vehicle any more.


    B Baywatch/Yatiniteasy
    Thankyou for updating us on the state of the UK economy and the outdated report on crime levels in the UK. What for, is anyones guess!
    The UK encourages and receives much inward investment.These investors are made welcome.They are not labelled “foreign scum “,nor do we brand them neo-colonialists,supremists,hypocrites and most certainly do not accuse them of exploitation!
    If you supported your Government’s efforts to encourage inward investment,your future might look a little brighter.But then,it appears your own self-interest comes first.

  80. yatiniteasy

    Harlie….If you can`t take the heat…stay out of the Caribbean…its hot down here!


    THe FSA Alert merely confirms what investors already know about any high risk investments,of which there are many.It is also merely confirms to IFA;’s their obligations to inform investors of these risks.
    The demise of Final Salary Pension Schemes made many projected retirement incomes near worthless.Indeed,many reaching retirement age find themselves having to continue working or seeking new employment to supplement their pension.SIPP,s were introduced to give an opportunity to those seeking to uplift their income.Of course,with the Bank of England base rate standing at 0.5% for some time now,putting your pension pot into a low risk investment is hardly going to improve matters.Investment into volatile stocks and shares itself carries a high risk,especially for those with little or no experience of the markets.,Those with only a moderate pension pot may consider they have little to lose and possibly much to gain by taking the high risk alternatives.
    Investing in property,either overseas or in the Uk,carries risk.Those investing in Harlequin will no doubt be aware of the risk involved. Like any high risk investment,they will be attracted by the substantial projected incomes offered.
    Whatever anyone may say to the contrary,Harlequin IS moving forward.Those investors and private backers with vision and patience will,i have no doubt,will be rewarded handsomely.
    Don’t forget that many investors and backers are not SIPP investors.
    Nothing will change as a result of the FSA Alert.

  82. Anonymous

    Harle, a problem we have here is that, whilst of course we welcome inward investment, there have been many cowboys coming here and doing wrong. I have had personal experience of foreign developers not spending their money here when they see other developers being part of an alleged scam being allowed to operate without restriction. In fact, it was Harlequin that turned off this developer. They do not have a sustainable business plan, have failed to deliver on developments not by a little, but by an as yet undeterminable period of time and noone seems to do anythng about it. They have not even started developments they originally said would be open in 2008/2009. Foreign developers with sustainable plans, financing in place and provable, are indeed welcome. BB will be there for all time for SVG, so it will have been a good thing I believe long term for SVG. But it would seem it would have come at the cost of thousands of others who did not invest there and history will unfortunately show that this scam was flagged a long time ago and allowed to go on. This is not good for business here. Caribbean is still beautiful and will survive and flourish long term.

  83. New stuff

    I disagree Harlisuccess, this could be a real game changer. If the FSA wanted to send a warning shot to IFAs then the general alert would have been sufficient. It has to be significant that they chose to issue an alert relating to the activities of one company in particular.

    The three areas of due diligence they call IFAs to investigate are also worth examining. To get real answers,that would allow an IFA to defend themselves from litigation by a client in the event that the investment went bad, would require Harlequin to put information into the public domain which, hitherto, they have been reluctant to do. For example, the requirement for IFAs to be satisfied with the arrangement for using investors’ monies, would mean that each advisor was comfortable with the co-mingling of funds across projects and, further still, had some visibility of the balance sheets of each project. To my knowledge the accounts relating to each project have not been published and so it is anyone’s guess which projects owe money to which project. This alert from the FSA means that if an IFA advising a client that this is a sound investment and subsequently the project they invested in is shown to be indebted to another project, then they would be wide open to litigation for not having made the client aware of that.

    Rigorous due diligence goes way beyond asking a sales agent if they think its all fine and then taking their word for it! IFAs will now have to show a full audit trail of the questions they have asked and the answers received together with fully verifiable and legal documentation. If they are unable to show this then they are wide open to be kicked from here to Timbuktu.

    I notice also that people are starting to put Harlequin investments in the high risk category. Mr Ames is on video promoting Harlequin Thailand saying that his business model offers the investor essentially no risk at all.

  84. Kevinp

    Further update on the finance package. I now wait for the bank trace on where my fictitious finance money has gone along with hundreds of others apparently. I will receive two payments in February apparently. I believe that as much as I believe anything will be completed any day soon. Can’t speak directly with finance as they are swamped with people like me. Is this confirmation that the cash has run out?

  85. Anonymous

    Has anyone wandered up to Essex to see if the office staff are running around shredding files and stamping on hard drives?

  86. BB (Beggars Belief)

    The situation is just reported in the Echo:

    It is all well and good for the Carter Ruck spokesperson to say that Harlequin are cooperating with the FSA. The real question is, will Harlequin cooperate with any IFA who dares to ask the three due diligence questions? We could imagine a hypthetical due diligence conversation:
    IFA: So, how exactly do you treat client monies?
    HP: We put them in a big pot and reserve the right to spend them on any project we like.
    IFA: OK, well my client wants to invest in Las Canas, please can you send me the accounts for this project?
    HP: No
    IFA: Well I can’t recommend this investment to my client. (puts phone down)

  87. BBaywatch

    Mr Brown – as pointed out by others the quality of guest experience is irrelevant in this regard. On your other point about occupancy – if the resort was fully booked, why on earth did an otherwise happy guest feel moved to comment on the lack of other guests and speculate that this might mean the resort would not be viable? It’s not exactly what crosses the minds of most hotel guests and to include reference to it in a review suggests that it is indeed significant.

  88. Anonymous

    Carter Ruck and Ames appear to be the only winners in this entire fiasco. Ames, overseeing a comletely disastrous development program with only heavy loss making resorts to show for the thousands of sales has somehow managed to bank for himself millions of pounds. And of course use investor money to pay Carter Ruck to allow him to do so.

  89. yatiniteasy

    Barbados H construction site was closed today(11.30 am)…no workers in sight. Hello, this is Jan 22….Xmas is over! It may not be an abandoned project, but they sure don`t seem to be continuing “apace”, as the folks at Harlequin like to say.

  90. Mark Amen

    Yantineasy I guess it wont be long now…. Till we see someones backside moving at apace …..No doubt to execute there exit strategy which will probably have been in place a long long time!!
    I guess the fat lady is singing!!!

  91. 666

    You guys are getting desperate !!! Can’t wait until the new airport is open later this year and everyone is partying in H Hotel .Twelve months to go Then you can all eat your pathetic words.
    Kevinp The property in the DR is named The Hideaway,not the Hideout.This shows you are not an investor at all.As for your supposedly unpaid finance interest,you said you were told it would be paid next month,so why are you awaiting a bank trace? How do you know staff in basildon are swamped? think you are clever?You are just one of the present gang of doom mongers under another name
    There is a common thread running through all the doom monger’s posts:lies,misinformationand yet more lies.
    Mark Amen.The FSA will not feature in the case against Jeremy Newman.Why should they?I will remind you that Harlequin,as the claimant, are not required to provide any information whatsoever if they choose not to. It is up to Newmwn to substantiate his evil campaign.He will find this extremely difficult.You will see!

  92. 79

    Another standard agressive response to people presenting indisputable facts and asking questions. There is next to no activity on the H site, I have seen with my own eyes as have others who have posted. Hopefully will be ready this year, but not at this rate. No building has begun at Marquis Estate or the others in the DR, this is a fact. BB is a long way off completion and there is no chance the airport will be ready at the end of this year from seeing the site, but we shall see, cannot claim that as a fact. The FSA have targeted Harlequin, this also cannot be disputed. They have received an overwhelming number of complaints and had to do something. We shall see if this has any effect, or whether people are still prepared to take a risk. That is an individual’s decision. All those of us in the Caribbean can do is make comments on what we see with our own eyes and that is basically next to no progress many years after some resorts were supposed to be completed. This is surely a concern.It has been asked what interest it is of us in the Caribbean to be commenting, but the islands are like small towns in the UK – if there was big scandal, or development going wrong in your town, you would be concerned, particularly in an industry that we all rely on and need for survival.

    Investors on this forum and others have complained about their investments so have to take at face value as not really in their interests to make up negative news.

    It would be helpful if the pro Harlequin group would provide new positive news for people, or factual news, to dispel or defend the otherwise indisputable facts being presented, rather than the vitriol that comes.

  93. BB (Beggars Belief)

    It seems that Harlequin are blaming their old accountants (Wilkins Kennedy) for not filing their overseas accounts. Wilkins Kennedy say that they were never appointed to act for the overseas Harlequin companies.

    It doesn’t really matter because Company Law is clear. The sole responsibility for filing statutory returns on time sits with the directors of the company and nobody else. It is a cheap swipe to try to blame the accountants for not filing accounts for the past seven years!

  94. Mark Amen

    666 Have a read of this I think this may answer most of yohttp://www.fsa.gov.uk/doing/contact/whistleur questions

  95. Mark Amen

    666 Have a read of this I think it will answer most of your questions

  96. Mark Amen

    Oh yeah 666 Can you tell me how many including Wilkins Kennedy are counter suing?? Is it not true that Paudie Ohalloran is counter suing how much is he suing Harlequin for mmmm isnt it over £100 million I dont think the Newman case will end up in court Harlequin will have gone bust before as the Ohalloran case is in the next few weeks isnt it??? Tick Tock Time is running out for you isnt it!!!

  97. Kevinp

    Re your comments about my blog. This could only come from an idiot working out of Basildon as I never mentioned them on my blog. Either Adrian Brown this is you or Adrian Brown bet you have never heard of the data protection act. I think this is what occupies the staff in Basildon writing vitriolic bile about its clients.

  98. 241

    Good to know Ames family are taking dividends when their developments don’t exist or lose money. What responsible developers, always putting clients first.

  99. 192

    Anyone who has money in this has a clear recourse now with their IFA make your move now. This investment is now toxic and backed by the FSA there is nowhere to hide for harlequin and about time too. This sort of scheme prays on individuals with a sense they have nothing to lose. The smart people have left, wake up. Harlesuccess it is over. Buccament is worth holding on to but no investors in the resort will have any legal title unless they have settled the balance on their property purchase. This is about to get very ugly for anyone who has a vested interest. Jeremy you have won they wont be able to fight this out , I salute you x

  100. Kevinp

    Look at the accounts present to 2011. The other debtors can only be made up of potential revenue from the final sale of any units. Seeing as this business has so many creditors the new units will never be built therefore a truer picture would suggest that the real value of HP is minus £10m. Look at the trends and 2012/13 account will almost certainly be the last. All investors must be feeling like Kate Winslett on the bow of the Titanic. This one is going down for good with a lot of passengers.

  101. Grust

    The next couple of months will see the demise of Harlequin.

  102. St George's Dragon

    The H Hotel site appeared to be closed up this morning when I passed by. The gates looked locked and there didn’t seem to be anyone on site. Yesterday, there were a few workers around – looked like reinforcment being fixed – but there were only a handful of people there.

  103. What are the chances of getting a refund with Harlequin? anyone managed it or is it all smoke and mirrors?

  104. New stuff

    St George’s Dragon, surely you must be mistaken. The building work is continuing apace! At the pace of a slug that’s run out of slime it appears.

    GrustGrust, it depends whether your contract says you’re entitled to a refund at this point or not. But, frankly, if things are as dire as people are suggesting, I doubt anyone is going to get anything out of this situation. You may have to wait patiently at the end of a line of other creditors if things really are that bad. Who knows?

  105. 195

    I took some photos 24/1/2013 2 pm…will e mail to BFP..only 4 or 5 workers visible.Not a lot of action for sure.

  106. 168

    Harlequin own the Blu in St Lucia and probably own the H Hotel site. If you are owed money under your contract with Harlequin, then demand it and if not forthcoming then go after the assets here with a suitable local lawyer. If they have not mortgaged the property, then noone’s debt should rank above anyone else who gets a judgemeent first. So don’t waste any more time if you indeed are owed money, get a local lawyer on the case.

  107. New stuff

    The priority of creditors is complex. I think I am right in saying that the Ts and Cs of the Harlequin contracts permit them to seek third party finance which would require them to grant the financing institution a charge over the whole project. This charge would take precedence over any of the individual investors. From a due diligence perspective this sent me running for the nearest exit. Suppose, as a potential investor, I had sufficient cash in the bank to complete my purchase without any need of a mortgage (sourced by me or courtesy of Harlequin). I could, in theory, be granted title on my completed unit only to find that there was a other charge hanging over it. If the project defaulted for reasons outside my control I could find the third party financing company knocking on the door for me to hand over the keys even though I had paid all my dues. The Title doesn’t look too clean to me!

  108. Mark Amen

    Karma is our teacher. It teaches us to refine our behavior–hopefully sooner rather than later. One way to tell a young soul from an old soul is to observe how quickly he learns karma’s lessons in life.

  109. Anonymous

    There is no third party financing from any regonal bank as they will not touch them. However, Harlequin could have mortgaged the properties to themselves under another guise as they provide financing to some investors. I would not put it past them. So they could then end up liquidating the assets and paying themselves (their mortgage arm) off before then paying whatever is left over to other creditors. If they have not passed title to any investors yet, this could be a real concern. Do investors not have lawyers to protect them, which lawyers have they used? A half decent local lawyer would ensure that title would pass in time, and that the land was indeed owned unencumbered so that title could pass. Surely investors did not take the transferring of title issue information from Harlequin reps or agents?

  110. Anonymous

    This video from a few years back is really hard to watch…especially if you are an investor…is it just me or does this man just sound like an ignorant English con artist?

  111. 241

    He is plain dumb, an obvious crook, yet sucked people in somehow. 1200 people had bought blind through brochures in st Lucia. Four years later, not a single room started there. The site is terrible anyway for hotel development, any Lucian would tell you. Belongs behind bars, along with the ifa’s and his harlequin cronies. Likely to end up there too.

  112. If and it is an if, Harlequin goes bust no amount of body guards or fancy legal team will protect the Ammes family from the potential worldwide lynch mob….. They will end up regretting the whole thing…along with their ‘investors’
    Things are gathering pace in the UK, one way or another it will come to a head very very soon

  113. Eddie Lizzard2

    Don’t forget that Mr Ames Senior has two passports (he is a citizen of SVG) and has two private jets at his disposal. Also there is no extradition treaty between UK and SVG or between UK and Australia where his daughter lives. He ain’t as dumb as he looks but he’s very cunning.

  114. New stuff


    I can well imagine your anger but I couldn’t, and not should anyone else, condone threat of personal violence. If you can modify your post I would suggest you do so.

    The law is slow, grinding and often finds in favor of the wrong people but we do live in countries which respect the rule of law and so should allow it to follow its course.

  115. I did not mention anything to do with violence, just a figure of speach… but I would never place my family in a such a unpleasent situation. I would rather not have his alleged millions and be able to have a relaxed peacefull life.
    Things are gathering pace here, and I was refering to all the IFA and SIPP companies, who I know for a fact are panicking….I have several contacts in these organisations. If you missunderstood my post I hope this clears things up.

  116. New Stuff

    I was pretty sure you meant it as a figure of speech grustgrust and welcome your clarification to the world that you were not suggesting any kind of vigilante response to this.

    As I say, your anger is well understood.

    Do you have any hard facts to share about the IFA panic?

  117. Kevinp

    New Stuff and grust grust. I have looked at the only filed accounts and they do not look good being a management accountant. The only way this company has not been forced to close is the auditors have not signed off the latest accounts. If you look at 2010’s the other undisclosed debtors helps to balance out the horrendous creditors balance. This figure can only be made up of deferred revenue or monies due to HP when the units are sold as their other revenue streams ie not from investor deposits is minimal. The auditors put a warning on this as they declared that HP refused to detail the breakdown of this figure as it would predjudice their status and potential future investments or words to that effect. As there are not the funds or the finance in place to build the units this will never happen or in accounting parlance be realised. Add to that the ridiculously generous share dividend of £1400/share all owned by Mr & Mrs Ames or £1.4million fleeced from the company you get the picture. Who knows the real picture from March 2010 as nothing has been submitted. I have worked for companies that have been bought and sold over a weekend let alone 3 years. This is a Ponzi scam in its final throws. All investors need to get the bank accounts frozen before any thing else is fleeced from the coffers. I hope the Ames like porridge.

  118. New Stuff

    Kevnip, Thanks for the accountants insight into the HMSSE accounts. I have also looked at these but I’m no expert. Clearly the auditor’s qualifications are concerning as is the sum used to buy property in the names of members of the Ames family. The accounts suggest that the family promise to pay the company back. Have I read this correctly.

    You mention that there is no money left to build out their commitments. Without sight of the accounts of the various overseas projects how can we know how much money is sitting in the accounts of each of these schemes? If the accounts were favorable I’m sure they would have been published annually with copies posted to all investors. That they haven’t been published for seven years might suggest that they are less than complimentary.

  119. I am no expert, but as Ames has been trying to raise finance to complie with the 70% developer loans – he would need accounts! or was that another lie…. we will know soon. I fear I know the answer…

  120. New Stuff

    grustgrust, they have been hawking these projects to every financing institution you can think of and the promise of the loan was always just around the corner. I am guessing, but happy to be corrected by anyone who knows better, that the finance companies asked for accounts but these were either not available or they didn’t look very attractive. The only suggestion of third party financing came some time last year when some announcement was made that Caldora Asset Management was issuing a Harlequin Fund. On further inspection it seemds that Caldora was set up by ex pats living in the Far East and anyone can do a moment of due diligence on them if they are inclined.

  121. Anonymous

    Thanks for that, I met the guy from Caldora and he give me the creeps, I just got the impression he just wanted investment in his unregulated product – he was living somewhere is Asian…. then nothing. I beleive (well it don’t actually) something is close regarding finance around the court case – but I have just asked for my deposits back – enough is enough….wait and see.

  122. New Stuff

    The latest news section of the Caldora webpage is very old so it doesn’t look as though it is operational anymore

  123. Kevinp

    New Stuff, having seen the accounts and remember these are for 2010, the auditors have signed them off in the fact that they agree to UKGAAP an accounting standard with major reservation that would eliminate them from Amy future liability. This is a skin of your teeth approval of the accounts. I would almost certainly believe that the same reputable auditors will not put their name to any approved audits of subsequent accounts anymore. HP had to submit some thing because they would have been struck off from the companies register if they had not after such a time. This would have effectively shut them down. To attract any further fund raising activities this was essential. HP have got what they want and will play on this for as long as possible pay the non submission fines but be able to carry on fleecing new investors until the inevitable. I am actively seeking their immediate closure to freeze their accounts before the directors empty them, hoping that what ever is left , and I fear nothing will go to the screwed investors,but also to stop them ripping off other people. This is now an illegal operation trading insolvently. Prison for doing so if it continues for Mr & Mrs Ames. Sadly they’ll still be millionaires on our money after 5 years.

  124. New Stuff

    Thanks again Kevinp.

    So it is significant that HMSSE changed their accounting period end from March to September thereby buying them a futher 6 months before having to file their latest accounts. They were supposed to submit these accounts by the end of last month but have until the summer to do so now.

  125. New Stuff

    If things go badly for Mr Ames Jnr when he appears in court they may be able to get a family suite

  126. BB (Beggars Belief)

    Wouldn’t the proceeds of crime legislation prevent the Ames family from making money out of this?

  127. Lets not forget the quite Mrs Ames is a director, so she will end up being taken to task – ignorance is no defence – ask Mr to explain your position!

  128. 241

    They all know exactly what has been going on, and Mr Newman of Wilkins Kennedy knew and hats off to the man for taking a stance. The do belong in a family suite doing bird. They will nto be able to hold onto their money, fines will be massive. But much will indeed be hidden in offshore accounts – St Vincent has a thriving offshore industry.

  129. BB (Beggars Belief)

    Forensic accountants are very good at tracing money in cases like this; even when the trail goes into other jurisdictions.

  130. Hopfully they will be in to long to enjoy it….

  131. Mark Amen

    I always thought Jeremy Newman was going to come out of this a Hero!

  132. Dr Goodnews

    Yes,Harlisuccess,you are spot on.I have just seen the official photographs of the Harlequin arm that is H Hotel Barbados,It is coming on really well and looks to be on track for completion 2013.I notice several travel agents have this 6+ star hotel on their books and taking boookings already,They are reportedly crying out for a new hotel of this quality in Barbados.After being pampered and spoiled at H Hotel Barbados,I shall be able to transfer to Buccament Bay and be spoiled and pampered there.

  133. 241

    Brilliant efforts at smokescreening and pretending that all is well with Harlequin, and of course to be expected as Harlequin trolls exist everywhere, the honey pot is sweet and full of investor deposits to be used in any way Ames wants them to be. What a predicament for the investors. Saw H hotel a couple of days ago, nothing happening and no progress in the last few months. Track record of the other two hotels they operate is very low occupancy and big losses. What would make H hotel any different? Ames has not got a clue, he is only interested in your commissions, taking you all for mugs. 6 star, that is just hilarious. Taking bookings??? Great that some people may be getting work out of H hotel, but being paid for by those poor buggers who invest in the other unstarted projects. Honestly, you really have to be completely blind, stupid or working for Harlequin to not see that this is one big scam with only one eventual outcome.

  134. Anonymous

    The 6 star bit is brilliant; As with BB, they seem really happy to make these unconditional declarations without any external awarding body actually corroborating them. The thing that strikes me most about the hotel, is the fact that it wad touted as a way of getting a quicker return – obviously untrue demonstrably. It seemed bewildering at the time to be adding more projects to the slate, when so many extant ones remained in perpetual stasis – it seems that this hotel is indeed just another example the company’s shifting goalposts.

    On a related note, I’m always struck by how better the reasoning is from those questioning Harlequin, than those defending it.

  135. Kevinp

    Dr Goodnew and Harlsuccess are either the type of people that enjoy witnessing the scene of a murder or are on the HP payroll. This is an operation geared to fleece people. Your investment lies with a subsidiary arm of HP that will always be in debt to the HP parent company therefore meaning that any refunds will not be possible as the investment arm is bankrupt. All investors will only get anything back after the association has been verified. This will take ages by which time any available funds will have been siphoned from the company. They will go to prison but a few years of porridge for the rewards may be worth it. All associated with this scam need to be complicate in the deception and therefore treated as villains. That includes all at Basildon. I will include you all when I finalise my case against you. This is not an idle threat!

  136. BBaywatch

    @ Dr Goodnews – quote ‘I notice several travel agents have this 6+ star hotel on their books and taking boookings already’

    An ambitious claim – which of course you can easily prove by providing a link to the web pages of these travel agents?

  137. New stuff

    And the tumbleweed rolls on by as BBWatch waits for Dr Feelgood to get back with that link.

    I actually think that Harlesuccess and his pals are actually really Harlequin detractors because their hilarious, over-the-top, demonstrably ridiculous posts can’t be serious. They are so grammatically inept that they must be written by people who are pretending to be really stupid (no adult can really be that weak and function in the outside world).

  138. Truthseeker

    This link that is VERY EASY to find by typing in “harlequin h barbados” in Google?


  139. BB (Beggars Belief)

    Truthseeker, the Google search only seems to throw up Caribbean Warehouse as an agent. As far as I can see there is no mention of a star rating or room rate.

    Can you provide a link directly to an agent showing this to be a 6* hotel with a commensurate room rate?

  140. Truthseeker

    That is a link to progress reports at H, which this article ignores for some reason.

  141. BB (Beggars Belief)

    We can see that it links to a Harlequin written report about the wonderful progress being made but that is not the same thing as evidence of travel agents marketing this as a 6+ star resort that I can make a booking for now.

  142. Truthseeker

    Who said it was? I was replying to the article.

  143. BBaywatch

    Replying to what article?? Truthseeker – You made some extravagant claims regarding travel agents and bookings for the H hotel, I asked for some kind of proof (independently verifiable please!) and you replied with a link to a Harlequin website. Still no evidence that your claims are correct – this is what happens al of the time when any spokesperson for Harlequin is challenged to show evidence to bear out their claims. Is it any wonder that the credibility of the company and its sock puppets is non existent?

  144. I was once a a Harlequin presentation and travel agency staff get a payment or bonus scheme, ooooopps nearly said bribe!

  145. Anonymous

    No travel agent is selling H Hotel Barbados because it is not known when (or if) it will open.

  146. New Stuff

    @ Dr Goodnews.

    Two days ago you made the claim, “I notice several travel agents have this 6+ star hotel on their books and taking boookings already”.

    You were then invited to substantiate your claim by providing links to the travel agents that are currently taking bookings for this 6+ star hotel. Are you able to do this? If not, then we can only assume that this was yet another inflated claim that has no basis in fact.

  147. New Stuff

    We’re still waiting Dr Feelgood…


    Lord Alan Sugar started as a Barrowboy,knowing nothing about computers.Duncan Bannatine started inbusiness as an ice-cream seller from a van,knowing nothing about Health Clubs and Hotels.Today these entrepreneurs are amongst the most successful businessmen in the UK.So whats wrong with Dave Ames once being a Double Glazing Salesman,now enjoying huge success as an Overseas Property Developer?

  149. WOW

    I have today seen the official photos of the progress at H Hotel.Can’t believe you guys on the Hasting’s Arm Team are up to the third floor of the new build already. Well done! Keep up the good work
    I am going to contact my travel agent tomorrow to book a suite for a great Christmas celebration.From reading the marvellous Trip Advosor reviews of Buccament Bay and looking at the gorgeous photos of the Xmas/New Year festivities,Harlequin certainly know how to enthrall their guests! i can’t wait to be part of the scene.Move over Celebrities!

  150. 63

    There would be nothing wrong, it would be a great story, as are many of the rags to riches stories. The overwhelming majority of those stories that I am aware of involve people that showed great ability, drive and business acumen from a much younger age than in their 50s, when Ames started Harlequin. His history prior to Harlequin do not show a man with any acute business skills, knowledge and is a career of failure. To meet the man, and hear him speak, one is not at all impressive, and the impression is one of a man not the master of his or any craft, nor of a sharp mind that one can learn from or invest in. Those I know who have made fortunes from humble beginnings are razor sharp for the most part, or know their business inside out., and usually both.

    The fact is also of course that Mr Ames is not enjoying huge success as a property developer. That side of his business is a very obvious catastrophe as he has been unable to develop more than 5% of what he has sold. Where he has enjoyed success is in selling property, so I would say he is a successful overseas property salesman. But then, Madoff was a successful salesman of his investment fund, as was Alan Stanford a successful salesman of his CODs and other funds. Of course, there was nothing behind what these two were selling, they just were good at convincing people to part with their money and give it to them. This is what Ames is good at and proven himself to be, with all the flash shows, brochures, CGIs etc, all greast smokescreens (although, having also met Stanford a few times, he was far more impressive and charismatic and believable than Mr Ames who is decidedly unimpressive) Mr Amees has proven himself unable to develop the investments sold, which is of course far harder to hide than the schemes that Madoff and Stanford came up with.

    Where are the properties? Why have they not begun construction? Why do they not have planning? Where are the audited accounts etc etc. Newman and co did not hide them, they do not exist, as indeed did the “investments” of Madoff not exist.

  151. Who Cares

    Harlisuccess, why do you think this has anything to do with others being down on successful people. Lord Sugar and countless others have all been successful in their respective businesses and we can all applaud the fact that they have made it against the odds. But the point is, they are successful at what they do. Nobody is having a go at Mr Ames because they are resentful of his humble origins it is because of his demonstrable lack of progress in honoring his commitments.

    Meanwhile we are still waiting for Dr Goodnews/Dr Feelgood to send us those links to the travel agents who are already taking bookings for the 6+ star hotel…

    To quote a Dr Feelgood lyric:

    Sharp suit, big car
    who do you think you are ?
    Moving real fast
    How long can it last ?
    Don’t push your luck too far

    I’ll tell you where you are
    You’re close but no cigar
    You’re close but no cigar

  152. 666

    The recent photo (taken by a troublemaker) from the roadside depicting the H Hotel does not show much of the work that has been done.Compare this with the official photos on Harlequin update website word press and you will see the true picture.This hotel WILL be open by the end of this year.
    Why on earth you troublemakers spend your time and energy trying to belittle any new development in Barbados when you have a multitude of so many social and economic issues to tackle,is beyond comprehension.
    Please explain why your priorities appear to be so out of touch with what is going on elsewhere in your community and requiring urgent attention.

  153. 155

    Indeed. It would be fairly reckless reasoning to suppose that, seeing as these two isolated examples of individuals have achieved success, such an end should be considered universally achievable to anyone. The origins of Sugar and Bannaytne belie their talent — as demonstrated by what they achieved when they reached adulthood. It’s simply not comparing like for like.

    WOW; third floor “already” — it was supposed to have been completed “already.” I don’t see an awful lot to get excited about there. Seeing as you are already apparently making plans for Christmas based on a photos of a building site, perhaps you are more easily impressed than me.

  154. 195

    @ Wow,and 666 .. A lot of work may have been done over the past three months, but the photos taken by “the troublemaker” in Jan 2013, clearly show that this project is far from complete, and will never be finished in 2013. A skeleton crew(as is evident if you go to the site) simply will not do.My guess is they simply don`t have the cash to carry this along at the advertised pace.

  155. Anonymous, you speak as you find! I like that I too have met the little unarticulate Ames, and he looks and acts like a cowboy salesman

  156. Is this not about Harlequin not the problems in BB? or am i missing something?

  157. Mark Amen

    grusty Thats cos he is

  158. I have asked for a refund 7 days ago, guess what …..nothing. I am looking for a decent solicitor, shall keep you all posted I have some replys due very soon.

  159. Kevinp

    If you require further proof look at HP’s release that they have approvals in principle to develop the Hideaway. Never heard of the construction company that appears as nothing more than a log entry on any search engine. No website nothing. More reassurance from HP I think not. Bob the Builder has a better chance of completing this project.

    Grust grust getting a refund ain’t gonna be easy but once my solicitor has updated me I’ll let you know the action required. PS Trading standards are investigating HP as well as Action Fraud and soon the Met Police.

  160. Thanks Kevin, how can we start a discussion just regarding helping each other regarding legal action – I have decided that is the only way forward. I feel its only a matter of time befor HP goes bust – or the bad PR hits the mainstream.

  161. Truthseeker

    BBaywatch have you hit your head or are you always this easily confused? The article we are commenting on. It is not rocket science.

  162. New Stuff

    @ Dr Goodnews,

    Still no links to all those travel agents who are falling themselves to take bookings for this 6+ star hotel.

    Can you provide those links or give the readers of this thread the respect of a retraction of that statement?

  163. 195

    New Stuff…don`t hold your breath, they make things up all the time, thinking that if it is printed, even on internet blogs such as this, it becomes Fact.

  164. 241

    Facts – most of units stold not started in projects that were allegedly sold out years ago, no financing in place, no filing of accounts, loss making resorts, unsustainable model where bulk of deposits go in commissions leaving little to build with which must be reason for most projects not even started, final planning permission not approved in most projects, Ames on video advising the world of the great sales, of a marina alomst finished at BB (years later, not even started), Ames saying investment in Thailand is risk free (even if he did then turn his back on Thailand, he still told this enormous lie). Final fact is that not a single Harlequin supported has addressed these facts in any sensible manner. Anyone with even the most basic investment experience would run a mile from this organisation.

  165. Please take notice of this, things ARE coming to ahead in the UK act now or loose the lot. Its sad to say but you HAVE BEEN CONNED BY AMES. if you still believe in Harlequin you are sadly deluded.

  166. New Stuff

    Grustgrust, what timescale are you talking about days? Weeks? Months?

    How does the endgame play out? The company voluntarily seeks liquidation? Police raid?

  167. Mr Brown

    I told everyone here months ago that this would end like this, No one thought it true. How the mighty have fallen. Hate to say it but I told you so.

    Now us investors are up shit creek without a paddle.

  168. 63

    I have always believed there are ways to get cautions placed on Harlequin assets in the Caribbean if they are in default under their Caribbean contracts. This is done all the time here, it would secure the debt they owe you. But gutrust is right, waiting and waiting will make certain you lose in full.

  169. Mr BROWN (the REAL Mr BRown)

    This preceding posts are just the dirty tricks brigade making one last frantic attempt to discredit Harlequin before Paudie’s trial starts next week.
    Contrary to any endgame being played out,Harlequin continue to go from strength to strength.I know that investors will be absolutely delighted to hear about certain developments concerning funding,when this is made available to them in the coming weeks.I am not able to go public on this as it would breach the trust placed with me .Mark my words,you are in for one big surprise!

  170. To the Real Mr halequin Brown.
    Nothing would give me more pleasure than been proved wrong as I am an ‘investor’ I know for a fact several things are going on in the background, that will see Harleqin go to the wall – in the next couple of months – this is a sad but true fact. The sooner people wake up and stop kidding themselves they may and I repeat may get some of their money back.

  171. 195

    To the real Mr Brown…we await the news with great interest.Frankly dont see what Pudies trial has to do with Ames not building the resorts , but have fun …they have been talking about funding for years now…would be great if those promises came to pass, but it is like the Marina at BB..like Harlequin Airlines, just promises to keep new investors interested.

  172. There is a lot going on, a couple of weeks tops would be my estimate, and this is from professional not scaremongers or people who has something to gain. I real wake up call was for me, say 300 million invested for an example, 300 units built in BB – so where is the rest? And all this talk of getting the finance but no accounts – come on get real! Could you get a mortgage on a house in the UK with out accounts!!!

  173. The doom mongers are at it again. Mr brown would not use language of this nature. Harliquin Hastings arm h hotel Will be spectacular. 78 luxury keys including five penthouse exquisite spa restaurants etc it Will be a jewel on the south coast, H Barbados project creates employment possibilities for over 100 hotel employees, its all good redefining luxury in the Caribbean.

  174. Mr Brown (2)

    There must be two Mr Browns there is more than 1 in the world isn’t there?

    I feel really sorry for the people who still believe this is going to work. Wake up and smell the coffee!!!

    If Ames has had 300 million then where is it?? Where is our resorts?? he certainly isn’t Houdini. I am not a doom monger more like a bearer of bad news which I told everyone months ago, it’s your choice if you want to continue burying your head in the sand.

    If Harlequin is doing so well why haven’t they filed accounts for so long?

  175. Because….. they would show they are in a financial mess!! sorry its all the accountants fault 🙂 All you Harlequin supporters can you back up your claims or are you just repeating the HP speil?

  176. The fact is things are in motion that Harlequin can not recover from, when people stop buying, just stop and think………. how will they carry on funding the developments all over the world…… just think about that…. they can not get finance on something that is nearly built……. will Mr and Mrs Ames dip into their own pocket…… I think not:) They are in real financial trouble its fact.

  177. 120

    None of these Harlequin supporters have even made am effort to answer questions about the fundemental issues that appear to show this is a scam/failed business model. It is there before all our eyes. These people who still defend and promote in the case of overwhelming evidence to the contrary are just Harlequin stooges to be ignored. The plans for H hotel are indeed grand, but it will not be finished. And why would an owner in Marquis or Merricks care anyway whether H hotel gets finished? What about their properties? A ridiculous business operated by a ridiculous individual.

  178. Lets hope the ridiculous individual and his family end up in prison

  179. yatinkiteasy

    2pm Jan31st 2013..H hotel site…4 workers , building “apace” and redefining luxury in the Caribbean.

  180. Croix du Femur

    Would you drop it if they had 200 men working 24/7 and to hell with Barbados’ Union laws & Regulations? Have you ever tried emailing Ames or someone directly via their “Contact Us” at either a website or blog? Instead of moaning from the sidelines in a tabloid few take seriously since no one knows who publishes it?

  181. 36

    @Croix du Femur, I asked exactly the question of BFP. How about asking some questions rather that just posting headline comments. If yatinkiteasy was at the site why not ask the people on it what was going on. Not so long ago everyone was commenting that the site was unoccupied, so 4 people is a positive step? No?

  182. I have email, sent recorded delivary letter to HP, they just carry on ignoring you doing their own thing – solicitors the will listen to.

    no smoke with out fire.

  184. HI Kevin P will this reply go to you direct, new to all this malarkey!

  185. Kevin P I just got the answer, old people and PC’s!!

  186. yatinkiteasy

    @ croix du femur..I see its the Barbados Union Laws and Regulations that are now to blame for only a few workers being on the H site…what a load of poop!
    @36 I did not have to ask the few workers on site what they were doing…it was obvious…little or nothing.

  187. 36

    @yatinkiteasy, pity you did not ask, you might have been told about the piling work being done.

  188. Anonymous13

    Only 4 days to go. Question is Will you turn up??

  189. 666

    Poking your big nose in again.The drive by know it all ,who in reality knows nothing about H Hotel in Barbados ,the Harlequin arm of Hastings,Redefining Luxury in the Caribbean.What a load of poop YOu come out with!

  190. Anonymous13

    B Baywatch
    You have been given a verbal good hiding by several posters following your stupid comments.You say you have 20 years experience which includes watching the sad decline of Barbados.Why did you wait until now to open your mouth?Are you experiencing a sad drop in your income?Time for you to retire? Stop telling lies all the time.

  191. BBaywatch

    Oh dear, is that the best that you can do? Being savaged by a Harlequin Sock Puppet, anonymously, is like being savaged by a dead sheep!

    with apologies to Denis Healy

  192. Dr GOODNEWS

    As do many other types of business in the US,travel agents always contact their most valued customers with pre release details and invitations of exclusive vacations in exclusive resorts and hotels.Release to the general public follows a little later.Guess you vagabonds,obviously not VIP’s,will have to wait

  193. NOT Yatinkitseasy - Really Harlisuccess

    B Baywatch
    It’s quite clear you did not like your “verbal good hiding”,well deserved i might add!
    You really should apologise to DH ,mispelling his name.
    i do believe 36 is waiting for you to apologise also.
    Do you suffer from verbal incontinence?

  194. BBaywatch

    Hi jacking another posters forum name – bad form.

  195. anonymous13

    B Baywatch
    Well,you should know!!1

  196. Eddie Lizzard2

    Oh for gawd’s sake Yatinkitseasy and Anonymous February 1, 2013 at 4:02 pm and all the rest of you… put a sock innit will ya? You are beginning to sound like Harlequin trolls now and this trading of insults is getting tedious.

    Your rude posts lend nothing to the serious debate, which is that the Harlequin projects will probably not be completed any time soon and that many investors fear they might lose their life savings.

  197. 39

    Dr Goodnews, I would have thought that if Harlequin had news to share, given the events of this week they could forego the luxury of letting the “VIP’s” (sic) know about it first, and give their poor, beleaguered investors some sort of hope. On a related note, I can’t honestly see how many “valued customers” they can possibly have accrued — and I fear that if we “have to wait” we shall be waiting for some time.

    These prophecies of big announcements in general, always become conspicuously quiet in the event.

  198. Time for some facts, how can the FSA, Management accountants, my solicitor, all be wrong? my refund request turned out to be wait for it……………….MINUS 61% of the investment, to be paid back over 12 or 18 months…..my contract states 60day. THIS IS A FACT.

    Would anyone like to defend Harlequin now?

  199. I have been advised one option is to go after the firm that set the SIPP up for you, that is regulated. It’s been missold in many cases.

  200. yatinkiteasy

    The comments attributed to Yatinkiteasy on Jan 1st 2013 at 4.26pm were NOT made by me. I thought BFP would be able to block someone using a name from a different email address..The Harlequin a holes are desperate now!

  201. yatinkiteasy

    @ 666 and 36… I did not do a “drive by”…I observed 4 (sorry, only four) worker at the site. Is this what Harlequin thinks is needed in order to finish this fantastic 5 or 6 or perhaps 7 star resort before the end of 2013? That`s only 11 months away.Not possible, and everyone knows it…even big nose over here.
    The story is different in St Lucia …nothing is happening.

  202. 36

    Now now yatinkiteasy you know we are not trading personal insults now. Harlequin a holes is not playing nicely now is it. Xx

  203. Terry

    The basis of fear and concern that your investment is not safe because no accounts have been registered since 2005 in st vincent is enough to obtain a freezing order on harlequins total assets ( including UK) They don’t want this. The real threat of this will change the time scale of your refund. Your solicitor has tlo have big balls.

  204. Thanks Terry, I have no doubt about my solicitor – he is like a dog with a bone! Its the only way forward, and the miss selling angle, I only hope other are doinf the same or it will be too late.

  205. The Happy Investor

    I haveread most of the forums relating to harlequin since these first started to appear.I have found t5hem to be informative,sometimes amusing,very often wildly inaccurate.Sometimes writtan by investors but mostly by non-investors with sinister undertones,driven by political motives,fear of competition,a few with environmental concerns.Many contributors are obviously ex-contractors or ex-employees dismissed for poor performance,sub standard workmanship(requiring correction),embezzlement etc.A few are no doubt investors unhappy that their investment is taking longer to deliver than promised at the outset.Dave Ames is ready and willing to admit that he is late meeting targets and that he has made many mistakes along the journey.I believe he has been misled on many occaisions by former outside contractors and associates,hencehis move to bring all operations “in house”.The much quoted video of 26th January is but one example of passing on completion dates given to him by his contractor at the time (O’Halloran) which were never met.O’Halloran reportedly admittedthat he never had any intention of meeting the dates given.
    The worldwide recession has affected every single developer,with many going under or stallingin their developments.The Caribbean,in common with most other areas of the world,is littered with abandoned projects.Harlequin,I believe are the only developer in the Caribbean still building.If anyone makes the effort to go to Basildon open days or presentations around the UK,you will always find Dave Ames and his team there,ready to answer any concerns you may have.He has not ran away.Nobody has lost any money.
    The magnificent Argyle international airport under construction and due for completion late 2013 with the first arrivals due early 2014,is key to the full completion of Buccament Bay.This resort is already getting exceptionally high praise from all who go there as can be seen from the TA reviews,the onlydownside to visiting Buccament Bayis the time taken to transfer from Barbadosand mis laid luggage.

  206. I am an ‘investor’ and have been to at least four road shows,also to the HO at Essex, Ames is there sometimes, and when asked direct questions avoids them, he also is way out of his depth.How can you say no one lost lost money – by the way that is a quote from Ames so, please, try to make some up for yourself. I have lost 60%+ of my deposit…. Do you work for Harlequin or are you a deluded investor?

    As regards to Trip advisor, the reviews are from investors like me who were encouraged to give glowing reports, until we knew we had been conned or HP puppets.

  207. 39

    Call me suspicious, but it’s very noticeable that several different pro-Harlequin contributors share a similar style of syntax — and and typing style. Happy Investor being one of them. You wouldn’t have to be a forensic linguist to identify this.

  208. Mark Amen

    The happy investor?? YOU might be happy but I am not. People have time frames of there own and if they are not kept to by Ames then he should pay compensation as others have said he has never apologised for misleading them or not producing accounts. How can you be happy not knowing where your money is or if indeed there is any of your money left?
    You cannot keep blaming o”Halloran if he did steal £1 milion its a drop in the ocean as to the amounts the Ames have taken in commisions for themselves
    Stop deluding yourself this ship has sunk and its nothing to do with anyone other than Ames this is just the final piece of his plan.

  209. Who cares

    @ the Happy Investor.

    Please excuse my directness but that is a miserable excuse of an apology to blame the delay on the ineptitude of the building contractor.

    The reason that people invest in a developer, and the reason the developer deserves his cut of the profits, is because the developer is an effective manager of the risks of the project on behalf of the investors.

    The developer should have a detailed construction programme such that, in the event that the building contractor slips by one single day, the developer can demand corrective action immediately. Similarly if the developer hands over money for work that has not been done or has been done to a poor standard, the developer has acted in a professionally negligent way in respect of the investors money entrusted to him.

    That is the entire point of having a developer. If the developer cannot fulfill that function then they are not worthy of anyone’s investment.

  210. 39

    Totally agree. Also, wasn’t there a different set of builders on the project before this lot? If so, it doesn’t say much for the tendering process or the internal management that allowed such things to be repeated without lessons learnt (which admttedly should have been learnt in advance of starting a development of this scale).

    Again, always someone else’s fault.

  211. New Stuff

    The Happy Investor, you have brought up the 26 January 2010 video and say that the progress dates were only the dates provided by the builder. But in the video you say that all the engineers, architects, designers and builders have just met and everyone’s agreed that everything is going to be ready for July 2010. And everything was spoken in the context of marina, reception, restauarants. Waters Edge…

    1. So it wasn’t just the builder that was advising that everything was going to be ready?

    2. An experienced developer would have been able to see that it was never achievable

    3. Presumably there are signed minutes of that meeting with every participant having signed and dated the construction programme showing what had been completed and what was scheduled for the next few months?

  212. The Happy Investor ( Continuation)

    To continue
    ………is the time taken to transfer from Barbados,mis laid luggage etc.These problems will disappear when Argyle is open for business,not long now.
    (CONGRATULATIONS,by the way, to all concerned at Buccament Bay for reaching the landmark of 200 Trip Advisor reviews rated EXCELLENT.What a fantastic achievement!)
    The other Harlequin developments across the region are very late coming on stream and naturally this must be very worrying for those who have invested there.I am amongst those who have invested there as well as my investment in Buccament Bay.We need to have yet more patience and take comfort from what we see at Buccament Bay,knowing that the superb resort facilities that are being put together there will soon begin to emerge at the other locations.I am confident funding will become much less difficult to obtain when investment banks and institutions,individual investors(including Sipps) and private individuals see what has been achieved so far.
    Lenders must be a little hesitant when they observe the failure of other developers in the region not being able to complete their projects.Harlequin continues to build
    So why am I a happy investor?What led me to invest in the first place?I will list my reasons,not in any order of importance.
    Firstly,the Product/Concept developed by Harlequin (just gets better and better) is totally unique in the travel world.Unforgettable holiday experiences for all! Spectacular locations,a great range of luxurios accomodation,a fantastic range of facilities,coaching in sports,the theatre and the arts by people who rose to the top of their profession.Unrivalled choice of restaurants etc etc.The list goes on,with a constant updating of offerings.
    Next there is the attraction of a good return on investment and high capital growth.( My own investment in Buccament Bay has seen substantial growth) Once Argyle is open,this capital appreciation will increase yey further. I know I can sell at any time,.
    I can enjoy 30 days free accomodation for each unit I invest in.Taking into account the costs of travel,paying for food and drink etc,the result is that I can,if I so desire take two or more low cost holidays each year. As an investor,these holidays can be taken at any other resort or hotel ,Blu Hotel in St Lucia or H Hotel,Barbados, for example,even though I have not invested there.
    Finally,and very important to me personally,I am able to help bring to the beautiful people of these islands a little more prosperity and improvement in living standards,education and well being.The smiles and charm that greet me every day tells me ,for this reason alone,that my investment is worthwhile.I know I am helping to provide employment opportunities in the resorts and hotels,at the airport and in the wider community.Any talk of exploitation is absolute rubbish.
    All in all,what an exciting adventure!
    Yes ,I really am one Happy Investor.

  213. 666

    It seems extremely odd to me that Harlequin is the only developer still building in Barbados,yet you are doing everything in your power to stop this.I thought Barbados was seeking an end to the decline of tourism.you are doing exactly the opposite of what is required .do you really want another Port Ferdinand or Four seasons to look at?H Hotel IS going to be built,despite your nasty campaign,built on lies and guesswork.You have no knowledge of the true facts.tell me,how can Dave ames,a former double glazing salesman,twice bankrupt,as you like to keep reminding us,can continur to build,when those developerswith experience of the Caribean,as you also like to keep remindingus,have fallen by the wayside,bigtime.
    Is this evil campaign against Harlequin being run by lunatics and imbeciles?

  214. 36

    @Anonymous. Feb 2nd 2.58 Although I have vowed to leave this site due to blinkered coments and bile omitted by some posters, I have always posted under the title of 36. However some of my posts recently have been changed to 172 and Anonymous. Don’t ask me how it happens but it does. Just so you are aware.

  215. Anonymous

    Point taken 36, but Happy Investor and 666 appear to be blatantly the same person — either that or they both share a bewilderingly similar aversion to the space bar, and to the standard placement of punctuation. Given the proximity of the posts, it seems unlikely.

    Engaging with the “points” made is an exercise in futility, so onerous are the counter-arguments.

  216. yatinkiteasy

    @Happy…Glad to hear your investment in BB has seen substantial growth, and that you can sell at any time…Pray tell how can you sell something that you do not have legal title to?

  217. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ Happy Investor

    ‘…Finally,and very important to me personally,I am able to help bring to the beautiful people of these islands a little more prosperity and improvement in living standards,education and well being.The smiles and charm that greet me every day tells me ,for this reason alone,that my investment is worthwhile.I know I am helping to provide employment opportunities in the resorts and hotels,at the airport and in the wider community.Any talk of exploitation is absolute rubbish…’

    In the review of their stay at Buccament Bay Nickle222 has included the following in their tips:
    “If you tip on your card the resort does not “share” the tip with the waiter/bartender etc. Bring CASH! Apparently once a month or so the resort “shares” some of the tips with the waitstaff but not on an individual basis, they each get $15 or something like that…”

    If 15 dollars a month in tips, in addition to the basic wage, provided by the management is ‘bringing prosperity’ to local people, then it is a disgrace
    and exploitative. You are condemned by the words of one of your own guests, who clearly saw the true situation regarding the working conditions of the staff.

  218. New Stuff

    @ The Happy Investor

    Why bother coming on here to simply repeat a load of market-speak film flam that can be readily found in any of the sales brochures?

    Why don’t you bother engaging with the point raised above regarding you previous post? You claim that Harlequin were duped by their builder when I would argue that the investors should reasonably expect Harlequin to be competent developers well able to handle all the shortcomings of any building contractor that they engage. That, by your own admission, Harlequin were unable to manage their building contractor in a manner that investors would reasonably expect, leads me to conclude that they are not worthy of receiving investment.

    Would you care to comment? Or, would you prefer to dribble more marketing diarrhea all over the place?

  219. Eddie lizzard. Stop being rude to happy investor. When people go on holiday. They take cash with and them and give some to those they think deserving of a tip. The money given out from the pot each month Will be additional to this.
    Is that the best you can do?

  220. You all need to stop bickering and take legal action against the SIPP companies and HP via a solicitor – I tried myself and got fobbed off with a refund less about 60% of my investment. No one has lost money with Harlequin………

  221. 241

    A couple of fact corrections. 666 – Port Ferdinand is moving along well, full job site so Harlequin are not the old people building. I also have seen very little action there when I have been by, looks like a very long shot it will be ready this year, but cannot say for a fact it will not be. The same goes for the airport in St Vinent in terms of it being a long shot to be ready by the end of this year, but we shall see.

    Happy Investor – it is probably not really worth addressing that post directly as, whilst amusing, it is not a post of someone who is prepared to look at facts and base argument around those. However, I will take issue with saying the locations are superb etc. For example, the site in St Lucia is probably the last site any developer would chose as a development site if he had the choice of any land there. Marquis Estate is on the east coast for a start, where no hotel operates, other than one in the north east which has sadly failed badly even though it is near a golf course in a popular area. Atlantic coast does not sell holidays in St Lucia (there is one on the south east coast, but is a 3 star all-inclusive near the airport charging less than US$100 per night so not in same comp set. There is a third development that has stalled, that had a real brand attached, again east caost was biggest problem in selling it). That alone does not make it a bad site. The site has no real beach to speak of and zero infrastruture. It is so far off the beaten track for a successful resort operation, it is simply bizarre to have chosen this location. If I had invested there, I would want to know what infrastructure work had been foreseen for the site – one would think US$20m at a minimum, not including work on the golf course. There were also plans for a marina, which also would have been pointless as simply noone boats on that coast. I have spoken too much about one site, but the point is that Harlequin’s plans are simply ill-conceived and again appear to have been designed to sell property rather than build them. This is of course supported by the fact that the properties at Marquis have not even begin yet, and nor have they in the DR or Merricks (other than the show homes)

    After failing to even start these resorts, Harlequin then decided to buy a small roadside inn in St Lucia, and an old hotel in Barbados. Surely that flies in the face of looking after existing investors who are waiting patiently for their homes to be started.

    Buccament Bay loses money, as does Blu. How much would Marquis lose in its first years if it ever got built (which I am 99% sure will not happen), and Merricks lose in its first years, and the DR etc? How would these losses be funded? No bank would ever do that, even if Ames did produce accounts, as they can only show a business wtth liabilities that cannot be paid. The grand plan is so all over the shop, no sane or reasonable developer would ever have undertaken this in the locations and with the financial structure that has been put in place using this model. The liabilities are so crippling, there is only one end for this story. The question will be whether Ames will be found criminally liable, as it is certain all those who have invested will get only a fraction of their money out, if any. The numbers simply do not add up, and with sales inevitably slowing down, that end will come sooner rather than later. To support Ames by saying he is building when others are not is the same as sayting Madoff paid out strong returns when others were not able to. It was made possible using other people’s money in a way they were not aware of or supportive of.

    Good luck investors, but really should act fast, as I have said before, there are ways to get your money out but be smart and don’t wait.

  222. Very amusing, B Baywatch. Good try same old garbage. Same old you.thought you had retired.

  223. 241

    Can you please expand on what is garbage about the above? Would be nice to have a civilised constructive debate rather than trading of insults or denials without substance to back them up. It would be great if someone could explain why any one of the thousands of investors who bought years ago in Barbados or St Lucia or the DR should be happy – they have no security on their investment, they have nothing to show for it, they are contracted with a company that has liabilities that are massive as said above and elsewhere, they are being targeted by the FSA, they have a reputation that is alarmingly bad if anyone does any digging locally, they do not file accounts. Why would anyone invest?

  224. I keep saying it, take legal action or loose all your money, or ask for a refund and get about 60% paid back over 12-18 months!

  225. BBaywatch

    anonymous February 4, 2013 at 11:33 pm

    If I post a comment it is under my sig BBaywatch and under no other – unlike the myriad postings by the Basildon Bunker. The post which you are alluding to is quite correct in every aspect however and I would fully endorse that writers comments.

  226. New Stuff

    @ grustgrust.

    How was it justified that you only got around 60% of your deposit back? Were you being paid your loan interest by HP? Did they take off their marketing and profit slice from your deposit? In other words, did they subtract the fee that has gone into the agent pocket and into the dividends paid to HMSSE shareholders?

  227. 36

    @grustgrust. Yes a breakdown would be very interesting. The loan interest is the important one.

  228. I asked for a refund to prove something to myself, that its a rip off, I don’t want to be too specific because I am now taking the legal route, some was interest, but the majority were charges / admin fees.

    Even fees on ‘development’ where they have not even broken ground – I have two ‘investments’ It will be interesting to see if I am slapped with a HP gagging order as part of my refund.

    Its not something you can fight as a lay person – go legal.

  229. No I did not have my loan paid by HP. Admin fees are the most – what they are is anyone’s guess!!

  230. Anonymous13

    Garbage,yes garbage.Strange how nobody else has contradicted the statement that H Hotel is the only hotel/resort under constrution.Can you send up to date photos of the work going on at Port Ferdinand? My reliable sources tell me that the first phase of this development was due to open in Dec 2012.My source also tells me that the developer has been unable to attract any investors.
    The Marquis Estate is truly a superb location,as was said by Happy Investor.The natural beauty of the landscape,although difficult to develop,will blend in with the resort plan to provide a unique setting.The resort is mostly surrounded by National Trust land Walkers, horse enthusiasts especially will just love it! This resort will not be built primarily for a beach holiday destination.It’s undoubted major attraction will be it’s sporting facilities ,including- The Gary Player championship golf course and the Pat Cash tennis academy.The tennis facility will include eight “outside courts” and a “centre court”.This will allow the facility to hold international championships and will attract the world’s best players.Visitors are anticipated to arrive in very large numbers,not only to enjoy the facilities themselves but to watch top players perform in both sports.
    What evidence do you have that Buccament Bay is losing money?Can you provide this evidence or are you talking garbage about this too?

  231. So are you a Harlequin memebr of staff or a ‘investor’ who still thinks its a good deal?


    Yatinkiteasy.You appear to have a fascination with building sites.You are always watching the build at H Hotel. How is it you never report on the numbers working at Four Seasons and Port Ferdinand?
    If you let me have you address,I will send you a camp bed and a parasol,so you can keep an eye on H Hotel 24/7 i will send you an abacus to help you,since you seem unable to count above four.I will also send you a printed Tshirt with your name on it “Big Nose,the Troublemaker”

  233. What a stupid comment – you must work for HP….. but soon to be out of work.

  234. ripped of by Harlequin

    HARDLISUCCESS I feel it will do you good to plead insanity when you are bought to justice Dave! Why is it if you feel so confident that you paid off a certain investor late Friday evening…..was that because they were going on BBC Panorama…and would tell all your dirty little secrets tut tut Dave there are a lot of people and reporters out there who people can talk too.

    People the gagging order are NOT worth the paper there writen on!
    If you have one take it to a solicitor they will tell you the same do not be afraid of the scum that is what they base there success on!

  235. 39

    Harlisuccess, I’m not surprised that you agree with Happy Investor, as you quite clearly are Happy Investor — it’s pretty obvious by even looking at the text on the screen that they are the output of the same person.

    Not for the first time in Harlequin circles, your optimism seems to be basically based on the premise of “if you build it, they will come.” Your confidence that the world’s finest tennis players will be their in their droves is almost endearingly blinkered. Likewise, the enthusiasm that you have for even the smallest piece of building work — regardless of the fact that some of the resorts were supposed to have been fully completed years ago.

    “Visitors are anticipated to arrive in very large numbers.” Hilarious. Says who?

  236. ripped of by Harlequin

    I find it strange that YOU AND YOUR WIFE choose to go to the Maldives for your many expensive holidays.
    Build it and they will come ha ha ha Sooooo true to life after all it was/is just a field of dreams isnt it!!!

  237. Check-This-Out


    You say “if you build it, they will come.”

    They say “if you buy it, we will build it – sometime”

  238. Lots of people are talking this is fact, and should make intresting viewing 🙂

  239. 63

    Anon 3.09pm, I was at Port Ferdinand the other day, and it was a full job site, marina being dredged, buildings going up. I did not take a photo as was not purpose of the visit. I believe they have sold maybe 15 homes there, but they still build regardless because financing is in place. no doubt they are behind schedule, but as had sold so few, they could probably keep those few investors happy with whatever compensation. They are a very strong outfit, and comparing Port Ferdinand with H Hotel is like comparing Port St Charles with Merricks – same group (mainly) building PF built PSG, a sold out and complete development. Same group building H hotel are building Merricks….not encouraging.

    Marquis Estate is lovely land, but terrible for development. Have you been there? I have been there a few times over the 40 plus years I have been living in the Caribbean. The comments on Pat Cash etc reflect and mirror Ames’s stunning naivety and inexperience in resort operaton and development and the Eastern Caribbean. There is a reason no other hotelier here pays fortunes for celebrity sports endorsements, and does not rely on these sporting attractions to bring guests because it simply does not work and does not make financial sense. It is not worth my while explaining the economics for you as I know whatever is said to you, you will blindly support Ames and co. There is just no return on developing and operating Marquis Estate. Even if it were build out smoothly in one go, the operating losses would be too large for any credible operator to want to keep it open. But given the difficulties of the build, it will never be started never mind finished. There is no planning permission (outline planning means nothing) and it is just a ridiculous choice of a site for a hotel. The owner was delighted to sell that land.

    With regards to BB, I was told by a senior Harlequin staff member that the resort has been losing bombs since it began and Harlequin has had to put a lot of money in to subsidise those losses. Whose money was put in one would wonder? I guess the audits will show that….But I do have intimate knowledge of how Caribbean hotels operate, and their costs, and BB simply does not have enough occupancy and rate to break even, and has huge overheads created entirely unnecessarily by themselves due to their complete lack of experience (Ames after all had no prior involvement in hotels or profitable business so it is no surprise he cannot control a resort operation). That occupancy comment comes from comments from agents, guests and staff at BB, and the rate is open to anyone with online access.

    anon and others, proof ultimately lies in the pudding. To date, the pudding is decidedly absent. The failures on all levels are staggering, and no credible argument has been put forward as to why resorts have not started nor why the investor should not worry, and arguments have been invited and reasonable ones would be most welcome. With regards to BB, the only operating entity that was originally conceived before the nonsense that is Blu (and I refer to it as nonsense in business terms in the scheme of Harlequin’s operations, rather than criticising the hotel), has anyone seen a rental/management agreement, as it does seem odd that guests sign for f and b even though it is all-inclusive? How do they allocate those costs out against the room revenue? That would have to be clearly defined and explained in that agreement, as would how the net room revenue is arrived at and paid out. Are people being paid their share of revenue?

    We shall see if the proof ever materialises that this is anything other than an ellaborate scam, and whilst some of these Harlequin supporters want everyone to leave them alone, the fact that such a scam affects thousands of UK investors and the reputation of a region, the microscope is focusing more on this and will not go away.

  240. Harlequin/con?

    Is anyone interested in a facebook page???

  241. 36

    Won’t everyone have to show their true identities? I,m up for it, is everyone else?

  242. New Stuff

    Somone suggested earlier that all the disgruntled investors should choose a date and go to Essex together. I would have thought a peaceful protest with a few banners, a few journalists and someone filming proceedings should be interesting. I think that Watchdog journalists have been watching this one for a while so they may be able to lend some support.

    Has anyone heard how things went in Ireland today?

  243. New Stuff

    Answered my own question… http://www.independent.ie/national-news/developer-used-95m-meant-for-luxury-apartments-to-buy-a-private-jet-and-grand-piano-for-his-girlfriend-court-told-3377747.html

    If the above turns out to be a true and accurate record of events it is simply unbelievable that HP could have been so out of control of this project to hand over money in this way. Every last penny of payments should have been attached to defined construction targets signed off by a qualified QS. Each workstream should have had its own schedule of targets, payments and penalties and money released only when the work had been checked and verified.

    This account makes it sound like O’Halloran was thrown a big bag of money, told to go off and build a resort and come back and tell them when it was finished! And this is supposed to make HP sound good?!?

  244. Harlequin/con?

    I really think it should Mr Ames on trial
    Why are we basically employing Mr Ames?
    He is responsible for ALL of this he kept giving away the money and probably travelled in that plane?

    Hey whats the difference between O Halloran and Ames?

  245. Hard done by

    mmmm If its about who has taken what, I dont know O”Halloran or Ames but I guess this O”Halloran chap must have built other things and not been twice bancrupt where as Ames?
    How much money did Ames have in the bank the year before all this?
    How much money did O”Halloran have in the bank the year before he met Ames, I have to say if he is innocent I bet he regrets the day he met Ames
    I really think it should be Ames on trial by all the investors there of course will come a day when he is going to have to explain to someone and of course we will all be there to find out what has happened to our money!

  246. Anonymous

    Harlisuccess…Ill tell you what you can do with the camp bed and parasol…then again, you might like it.Defending Harlequin is flogging a dead horse.

  247. yatiniteasy

    Message to Harlii at 9.51 was from me.

  248. New Stuff

    I really can’t see a good outcome for Harlequin from the court case. If they lose then it vindicates O’Halloran. If they win it is potentially even more calamitous for them.

    In order to win they will have to prove that they gave O’Halloran access to money to which he wasn’t entitled. Essentially they will have to admit that they handed over investors’ funds for work he hasn’t completed. Surely such an admission would open them up to litigation from any investor who would then be able to show that they had been negligent with the funds entrusted to them. Is there a flaw in this reasoning?

  249. 241

    Pretty much correct new stuff. I have been involved in many hotel developments. Without going into it too much, there are of course many different kinds of contract – fixed price, cost plus etc. Can be self managed via sub contractors, contracted out completely with one of your own guys overseeing it or whatever. Either way, you would never be able to give a company US$13m and them be able to spend it on whatever they like without a clear contract that would see them bang to rights, guilty as sin. You sometimes pay deposits on a contract, but of course sign the contract first, and if the contractor ran off with the money, then the contract would mean the person is straight guilty and goes to jail. You can also get a bond on your contract, which means it there are problems with the contractor, the insurance company pays the developer. There are many ways to protect yourself, and to not do so is negligence and the disappearnace of so much money show you to be negligent at best. This is putting it all in a nutshell and in plain English, as the contracts are often more in depth and complicated as indeed they need to be for large developments, but essentially new stuff, you are right. But perhaps Harleqiun have such a contract and this should therefore be a short trial, and an open and shut case….

  250. New Stuff

    From the Irish Times this morning…

    “Greater and greater sums of money were demanded [by O’Halloran] with no prospect of the work being completed, he said. When Harlequin inspected the development in July 2010, some parts had complete landscaping but it was like a “film set”. The drains were not installed for the villas and the sewage from the toilets went straight into the ground, he said.

    Mr Gallagher said there was an “extraordinary informal arrangement” for such a significant contract in which a total $51 million was paid out by Harlequin. The weekly payments rose from $125,000 to $450,000 and later $1 million in 2010.”

    This is my point entirely. This should send huge alarm bells to investors as the clear implication is that Harlequin were not in control of this project. To find that that the resort was like a film set in July 2010 shows that they didn’t have any properly qualified QS working for them on the ground signing things off on a daily basis. Or, maybe they did and he/she is the next person in line to be sued by them? Either way, they simply allowed a situation to become critical without putting effective checks and balances around it.

    Then we hear that “there was an extraordinary informal arrangement for such a significant contract”! Here again, investors money has been put at risk without the necessary contractual protections being put in place. Grustgrust is right, get on to your lawyers.

  251. New Stuff

    And before someone bleats that the above post is written from some pro-Halloran stance I can assure everyone it is not.

    For all we know O’Halloran may have acted very badly and the court will ultimately decide on this. His guilt or otherwise is almost incidental because investors never contracted with him to build the resort. Investors contracted with Harlequin to develop the resort with the reasonable expectation that they would diligently and competently carry out this duty with care.

  252. BBaywatch

    Certainly an insight into the bizarre way that Harlequin went about doing business, the reference to the appearance of a ‘film set’ is also interesting in that in some of the very first publicity photographs released (Ames and Gonsalves shaking hands or similar) the setting is the interior of a villa. The room is fully decorated and tiled and some furniture present but bizarrely the second fix of electrics is missing and the windows are not installed. I thought this decidedly odd at the time – clearly there was a desire to present the project as being well advanced and quite clearly it wasn’t.

    O’Halloran it is suggested was swept along by the event, a description that could equally apply to the Harlequin management who do not seem to have had any grasp of what they had embarked upon.

    And before the Basildon sock puppets accuse me of defending O’Halloran I’m not, I can say that friends in the region well acquainted with construction of similar projects raised eyebrows when hearing of the appointment of ICE. I’ve long held the belief, and stated it, that this (Buccament Bay) was the wrong development by the wrong people in the wrong place at the wrong time. This may not endear me to some of the early investors but one visit to Buccament Bay prior to investing would have been prudent, and the consequences of this ill advised venture obvious.

  253. I have met Ames on a few occasion, unfortunately not before ‘invested’ I summed him up as an uneducated baffoon – this just proves my gut feeling was correct.

  254. With no accounts and clearly no management control by the idiots in Basildon it was going to happen. If Ames wins he is an idiot for letting it happen, if he looses he has lost our money. Intrestingly,there is talk HP will win no doubt about it…. So lets expect a big PR splurge how he is going to complete on the finance and he just wanted to get this out of the way and show the world he is such a poor victim…… Sorry missed out and his family.

  255. New Stuff

    Who is talking about HP winning the case Grustgrust?

  256. been done by harlequin

    Have you seen the court papers? no doubt in my mind O”Halloran will win and we will loose

  257. My contacts close to HP, they recon its a win win….. could be the usual HP missdirection – I dont beleive anything – just my legal team… had enough of Ames and co….just want my deposits back.

  258. been done by Harlequin…. what papers?

  259. I can only find Irish comments and they look like HP have a good case? better to be safe and request your deposits back via a solicitor, the court case does not change the questions about where our money has gone and when will the ‘finance’ to complete be available!!!

  260. 36

    @New Stuff, I read the court article from your link yesterday to the Independent web site and found it interesting reading. However I have tried to access the same document today and only get an error message, “404 -page not found” Have you any thoughts on this? This is a genuine question and not a trick in any way. I would like to print off the daily reporting of the court case.

  261. 241

    What irony. Ames has always sold on the back of CGIs and models, invented returns that could never happen, and absolutely no reality. Priceless that he calls his own development a film set, one that he should have overseen diligently as it was his only greenfield development (and still is) To suddenly find, after giving his contracted millions, that things were not right is again absolute evidence that his priority is and has always been commissions he puts in his pocket and not the building. He has absolutely no idea whatsoever about construction or hotel management. Always staggers me how people backed him in the first place, an obvious crook from head to toe. This is a lose lose case for Harlequin, although of course Carter Ruck and all those other con men/women on his PR and marketing team will send out more smokes and mirrors and continue to not start the projects. Take legal action, recover what you can and put this behind you as a lesson.

  262. New Stuff

    @36 I would guess it has been pulled from the online edition because of pressure from a certain legal service provider. I don’t know whether it made the print edition of the paper.

    What is your take, 36, on the admission that the contractual relationship with the builder was extraordinarily informal?

  263. BBaywatch

    The preview of the page is still viewable and does not seem to contain anything that was not in The Irish Times or The Irish Examiner. They all seem to have just reprinted a statement made by the Harlequin legal team which sets out their case as they see it. Quite why one publication should remove the content when the other two continue to display it is unclear.

  264. New Stuff

    What I can’t understand BBWatch is why they would so freely admit that they were so out of control of what was going on with the builder. It reads like a blatant admission of gross negligence.

  265. 100

    When they inspected in July 2010 they suddenly noticed these things?? They did not have their own project manager or QS oversee the construction on a daily basis? That is bizarre in the extreme. Also, small point maybe but I thought the investors were owners of the resort, nor Harlequin. Was that not the point of it all, that investors owned the properties?

  266. 36

    @Bbaywatch, do you have a link to the site?
    @NewStuff, I’m not in the building business so not really informed. However because HP had no experience of building then they probably gave the contract to ICE as a compleate turnkey project. My concern is a stage payemnet request came with a QS sign off in 2008. Was this false I wonder?

  267. 36

    @100 Investors would only become owners of their properties having received their title deeds. That process only started around Sepember 2012

  268. Content Investor

    What’s wrong with being a happy investor?When I received an inheritance,I invested part of this in Harlequin’s Marquis Estate,in the Gary Player 6 star Hotel to be exact. i feel very honoured that Gary player has endorsed this development and that he will display all his career trophies within the hotel.
    I see Harlequin akin to a jumbo jet. It has taken a lot of energy to get it off the ground,but now it is up and away,watch it fly.

  269. 39

    Would I be imagining things if I said that ICE were actually the second group of builders on the project, and the first set had already been kicked off?

  270. BBaywatch

    I agree, perhaps it is because they feel that they can still shift the blame onto someone else and exonerate themselves? And let us not forget they have history connected to this, you have to ask why Ridgeview were removed and replaced with ICE, why the hotel management group originally announced were replaced with an internal management, why the water gardens designer was replaced (he alleged non payment of his fees) and his scheme replaced with a system that only breeds mosquitoes, why SVG Air Alliance ( who successfully service Mustique, Bequia and other destinations and have contributed to record visitor numbers on Bequia in the last two years) were replaced with the yet to fly Harlequin Air etc etc etc – a pattern emerging?

    The lack of ability in planning, management, logistics – every area that needs expertise is woefully lacking. In every instance an acceptable solution or partner has been rejected in favour of an in house bodge or fudge ( the whole Procure It Direct issue appears to have been swept under the carpet for instance).

    This does seem like a company completely out of control and unable to carry out even the simplest but essential management tasks.

  271. BBaywatch

    myself at 2.53 – that was in reply to New Stuff at 2.06

  272. 100

    Content investor – have you been to the Marquis Estate site? Have you done due dilligence on the St Lucian real estate and resort industry? Are you not concerned that no construction has started at Marquis, or that best case assuming it will start later this year and be open for first phase late 2014, with a few yeras losses first, so that returns and profits may be available in 2017 maybe? Or likely case not start building for another year or two, and then hit profit in about 2020? Or the other possibility that a growing majority think, that it will never get built? A jumbo needs fuel to fly, and the only fuel can be from new investors as there are no profits in any other part of the business, so you have to be hoping people continue to invest so that your investment materialises.

  273. New Stuff

    @36 in reply to your post at 2.46pm

    Herein lies the problem. In general these projects have been marketed at people who have limited understanding of how the construction industry functions and have relied on the supposed due diligence of their adviser. If you’re going to invest in a sector then you simply have to get yourself informed. It’s the first rule of investment – don’t invest in something you don’t understand.

    My background isn’t in construction either but it only takes a couple of days of intensive study to know if you are being hoodwinked. Over four years ago I simply asked the adviser who was promoting this project to me, “I want to see the construction programme for this project”. In turn they asked HP who declined to answer the question. So what was I to infer from that? Either they didn’t have one, or it was written on the back of a cigarette packet along these lines:

    Dear builder,do you think you can finish this project by July 2010.yes?wonderful, here’s a bag of someone else’s money.

    At best, they may have had one but they weren’t prepared to share it with an investor. So I walked away.

    For anyone who hasn’t seen a construction programme here is a link to a very simple one – http://www.fileflash.com/graphics/screens/Rational_Plan_Multi_Project-5816.jpg

    For a project as complex as developing a resort I would expect around 3,000 to 5,000 individual workstream bars spreading over 3+ years. On top of this I would have expected that HP would have at least one full time project manager and one full time QS on site every day making sure that things didn’t slip. This would have probably cost around 150k USD per year but I would suggest it would have been money well spent rather than paying agents fat commissions and directors nice big dividends.

    Is anyone able to tell us whether high quality construction management professionals were working directly for HP on the BB site? If they were, what were they doing all day? To suddenly discover on the scheduled opening day that toilets were discharging into the ground is frankly unbelievable.

    You are probably right, 36, saying that HP didn’t have much experience in this sector but they have taken money off people in return for a promise to manage the development. What business had they in doing that without the necessary experience to manage it properly? They may well say that they have learnt their lessons now and have brought it all in-house but how much investors money has been flushed down the toilet in the gathering of that experience? Why would I want to fund Mr Ames to go to the university of hard knocks to enroll on a Construction Management 101 course?

    If I’m being unfair or if there is a more accurate representation of any of the above then will someone please tell us and I will gladly have the record put straight.

  274. 100

    To have your own person representing your interests, even if you have given the job to a third party contractor, is the starting point and he would be the first person a developer employs when embarking on a construction program. To not have one is barely believable. It is simply beyond credibility that this was not done and that the developer suddenly found out last minute what was happening on site. If this has happened, then Harlequin would be without doubt the worst developer ever conceived of.

  275. been done by harlequin

    New Stuff you are totally right. The other thing is is if Ames had come to me if I was a builder and said how much to build this mate? I would have to factor in loads of stuff like food and water and my bills or do these not count in his world? I guess the answer to be no because he probably just dips his hand in the till of investor money to pay for these things.
    Seriously everyone is looking at the builder Ames is living a real life now as well is he not not forgeting his wonderful family as well….or are they all living of the forestry for life money they swindled people out of.

    Lets all remember this is supposed to be his wifes business

  276. Content investor, sadly you will not see your money, please face the facts and get your money back before its too late…. please

  277. Lets be honest if you purchased a property anywhere in the world and the builder said, send me more money each month would you not ask what are they doing for all this cash?

    Ames is no different that the builder because he has been paying himself out of our cash – no accounts was deliberate so it would not highlight the withdrawals.Even Ames is not stupid enough to not know about filing accounts!
    But he is an Baffoon

  278. Check-This-Out

    Content “It has taken a lot of energy to get it off the ground,but now it is up and away,watch it fly.”

    Sure- right into the side of on of the Pitons in St. Lucia, and destroy one of St. Lucias main attractions

  279. 125

    Lets stay focused, get your money back now or it will be too late. Once it hits the UK media – HP is dead – as it stands now IFA would be crazy to sell a Harlequin investment…….so how will they survive with out more deposits????????????????????

  280. harlequin?

    Gary Player
    “What a honor to raise almost $1m for Dana Quigley’s son Devon after his tragic car accident. Golf is such a great way to help others. Love.”

    Quote from Gary Players facebook page from today!
    It truly is brilliant that he has helped this youngster and family through what must be a terrible time for them,
    Lets all hope he is ready to start raising money for all the investors in Harlequin after all some people thought he had done his DD and so this was a safe scheme

  281. 158

    The truth will be revealed on March 25th. Panorama leave no stones unturned!

  282. harlequin?

    mmmm I cannot wait!!!!

  283. harlequin?

    I did notice I think it was last night that someone said they had been paid off to not go on the TV so maybe there wont be a show 😦

  284. 158

    I would think there are too many trade creditors and disgruntled investors for there not to be a show.

  285. harlequin?

    I really wish I had been invited 🙂
    might be worth giving them a ring to see if they want other people for the show I feel now that we have nothing to loose

  286. 241

    Well, to go on the show will almost certainly mean the investment will disappear so only those who have written it off already will go on. The reason being of course that without the cashflow of new investors, Harlequin is a dead duck. As we have seen with those who set up their own websites, publicity ensures there is action, so perhaps if investors contact panorama, and then tell Harlequin they are going on, then they may get their deposits back? Just a thought.

  287. 241

    Is the show called “redefining piracy in the Caribbean”?

  288. 192

    Please let that be the headline in national press “redefining piracy in the Caribbean” absolute genius!

  289. How do you know there is a Panorama program featuring Harlequin? If you have no proof stop panicking everyone. As soon at that’s hits the air its over, Harlequin will go bust along with any investment.

    If it is true you a dick brain because you have just alerted Harlequin.


  290. Glad you all think the post about Panorma is funny, will you think its so funny when Ames runs off with whatever cash is left?

    Assuming the Panorama is true why would someone with confidential information like that post it? what a prick

  291. harlequin?

    Grust, Someone said yesterday that they had had a conversation with Ames late Friday evening and told him they were on the show and that they got a refund

  292. Anonymous

    but is it true, or just panicking people? I do not recall reading about a program – just ‘someone’ late Friday got a refund…..

  293. Well we are all buggred then….. we at least know the date of Harlequins demise…26th March & our money.

  294. harlequin?


    September 23, 2012 at 10:23 pm


    please refer in particular to 4.19 but all makes a good read..

  295. 192

    I have to say grustgrust you have been telling everyone to ‘go legal’ don’t you think that will bring down Harlequin?. The truth is every investor will lose their money unless someone stops them now. The SFO need to seize the assets and they are more likely to do this if this scam is exposed. All the celebrity endorsements mean nothing, they will look just as duped as you. When I was asked to invest years ago I typed Harlequin Property into google and within the first 5 autofill searches was ‘Harlequin Property Scam’ it didn’t take a forensic approach to DD to realise this was an extremely risky investment. I hope you get your money back but I doubt it will be anything close to what you invested. I do hope its exposed and stopped before anymore people are duped.

  296. harlequin?

    ripped of by Harlequin

    February 5, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    HARDLISUCCESS I feel it will do you good to plead insanity when you are bought to justice Dave! Why is it if you feel so confident that you paid off a certain investor late Friday evening…..was that because they were going on BBC Panorama…and would tell all your dirty little secrets tut tut Dave there are a lot of people and reporters out there who people can talk too.

    People the gagging order are NOT worth the paper there writen on!
    If you have one take it to a solicitor they will tell you the same do not be afraid of the scum that is what they base there success on!

    Just for you Grust!!!

  297. Truthseeker

    See below for coverage of the court case against Padraig O’Halloran who created Harlecon with Jeremy Newman knowing he was being taken to court by Harlequin for fraud. Quite a coincidence.


  298. New Stuff

    Keep up with the rest of us Truthseeker, we have been discussing this article all day.

    This is the article that says that Harlequin had an extraordinarily informal arrangement with ICE for such a major contract. In other words, Harlequin had not put in place a sufficiently robust contract and, by implication, had played fast and loose with investor funds. Does this sound like a developer that you would fall over yourself to invest with??

  299. harlequin?

    Truthseeker, How do you know they created the Harlecon website?

  300. brucie almightie

    summat what ive notice is thier is harlequin propertie problems have you saw it

  301. anon73

    There does not appear to be anything publicly available about panorama. Just the comment by ripped off by harlequin reposted by harlequin? is all we have to go on. This poster may have some inside info, or may not. If he has alerted Harlequin to a real future show, then grust this could be a time to approach panorama and tell them you are a miffed investor and see if Ames will give you your money back before you gon on air. I think either way, this ship is going down this year, so does not change the urgency which you have already been alerting people to prior to that post, and with which I wholeheartedly agree. It would make a great panorama story actually – Caribbean, planes, lavish lifestyle, new Ames house with indoor pool etc on the one hand. And on the other, a recently bankrupt salesman with very poor track record and no wealth, webs of lies, deceit which are easily traced on the internet and youtube, and even more easily found in the Caribbean where debts remain unpaid all over, projects unstarted, a son in trouble with the law selling carbon credits, no accounts filed, dodgy Thailand background, bodyguards required, threats, court cases with O’HAlloran, spoof website etc. It is quite the story to tell. If you are not doing it yet panorama, then perhaps you should! It also does highlight the ease with which IFAs and conmen can take people’s pensions in the UK, which is supposed to be a leader of the civilised world. People have been shouting about Harlequin since 2008, and it has taken 5 years for anything to happen.

  302. harlequin?

    Grust, ref your comment were all bug rd then
    what would you rather happen? these people must think they have a story to tell and Ames does not want anyone to hear it.
    I personally feel that we are all now at the stage where we are doing exactly what Harlequin want us to do ……Arguing among ourselves we are all telling the same story everyone is worried but to scared to do or say anything in case we get labeled as troublemakers, if we are all honest we could do somthing, The panorana thread was started in January with someone asking what date it was going out I think but that irrelavant really the truth is the truth and the BBC will probably find it……If this program shuts all this down at least one thing will come out of it and that is we will all know once and for all that its over! Devastating as that will be this cannot go on can it?
    We all need answers and we just are not getting them from Harlequin
    I dont think Panorana will go out but hats off to anyone willing to this has got to be stopped hasnt it
    Someone said about everyone going to Harlequin with the press there? a facebook age? and then someone worried about our identities?????????? why should we all hide if this was barclays bank we would not care if they knew who we all were….there is something in that is there not???

  303. I take the comments constructively fair comment.

    In an ideal world I think the program would be better later than 25th March, if in fact, its true and not just gossip. This is only because it would give people chance to get their money back via the legal route.

    The Panorama saga just may just get Harlequin thinking – no point to give anyone anything back now as we are in big trouble in April?? and empty the accounts???

  304. Anon 73 I agree wholeheartly with your comments…..

  305. harlequin?

    Grust ….I think the money has long gone 😦 on a five million pound house,two areoplanes,cars,vineyards,hotels ect cet
    It was just a drop in the ocean what that irish builder has supposedly took
    Lets look at the first in line

  306. I will let you all know soon when I get a update from my solicitor….. I have an open, albeit not hopful mind, I have also started action against the SIPP company for bad advice – they will have PI insurance.

  307. 36

    @Herlequin? As you don’t think hidden identities are a problem then why are you using Harlequin? as a front. Come on then lets see your true identity and prove me wrong. Anyone want a little bet on this?

  308. harlequin?

    C”mon then tell me who I am!!

  309. harlequin?

    Anon – reasons unknown

    January 28, 2013 at 11:25 pm

    Yeah, yeah 36. Right you are. The FSA, BBC and IFA regulatory authorities clearly aren’t aware that the lawsuit you speak of is going to make everything OK for Harlequin, and make the investment stack up and lead to the enormous returns Harlequin speak of.

    I no longer believe (as I didn’t originally) that you are an investor. If you are, then you’re like a smoker dying of cancer whilst defending the tobacco industry. I just don’t think you’re that stupid; it doesn’t add up.

    If I am wrong, and you are an experienced investor, please do get in touch with BBC Panorama and present them with all the evidence you have that Paddy O’Halloran in cahoots with Jeremy Newman made up the Harlequin scam which lead to all this annoyance. Go on. They obviously haven’t realised.

  310. harlequin?

    Eddie Lizzard2

    February 1, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    I believe the Panorama programme is airing in March 2013. Not sure of the actual date. Why don’t you contact them yourself?

    Mark Amen

    February 1, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    25th March

  311. harlequin?

    Hey 36 I am quite flattered 🙂 Do do do you want to meet up …..is this what they call internet dating?

    C”mon lets meet and go for a coffee you know you want to dont you?

    We could make it Valentines day you could carry your Harlequin brochure

  312. 36

    @Harlequin? Firstly as I have lost some one close to me through cancer I find your comment deeply offensive. Believe me you dont want to meet me. But for your information I have been in touch with the makers of Panorama and I’m waiting for a reply. As I have previously stated, if you had bothered to research previous postings, I am NOT sticking up for Harlequin, only stating ffacts which are relevent to my case. Read and learn!

  313. harlequin?

    36.I really dont know why you would find my comments offensive. So Sorry to hear of your loss I too have lost someone close to cancer whilst all this is ongoing so if I seem bitter then sorry. Maybe we should meet up? why would I not want to meet you? and compare notes as I said earlier Harlequin wil love us all arguing among themselves. If you do decide to go on Panorama I hope it gets you your money back in full Life is to short

  314. anon73

    36 – the facts though do point to a development company in seriously dire straits. What if you had invested in Marquis in 2007 for example? What is the point in looking any further than the fact that they have not even begun bulding any units, have no financing in place, not even planning permission. What more would you need to know that would prompt you to demand yuor money back? Would you not agree, even though you are an investor wanting to protect your investment, that these facts are really unacceptable to any investor? Panorama is really not relevant to what is going on, altbough would be interesting. Personally, I would be seeking a return of my money at once and be pulling out all the stops to get it. I am interested to know what gives you hope.

  315. New Stuff


    As I just posted on another BFP thread, I would have thought that Marquis investors have a good case to show their funds have been misappropriated. If your contract is of the type that permits the use of your money to fund other resorts then it is fair to assume that some of your funds have been thrown into Buccament. Now it appears that Harlequin only had a “extraordinary informal arrangement” with their builder and this opened up the opportunity for funds to go astray.

    Even if your contract date hasn’t yet been breached I would have thought there is a case to answer here. Anyone agree?

  316. 36

    @Annon73. Please read through the old threads. I did invest in Two Rivers, and have received my money back. In fact before I am called “lying Harlequin scum” or a “Harlequin sock puppet” my deposit cheque was paid in July 2007 and my refund negotiated July 2011. Anyone else care to put up details of their transaction?

  317. harlequin?

    36 Can I ask what date was on yout Two Rivers contract ie build 2010 and twelve months grace please and did you take stage payments?

  318. Faceless

    This frantic smear campaign is not going to stop Harlequin building,nor is your attempt to discredit Dave Ames.Much of what you say cannot be substantiated.It is based on assumptions,misrepresentation,guesswork and downright lies.You use terms” “I believe”,”someone told me,””I heard” etc.etc.You are like a bunch of old washerwomen engaged in malicious gossip.You are engaged in one big conspiracy on the BFP website.A vindictive conspiracy that has been long-running,inept,pointless and going nowhere fast.You troublemakers are all hiding behind faceless identities,contradict each other and even argue amongst yourselves.What a complete waste of everyone’s time .
    Harlequin will be in business for many,many years to come.

  319. harlequin?

    Lets hope they are! but in the mean time why not update us on progress of the resorts…………………………….ha thought not

  320. 242

    Faceless is clearly the same contributor who has cropped up under a number of different names. Again they are betrayed by their aversion to the space bar — as much as the ridiculously unsubstantiated argument.

  321. 36

    @Harlequin? There was a build date, the grace period was 6 months after which a refund + penalty clause could be activated. Did you mean “make stage payments”? If so no, none were requested and none were made.

  322. 100

    I do not assume that Marquis Estate has not started, saw it last week. I do not assume Merricks is not under way, passed by that in the last month. I do not assume H hotel is going slowly, that is by the road on south coast and cannot be missed. It is not assumed BB has low occupancy, it has been stated by Harlequin staff and guests on TA. I do not assume Blu is always empty, have seen it numerous times empty and friends who have stayed for business said the same. I do not assume Harlequin have not filed accounts for many years in the Caribbean It is simply the case that they have not. I do not assume Harlequin Air is not functioning because I see the planes sat on the tarmac going nowhere and SLASPA have said they do not have any licenses. I do not assume that agents take a chunk of commission as it is publicly available information. I do not assume Ames has taken money from commissions because publicly avialable information of their UK accounts show dividends – the only source of income for him is from sales and commissions. I do not assume that the DR has not commenced because political and legal friends advise me of such who are from the DR and based there. I do not assume the rates for Blu and BB are low as that is available on the internet and via agents. I do not assume BB investors do not have title because their title is not registered. I do not assume Harlequin do no have finance because it is a fact that they do not, even Ames has not lied about that. I do not assume they do not have planning permission for St Lucia because planning has said they do not. The same goes for Merricks. The Caribbean is small, everyone knows each other, the islands are all known to one another and the flow of information is easy, without having to dig. Now, what have you heard that are lies please, because none of the above is based on hearsay, they are facts gained direct and first hand? This is not a frantic smear campaign, but a presentation of readily available facts that paint a dire picture that will affect thousands of investors and possible hurt a region’s image.

  323. 125

    very well explained

  324. Faceless, you are a deluded fool. Or are you being told what to say because you work for Harlequin – Harlequin will go bust soon, and you will be out of a job or out of pocket.

  325. yatiniteasy

    Faceless…you show me yours, and I`ll show you mine.
    Can you be a little bit more specific about lies you have seen on this blog?
    That Merricks has two show homes after all these years?
    That Buccament Bay is not yet 50% complete?
    That nothing has started in the Dominican Republlic?
    That no building has started at Marquis St Lucia?
    That legal titles have not been given to any investor as yet?
    That some of the land at BB is leased, not owned by Harlequin?
    These are but a few of the “Lies” being spread about Harlequin.

    If you want to see some lies, there are many videos on You Tube where Mr Ames has made some fantastic claims and statements that could be easily construed as lies…There is no need for anyone to discredit him.

  326. New Stuff

    And surprise surprise, Faceless declines to engage with simple questions around the self evident facts.

    Just like Harlesuccess, The Happy Investor, Dr Goodnews…

    I wonder why that is? Hmmm. Same typing style, same loose grip on the English language, same person?

  327. 100

    Met Dave Ames a couple of times, and found that he could not hold a train of thought in his head long enough to allow him to complete a coherent sentence. Do not mean to mock someone of poor intelligence, but if you are looking to invest in a man and trust him to ake you money and build out ambitious plans in a tough environment, then surely this is not the person in whom to place such faith. It is therefore quite possible that he is faceless and the others, or someone equally illogical.

  328. New Stuff

    I don’t think you’re alone in making that connection 100. There is a delusional and desperate tone to all their posts.

  329. yatinkiteasy

    I think it is not David, but it could be Carol, who maybe a bit more articulate than he is?

  330. Moneymaker

    I contacted the makers of the Panorama programme asking for an interview on the merits of investing SIPPs etc. I was told other investors in Harlequin, most actually satisfied investors, had also contacted them. Those chosen for interview had them recorded I was amongst those selected. No reference to any specific overseas developer is to be made during the programme. The programme is more about non high end investors and the choices available to them. As yet there is no date set for the screening of the programme,but it is probably going to go out in 2-3 months time. When i get to know the date ,i will keep you posted.

  331. 36

    My enquiries to Panorama led to this reply
    “Many thanks for your interest in Panorama. I am afraid that for a variety of editorial reasons, we do not generally discuss whether or not a particular issue is the subject of a future Panorama programme.
    Apologies that we are unable to be more forthcoming at this time.
    Best wishes,
    The Panorama Team”
    That coupled with the earlier threads of “its going out on thw 25th March” which is less than 2-3 months would suggest to me that no one knows when and what this program may or not be about.

  332. New Stuff

    @Moneymaker, on what basis could a sane person, acting rationally, be satisfied with the investment?

    If someone invested 5 years ago, has seen no progress made on their resort, has watched their money used to buy hotels, planes and who knows what else, has not even had the basic comfort of audited accounts to look at.

    How can anyone find satisfaction in that? I know some people are easily pleased but you would have to be some kind of mega-masochist to take satisfaction from being treated like that.

    If you have an alternative view to share I’m sure everyone wants to hear it.

  333. anon73

    It is not relevant to the issues at hand whether Panorama airs or not. Can any of those satisfied investors please let us know what it is about the inevstment that has satisfied them? Perhaps this will put at ease the many on here that are not as satisfied.

  334. anon73

    Sorry New Stuff, posted at same time – we are seemingly on the same page, but rest assured Harlequin trolls, we are not the same poster.

  335. 36

    @anon73: isn’t it funny that anyone who says positive things about Harlequin is a troll whereas anyone who says negative things is not. How is that then?

  336. Dear Moneymaker, to be blunt I do not believe you – who did you contact? I know 100% that a program is being made, but I will not go into detail, similarly the wheels are in motion from various angles against Harlequin and SIPP providers in general.

  337. Time is running out for Harlequin and the SIPP providers, I urge you to take legal advice about the bad advice and HP obtaining a refund – attack from both sides.

  338. New Stuff

    @36, it’s not so much whether people are pro or anti, it is more about people making assertions which fly in the face of the evidence. These same people, when challenged, either never come back or they just change the subject.

    I’m more than happy to hear all sides of this story as long as people can make reasoned arguments that have some link to the evidence that is available for all to see. I’m fully aware that the situation is a complex one and that there are many facets that don’t get a proper hearing when everything dissolves into slinging accusations around. Let’s all of us push for reasonable discussion and demand a level of evidence from all posters.

  339. anon73

    36 – you are very defensive, I never said everyone who says positive things is a troll. And I cannot think of any reason why anyone would waste time on here making up negative things, and warning about negative things – there is nothing for anyone to gain by Harlequin going down.

    At the risk of again repeating what New Stuff has said, people who say positive things need to provide evidence and reason as to why the investment is good, and they will be heard and opinion respected. To present very positive comment with no evidence or reason is the work of a troll, or someone who is not genuine.

    Are you happy with your investment, and if so, what makes you happy with it?

  340. 36

    @anon73 for the sake of repeating myself AGAIN, I am getting my rental paid by HP as per my contract from a development which has been built, but not completed. As for opinions heard and respected, don’t make me laugh. Personal insults are the order of the day on here.

  341. 100

    Interesting you are getting your rental paid. Is this the guaranteed return?

  342. BBaywatch

    @36 – as we seem to agree that only one resort has been started (and is still unfinished) and as the consensus of Harlequin investors appears to be in agreement that the Buccament Bay resort will not be completed until the Argyle airport opens (10-12 months is an optimistic estimate) then I wonder if you have ever thought about where the money that is paying your rental comes from – and where it will come from for the next 10-12 months (at least)?

    If it’s not being generated by the resort (which it should be) then it has to come from somewhere – any thoughts on that?

  343. 36

    Bbaywatch, and your interest is? Are you an investor or do just want to poke your nose in? There are somewhere in the region on 6000-10000 investors depending on who is posting on here. The number of posters, let’s say are anti Harlequin is about 100. Perhaps BBaywatch you are a O,Halloran/Newman stooge?

  344. 36

    @100 go through the threads. The answer will be in there.

  345. anonymous

    @36- as you say investors in excess of 6000. i think a great concern is that in 5yrs plus approx only 5% of all units over all the developments have been built yet if Harlequin are to meet their contractual contracts for the other resorts the remaining 95% of units, infastructure, ameneties etc are to be built in 2 – 3 years. quite a tall order, even if they did have planning in place..

  346. BBaywatch

    @36 – wrong again – I’m an entirely independent observer, but my status isn’t really relevant. The question that I asked is though as it goes to the heart of the matter and at some point Harlequin and its supporters will have to address that.

  347. 36

    @Anonymous, I don’t say that, I have not got a clue how many investors there are. Other people have put those numbers up here.

  348. 14

    Again lets stick to facts, I was offered about 60% less when I asked for a refund to be paid over 12-18 months – thats a rip off. I have started legal action against the SIPP company and HP. I fear time is against all of us and when Panorama goes live its over for HP – the product as it stands now is not sellable via a SIPP so where will the money come from? how long can they last?

  349. New Stuff

    And true to type, Moneymaker declines to tell us wherein his satisfaction lies.

  350. 138

    Any rational person can see harlequin are stuffed. Need to build around 6000 units, plus as pointed out all the infrastructure, just to fulfill existing commitments, and their only source of funds are new investors…come on 36 and others, it’s obviously heading for disaster for those who still have nothing to show for their investment. How can it not be?

  351. Harlisuccess

    B Baywatch
    New Stuff Feb 9th 5.35pm…” Lets…. and demand evidence from all posters”
    Can you provide evidence tha BB is not generating enough income to pay 36’s rental return? You and others keep moaning at the pro Harlequin posters to provide evidence for their statements or facts. So where is yours? 36 is correct to suggest you are a sock puppet of O’Halloran and Newman.

    Anon 73
    You say nobody wants to see harlequin go down. You must be joking! It’s quite apparent that is the aim of the anti Harlequin sock puppets on this website That fool grust grust said at the end of January that Harlequin would go down in 14 days. Not long to go now then! That fool grust grust said only yesterday “attack from all sides”

  352. yatiniteasy

    Harli…no one knows what BB or Harlequin SVG are doing because they have not filed financials for seven years…and that, Harlie, is a FACT.

  353. Anonymous 55

    How insolent of anyone to tell me to take my money out quickly. Cheeky bastard. I have invested across all five resorts and in H Hotel and I am quite happy thankyou.
    I wish you would find something else to do with your life.Nobody asks for or needs your stupid input.
    As investors,we are mature enough to know what we are doing with our funds. As we have money to invest,we must know how to handle money to have accumulated it in the first place. If SIPP investors wish to place their funds into Harlequin,thats their choice. Certainly not much point leaving the funds where they are ,only to receive a near worthles pension at some point in the future. Leave them to make their choices and you make yours.
    One other thing. Stop fishing for information which nobody is going to give you anyway.Nosey bastards

  354. I have invested in two properties,not one of them through a sipp,all so buying a resale which Will not be through a sipp, I am well satisfied Harliquine Will be in business for a very long time.

  355. Hi All its that Fool Grustgrust here!!

    Anonymous 55…. You do have some anger issues don’t you?

    Harlisuccess … I am a fool I invested in HP. I hope they are paying you for working on a Sunday… Carry on…. be good and do as you are told.

    Anyway just to make my situation clear, HP will go bust, I am very tempted to tell you whats happening but it wont help me, time will tell…. and soon..

    I want my money back and will get it, from HP or the SIPP company – either way I don’t care. I want HP to go bust and the Ames family end up in jail. The SIPP peddlers will be struck off and HP will not have a product to sell, after the Panorama program – they are dead in the water. If this sounds harsh that’s because it is……. and nobody can stop this train crash from happening.

    The pro Harlequin people are just doing what they are told and trying to hang on to their jobs. As I have said before do something now or get back nothing.

  356. 138

    Desperate comments from an irretrievable situation by harlequin. We shall see, seen no progress on any site in dr, slu or merricks for years, doubt that will change, but evidently some people think that makes for a good investment. Bizarre, but good luck.

  357. Then you will loose your money

  358. 14

    What a nasty little person you are, so angry.

  359. Eddie Lizzard2 aka I am Spartacus

    Can I make a request again please? Create a name for yourself when you post, otherwise many of us cannot easily follow the debates in the threads.

  360. New Stuff

    It’s hardly worth following this thread Eddie as the posts are pretty circular.
    Some posts go up relating to:
    • The demonstrable lack of progress at the most of the resorts
    • The video evidence that all can see on YouTube showing missed promises
    • The lack of audited accounts for the overseas projects
    • The heavily qualified accounts of the UK operation
    • The lack of clarity over land ownership and planning
    • The relentless moving of goal posts by introducing new projects before completing existing commitments to investors
    • Historic promises that have fallen by the wayside. For example, Oasis were supposed to be the best thing for the resorts. Where are they? Where is the Pearl galleon that people were supposed to be getting married on?

    Then other posters tell us they are supremely happy with their investment and then challenge everyone to demonstrate otherwise by asking for information which is only available in documents that any reputable developer would have already put into the public domain but, for whatever reason, these are not available for anyone to scrutinise.

    Go figure.

  361. 101

    Harlesuccess, Anonymous 55 and the anonymous that follows are clearly all the same person. The attempt to disguise this fact is about as sophisticated as the argument that they are making. I would suspect that the ludicrously irresponsible “point” that they make re pensions also betrays their status as a peddler of this product, so similar is it to the disgraceful rhetoric that has caused so many people to unwittingly yield their pensions so misguidedly. Fortunately the FSA has finally caught up with this scandal, and such behaviour will shortly become a thing of the past. A report on the BBC the other day re the sales of pensions — and SIPPS in general — reflects a growing momentum behind this issue. For the likes of these unscrupulous agents, the gravy train has definitely hit the stoppers. Now will come the consequences.

  362. harliconned

    36 Panorama is going ahead dispite someone droping out due to making a deal with Ames ( which both parties disgust me in doing)
    It is going to be on the 25th March and I know most of the filming had already occured.

    Grust grust and others information has been out in both the media and cyber for a couple of years dont go blaming one TV program ie Panorama for the inevitable outcome Harlequin have been at this for years………..

    People doing deals, resales and not wanting this to end are either deluded or self centered, how would you like to be the next investor?? ( I use that word in jest)

    I really wish I could say more but I am telling the truth!
    What I am going to do to get my money back is to be going after the IFA
    I think anyone going after Harlequin are wating there money it will be over before you get a deal with Harlequin……………..

  363. How wrong can you be anonymous today 5.16.
    I am not connected to either Harlisuccess or anonymous 55.As i said before, i have invested in two properties and all so a resale which were not bought using sipp and i am very happy with my investments Harlequin Will be in business for a very long time.

  364. I dont know how you can be happy with your investment with all the information you must have read – if you are a real investor run it past an accountant and see what they say…… I wish I had.

  365. 138

    All very circular. Overwhelming evidence showing harlequin to have lied, faked and going nowhere. Other posters then saying they are happy. Up to each investor to decide if, given what would seem obvious to even the most inexperienced investor, all these evidenced failures mean they should get out. Certainly would have to be insane to invest now as a new investor given all the information about the failures that is readily available.

  366. We all seem to be going round in circles now with this thread, I don’t have any more to add other than what I have said before, I agree 100% with the last post. I will say again, go legal and attack HP and the SIPP companies.

  367. Pingback: North Somerset Council Harlequin supporter uses many identities to pump positive vibes about Harlequin, David Ames | Barbados Free Press

  368. Harlisuccess

    As I have already stated, I do not work for Harlequin nor am I an agent or IFA.
    Why do you accuse ME of posting under several names, when so many of YOU do this?
    Now, have all you knockers seen the latest photos of the progress at H Hotel? Wonderful!

  369. New Stuff

    Yeah, yeah Harlisuccess. I’m sure it’s all wonderful and fantastic. All those people who invested 5 years ago in resorts that haven’t even started will be brimming over with admiration.

  370. Dave Amesless

    QUESTION. How much do you think its costing investors a day for all of Harlequin and the legal team to be over in Ireland?

    ANSWER . About £30K A Day +

    QUESTION. How long for?

    ANSWER. Ten Plus Weeks.

    QUESTION.Where is the money coming from?

    ANSWER. Investors.

  371. yatiniteasy

    Harlie…we knockers don`t have to look at the latest wonderful photos of H Barbados..we who live in Barbados can SEE it quite clearly…we can SEE quite clearly very little progress since Dec 2012. We can SEE only 4 or five workers on the site,only at the western side of the building. The rest (90%) of the project has not seen any activity this year.
    You continue to flog a dead horse.

  372. 36

    @Dave amesless: well as the court case is estimated 4 weeks then I would suggest your figures are pretty fanciful.

  373. Dave Amesless


    We will see wont we, How long is the court booked for mate?
    Estimates are whats got us all here in the first place sounds like a build date and cost to me! Which one? All of them!

    Say your right you still need to think about this.
    30,000 x 5 = 150,000 x 4 = 600,000k If you are right but your not
    30,000 x 5 = 150,000 x 4 = 1.5 Million.

  374. Dave Amesless

    Sorry mate last figure wrong
    30,000 x 5 = 150,000 x 10 = 1.5 Million

  375. 36

    @Dave Amesless, Do you not think if HP win the case they will get their costs paid? Plus the money they are going to recoup from O’Halloran?

  376. Dave Amesless

    mmmm Just say

    1.O”Halloran loses
    2. He does a Ames and goes Bankrupt ………
    3. Harlequin lose
    4. If Harlequin lose.We all lose.
    Plus of course the money Ames has already had to give to court….Which seems strange if he has a case…Did O”Halloran have to pay anything into court?
    Didnt they drop the case in England against O”Halloran?
    Didnt they blackmail a witness in Barbados?
    Why do you think Panorama our involved if there is no problem with Harlequin
    Why should anyone except stage payments they had my pension in full why should I accept anything less and dont get me started over there pathetic gagging orders

  377. 138

    Sympathise greatly Dave amesless and think Ames is as crooked as they come. But I think you have been done over and may need to lick wounds and take what you can get. Or go very hard from all angles now and force a better result.

  378. New Stuff


    Ironically, I think it will be highly problematic for Harlequin if they win this case. I can’t see how they can win without admitting to losing control of the project. This admission is now on public record according to the reports of the court proceedings.

    I’m sure this would be enough evidence for any investor to mount a case that HP are not exercising due care over investor funds.

  379. Dave Ameshigh

    Dave Ameless
    Re your post Feb 13th 7.10am. As has been pointed out to you,mate,your figures are wrong,mate.
    You must be an incompetent accountant,mate. Are you Jeremy Newman,posting under a false identity,mate?

  380. New Stuff

    Dave ameshigh AKA Hardleysuccess, Dr Feelgood, Moneyfaker…

  381. Dave Amesless

    Dave Ameshigh, I corrected the weeks in the figures thats all
    And I would love to be Jeremy Newman to me and many he will come out of this a hero at least the guy had the guts to do something instead of coming on here wingeing, And at least he knows how to create a set of accounts not like Harlequin scum who bought how many planes? how many houses? cars?hotels? and not forgetting paying with our money cater-ruck to bail out his son
    I cannot wait for Ames to go to prison and it will be sooner than he thinks you/he cant keep up with all your lies
    And I will NEVER be your mate I was always told your judged by the company you keep.

  382. 36

    @Dave Amesless, and you know CR was involved with Matt Ames? proof please, or is this more scatter gun technique?

  383. 235

    does anyone know the answer to a simple question, if only 5% was been built – where is the rest of the money?

  384. Dave Amesless

    Ahhh I know I know… where Ames has hidden it but dont worry the forensic accountants will find it

  385. 235

    You heard about him too!

  386. 100

    An audit would show where the money has gone, and it is anyone’s guess without that. You can make an educated guess in meantime, for what it’s worth. If average deposit was 30%, and average commission to agent 10% of sales price, and similar commission to Ames’s company, HMSSE, then around a third of the deposit money is left. It has been claimed there have been 300m sterling in deposits, so 100m left to work with. It was stated by Harlequin staff that BB was losing US$1m per month, and whilst that presumably has slowed since those earlier days, it could have gone on for a couple of years, so US$24m in cashflowing losses. Plus whatever is still being lost and the ongoing losses that are likely at Blu given its occupancy levels. It is also anyone’s guess what they have spent on the construction as the court case in Ireland shows how out of control they were. A conservative guess would be US$50m at Bucc Bay. Blu St Lucia and Allamanda would have run to well over US$10m for the two for initial purchase, closer to US$15m probably. Buying the airplanes, repairing and refurbing, plus costs of transport and on going work and associated salaries would be around the US$1m mark minimum. Building work on show homes at Merricks costs, as indeed does the construction work done at Allamanda and the refurb of Blu. Carter Ruck’s fees must run into big numbers, 7 figures certainly. Of course, there is the buying of the land for the various resorts which would come to US$30m plus given the high price they were paying for all their properties. So, if the basic assumption that a third of the deposit is what is left after the agents and AMes have helped themselves, then it would not take long to spend the entire amount without even having started the 4 developments in DR, St Lucia and Barbados. But the basic assumption could be wrong, so it is really speculation and an impossible question to answer without more details. At the same time, the basic assumption would have to be very wrong for things to look rosy at Harlequin.

  387. Very very good points, and balanced I think. Fair to say they could be in trouble when you take into account they won’t be selling much now with the FSA involvement with SIPPS.

  388. 36

    @Grustgrust/100, The above post is not balanced at all. “Anyones guess/conservative guess/probably/would be around/etc etc. Balanced reporting is using FACTS not conjecture. I know Grustgrust you have an agenda here, but lets talk actual not fingure in the air assumptions.

  389. 36….What agenda please let me know!!! I was under the impression we were trying to get something out of this doomed investment befor its all gone? I dont see what you are getting so up tight about?

  390. 145

    36 the absence of facts in this matter — in respect of figures at least — is a huge part of the issue. Flagging the fact that they are unobtainable — as you do so inadvertently — does nothing but consolidate grustgrust’s point. No filed accounts for 7 years does make dealing in specifics rather difficult; the only thing that is certain, is that the resorts have (excepting a part of BB) not been built. Educated guess work is the only possible response.

  391. 36

    @145 and that is my point entirely. There is an absence of facts, the majority of @100 post is conjecture. Therefor it cannot be “balanced” I think everyone would want to know the true position and until we do let’s not make up “facts” I.e. Carter Rucks fees must run into big numbers, 7 figures certainly. What a pointless piece of speculation. I would suggest only two people know the answer to that.

  392. Dave Amesless

    36 and that is not as it should be is it?

  393. Anonymous

    anyone got anything constructive to say about getting our money back?

  394. Harlisuccess

    B Baywatch aka aka /Yatinkiteasy aka aka
    Have you read the latest Trip Advisor review on fabulous Buccament Bay, posted by Claire and John (Feb7th)? This couple are obviously well travelled and know what “5 star” means. Wonderful!
    Rejoice!.Dave Ames and his team are bringing this standard of service,accomodation and facilities to Barbados. This should go some way to help arrest the sad decline of Barbados that B Baywatch has spoken of whilst standing idly by..

  395. 666

    Grust Gru
    Its just over two weeks now since you predicted that Harlequin would go down within two weeks. Please note that Harlequin today are alive and well.

  396. I was wrong, but I am not sure they are alive and well – how many units have they sold since the FSA announcment I wonder? I think just alive is a more accurate term?

  397. Dave Amesless

    Watching Crimewatch to see if I recognise anyone………Harlequin….IFAs…..

  398. homefront

    as with most deaths the patient has a last burst of energy before the final sad departure

  399. 138

    36, no speculation about 4 projects not having started where thousands of homes have been sold since 2006. Honestly, it is bizarre that anyone needs more evidence to what a scam this is than that fact right there. There need be no more, just get out or stay in, invest or don’t, everything else is circular. To me, they are scumbags who rip people off, to others they are seemingly a good investment. Quite how I don’t know. To get out, they need to have breached their agreement and you have plenty of legal recourse once they have done that. Hire a decent lawyer, in uk and/or Caribbean and take matters into your own hands, you won’t find legal advice on here you can bank on, even if it were accurate.

  400. yatiniteasy

    Harli..The glowing reports of BB on TA have nothing to do with the FACT that Harlequin has sold over 6000 units in the Caribbean, going back at least 6 years..that have not been started, far less built! In some cases they have not even received Planning Permission, and yet sold these units to unsuspecting and less than diligent investors.Some of these investors were convinced to put their pension funds in this 100% guaranteed income scheme, sorry scam.
    Please don`t bother to put out more BB/Trip advisor dribble..its pathetic!

    @666 how would anyone, including yourself, know that Harlequin is alive and well…they have not filed financials for seven years for BB, their only half completed project so far.

  401. 36

    @Anonymous 10.28. Try and keep up if you can. The @ tag means I am replying directly to a poster whoes comments were not born out by fact. Yes we all know about 4 projects not started etc etc. Facts = good, conjecture = bad.

  402. 36 why are you sure a nasty little person & why are you here? Do you just like being smarmy because you got a refund ( but don’t want to tell people how) your snotty stupid little comments are very sad, go back to pulling wings of flies or what ever else you do for fun.

  403. 36

    @grustgrust. Very mature. And your silly comments add exactly what to the debate? If you take a more mature approach and read through the past threads, too much trouble I guess, then I do explain how I received a refund. silly, silly comments.

  404. Anonymous

    If you’ve received a refund, why domyou care about what’s going on with the company? The fact that you felt getting a refund was necessary surely betrays a fundamental lack of belief in what they say they are doing or capable — with that in mind, I’m confused as to why you’d publically support them.

  405. Eddie Lizzard2

    Grust grust
    Don’t waste your time with the Harlequin trolls who post here.

    @36 Didn’t you leave this forum a couple of weeks ago because you claimed someone had called you ‘lying harlequin scum’. Well you keep on posting again and again and sound like you’re being fed a load of old brown scummy PR poo via the Basildon HQ press office. I doubt that the scales will fall from your eyes, even after the whole Ponzi scheme comes tumbling down.

  406. Faceless

    Grust Grust
    Your comments to 36 are backward and spiteful. You are unable to carry on a civilised debate so why should anyone listen to anything you say.
    In the language that you consider appropriate to this website,i will say the following to you You once said that you were just going round in circles with nothing more to add. Keep going round in circles,of the ever decreasing type,and eventually disappear up your own backside. That is where you and your stinking attitude belong.
    Your beligerent,toxic efforts at attention seeking will not help you in any way to obtain a refund

  407. Harlisucess

    I will continue to point everyone to the fabulous Trip Advisor reviews whenever I wish. What’s the matter? Do these sparkling reviews overwhelm your own pathetic attempts to poison everyone against Harlequin? You are fighting a war you cannot win.You can continue with your guesswork and lies but why do you bother when no one takes any notice of you.?
    Everyone knows you are not an investor,just a troublemaker,probably in the pay of the BFP and quite possibly O’Halloran and Newman as well.
    Your continued presence on this website must be an acute embarrassment to all those Bajans trying so hard to regenerate tourism in Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean.

  408. yatiniteasy

    Harlie…you are in my opinion, a harlequin(see definition below) .A harlequin because you keep harping about the wonderful reviews on TA of BB, when myself and several other posters have pointed out that it has nothing to do with the lack of progress on building the resorts that Harlequin has sold for 6 or more years.You have never responded to those statements because you can not.Tell me what is guesswork and lies you refer to.
    My presence on this website must be quite an embarrassment to anyone associated with Harlequin, including yourself, but tough…my comments will not be silenced….and when Harlequin finally collapses, I would like you to keep reminding everyone what a great resort BB is.
    And no, I don`t work for anyone.
    Besides, you have already been exposed as the same source for many pro Harlequin comments under different names, so your credibility is non existent.

    Webster`s on Harlequin:
    Related to HARLEQUIN
    Synonyms: buffo, buffoon, clown, zany

  409. BBaywatch

    @Hardly success – that fabulous review would be from ‘ClaireandJohn’ then? whose TA location is Somerset? – and you are unmasked as a Harlequin supporter using many aliases who operates from a North Somerset Council computer. I think I smell a big fat West Country Harlequin rat!

  410. @Faceless
    What utter drivel. I would love to tell what I know is going on, but I wont, and let you get on with your sad little life. The next time I will post is when I have my refund, I have not got anything remotely beneficial from the postings, just HP trolls and people who have anger issues i.e. 36. As I mentioned in my initial posts act now or get nothing. Mind you its seems like lots of you just like moaning and take no action.

  411. @Cheers Eddie Lizzard – I have had enought of them! all the best

  412. 36

    @anonymous 2.04 please read through the previous postings then you would know all the details. I don’t intend to repeat everything again re my position.
    @eddie lizzard2 I’ve come to the conclusion you are a Newman/singing Pig troll. You see it’s easy to throw out accusations isn’t it? My postings are in answer to specific posts, not general scatter gun sh*t accusations like you have decided constitutes a reasoned debate.
    @grust grust, wow you know something that we don’t. Yippee! Please don’t post again until you get your refund and we can all be excused your silly personal observations. X

  413. homefront

    empty vessels make the most sound

  414. 46

    @36 – you have absolutely no credibility here whatsoever.

    You claim to have received a refund after negotiation with Harlequin; so they either defaulted on your contract terms, or you were concerned enough for them to have given you a refund (what threat did you use? I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours 🙂 ).

    After 7 years since their inception in the Caribbean they have only completed 300 units, never filed accounts in the Caribbean, have repeatedly filed heavily qualified accounts in the UK (blah, blah, blah, I’m boring myself with the absolute facts here) and yet you DEFEND Harlequin? Is it just complete psychotic greed in that you want to protect the Harlequin product and your own investment (pah!) and convince more people to invest (good luck with that), or do you absolutely believe in creationism?

    You’re a dick 36. An unconvincing mole and a dick. Refund on your investment my arse.

  415. 36

    @anonymous 9.39 yes they did default on the contract. What you fail to comprehend is that I don’t defend HP I only tell people facts that apply to me, which happen to be positive, for me. Perhaps you think I am a dick, nice choice of words, because I have achieved something you have not. Who knows why you are on here. How many “anonymous” posters can one forum have. If I have no credibility then don’t answer my posts.

  416. 46

    @36, I can tell you for an absolute fact that I have achieved something that you have not.

    I am well and truly out of the Harlequin “investment”.

    And that is why your posts infuriate me. I would NEVER put a positive spin on Harlequin, due to public interest. And nor would you, if you were not biased through vested interest, having read all the conjecture and fact on here, and on the FSA website and IFA online where they have repeatedly reported to their members the concerns about Harlequin and the BBC Panorama programme.

    You are either stupid, complicit, greedy or psychotic.

  417. 36

    @anonymous aka 46. Well at least your language has improved. I have a feeling panorama is going to prove a big let down for some people on here. Wow you have achieved something I have not. How good are you. You know my financial affairs. I’m impressed.

  418. 145

    So, they defaulted on your contract, you got a refund, but for some reason you still feel compelled to come and defend them on here? All seems a bit unlikely to me — or a bit strange.

    The ongoing tactic of trying to subsume any Harlequin gripe into a comment about Newman or O Halloran seems an awful lot like the loyal regurgitation of the party line — a transparent and distasteful attempt to try and destabilise credibility, which says more about the person making the “argument” than those they are accusing.

  419. 36

    @anonymous (another one!) I had two investments! Take the trouble to read the threads and and you would know this! Or is that “distasteful” ?

  420. 46

    36 is an ignorant fool or maliciously and/or fraudulently complicit. There is no need to address it any further.

    BFP, is there any possibility of you introducing an ‘ignore’ function?

    Alas, this anonymous poster is bound by an NDA, so cannot speak any further; my posts so far have only been in the public interest but here I must rest my case.

    Good luck y’all.

  421. 145

    Yes. It’s beyond me as to why you’d leave some money invested with a company when another element of your investment with the same company had bothered you so much that you’d been forced to seek a refund. Seems either inplausible or the conduct of a half wit.

  422. anon73

    Circular stuff. The Harlequin model is and always was unsustainable and has shown itself to be thus, as evidenced by the lack of activity on the projects sold. Those who wait will certainly lose everything, those who act may recover something – that is the way of pyramid schemes.

  423. 36

    @46 Good, now rest your brain also, you are so boring.
    @Anonymous (another one!) you assume I was forced to seek a refund because I was bothered about my investment. A very narrow and blinkered view. Does it not occure to you they may have been other reasons? No I thought not, not in an “Anomymous” world. Now whoes the half wit?

  424. Dave Amesless

    36 Is it not true that you said to someone in one of the threads that
    “They would not want to meet you?” I myself would and will meet anyone I am not scared. So did you meet this person or not?
    When you also said to somebody “You knew who they were” was that not a threat also?
    So I guess you took staged payments WOW brilliant you are really a clever boy now run along and try negotiating on the basis that you are not out of contract but that they have not built anything and not produced any accounts and you want to know where your money is! and lets see how far you get.
    Just because you have had a “good” experience with Harlequin does not mean everyone else has and if they want to come on here and talk about it it has nothing to do with you! We are all to aware of what Harlequin are capable of so dont try saying you will reveal peoples identities or saying they would not want to meet you grow up smell the coffee and stop just thinking of yourself, this is a open forum and people are going to have had different experiences than you dealing with Harlequin that does not make them stupid it just goes to show the lack of business acumen coming from Essex.
    The sooner this is all over the better why anyone would want to come on here and ridicule other people who may have lost there life savings is beyond me! unless of course you are Harlequin and then it would make perfect sence,I have to say I too would deny working for them scumbags!

  425. @36 you are really being a good little HP puppet answering all these posts you must be good and earn your money.you are a bitter a twisted, sick minded individual.

    Defend this

    Telling me not to post has had the opposite affect – lying harlequin scum that you are.

  426. @36….. sorry its the banks fault…silly me.

  427. 36

    @grust grust “the next time I post I will have my payment” we’ll done so you are a happy bunny now?
    @dave Amesless. When did I say I would reveal people’s identities? So this is now just an anti HP moaning forum where no one else can make comments unless it meets your criteria. That’s called censorship. Is that want you want? Perhaps you are a Newman/singing pig troll?

  428. New Stuff

    Thanks for posting the article grustgrust

    As usual, it’s everyone’s fault except Harlequin! They really are the most unfortunate company in the world. Everybody lets them down so badly. No wonder they are so busy in the courts making sure that they sue all these companies that cause them so many problems. It’s such a shame that it always happens to them.

    Talking of courts it all seems quiet in Ireland. I guess there is some kind of news injunction now that is stopping all the dirty laundry getting out into the public domain. Without audited accounts in SVG how can HP successfully claim anything about the misappropriation of funds? Won’t it all come down to one companies word against another?

  429. 36

    @newstuff. Re the court case, it’s been adjourned for 2 weeks. But of course everyone knew that. Or would only a HP scumbag know that?

  430. New Stuff

    @36 what is the reason for the adjournment? Do you know?

  431. yatiniteasy

    @grustgrust…from that Feb 15 IFA article, it seems like the soil is hitting the fan!…Ponzi can`t keep going without new suckers..sorry, investors.

  432. BBaywatch

    @36 “Or would only a HP scumbag know that?”

    Well, searching online in general and on the sites of The Irish Times, The Irish Examiner and The Irish Independent with the appropriate keywords only brings up the reports of the opening statement by the claimant’s council made last week. – – – – so, I think that you have answered your own question.

  433. 124

    @36 showing your true HP side are we?
    Temper Temper 🙂

  434. 36

    @new stuff, yes I do
    @Bbaywatch, very limited effort there. Ever tried talking to people directly? Ask Grust grust, reconns he/she knows everything. Oh sorry he is no longer posting, or is he/she. Who knows.
    @Anonymous 1.41 ?

  435. Eddie Lizzard2

    @36, Instead of being rude to everyone, why don’t you answer Grustgrust’s question?

    ‘Defend this…

  436. Harlisuccess

    Your anti Harlequin approach says a lot about you. If you were interested in the wellbeing of Barbados and the Caribbean,you would be supporting Harlequin.Do all your family ,friends and the wider community know of your attempts to hold back the regeneration of Barbados tourism? What’s in it for you? Money? Political ambition? Or do you just enjoy being a troublemaker? If everyone knew what you are up to ,you would become a pariah in the community.But there again, maybe you already are.

  437. New Stuff

    Hardlysucess, how can you seriously accuse someone who asks reasonable questions about the value of this investment of holding back progress?

    Harlequin have ably demonstrated they are capable of holding back progress without any assistance from anyone else. Can I remind you that if they had simply got on with doing what they said they would do 6 years ago there would be none of this ridiculous controversy and speculation. Accepting that there have been delays we might have been more forgiving if there had been an attitude of genuine partnership between Harlequin and the investors whereby genuine and transparent communication had taken place with audited accounts and good explanations for the delays.

  438. 36

    @EL2, ah didums, so I,m being rude to some body, shame. If only you could be even handed at the s**t I’ve taken. Where do you think I’ v defended HP? Name any instance where I’ve only quoted facts. Yes I know certain payments were not made, but why that was I have not got a clue. Why would I? As I don’t know how/why would I defend it? How about you defend Newman/ singing pig?

  439. Eddie Lizzard2

    @36, OK I’ll repeat the question again. Please defend this..


  440. 36

    @EL2 can you read? I have clearly said above that as I do not know all the facts then I cannot/will not comment. I have stated on other threads that I received my payments due to me. End of! Hope that is not too rude a comment.

  441. yatinkiteasy

    Hardlysuccess….You are a waste of time!..Why would I support a company that I see to be nothing more than a huge ponzi scheme?
    I will continue to make comments as I feel…for this is called Barbados FREE Press…also, one does not have to be an investor to observe and comment on any Harlequin related post.Indeed, most investors keep quiet, hoping that somehow this mess will all be resolved and they will one day hold title to their property, and also perhaps derive rental income ….its quite sad, and I am sorry for them that this will probably never happen..
    It is amusing that whenever you can not respond in a factual way about any negative comments, you refer to me as a”troublemaker” or “big nosed” or holding back Barbados Tourism development.
    Your comments are more desperate and personal every time you write, and everyone on this blog can see that.
    Harlequin= clown, buffoon, zany

  442. I know this is old news, but you could do a lot worse than contacting this law firm, one of the few that are not scared of HP

  443. harlehopeful

    Of course most investors keep quiet, so do the Caribbean contractors, suppliers and staff now laid off and any other persons owed money by Harlequin. Everyone is hoping that Dave Ames is true to his word and that the temporary slow down will be over soon and that work can get going again – a lot of people really need this to happen.

  444. I know they need him to be true to his word, but there is not a good track record of that is there? A lot, if not most investors are hoping it will all be OK, or are blistfully unaware things are not going at all to plan.

  445. Does this article relate to anyone who has invested via a SIPP? could this be another way forward?

    This must have the Sipp companies who enabled HP to get thier hand on investors pensions very worried ? some big PI claims could follow – only need to win one test case!!!!


    Is this ‘factual’ enough for you 36

    And I do not work for this law firm! they seem to be brave enough not to be scared of Carter Ruck? the must deal in FACTS 36 🙂

  446. 36

    @gg ah yes Mr Fatchett, 43 years old, been a director of 30 companies, 17 dissolved, 3 in liquidation, and 10 still active. And you question other people’s financial track record? Oh please. Think yourself lucky you do not work for this law firm, or firms. Need I go on?

  447. Why is it relevant? And why again are you trying to put people off? especially as you claim to have a refund.

    He can not have been charged with any bad practice as he is still working as a solicitor?

    Facts please! Or post something helpful for a changeHe i

  448. So come on 36 please give some Facts how to get a refund? How did you do it? Facts please or will that get you told off by your HP troll boss

  449. Could 36 be a Sipp troll working with HP? I put forward some options for people to think about – mis selling get legal advice, ask for a refund and some potential legal firms – what use has he,she,it been? Appart from trying to be a utter nob

  450. 36

    @gg now now don’t be rude. Trace the threads, if you can be bothered, any info on my refunds are in there. Also as you are so keen on openness, have a look at mr Fatchetts financials, looks like he could do with the business.
    @el2, can you have a word with GG about his tone, I know you take an interest in this type of thing.

  451. New Stuff

    Look, I can understand why tempers are running high on all sides of this situation. People are in fear of losing their life savings and that is bound to cause anger.

    But I don’t think it helps anyone to make personal comments or to speculate why people are taking certain positions. If we all try to keep to factual statements or simply raising reasonable questions that require straight-forward answers then it will be more helpful.

    Slinging mud around might make us all feel better but it isn’t going to help in the long run.

    It is clear that there are lots of issues around these projects that are enough to cause alarm for all but the most cavalier investors. It is quite right that these questions are put out in the public domain. If there are reasonable answers that can be backed up by documentary evidence then that’s fine. But, to label people who ask reasonable questions “trouble makers” or “progress blockers” is simply unhelpful. If the progress of a project could be jeopardised by people asking reasonable questions then, frankly, the project was doomed to fail anyway. A robustly planned and executed project will have nothing to fear from honest questions because simple, honest answers will suffice.

    I really can’t understand why it took so long for HP to discover the build programme was so far off programme and off budget (if indeed it was). Surely the contract with the builder had termination clauses? Could no other builder be found to take over? What really was going on??

  452. So are you IFA or HP? your info on the refund is vague of no real benefit please enlighten me ith something intresting rarther than your normal stuff – getting boring now

  453. anonymous242

    as much as i agree will all that the “harlequin model” is inherently flawed and without 3rd party funding e.g banks (not investors deposits) that they simply cannot fulfill their commitments @36 does have a point re “track record” . the use of numerous companies. harlequin are an example – lots of companies set up overseas/uk ltd companies . but any investor may also want to look at the fs companies/adviser/ifas that they took recommendations from here in the uk. a simple search on webcheck may show that they have opened “different arms” to their business e.g overseas, commodities, green oil, wine, carbon credits, storage, land banking bla bla bla. all limited companies and all “unregulated” investments . may be they though they could just act as “introducers” with no fsa implications of TCF or duty of care. and maybe they hope they can just shut down the relevent companies just before the proverbial hits the fan and there will be no comeback. hopefully the FSA will look further and deeper and if there is some inherent wrongdoings will go after them.

  454. 36

    @GG have you considered FSA or SFO? If your going to speculate then at least be a bit more original.
    @New Stuff/anonymous 9.35 good points well put. Re the question on building BB I believe that HP put too much trust in O’Haloran to deliver and this is one reason BB was late to market. True it wasn’t policed well enough but I’m sure the truth will come out at the end of the court case.

  455. yatiniteasy

    “Everyone is hoping that Dave Ames is true to his word and that the temporary slow down will be over soon and that work can get going again – a lot of people really need this to happen.”

    Seven dissolved businesses over a 21 year span..wow, what a great track record! These of course do not include his association with the company (Harlequin) selling overseas property in Thailand.
    From Company Director Check UK:
    David Edward Ames

    Director Summary

    David Edward Ames has 11 current or previous company director or secretary appointments.
    Short name – David Ames
    Director ID : 901443077
    Year of Birth: 1952

    Oakwood Brock Hill
    SS11 7PB

    Company Summary
    Company Name Company Status

    Anyone want to bring out the champagne?

  456. New Stuff

    @36. I agree that the court case should shed more light on exactly what went wrong with the build programme at BB.

    In the event that the court reveals some wrong- doing by the builder then the investor is still entitled to point an accusing finger at HP for letting that happen. Essentially they would have allowed investor funds (quite possibly from any or all of the Harlequin resorts) to be misappropriated. Surely there must be a case to answer there.

    It also points out another risk inherent in the Harlequin model. It appears that they have a serial approach to building out the resorts (not that this was very clear to investors at the point of investment). For whatever reason (cash flow? Number of investors? Third party funding? Who knows?) the other resorts are not very advanced (putting it mildly). Now if I had invested in a resort that is fourth in line for construction then I take the compounded risk of the three resorts before mine. The failure of any one of these will cause mine to fail too. This lack of ring-fencing is a serious flaw in the model IMHO and, combined with the lack of escrow, should be enough to cause IFAs to be very cautious about recommending the product. To rate it as low risk is simple misrepresentation.

  457. 36

    @Yatin, and how many liquidated? Compared with some being pushed to the for on this forum thats not a bad record is it?

  458. 36

    @New Stuff, agree with most of what you say, That is why I got out of 2 Rivers when I did.

  459. yatinkiteasy

    @New Stuff..good points.Besides,how can they successfully sue someone for wrongfully using company funds, when that company has never filed financial statements?If I were a judge this would be thrown out on those grounds alone.

  460. 145

    This O Halloran was only working on one of the resorts, so I can’t see why so much responsibility is being aimed in his direction. Even if there is wrongdoing proven from his point of view, it does nothing more than demonstrate a catastrophic failure of the management of him as a contractor and of the business in general (it should surely have a structure robust enough to make that sort of thing impossible).

  461. 36

    @Yatink, and that is why you would never make a judge!

  462. New Stuff

    I don’t agree with your comment on Yatin’s point. I think it is highly pertinent that audited accounts are not available to sunstantiate HP’s claim. Is a judge supposed to take their word for it? Base his/her judgment on a few bank statements someone found down the back of a filing cabinet? Besides, it has already been established that the arrangement with O’Halloran was extraordinarily informal and so who is in a position to say what should have been achieved with the funds provided.

    @ anonymous at 8.59. This is the critical test for the robustness of the way each project has been set up. If St Lucia can go on uninterrupted whatever besets the other projects, then this would demonstrate a robustness to the model. Given that the contracts allow funds from one project to be spent on another does raise a huge doubt about this. It suggests that one project is in need of the funding available to the other projects in order to bring it off successfully. So that logically leads to my feeling that one failed link in the chain risks the whole lot crashing.

  463. Have a look at this link and maybe @36 could carry out his most demanding financial checks on them too?

    You are all adults here, if you want to believe HP is a wonderful product fine, if you don’t do something about it and I would say pretty quick.




  464. You may want to contact these, so I am not accused again of pushing one particular legal team.

    The Court in the Caribbean which is already dealing with several Harlequin cases has just reconvened and we are now able to bring you up to speed on the progress of the current cases there against Harlequin properties.

    Only this week, has the first batch of on-going claims been brought back before the Judge to enable the court to determine whether they fit the criteria set out in the court’s original judgment Order in favour of that claimant

    This has created a window of opportunity to put as many cases as possible through this initial process

    If you are still seeking a full refund of your money, along with the costs and interest lost then now is the chance to do that.
    If you have not already, please ensure we have copies of all your contracts and correspondence including the following;

    Full name and address
    Contact details
    Development that you bought into
    Amount that you deposited
    Details and copies of the contracts signed
    Did you agree a loan through either harlequin or Nemo or one of their associated companies
    Any correspondence that you have sent or received from Harlequin
    The court ruling is for
    Full repayment of all monies including deposits
    Interest for the period on the amounts paid at 6%
    Recovery of all court costs and legal fees
    Any additional loss that can be accounted for
    If you have any costs that you feel you have out laid in the pursuit of this claim then please forward along with any supporting documentation

    The first step, when we receive full details of your contracts with Harlequin is to establish whether your claim falls within the criteria which the court has already laid down. Either way, we will advise you.

    If your claim does meet the criteria, It will then be possible for your claim to be processed along with the others already underway.

    If you would like us to consider your claim, please send all correspondence to us directly and if you have any questions please contact either of the numbers below.

    Yours sincerely

    TSL Legal

    Brian A Morrison BSc(Hon)
    TSL Legal
    (A Division of TSL Global Ltd)
    Mulberry House
    62 Vistula Crescent
    Haydon End
    Swindon SN25 1QE
    07515 623 135
    0844 504 9793


  465. @36 I know you love facts, and also like to discredit anyone who posses a threat to HP and associated hangers on ( like yourself)

    Gareth Fatchett was indeed a director of one of the companies you so cleverly pointed out that is now in liquidation, however he resigned in 2003 it went into liquidation in 2011.

    Need I go on? you really are a most repugnant vindictive sad little person. Can you actually give some decent advice on what people can do to get their money back?or just butt out.

  466. 36

    @New Stuff, so never mind the misappropriation of monies, never mind the fact that drains were not constructed or connected, never mind O’Halloran bough a private jet, the fact that HP have not submitted accounts since 2010, or was it 2011 would be grounds to throw out the case? This is the reason it is in the court to find out the truth. How do you know a few “bank statements were filed down a filing cabinet?” HP for all their failings will, I suspect have paid against invioces received.

  467. again….more rubbish, facts 36 whats this ‘suspect’ word thats not a fact tut tut

  468. New Stuff

    @36 I agree that there probably will be invoices with payments against them. If O’Halloran has submitted an invoice for, let’s say, connecting the toilets to mains drainage and a QS has signed to say this never happened then so be it; O’ Halloran has to be a big boy and take that on the chin.

    It may all come down to just how extraordinarily informal the arrangement was between the two parties. If it turns out that there were not well defined staged payments with QS sign-off triggering the bank transfer then the judge may turn around and tell HP that they should have conducted their affairs more professionally and more fool them for handing over money that had no binding contractual obligation attached to it. Under those circumstances O’ Halloran could have flown to the moon on the money (immoral though that would have been, it would be hard to mount a case against him if there wasn’t a decent contract in place).

    But, at the moment we don’t know how informal the arrangement was and so, as you correctly point out 36, it will be for the court to unravel this unseemly mess.

  469. 36

    @GG, well researched, and the other two, or is this selective? Didn’t your teacher at school ever tell you that if you have to resort to personnal insults then you have lost the argument? You have left school I take it? I’m sure that I could never give you any advice on getting your money back, you are far too articulate for me. Obviously far too articulate for HP, thats why you have had to resort to taking legal action.

  470. BBaywatch

    from the judgement – http://carilaw.cavehill.uwi.edu/results.aspx?ac=QBE_QUERY&tn=carilaw&qy=find%20RecordID%20=39815&RF=webfull&DF=webfull&MR=10&NP=255

    “[40] This would leave a claim for breach of contract, fraudulent misrepresentation, negligent workmanship and overcharging for work in St. Vincent. I do not agree that the fraud/misappropriation claim will necessarily be determined by the determination of the case in St. Vincent, not as the claim in Barbados is pleaded. It is an oral contract and much of the details are disputed in this claim.”

    An oral contract? – for work of this nature?

  471. Eddie Lizzard2

    So 36, if you successfully got out of the Dom Rep Two Rivers project and got your money back (as you keep on reminding all the investors who are now desperately afraid of losing their life savings and pensions), why do you persist in defending Harlequin? It just doesn’t make sense.

  472. No, I actually left it off on purpose as I was anticipating your response.
    One company is listed twice please see below,and shock horror in 2008 had assets of £2 and debtors of £2.

    It was a voluntary strike off, I believe that means if the company had not traded for a period of time and does not owe any money it can be struck off?

    I don’t understand accounts maybe you could ask the HP forensic accountant to explain?

    You really are trying in vain to support HP so pityful. Legal action is the only way forward, but you are much more Intelligent than all of us because you allegedly got your money back, you clever, clever thing 🙂

    In Liquidation
    In Liquidation
    PROACT FINANCIAL LIMITED Director resigned 2003
    In Liquidation

  473. Harlisuccess

    B Baywatch
    You say I have been exposed. Didn’t know I had anything to hide. OK,so i have posted under other names.I was simply taking a leaf out of your book
    and others like you. I thought that was the norm on this website.
    yuo say you smell a big fat West Country rat,just because I quoted the TA review of Claire and John from somerset and I post from Somerset.Don’t know them personally.Several hundred thousand people live in Somerset. This number no doubt includes many satified investors with Harlequin and many travellers who would wish to enjoy the delights that Buccament Bay has to offer.So,wheres your logic ? Something wrong wiyh your sense of smell?
    You say you are merely an independent observer these days.you do not give an independent view. You are biased . you have very little positive to say about Harlequin developing Caribbean tourism. All your comments are negative. 36 once asked you to declare your interest.Never mind your CV,whay really is your interest right now?Why are you so against Harlequin? Are you bitter about something? Do you hold a grudge? Come on! Tell us!

  474. I have posted 3 other legal firms that know HP, but its ‘comment is awaiting moderation’. I will let 36 attack them and dig the dirt and finiancial affairs.
    These firms know the HP and if you feel the need contact them, at least they work as a team and have the backing of Chambers 😉

    or you could ask 36 as he has had a refund how its done – sorry its in the thread – but I can not find out how he managed it!!!

  475. Harlisuccess

    To all
    Everyone keeps on about the lax control that Harlequin exercised over the funds transferred to O’Halloran for the sole purpose of building Buccament Bay.Resort.Even though stricter control of these funds should have been in place ,it does not alter the fact that O’Halloran misappropriated i.e. STOLE the money .The funds were not intended to be used to buy an exspensive jet plane,a grand.piano,property in the Caribbean and Ireland, topping up his father’s retirement income or indeed buying a $65000 engagement ring for his lesbian girlfriend.
    Remenber it is O’Halloran who is in court to answer very serious charges, not Harlequin.

  476. anon73

    Harlisuccess has said people should be happy that Harlequin are developing in Barbados and building a quality hotel that will help tourism. It may be the case that they are, but that is not the point – the point is, at what cost? If thousands of people who invested elsewhere are seeing their developments remain untouched, and their money used to build H hotel, and if they are being scammed as is alleged, then such development is coming at a cost that is not beneficial at all to Barbados, in the same way Stamford’s development of Antigua, whilst good at the time, backfired when he was exposed. Ames needs to show he has it all under control and investors have nothing to worry about because all evidence to this point says otherwise and we really do not need another Stamford in this region.

    How is Ames going to get finance to begin and then complete 4 large resorts? We are talking hundreds of millions of dollars required to build those. He can’t get finance without clear audited accounts, losss making trading history of a couple of resorts will not look good to a lender, the fact that nothing has happened to date on all bar BB and all the broken promises will not look good to a lender, lack of control of O’Halloran will not look good, random airplan acquisition will not look good (I say random as it wasn part of original plan and still are grounded and two small planes really does nothing to resolve purported airlift issue, that incidentally place like Petit St Vincent and hotels in Bequia dont seem as affected by – in fact, Ames originally said there would be sea transfers from St Lucia and Barbados to St Vincent which was more folly – obviously has not done that channel by sea often himself), all the many legal issues will have to be revealed to any lender and will not look good, there is nowhere near enough security anyway to lend the amount needed (he cannot use BB as security as whilst he may still not have transferred ownership of the units to investors, that is the intent and a legitimate lender will therefore not use BB as security – the only asset HP has is the common areas and restaurants/gym etc which are not worth very much, and if loss making are worth virtually nothing), and frankly the list goes on and on as to why a lender will not get involved. So, the funds will have to come from HP most likely to get things moving, assuming they get planning permission which they do not have. Do they have a couple of hundred million dollars? Or are they relying on future sales? If the latter, then disaster is inevitable. And yes Harli, BB is lovely, and H hotel will be great for Barbados if ever built, but not relevant to the above conundrum – what about those thousands of investors who will be/are affected by complete lack of activity on the developments they invested in…? Would be delighted if Harlequin have all funds lined up as of course a robust new chain of quality hotels would be great for tourism, but if they did have it all lined up, why not tell those affected (investors and the Caribbean community generally) and where is the construction activitity?

  477. Dave Amesless

    Hardly…… You know O”Halloran is counter suing so why not tell us all how much he is conter suing for? …………and if he wins it will be game over!
    The truth is is that if some idiot came to you as a builder and asked how much to do a build and you as the builder gave a price started the work …………….The rest is history
    Ames knew BB was not ready he knew of the shortcuts and HE authorised ALL of them
    He knew about the plane and the fancy party he was there and he travelled in the plane
    Misappopriated funds tell me about it how many hotels has Ames bought?
    How many planes?
    How many houses?
    How many cars?
    Oh and is it not true Katherine Manderfield is pregnant the only question that leads to is…………..Whos the Daddy??????

  478. New Stuff

    Harlesuccess, I will have to spell this out because I don’t think you get the seriousness of the situation.

    The following would apply to any construction process; quite possibly even building a conservatory on your own home but certainly on a project the scale of BB.

    Step 1 – A contract is drawn up between the developer and construction contractor. This contract will have a number of schedules that will include key information like agreed completion dates for every stage of the construction. It will include a schedule with the agreed specification and standard of construction together with detailed plans and engineering drawings.

    Step 2 – The construction contractor goes off and completes everything for the first stage. This might be ground works and installation of infrastructure. A quantity surveyor employed by the developer will then inspect the work and agree that it has been completed by the correct date and to the correct specification.

    Step 3 – The QS sign-off triggers a staged payment from the developer to the construction contractor and the pre-determined sum of money for that stage is transferred. This payment will cover all the costs of the contractor in doing the work and also, of course, an amount of OH&P with which the contractor can do what he likes with (pay his taxes, buy planes, watches or give to his father).

    Step 4 – the next stage is built, signed off and paid for as above. Repeat n times until the project is complete.

    It really isn’t rocket science.

    If O’Halloran was able to misappropriate funds, he could only do so if he was holding money (investors’ money I should add) to which he was not entitled. Somebody within the organisation of the developer (HP) must have handed over money for work that was either not complete or not done to the agreed standard. If, as is alleged, money that should have been used to connect the toilets to the drains, was used for other personal purposes by the construction contractor, what on earth was he doing with that money BEFORE it had been checked that the toilets were actually connected to the drains?? Why was he paid that money?

  479. 36

    @EL2, I asked for my money back on 2 Rivers, not because I was disatisfied with HP, although I was disapointed with the lack of progress, but because I needed the money for something else. I paid £44k and received £38k back which was exactly as per the terms of my contract. See not everyone askes for a refund because they think HP is doing a bad job. Sign a contract, live by that contract.

  480. BBaywatch

    In his judgement linked to above Judge Cornelius also commented

    [18] The respondents spent some time dealing with the argument that the contract was indeed a fixed price contract. I will not go into those arguments in detail but the thrust seems to be that whether the contract is fixed price is determinative of the matter. They say that the judge in the Irish proceedings determined that the contract was a fixed price contract.

    [19] I cannot say that he did actually make a determination; he said that the parties had agreed that there was a fixed price contract. He did go on to say that no term could be implied that the payments made to Ice Group by Harlequin could be used for no other purpose than towards the construction of Buccament Bay.

    Of significance is the Irish Judges remarks that “no term could be implied that the payments made to Ice Group by Harlequin could be used for no other purpose than towards the construction of Buccament Bay.”

    If that is indeed the case then allegedly using the monies to buy an aircraft might be stretching the point, but would not appear to actually infringe the terms of the contract.

    What it further highlights is the seeming incompetence of Harlequin Property and it’s various officers and agents in framing the contract in a way that could be considered to be negligent. The apparent lack of competence in all areas of this business, from planning to execution, seems glaringly obvious now but independent parties have been drawing attention to it from the early days.

  481. 36

    @New Stuff, the comments re the QS could be very interesting. My stage payments for BB were triggered by signed QS documents. The question may be “was the QS company in cahoots with O’Halloran also?”

  482. Dave Amesless

    36 if only Harlequin would of done that we would ALL be happy bunnies wouldnt we?

  483. New Stuff

    @36 but the QS should have been an employee of HP or, at the very least, a sub-contracted consultant acting for them. On a contract of this scale the QS should have been holding PI insurance of at least £10m. This would mean that if they acted unprofessionally HP could extract sufficient damages from their PI insurers to recover the cost.

    This only goes to show the importance of the developer having their own team of construction professionals on site, full-time. It’s the only way of ensuring that the work is being done to the correct standard.

  484. anon73

    Exactly New Stuff. It is clear mismanagement of the development if what Harlequin is alleging turns out to be true. Basic things not done right by the developer.

  485. 36

    @Dave Amesless, I cannot comment on the style of approach made by other investors but, and I stress but, I found Mr Ames quite approachable and we had 2 hours of discussions on a Sunday evening where we came to an amicable conclusion. If you look at the case of the Scottish lady who took HP to court somewhere in the Carribean, I forget where, she was claimng a financial settlement due to loss of holidays, rental payments etc, which the judge threw out. He only awarded what she was due. Some people on here seem to have a very beligerent, confrontational style and if it was me negotiating with them, and I stress IT IS NOT, then they would go to the back of the queue.

  486. 36

    @New Stuff, The QS was a company called TVA consultants, a quite large consultancy, However there is no mention on their web site of the BB project.

  487. New Stuff

    If the TVA QS sign-off triggered the payment to O’Halloran then it would have been sensible to pursue them under a PI claim rather than sue the building contractor.

  488. Dave Amesless

    I dont know how long ago it was for you to be able to talk to Ames himself but I cant get to talk to him 😦
    Another thought I did have was that if someone has dropped out of the Panorama interveiw because they have now negotiated a deal with Ames maybe thats they way to go?
    and maybe there will not be a program now?

  489. yatiniteasy

    Harlisuccess. 1 46 pm..Incredible…you admit (only because you were caught) to posting under several names….If someone steals and cheats..you think it is justifiable for you to do so too? It says a lot about you and your character. You have been exposed and discredited…anything you post from now on will be viewed in the light of that which you have yourself confirmed.

  490. 36

    @Dave Amesless, I think there is a lot of rubbish spoken on here re Panorama. Several people say they are “in the know” and personally I don’t believe them. I dont even believe they know their schedules until the week before, so to say its 25th March is speculation only.

  491. BBaywatch

    @36 – and others – be very careful what you say or imply about TVA Consultants. Nigel Renwick runs an entirely reputable and professional company which is very well respected throughout the region (he is also a friend of mine). I would suggest that you retract your remark made at 3.25pm.

  492. BBaywatch

    Dave Amesless – unfortunately even if the Harlequin developments had gone to plan I’m afraid that it is highly unlikely that you would have been in a much better position. The market research into the product seems to have been carried out with the same diligence that went into controlling the building of the development, and I’m afraid that even if the resorts had been built you would now be facing a situation where they were all losing money due to under occupancy and the chance of a return on your investment would be equally unlikely.

    As I and others have said right from the very beginning, these are the wrong products in the wrong location and at the wrong time. I acknowledge that there are guests who clearly enjoy their stay at Buccament Bay but that does not mean that this is a successful business model.

  493. 36

    @BBaywatch, I have nothing to retract, they signed off the particulars relating to my property and there is nothing on their web site regarding BB. The allegation has been made that the BB site “ressembled a film set” or words to that effect. Your implied threat would suggest there is something to hide here. Have I hit a nerve?

  494. New Stuff

    I didn’t mean to cast any doubt on the professionalism of TVA (of whom I know nothing).

    I think the fact that HP have chosen to pursue O’Halloran through the courts rather than go after the PI insurance of the QS is interesting. It would suggest that they would have no claim against the QS. This then raises the question of what exactly was the QS engaged to sign off?

    I’m sure if there was even the faintest chink of fault to be levelled at the QS they would have been hauled in front of a judge by HP by now so it might follow that they did what was asked of them. Who knows?

    It doesn’t alter the position claimed by HP; that O’Halloran ended up with a pile of money he shouldn’t have had and then spent it on things he shouldn’t have spent it on. However it happened, HP released investors funds and put them in the hands of someone who was able to spend it on something other than building the resort (according to HP at any rate).

  495. 36

    @BBaywatch If Nigel Renwick is a friend of yours then perhaps, in the search for truth and facts, you can ask him what his take on this is. In fact perhaps BFP can issue a statement on his behalf, similar to the IFAonline article. I look forward to it.

  496. BBaywatch

    @36 at 3.25 “The question may be “was the QS company in cahoots with O’Halloran also?”

    To even suggest this about a highly respected company with a very long track record of working on prestigious projects shows just how ignorant you are of the construction industry in the Caribbean. You frequently state that you are only interested in facts but resort to ad hominem attacks when challenged as to your motives – typical passive/aggressive hypocrisy.

  497. Just ignorant ….. and predictable.
    No, I actually left it off on purpose as I was anticipating your response.
    One company is listed twice please see below,and shock horror in 2008 had assets of £2 and debtors of £2.

    It was a voluntary strike off, I believe that means if the company had not traded for a period of time and does not owe any money it can be struck off?

    I don’t understand accounts maybe you could ask the HP forensic accountant to explain?

    You really are trying in vain to support HP so pityful. Legal action is the only way forward, but you are much more Intelligent than all of us because you allegedly got your money back, you clever, clever thing

  498. 36

    @BBaywatch, Its a question, not an accusation. As I said I’m sure your “friend” can answer a simple yes or no. Yes I’m ignorant of the construction industry in the Carribean, I live in the UK. Does that mean a question cannot be asked? This company signed off my property. I’m entitled to ask questions!

  499. anon73

    Nigel is a top professional, I have spoken with him about Harlequin a couple of years ago, it was insightful. There are very few industry professionals in the Caribean that do not have major concerns about HP (not saying those are his views) for a wide number of reasons that have all been outlined here. HP never address any of the issues raised, simply repeat how nice BB is and so on. To stop this being a circular forum, some good positive relevant and substative news from HP about how it plans to get itself out of its current hole of unstarted resorts would be great.

  500. B Baywatch.Are you Mr Renwick? I smell a rat.

  501. Dear All my posts on alternative legal teams who will help you with you refunds from Harlequin or miss Selling from your Sipp provider – it was delayed due to having to go via the moderator.

    They were posted 17th Feb at 11.29 and 11.34

    We can all disagree and fall out, if you think you investment is great and HP is the best thing since sliced bread fine. If you are concerned and what to get a refund contact someone – the people in the post have had dealings with HP and the SIPP mis sellers.

    Unless you are well versed in legal and FSA stuff you WILL just be fobbed off – in my humble opinion you need to engage some professional help – after all if you have tooth ache you would not pull your own teeth?

    good luck….

  502. 36

    @GG, so are we to take it your posts did not get past the moderator?

  503. wrong again….it did get past them

  504. @36
    My reason for being on this site is to get my money back, first and foremost,if and when I do, let people know how I done it.
    You however, apparently have got your money back – so why do you put such effort in?
    You seem to have an unhealthy obsession in trying to discredit Mr Fatchett – could you be an IFA or a senior manager in maybe a SIPP company? Have you had dealings with him? Does he scare you?
    Your comment 36
    @gg ah yes Mr Fatchett, 43 years old, been a director of 30 companies, 17 dissolved, 3 in liquidation, and 10 still active. And you question other people’s financial track record? Oh please. Think yourself lucky you do not work for this law firm, or firms. Need I go on?

    When I replied I deliberately, left off the other two companies ‘in liquidation’ because I knew you would take the bait.

    Gareth Fatchett was indeed a director of one of the companies you so cleverly pointed out that is now in liquidation, however he resigned in 2003 it went into liquidation in 2011

    Now the information I left off

    No, I actually left it off on purpose as I was anticipating your response.
    One company is listed twice please see below,and shock horror in 2008 had assets of £2 and debtors of £2.

    It was a voluntary strike off, I believe that means if the company had not traded for a period of time and does not owe any money it can be struck off?

    I don’t understand accounts maybe you could ask the HP forensic accountant to explain?

    You really are trying in vain to support HP so pitiful. Legal action is the only way forward, but you are much more Intelligent than all of us because you allegedly got your money back, you clever, clever thing

    In Liquidation
    In Liquidation
    PROACT FINANCIAL LIMITED Director resigned 2003
    In Liquidation

    I actually don’t believe you are a HP Troll but a SIPP company – unless you could explain why you are so defensive about anyone who says negative things about HP?

  505. 159

    So much for all the people who said its not going to happen!

  506. 100

    If the Panorama does happen the way it is being reported, then it would bring the show down pretty much overnight. But Panorama aside, this business only has one ending either way.

  507. Dave Amesless

    mmm its such a shame people feel the need to go on TV shows like this I suppose it just shows how out of touch Ames is with HIS investors, You know the people who pay his wage and made him a millionaire!!

  508. 100

    Not certain investors even need to go on the show for Ames to be shown up. There are so many companies owed money by Harlequin in the region, nothing done on 4 of the so called developments and list goes on as to why it obviously is a company that either has been disastrously managed or was a scam from the outset. If the show happens, then it should be easy to find investors who will talk, some positively perhaps and some negatively but nothing any says can make the developments magically appear and the massive list of creditors disappear. If Ames has made millions from Harlequin, it has not come in the form of any developmental or operational profits, but directly from commissions on sales i.e. taken by him from investor funds, without then going ahead and building what was sold. Again, all goes back to the IFAs too who sold these – if they had come to the Caribbean or done any kind of checking, they would be aware of the terrible reputation and thereby risks of investing with Harlequin.

  509. 36

    @GG. I guess you will be posting lots on here now it’s the school holidays. My post of 11.15 was a simple question, I cannot understand why it should cause you such offence. Now on a more serious note, are you seriously suggesting that TSL Legal, a part of the TSL Group, which works from a private house, has been trading for less than 2 years with no financial history, is worthy of recommending to carry out a legal challenge to a company using Carter Ruck as its solicitor. Are you promoting the “give us a chance gov I can get some money for you” brigade because if these are the level of people you are using then I thing your money will be a long time coming. Even Dave Amesless agrees with me about your other recommendation. Now you think I am a SIP company. You are slowly running out of 3rd parties to tag me onto.

  510. BBaywatch

    Further news on i witness –



    interesting quote from Dr Gonsalves

    “… there are several instances, since Dave Ames has been there, when the state has had to take certain strong measures.” – PM Gonsalves

    no mention of what those measures were but Dr Gonsalves seems to be trying to distance himself and his administration from Harlequin.

  511. Dave Amesless

    Please all remember that to go both the FSA and FSO is free of charge to go to other people who are going to charge you for advice is a waste of your money as I do not believe Harlequin are going to be around long enough to see them in court.If you think a fraud has been commited call the SFO and ask them to investigate I am sure that even Mr Ames would tell you to do this as it would clear his name 🙂

  512. 36

    @Dave Amesless, I take you mean SFO? They are well aware of HP. While I am in no means trying to put anyone going down this route, I don’t think they will add anything to what they already know.

  513. Dave Amesless

    36 ???? SFO I know they are involved as are a number of other agencies!
    The more people who give information the clearer the picture and the thruth is that when it does go bang you will of course be able to take comfort in the fact that you tried everything I know its a cold comfort but I personally feel if I just help stop one other person getting involved then thats something!
    Can you imagine working for Harlequin and having to put that on your CV in a couple of weeks/months???

    Mind you I suppose a lot of them will be retrained free of charge in prison
    I used to work in a prison and still keep in touch with a lot of the wardens:)

  514. BBaywatch

    I have a comment awaiting moderation (no doubt due to the linked page) so in the meantime readers intrigued by this quote –

    “… there are several instances, since Dave Ames has been there, when the state has had to take certain strong measures.” – PM Gonsalves

    might like to head on over to i dash witness dash news dot com.

  515. @36 I’m not recommending anyone just giving people options, you don’t like Fatchett because he has been involved in companies that went bust, you don’t like TLS because the work from a ‘private home’ (the shame of it)
    What about the others I mentioned?



    Now, 36 I’m not sure if they work out of a private address, or maybe in there distant past been involved in a liquidated company! But I am sure you will tell us.

    For the record I do believe you work for or have your own financial services company, and you are very concerned.

    However, Pennone seem to be big enough to take on Carter Ruck

  516. yatiniteasy

    1.30 pm…beautiful weather in Barbados..sun shining, no rain, blue sea and sky…just beautiful..The weather is so good in fact that most of the workers on the Harlequin H Hotel site must have taken the day off, as there are only 4 or 5 on the site…working “apace” to get this 5 star hotel built by the end of the year as boasted by the project manager several months ago.

  517. New Stuff

    @ Harlisuccess Feb 17 at 2.04pm

    There is a central question that you consistently avoid answering in the issue of O’Halloran use of funds. Please can you address the following:

    By what sequence of events did O’Halloran come to be in possession of investors’ money that he could then go on to misappropriate it?

    You say that he stole it. By this do you mean that he broke open a Harlequin Property safe and took the money? Did he hold up the bank and steal the money?

    How did investors’ funds end up in his bank account?

  518. Dave Amesless

    New Stuff, If someone stole millions of pounds from you what would you do?
    A. Go to the police
    B. Start civil procedings in a civil court
    C. Start criminal procedings in a criminal court
    D. Start procedings in a English court and then stop them
    E. Start procedings in Irish and Caribean courts
    Ames did B,D, and E does that make sense to you????? This is our money if you were Ames and entrusted with other peoples money would you not of gone running to a police station I know I would

  519. @36 whats up? I am disappointed that the other law firms I mentioned you have not commented on?
    Whats up the FSA got your tongue

  520. New Stuff

    Quite so Dave Amesless!

    There is no way around the point that Harlequin must have handed over investors’ funds to O’Halloran’s company for work that he had not yet done or that had been done to a poor standard (if indeed we believe the allegation against O’Halloran that is going through the courts at the moment).

    That may well have been handed over with the intention that O’Halloran would then go on to do certain things with it (like build a resort). But the fact that he got his hands on the money before satisfactorily discharging his contractual obligations is absolutely disgraceful.

    If Harlequin have a robust contract in place that demonstrates, to the court’s satisfaction, that O’Halloran is in some kind of breach then that is fine and dandy and I guess he will have to make compensation for that. But really that is a side issue that should be no concern to the investors (though clearly the outcome of the case will be important to the continuance of these projects).

    Should HP win this case they will have a huge amount of explaining to do to investors. Bear in mind that Harlequin’s decision to contract with O’Halloran has nothing to do with investors. Each investor is contracted with a Harlequin company and not any company controlled by O’Halloran. So HP have to explain why they handed over money to O’Halloran that has led to this situation.

    If you were contracting a builder to construct a conservatory on your own property you wouldn’t hand over a penny until certain agreed staged points in the process (well some people might but they shouldn’t). The work is done, checked and SUBSEQUENTLY paid for. That way the builder can’t misappropriate anything because he is simply being paid for work he has satisfactorily completed.

    So if you wouldn’t do it with your own money why on earth should you expect to be able to do it with other people’s money?

    Harlisuccess won’t engage with this question because there isn’t a satisfactory answer. He will, however, tell us that someone went on TA to say how divine the ice cream parlour is and how cute the towel animals are that the chamber maids make each day. Surely all the investors can sleep easily knowing that.

  521. Dave Amesless

    I do hope you all realise that O”Halloran is not going to be the golden goose. The money he is supposed to have “stolen” amounts to less than 2% of the money taken from investors by Harlequin, Now the question is what happened to the other 98% surley!!!!
    Wake up smell the coffee all this about O”Halloran is just a smoke screen start thinking about your investment! When did O”Halloran “steal” all the money? what year? when did you invest? where is your money? Panorama are not making a program about O”Halloran are they? why not? Do you think Ames is going to come out of this as some sort of super hero? if he has nothing to hide he has nothing to fear does he? Soo why is he paying of investors who have taken part in the Panorama program?

  522. 75

    @ Dave Amesless a few weeks ago, there was a comment about an investor one friday – Have there been more been paid of?f or I wonder if its a promiss of being paid – until maybe he can empty the bank accounts when / if he wins this case?

  523. Dave Amesless

    mmm I was wondering how many Investors were there to be on the program?
    I watched Panorama last night and just wondered how Investors would fit in with this sort of program
    I do not think for a moment that Ames will win any court case!

  524. Harlisuccess

    Troublemaker aka Yatinkiteasy
    Why is it you ,more often than not, who sets up a new thread? Yes, you are a toublemaker, thats for sure.
    One post recently commented that the Gap was near deserted on a Saturday night. That says a lot. You say you don’t need Harlequin ( or anybody else for thar matter ) to help regenerate tourism on Barbados. Even the Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, Mr Worrell, has welcomed Harlequin’s part in the future development of tourism.
    I think you are trying your best to damage the tousism industry, probably for political reasons.You are bad news for Barbados, that’s for sure!
    According to you, there are still only four men working on the H Hotel project. From the recent photos, they must be working extremely hard for the project to be progressing so well.
    Troublemaker, you lost your credibility a long time ago!
    B Baywatch
    Have you seen the latest Trip Advisor review ( Feb 19th )? Holidaymakers award Buccament Bay SIX star rating! Why is it so many say they can’t wait to return, when you say the resort was built in the wrong place at the wrong time? Just shows how much you know!
    To All
    How disrespectful of the two BBC journalists to accost Prime Minister Gonsalves on an aircraft! Why did they not seek to arrange an interview at a time convenient to Prime Minister Gonsalves before they left the UK?
    instead they try bullying tactics and spend their time talking to the country’s opposition.That’s sure to provide a fair and balanced view! I don’t think so.These journalists acted in a most unprofessional manner and this should be brought to the attention of the BBC. Hopefully they will be severely reprimanded, better still relieved of their duties.What disgusting behaviour!!

  525. Anonymous13

    Keep posting 36. Nil bastardae te carborundum!

  526. Dave Amesless

    Hardly You cannot call anyone I believe you to be Harlequinscumbucket who has stole everybodys future so to call two fantastic journalists who you have not had the pleasure of meeting is a bit rich to say the least!!!
    They had asked for an inteveiw and he said he was to busy ( probably counting our money) so as they happened to be on the same flight it was an oppotunity not to be missed.
    I have come to the conclusion that you cannot fix stupid so I really dont know why we are trying to help you and 36 (your alter ego)

  527. 145

    It’s almost endearing — or would be, were this not so serious — that a holiday maker writing an internet review describing a resort as 6 star, is actually introduced into the argument as some sort of proof of something. Star ratings have always been self imposed at Harlequin, so they’ve never meant too much at the best of times — but when it’s the verdict of a random holiday maker that’s suddenly trumpeted as if it’s worthy of note, you know you’re in trouble.

  528. yatiniteasy

    Harley is back with the TA reports on BB…what a thick person you are.
    Troublemaker still sees only 4 or 5 workers on the site today at 2pm…and wow, I`m really impressed with the progress they are making…at that pace they should be able to complete the project by 2018 , give or take a year or two.
    You say I lost my credibility…Funny, I said that about you on Feb 18th..and I had a good reason to say so.
    “Harlisuccess. 1 46 pm..Incredible…you admit (only because you were caught) to posting under several names….If someone steals and cheats..you think it is justifiable for you to do so too? It says a lot about you and your character. You have been exposed and discredited…anything you post from now on will be viewed in the light of that which you have yourself confirmed.”

  529. yatiniteasy

    The latest TA review from Harli says villa 3029 is really great..I wonder which lucky investor owns that one…oh, I forgot, no one but Harlequin SVG really owns anything at BB. Do they?

  530. Harlisuccess

    Troublemaker aka yatinkiteasy
    I know the person who owns villa 3029. Pity you don’t.
    i am pleased to see you observed 4 or 5 workers on site at H Hotel. Your ability to count is improving. Don’t forget you have another five digits on your other hand to help you.
    I see another thead has been introduced concerning the rape abuse of post independent Barbados. Tell me troublemaker,what have you done to arrest the decline of tourism. Absolutely nothing,I suspect. You and others like you have no doubt plundered large amounts from tourism,without reinvestiment.Now you see someone else investing in your economy and you don’t like it because you cannot have a piece of the cake.Seems to me that you and the other troublemakers are making a frantic last ditch attempt to knock Harlequin over.You will not succeed
    One poster commented that a recent flight arriving in Barbados was carrying only twenty holidaymakers. Once the new Argyle airport is open at the end of this year,full aircraft will be flying to St Vincent for Buccament Bay with passengers for Barbados making the onward journey by LIAT or maybe Harlequin Air. Even then,most of these will be making their way to H Hotel You will have to wait for Merricks to come on stream before ful aircraft are once again heading straight to Barbados.
    To various
    All the recent posts about making a film and the casting are all very childish.Your time would be better spent teaching the troublemaker how to count.

  531. D

    mmm I would rather teach you to spell your name correctly Hardlysuccess or Ames soon to be prison number 666 lol
    This has been your major problem and why yet another of your hairbrained schemes will fail You actually think you can dictate to all your investors and not answer any and every question asked of you, I find it very pompous of you whilst you are in prison thinking up another scheme why dont you grow your legs and a sense of humour!

  532. D

    Oh and O”Halloran could be played by Donald Trump

  533. 100

    That is a bizarre post Harlisuccess, even by your standards, but enjoyable nonetheless. As has been said elsewhere, noone in their right mind would object to investment in the economy, but if the investment is at the expense of thousands of people being defrauded, it is not worth it and it is not welcome. Please show that it is otherwise. Harlequin cannot be knocked over as it was never standing on any kind of foundation, it has always been a scam/scheme destined to end up with thousands out of pocket. The success or otherwise of Bucc Bay is not relevant to that issue. This has been said before but you do not acknowledge or even attempt to discuss in any sensible way the issues that have been raised. A little light humour among those that have suffered and have been wary of Harlequin for years is like a little hospital humour, lifts the depressing mood of this apparently massive ponzi scheme.

  534. New Stuff

    It’s a shame that Bob Hoskins has retired because he could do cranially challenged Essex to a tee.

  535. New Stuff

    Reading the comically frantic rants of Hardlysuccess makes me almost believe that this wasn’t conceived as a scam. I think those closest to the core of this whole fiasco actually believed the marketing material that they wrote. It almost took the status of a Papal Bull.

    Well it certainly appears to be bull of some description.

  536. 36

    Regarding a film about this I’ve got my own offereing. How about Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, played by the following:
    Snow White: Gareth Fatchett, he will lead everybody who follows him a merry dance
    Sleepy, All the “Anonymous” posters who cannot be bothered to think of a name tag.
    Sneezy:Timothy Barton who has caught a cold posing as a journalist
    Dopy: Grust Grust who is intent on destroying his investment.
    Doc, BBatwatch who has an answer for everything.
    Happy, BFP who are getting so much publicity regarding Harlequin.
    Bashful, Yatiniteasy who some times get stuck for an answer!
    Grumpy, Got to be Terry who is a miserable sod.

  537. Intresting point 36 how come you know my recent actions and meetings?
    unless you are close to IFA’s or HP –

  538. D

    36 Another film Titanic with Ames at the helm and you ( soon to be ) running around like a rat deserting a sinking ship! or are you going to be the fella who dressed as a woman to get of the ship first! Or is that Simon Terry conveyancing solicitor for Harlequin!!! Thinking about it the ship could be called The Bounty ( whatever did happen to that )

    I guess that is another thing Ames wasted OUR money on!

  539. 36

    @GG. Sorry you have lost me on that one. As you have not been on here for a while I could have assumed you were in SV with your mate, but I have not made any comment re recent actions or meetings. Please enlighten me.

  540. D

    The Hideaway mmm maybe Ames and co could hide there for a while….oh no stupid me I forgot thats yet to be built isnt it!

  541. I have had meetings I wont go into on this site, It will become clear very soon…….

  542. 36

    @GG, so have I. I met the milkman and the lady at the checkout at Asda! FFS are we into, “I know something you don’t know” stuff now.

  543. 24

    correct……. but I never shop in Asda

  544. D

    Good luck Grusty!! I dont think I will ever get my money back I hope it all works out for you and hope you do still tell I hate it when people come on asking for help and as soon as they get what they want you never hear from them again and I know about the gagging orders but………….

  545. 24

    I have not had my money back, and have not been gagged. I posted who I have been in contact with and was taken to task for that, however certain people have been getting results. I am not one of them.

  546. 36

    @D Interesting comment D. I got what I wanted, told people about my experience and was accused of being “Lying Harlequin scum” Don’t count on any feedback.

  547. 36

    @BFP. So where has the MOS guy got to? Don’t tell me your man is still with someones wife!

  548. D

    I just wonder now its all gone quiet with Carter Ruck I wonder if its worth setting up a alternative website

  549. 24

    @ 36 stirring it up again – we all hopped you had gone… you are a sick person

  550. the last post was me Grust Grust… not signed in

  551. Anonymous THIS WAS GRUST GRUST i did not sign in

    February 22, 2013 at 5:35 pm

    I have not had my money back, and have not been gagged. I posted who I have been in contact with and was taken to task for that, however certain people have been getting results. I am not one of them.

  552. D

    give us a clue?? to be honest I had over three years talking with Harlequin and never got nowhere 😦

  553. Harlisuccess

    You make very strong unsubstantiated accusations. Harlequin are not operating a ponzi scheme.They are not running a scam.They are not defrauding investors. Can you provide clear evidence, not conjecture,to back up your wild claims? No! Just more malicious lies.
    You say to point to the success of Buccament Bay is irrelevant. Of course it is relevant.It clearly demonstrates to all investors what has been achieved so far and sets the standard for all to see what will be achieved in the other resorts in due course.

  554. Lets see what the Fraud Office say

  555. They are running out of time and money

  556. 36

    Who the Fraud Office?

  557. I could not comment on the SFO 🙂

  558. 36

    I do hope your mate Fathett did not pass on the “copy of submissions” that have been made to the SFO.

  559. 24

    I have no idea what you are going on about, its great to have mates …. something you are lacking in?

  560. New Stuff

    Strange that Harlisuccess doesn’t update us with the review on TA from the couple who had to retreat to their bedroom for air con and who were bitten by the clouds of mosquitoes from the stagnant ponds.

  561. The calm before the storm…… HP and IFA’s beware

  562. @D did you use a SIPP for the deposit?

  563. D

    yes but I dont trust regulatory legal 😦

    So I am thinking of other ways …………publicity is the thing Harlequin hate and I really think the money has gone and if I went down the legal route Harlequin will be gone before any outcome so I am thinking of going after the IFA. If I was not gagged I would shout from the rooftops but they cannot touch me when they have gone bust!
    its very tempting to open a website as I think they must pay people of??

  564. I am not gagged yet, so I assume you opted for staged payment
    ( understand if you can not say) I have not had any problems with Reg Legal nor the other firms I mentioned, one of them is very very slow. I think the IFA route is an alternative and one I am perusing as a fallback… They will have PI insurance. Now the journalist flood gates are opened and HP product is now almost unsalable when you concider the IFA anouncment…..the short deluded one can not have long left?

  565. D

    haha short deluded I always think of him as being short because he is evenly balanced as he has a chip on both shoulders!
    I had several units I was going to say investments lol and sorted some out and so I had to sign………. I promise to tell all when the time is right 🙂

  566. BBaywatch

    Investors – by all means keep The Mail on Sunday apprised of your situation and the circumstances in which you were persuaded to invest – but, don’t forget that only two years ago The Mail printed this piece of nonsense –


    If Wendy Gomersall had spent even five minutes reading the Trip Advisor SVG forum she would have realised that this was a highly controversial development. At that time there still many forum contributors with long records of giving advice on ALL aspects of travel to the region who were highlighting all of the issues connected to Buccament Bay.

    I wonder if any vacillating late investors were swayed by reading her gushing review?

  567. D

    We can blame everyone who celeb endorsed this product be it Patsy Palmer,Pat Cash, Liverpool Football Club,Gary Player, Phil Spencer (secret agent) not!! they are not the only ones with dirty faces all the IFAs,Agents,Sipp agents,SFO.SRA,FSA,FSO all of the travel agents who had there freebies THEY ARE ALL GUILTY!! They have all been told and warned about Harlequin but still promoted it didnt they
    It knocks me sick when people come on here still trying to sell it they disgust me!! I have wrote to all of these celebs so I know they know I will never watch a television program or buy a magazine that any/all of these appear in

  568. I wonder if the people in the news will be made an offer by HP, he needs to focus on winning his court case, and try to remain solvent or he could be trading illegally? Will he have money to pay all his loyal staff in Essex? Should they all be looking for a new job now? How many units did his sales people sign up recently? Same they must be feeling it now 😉


  569. Dave Amesless

    Grusty, He/Ames is not going to win any court case and dont think all his staff are loyal Ames does not even think that if he did he would not do what he does every month ………….now would he!

  570. If I worked in Exssex for HP, I would look NOW for a job….. mind you HP on your CV would not look too impressive would it?

    Why do you think he wont win? its not his fault :0

  571. Dave Amesless

    Nothing ever is his fault he wont win for lots of reasons think about it, you pretend your Ames mmm Paudie mmm errr how mm much mm will er you charge err to build this mm resort.

    Paudie Thirty million pounds

    Ames mmrrr okay how erm do you want erm the money

  572. whats your thought on this class action in SVG by the TSL group? anyone any ideas on that – seen some comments about working from a residential adress – not sure thats relevant? and good news or bad about them?

  573. I doubt if we will get anything now, dont think there is anything to get. All gone and no one can sell the product

  574. Dave Amesless

    Well Fat ralph that is a double edged sword isnt it

  575. sadly yes… nearly exhausted all my options…..

  576. Dave Amesless

    Ralph go to the SFO and the FSO at least you might get justice when they are all locked up

  577. Harlisuccess

    Firstly, I am pleased that some of you are now of the view that Dave Ames is not running a ponzi scheme. I told you so many times.
    All the comment on this website about Dave Ames going to prison is nonsense. It will never happen. he has not committed any crime. OK,he is guilty of not building the resorts by the dates originally promised.All the developments will be completed in due course. Most of the delays can be put down to difficulties in gaining full planning approvalThe worldwide recession was unforeseen at the outset. This was the death knell to many other developments all over the globe….Dubai, Greece, and yes Barbados. The recession has presented problems obtaining funding. As for Harlequin ,I understand funding is on the way, if not already in place.

    The sensation-seeking article in the MOS is poorly researched and for the most part unsubstantiated guesswork and lies. Gutter press journalism written by gutter press journalists and not worthy of of a respected newspaper, Much of what has been written is copied from other sources. Many comments, including those by EX prime minister Eustace and some contributors to BFP are incorrect and are based on a political viewpoint and speculation rather than the truth.
    No mention is made of other developer’s projects at a complete standstill in Barbados. These developments e.g. Four Seasons are responsible for the fear and concern for future investment in Barbados and elsewhere in the Caribbean, not Dave Ames. He is continuing to progress ” Redefining Luxury in the Caribbean”when others have failed miserably, leaving abandonded blots on the landscape.

    The MOS might do better to report on these abandonments and the other problems the Caribbean, notably the Barbados drug problem and the harassment on the beaches.

  578. 36

    @Harlisucess, why would the MOS put any effort in when they can just cut and paste from other journals and send a photographer to take a couple of pictures. I sent a long e-mail re my experiences with Harlequin but guess what? Ignored. Russell Myers knows I’m a genuine investor, I proved it to him in my e-mail. Only 3/4 months ago the MOS was talking the resort in BB up but guess what? No mention of that was there.

  579. Dave Amesless

    36 you are a complete idiot!!! Harlequin paid MOS to run the publicity piece a couple of months ago, You love Harlequin so much if we cut your head of it would have Harlequin running through the middle like a stick of rock!

  580. @36 @ Harlisucess….
    When people become ill, lose their home or live savings will you be such a arrogant git(s)?

  581. 145

    I’ve always been a bit confused by this line “redefining luxury in the Caribbean” — until it’s actually done, it’s a logical impossibility; it’s just rhetoric. Redefining luxury in a small corner of St Vincent perhaps, but where plans to actually develop are so demonstrably flexible, it’s just puff — anyone can make grand statements, but if they don’t actually do it, it’s meaningless.

    We’ve heard the finance line before. Quite a lot of times in fact. That Caldora thing seems to have gone very quiet. And that seemed like a bottom of the list option.

    I find the planning excuse strangest — shouldn’t this have been secured before deposits were taken?

  582. What about not owning all the land, but selling the units……..now who can shorty blame for that?

    There is no finance.

  583. 61

    Ames should be knighted for his fantastic contribution to tourism in the Caribbean. In St Lucia. Dom republic, Barbados… Call him Sir David, to join Sir Alam , and other knighted ones.

  584. 100

    Thankfully Stanford was not knighted by the British government but by the Antiguan government and stripped of the title after his scam came to light. Stanford was a larger than life personality, sharp and fairly convincing in many ways. Mr Ames is very clearly not as bright and not in the least bit convincing.

  585. 61

    The Antiguan Government does not knight anyone only submits names …it’s a British thing , Knighthood.

  586. Black Ace

    B Baywatch
    You say there is too much leakage from every dollar spent on taking a holiday in the Caribbean, quoting 20% residual income for the local economy, suggesting that exploitation is taking place.
    What do you suggest the residual income should be ? Dozens of hotels, some nationalized, throughout the Caribbean have closed due to lack of return on original investment and an inability to reinvest on updating facilities. Tourism is a highly competitive industry, or didn’t you know this? 20% is better than 0%. Be thankful, like everywhere else in the world.
    Your repeated reference to “neo-colonialism” smacks of racism. May I ask you, as a black person myself, if you are black?

  587. yatiniteasy

    Friday 230 Pm…no workers visible on site at H Harlecon Hastings Barbados.
    Looks like they have run out of gas.

  588. BBaywatch

    @ Black Ace
    first, apologies for the delayed reply but I have only just seen it. It does help if responses are posted in the same thread as the original post, especially as this forum has a blizzard of cross posting and multiple responses which makes it very difficult to follow individual threads. A little more discipline by all posters would make the readers life a lot easier.
    With regard to ‘leakage’ – this is a term that has become common usage following the UN initiative with the United Nations Environment Programme and has become a concept within studies of the tourism industry. It is a measure of how the tourism spend in a country benefits that nations GDP and varies widely. Although developing nations may suffer leakage to such an extent that the tourism spend is almost entirely negated developed countries reliant on specific markets may also experience high levels of leakage (the role of Japanese tourism in the Australian economy is widely cited as an example).
    It is generally noted that leakage in The Caribbean region is one of the highest internationally, suggesting that tourism may have the smallest beneficial impact on local economies even though the overall spend on tourism may be very high. This is of considerable importance when considering the sustainability of the tourism industry within the region and its long term contribution to overall prosperity. The corollary of this is that small independent, entirely locally owned hotels and tourism operations may well contribute a higher percentage of wealth to the local economy than overseas owned and operated large resort type operations. Encouraging smaller scale sustainable development is one way for local governments to reduce the leakage percentage.
    When SE Asian nations such as India can keep the leakage rate to 40% yet Thailand loses 70% and The Maldives loses 83% (one of the very highest rates) it becomes clear that a common factor in the worst performances of nations is the reliance on international investor lead ‘development’ companies and globalisation of tourism companies.
    This is an issue for government in all nations heavily dependent on tourism who should be looking at ways to reduce leakage and retain as much of the tourism spend as possible within the nation to promote growth and wealth.
    Google Wiki Leakage Effect for a good overview (wiki link is not allowed on this forum)
    the complexities of island tourism development in context of The Maldives.
    UNEP study on the negative impacts of tourism.

  589. Pingback: Harlequin Barbados H Hotel – latest photos show stopped project, no workers | Barbados Free Press

  590. Harlisuccess

    I hopr you have read the many excellent reviews that continue to praise beautiful Buccament Bay and all the wonderful staff. Note: many who stay there are widely travelled yet are compelled to write a review for the first time ever, having been looked after so well by these lovely people, just doing what comes naturally. Even more remarkable when you consider, according to some on this website, they do it all without getting paid month after month!
    You seem to derive much pleasure from your attempts to destroy people’s livelihood, when they have waited so long for this golden opportunity to improve matters for themselves and their families.
    Yatinkiteasy. Instead of driving up and doen all day, plying I spy a workman rebuilding H Hotel, why not do something more productive. Plenty of opportunity for YOU to refurbish a hotel. Or , maybe you could join the police force and help make your streets and beaches a safe place for tourists to take a morning stroll.

  591. Good job somene gives updates 🙂

  592. Harlisuccess

    Beggars Belief
    I understand the Ravenswood development in Australia never got off the ground and anyone who invested there was refunded their deposit. The same applies to Jamaica and Greneda. Can you come up with anyone who can prove otherwise?

  593. @ harlisuccess – in full or stages payments? what did the contracts state?
    did they need to take legal action?

  594. Beggars Belief

    @ Harlesuccess.

    It seems strange that a “sold out” project never got off the ground. Sounds like it was a fair way off the ground to me.

    To sell all the units I would imagine that all the land was purchased and all planning permission granted. With all units sold there should have been no issues with funding.

    As you seem to be sufficiently well informed to know that everyone got a refund perhaps you could tell us what went wrong with this particular Harlequin development.

    They do seem to have such bad luck with all their projects.

  595. Annon angry!

    Elders Mandurah agent Renee Hardman also told the newspaper that despite rising values, the Mandurah property market was still an excellent place to buy and invest. “It is really good value for money and the canal and beachfront properties, especially, have been undervalued for a very long time.”

    Harlequin Property has recently brought Ravenswood Hotel and Resort to the Mandurah property market. Situated on the outskirts of Mandurah, 15 minutes from the sea, the resort will be set in 21 acres of land with a selection of apartments and fully-furnished one, two- and three-bedroom cabanas.

    The off-plan development is due to commence in early 2007 with completion by 2010.

    Dave Ames, Marketing Manager of Harlequin Property said: “Mandurah is a city expanding at a tremendous rate and quality accommodation such as Ravenswood will be highly sought after. Investors here will receive a two year 10 per cent guarantee followed by a five year 50 per cent room rate share deal along with 30 free days use per year.”

    Harlequin is now offering Ravenswood Hotel &Resort at pre-launch prices with fully furnished apartments starting from •100,000.
    For further information:
    Harlequin Property


  596. 212

    BB, I believe there is a youtube video of Ames talking about the 1,200 units he had sold at Marquis, going back about 3 or 4 years. He actually says that everyone has bought a brochure, CGI, or model. So, that explains what he means when he has sold out – he has sold everyone an idea, but they think they are buying something real. In fact, here it is below. What a man to have faith and belief in!

  597. yatiniteasy

    Harlie…your words from Feb 26th 430pm are interesting now that H Hotel and Merricks appear to all viewers to be abandoned blots on the landscape.
    From your post: “not Dave Ames. He is continuing to progress ” Redefining Luxury in the Caribbean”when others have failed miserably, leaving abandonded blots on the landscape.”
    Now I don`t need any hands to count workers…there are none

    I`m really impressed with TA reviews on BB…they are almost too good to be true.
    I wish to go, but the Marina to harbour my yacht is not ready, and I would also like to dine at Trader Vics, so I think I`ll wait.

  598. 212

    How can that be Yat, Ames is on youtube three years ago saying the marina is almost finished? I would assume it is done by now, or at least must be a few slips available.

  599. Sorry I just can’t watch the man

  600. BBaywatch

    @Hardlysuccess –
    quote – “Note: many who stay there are widely travelled yet are compelled to write a review for the first time ever”

    or perhaps the truth is as reported by very highly respected travel writer Fred Mawer who said in his review of BB for The Telegraph –

    “And don’t believe everything you read about Buccament on TripAdvisor. Most of the gushing reviews posted on the website have been written by investors.”

  601. Thats because when investors go they are encouraged to write glowing reports to protect ‘thier’ investment.

  602. Eddie Lizzard2

    Oh ha ha ha, you should see the latest PR puffs about BB on Harlequin’s blog dated today 12 March 2013.
    htt p:// harlequinhotelsandresorts. wordpress. Com

    Along with a roundup of the last three year’s worth of press reviews, they have included all the flattering reports from the Daily Mail. I believe that hacks on Grub Street refer to taking a free holiday in return for a glowing testimonial as ‘having a jolly’ or ‘doing a foreign’. What Harlequin failed to include in their list was the Mail on Sunday’s two recent reports citing the plight of a growing number of worried investors who want their money back.

    They also added a gratifying review (6 March 2013) by Chic Family Travels, who incidentally posted favourable reviews on Tripadvisor too, but did not mention that the author is a US-based travel agent and realtor.

  603. Harlisuccess

    Paul Walton
    You have already stated your villa no. is 106 and that you purchased in 2010. I have some friends, their villa being very close to yours and who contracted to purchase on July 8th 2010.They are very happy with this purchase and are looking to complete. However, they have been advised that the villa is not quite ready yet. Is your villa finished and did you purchase before or after July 8th 2010? It just seems unfair to them that yours is finished and theirs is not. Thanks.

  604. Harlisuccess

    Have you considered that HD Studios may have relocated?
    Why, as a Bajan, do you get so much pleasure from the possibility that your fellow citizens might have lost their job?
    Erica aka EL2 aka Chas and Eddie aka….
    The first signof mdness is talking to yourself.,or in terms of this website posting to yourself.

    The coastal area around the Merricks Development is unaffected by Harlequin, unlike the Four Seasons mess!

  605. Charles&Eddie

    @ Hardlysuccess – I am not Erica I can assure you of that I am much younger 🙂

  606. Hardly I am me I promise but I have a freind who is charles and eddie dont know anyone else except Paul Walton.Charles is going to post at the same time to prove the point hope this is okay with you that I have a freind

  607. Eddie Lizzard2

    First of all, can we get one thing straight? These units are not villas; they are rented rooms within a commercial hotel complex.

    Secondly, the Harlequin area at Merricks is an absolute eyesore; and thank God Harlequin didn’t get their hands on the beach like they tried to do in St Vincent!

    Lastly, my name has been Eddie Lizzard for many years on these Caribbean fora. Look it up for yourself if you know how to.

  608. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Eddie Lizzard2, I thought there was no beach at merricks. It was always going to be a resort on top of the cliff? Secondly, what is wrong with the BB beach? Beautiful sand in a beautiful setting. No?

  609. @Harlisucess.
    You nearly correct my unit is 105, and I signed the contract 3rd September 2010; I have been informed its built, but hasten to add never see proof other than a couple of emails ( that I had to chase up)

    I am still waiting for Mr. Ames to supply me with written details of the finance he was offering me on 21st February 2013 – that does not seem fair I have not even had a reply.

    kind regards,


  610. Eddie Lizzard2

    @ FatDNRMoi formerly 36
    I was talking to Hardlysuccess not you. You have never even been to Merricks so you don’t know what you are talking about.

  611. Harlisuccess

    Pual Walton
    Many thanks for the info, I will pass this on to my friend. Hope you soon get your letter from DA.

  612. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @EL2 sorry for breathing. My post was posed as a question. I have been to BB so I know what I am talking about there. Does this mean we are not speaking?

  613. Harlisuccess

    Eddie Lizzard2
    I agree with Fatchett Does Not represent Me . It has been stated many times on these fora that there is no beach at Merricks. The desolate area that is Merricks has been enhanced by the building of the beautiful show homes. Hopefully it will not be too long before there are many more beautiful buildings on site.People staying there will be able to enjoy all the resort has to offer, cliff top walks and even go down to the beach!
    As for Buccament Bay, the wonderful work carried out by Harlequin on the beach has beenadmired by all who set foot on it.

  614. Short Legs

    @Hardley a Suck cess.
    Do they have flying pigs there too ?

  615. Harlisuccess

    Dear oh dear! The thread ” harlequin promises” has reached rock bottom, the crop of recent posters hve plumbed the depths in their search for depravity! BFP, where are your moderators?
    Been Had. No, I am not “Whats the Fuss”. Never even looked at Erica’s forum. I may eventually go on there to deliver some sensible unbiased comment.
    By the way, you insulted me on a previous post.Don’t you know you should not mock the afflicted. Everyone is entitled to be heard and to express their opinion.
    EL2. What has an understanding of local politics got to do with investors? Please explain.
    Home Front. April 20th, 9.32 . Good Post.

    Yatinkiteasy. Good press release on the new Argyle International Airport.The terminal looking great, especially the blue roof.
    Take car your BMW does not get stolen. Hope you have fitted locking wheel nuts and an immobiliser. You must be at least a junior opposition spokesperson to be driving a BMW. Fitted with a cycle rack too! Such extravagence1

  616. In the S**T

    same old piffle

  617. yatinkiteasy

    Hardlyy…why do you get wound up so easily? Did you get an early release from the looney bin? You can not even tell when someone is making a joke or not (my push bike on a BMW) Next time I will add :LOL:, so you know its a joke..OK honey? LOL.
    Latest news is that Argyle will not be open and receiving any airlines until at least June 2014

  618. Red Button Girl

    A message to whatever HP person is on duty today!!!

    Did the sale of our furniture get enough money for you wages next week?

    You all know its the end don’t you?

    What are you all going to do to find work? don’t think the old bat Carol Ames will feel sorry for you…..she just worries about herself …. 3rd time round for the little deluded man…… 3 times bust quite an achievement. Next stop Jail……….

    I get to press my button soon 🙂 just waiting to see what Ames says tomorrow 😉

  619. 70

    Except this time ames has stolen people’s pensions in what is easily provable as one big scam. He won’t be able to walk away from that, unless the buyers do, which they should not.

  620. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yatinkiteasy, not like you to be behind the times. I posted that info several days ago.

  621. yatinkiteasy

    @FDNRM..sorry I did not credit you with the news on Argyle Airport. Looks like BB will have to wait some 14 more months for it to open…can they last so long?Knowing how things work in the Caribbean, if they say June 2014, I would add another six months to that date.

  622. Fatchett does not represent me.

    @Yatinkiteasy, as I understand it the completion date is due end of this year, scheduled flights will not begin until June 2014. Perhaps they have added any slippage time into the 6 months delay. I would suggest that as they have opened the apartments for business now means numbers could be increasing? Who knows.

  623. Loony tunes

    Day – 2 to implosion

  624. I am regular visitor, how are you everybody? This article posted at
    this site is genuinely good.