A lesson in waste and poor leadership: Sir David Simmons’ shiny new court building solved nothing…

“Justice in Barbados is grinding to a halt, the courts are completely inefficient and the litigants are suffering.

It has gone past crisis, it is now critical. When you hear lawyers actually debating whether to strike or not then you know it has gone past crisis to absolutely critical. It cannot get any worse than it is right now. Actually, I am afraid that they are going to try to prove me wrong.”

Wilfred Abrahams, past president of the Barbados Bar Association, tells it like it is for Barbados Today: Justice Worry



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33 responses to “A lesson in waste and poor leadership: Sir David Simmons’ shiny new court building solved nothing…


    Court is not a building , nor the size or cost of a building. Court can be held out side in a parking lot or or even on the beach .
    Same problem with the Hospital , lots of money spent and no equipment to save lives, Hospital can be in a 100 DOLLAR tent and 50,000 Dollar machine to save lives
    As long as they can put money in their own kick back pockets and you do a drive-by with both building looking nice there are nothing more than tomb stones.Money before people.
    Gifts before the elections to those who needed them for years to be bought off for a vote , another trick ,

  2. yatiniteasy

    If they would only get rid of the stupidity of having people go to court for simple traffic offenses like speeding, driving without seatbelts on, etc, I`m sure the cases to be heard by a judge would be reduced by 20 to 25 %.
    These sort of “non Criminal” offenses should be done just as simply as the tickets you get and have to pay for parking offenses.How come the worthy legal system of Lawyers and Judges cant see how simple solutions are to the backlog of cases.

  3. David Simmons has not been CJ for how long? The situation has clearly deteriorated to crisis levels in recent years. We have a CJ who we changed the law to appoint, and the system languished for a long period with no permanently appointed CJ in place.

    Rather than grinding an axe that has been ground down to a bloody stub, why not pressure who is responsible for current situation.

  4. robert ross

    @ Just stating

    This post is neither this nor that. But I agree with you. The Simmons’ years are over long since. Time now to scrutinize what we have in the present. And it doesn’t seem like much.

  5. Turn it on!

    Simmons never understood that the court and justice system are people and procedures, not pomp and new buildings.

    He failed miserably as AG and CJ to organise the courts, to supply the court system with the resources and organisation it needs.

    Simmons is not the only villain here, but he wanted to be the chief of the system and was with his Attorney General and Chief Justice posts.

    He had a majority government and could have done so much more than he did because he thought that a new building would solve everything. We can’t get transcripts because all the machines are broken and after all these years there are no trained operators anyway.

    There are many reasons for the crisis in our justice system and David Simmons is a big reason. His lack of leadership and organisational skills played a large role in the failures and there were many.

    Name a successful court programme in the last 10 years. I dare you! Name only one! Can’t do it? No wonder.

  6. just want to know

    Barbadians always need some one to blame but themselves. it is so sickening. It has always been said, if one want to change something, it has to begin with one self, so start changing your self Mr turn it on

  7. It shows the friend of David thompson that the law was changed for fo he could be chief justice don’t know what he is doing

  8. Anonymous

    The CJ may be able to do better if he had the backing of the PM . The PM that backed the New Cj is dead, And the PM as the old AG did nothing , The CJ may have no support and the cases that need to get to him is not getting there for every thing is still on back log,
    The lawyers know in some cases either side owns nothing they are fighting for .
    How can people say they dont know who owns what ,, When the records that was listed on records and files are missing is hidden.or rewritten
    So we need court orders just to find things out , above the cost of most people.
    Records hidden and removed to make a new start with new fraud papers ,

    that is why there is no freedom of information ACT or law to let us see what is going on,
    just delay and lies to hide the truth.,

  9. Nigeria better

    The unbelievable backlog in the courts was present long before the DLP took power. David Simmons was the Attorney General with a plan, then he was the Chief Justice continuing the plan. Unfortunately the plan was a building. That’s all.

    And here we are today. CJ Gibson can only begin to work away at fixing things but they are too far gone and so is the money to provide more resources and people. 20 years for civil law suits is a standard from Nigeria. Wait: civil lawsuits in Nigeria are finished in average 7.2 years (Reinard Institute Report for the govt of Nigeria 2010)

  10. 254

    In today’s Nation the lawyer’s President Andrew Pilgrim says that legislation is necessary for the Bar Association ti police their own thieving lawyers. Ya gotta love it! These thieves ensure they cannot be prosecuted for their thieving actions by excluding appropriate legislation in our laws! Talk about a rigged game.


    All the lawyers at the BAR got to be drunk , Apply the law to lawyers , and not look to make up rules and loop hole for them to avoid the laws, Dammm Crook , the BAR is no better made up of more crooks backing up other crooks, lawyers need to be sued, They all want to make QC to charge more for doing nothing.,

  12. robert ross

    Back to Simmons…of course, it’s a travesty of the truth but what the hell…it deflects attention from the present and it’s safe ground – he can’t answer you people.


    I have checked the Nation for both October 11th and 12th. I find nothing from the BA President. Will you please give the date of the newspaper you mention, and the page and column number.


  13. robert ross

    The BA has a disciplinary committee which reports to the CJ.

  14. Anonymous

    While we have recently been reading in the media more about the fraudulent and other criminal infelicities of lawyers, I personally have not read to date about ONE lawyer being found guilty and incarcerated. Have i missed it? Anybody read about a lawyer being locked up? If I’m correct, WHO CARES about “disciplinary committees” , reporting to whomever or whatever? Its still a rigged game catering to the crooked players….WHO ARE ALL LAWYERS.

  15. robert ross

    @ Anonymous

    Please answer the question you were asked above.

  16. robert ross

    Nigeria Better

    Would you like to flesh out the Nigeria comparison?

  17. robert ross

    @ Anonymous

    You have no interest in the truth and remain an unimaginative, unoriginal joke – a sort of intermediate grub – but then your reputation preceded you.


    When you ask to see the Deed for the Court then you can back track to
    Sir Richard L. Cheltenham phd QC. Sir is also the one who is getting paid for the land that he dont own .
    The Court wall were build extra thick to hide the crooks in side ,

    Deeds will let you see what is what ,
    There is a lot of new ink used in re-writing the the books and leaving out names that own land .

  19. 158

    Ross…reading two newspapers only and deriving the conclusion that my statement does not exist reveals you to be singularly lazy and uninformed…if you cannot read and remember what you have read daily do not expect me to do your work for you. It is apparent you have no interest beyond maintaining your low level of intellect…while you are down there, blow me.

  20. 158

    Ok Ross, you wrinkled crunt…here’s the Andrew Pilgrim quote from the Nation October 12 which I referred to previously that you are unable to find for yourself:
    “And it seems that in terms of dealing with the issue of prosecuting cases against lawyers who are not doing the right thing, that can only come through legislative change and I don’t expect it to come now elections are hot on our heels so I think that I have to accept that I will be frustrated completely in that endeavour.

    “We need legislative change, the Bar has done everything humanly possible to make it possible for the Government to make the legislative changes. Everything else is up to the Government so it’s a success rate in the sense that we at the Bar have done everything that we can do, but we can’t go into Parliament and change the laws,” he added.

    I will expect you to genuflect and humble yourself appropriately before me for your crass ignorance…you don’t want to vex me, your inferior intellect is simply not up to it. Worm.


    A land registry AUDIT will cure all the problem with the ,lawyers, the courts the fraud .
    I see and know that the Fraud squad and the DPP cant fight and look to cure the case.
    All in bed in the fraud sex ring.
    letus see a topic on this.

    If a new government call in the FBI of the United States or even Eric Holder and the Justice Dept to look then Barbados books , we can get back to Business of the Island in the Sun.

  22. Red Lake Lassie

    There won’t be any Land Registry audit. Don’t kid yourself! That will never happen in a million years in Barbados.

  23. PT

    Lassie, we don’t do audits in Barbados. We announce them for election time but we dont’ do them.

  24. robert ross


    Oh mindless One…I did not ask for the quote. I asked for the page and column numbers. Seems to me you’ve imported your old tricks…….and so remain a compulsive liar and a joke amongst the free underground presses. Now naff off you silly little man – well unless you want to give the page number.

    BTW…taken out of context in this way, the quote is meaningless. But I wouldn’t expect you to understand that.

  25. robert ross

    Turn it On

    Machines for transcripts have broken down and no trained operators?????

    Which planet are you on? It is SIMPLY NOT TRUE.

    Or are you Anonymous and 254?

  26. robert ross


    I note that Anonymous has become 158. Now that is your doing, Shit – are YOU rfeally as bad as the other lot?

  27. 158

    Ross, my cuntsistent moron….you mean to say you are incapable of going online to the October 12 edition of the Barbados Nation News and satisfying yourself? Of course you do, you really are that incapable…no surprise to me after a steady diet of your thought disconnects and apathetic reasoning. May I suggest some home electrotherapy treatment at your nearest wall socket. You may pick your preferred orifice for immediate connection.
    Check the facts you lazy sow. You are incapable of noticing, far less registering, much.

  28. robert ross

    @ While you are Anonymous and before becoming 254, 158 et al AKA BFP

    Oh dear…u didnt give the reference. You said it was The Nation for 12 October. Now you’re saying it was the online Nation. A first year student would have known better. But then I suppose in your various disguises you can’t keep track of whom or what you are. Try “intermediate grub” and see if it resonates.

  29. robert ross

    BFP you invite the world to consider..and so


    Do please be cautious when you read anything on the so-called underground free presses. Truth is not a high priority with them and my experience is that they will dispense with it, under guise of anonymity, whenever it suits their agendas..

    Newspapers like the Nation may prove slippery – as any newspaper might be – but at least you know how to get back at them. With this shower there is no recourse and they will stop at nothing, if it suits them, to destroy a person’s good name or disseminate misinformation about them or about events.

  30. 158

    Ross, your whining for petty details does not detract from my original reference to Pilgrim’s quote…he DID make the statement and it IS there for any to see in the October 12 Nation. As for your requested “column number” why don’t you put the maximum number of those sideways up your brain?
    Does anyone know your name Robert Ross is a pseudonym and you are, in fact, a wrinkled old woman?

  31. robert ross

    @ 158, anonymous, 254 aka BFP

    Oh…there’s sad you are……time for you to grow up….oh …..and get a brain.

  32. 158

    Ross, keep entertaining me with your gaseous brain utterances. Dweeb.

  33. 149

    no….I would rather they find out by accident.