Obviously sober Owen Arthur presents a good case. Would you vote BLP?

“The BTA has been left to languish financially…”

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Owen Arthur is a crook. We know that from his last go-round as Prime Minister.

But at least his economic criticism of the current DLP government makes sense when he’s sober.  🙂

JT from Drax Hall

(Poll now closed. Here for results.)


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13 responses to “Obviously sober Owen Arthur presents a good case. Would you vote BLP?


    I’d vote for anybody but DLP or BLP

  2. 189

    A crook like Owen , Only case he can make is a good case against himself
    What did he know ?
    when did he know it ?
    what did he do when he knew?
    And where did all the money go ?
    Who is Beatrice Henry?Where is Mr Henry Bank accounts ?over 50 years of funds ?
    Who is Violet Beckles?
    Where are the Plantation Deeds for Barbados?
    How much land do C. O Williams Own if any?
    Who own the land under the Oval ?
    Where the HIgh Court get the land to build?
    Where and who did the BLP and the DLP buy land from with no deeds recored or that can be shown .?
    . Sir Richard L . Cheltenham Ph .D QC when will he be charged by police and the courts ?
    Fraud under the rug , soon we all will trip and fall.

  3. Adrian Loveridge

    When I watched the video and heard ‘there can be no successful future unless Barbados re-positions itself into a 5 star destination’,
    my thoughts were:
    1) What is the time frame.
    ie: How long does Mr. Arthur think this will take when we currently have only one 5 star hotel on Barbados totalling 112 rooms?
    2) Where is the means (ie: monies and viability) going to come from when 43 per cent of the banks non-performing loans are in the tourism industry.

    This is from a person that set-back our private small hotel sector by at least ten years with the GEMS (Hotels and Resorts Ltd) project.

  4. GlenWick

    Come out of the left right paradigm, BLP vs DLP, return to your roots and trust in the Most High. He will give you your power back.

  5. Zack

    Can’t wait for the bell to ring.

    visit: http://bajantuhdebone.freeforums.org

  6. WSD

    If BFP’s poll is accurate at all, it shows a high dissatisfaction with both DLP and BLP.

    It could be said that Barbados voters elect no one: they only unelect the last government.

  7. LOOK

    Arthur just months ago at a Christ Church School meeting said it [the economy] is a mess right now, but we will fix it. The BLP sees it a duty to remove Barbadians from the grips of the current government.

    Arthur and those BLP folks though really can put on a good clown show and get laughs. The DLP government according to Arthur has a moral responsibility to fix CLICO. The supervisor of insurance in 2006 issued a Cease and Desist order against CLICO. He, Arthur had knowledge of this but ignored it. He, Arthur alike David Thompson allowed the CLICO disaster.

    Interesting, Arthur and the BLP are now the fix it folks. They will fix CLICO. They will fix it. They will fix the economy. They will fix it. They will fix the national debt. They will fix it. Interesting, the Al Barrack mega mess FIRST appeared during the days of Arthur and the BLP. They, Arthur and the BLP REFUSED to fix it. Now, now Arthur, a few months ago reported to Midweek Nation that “the REDjet Airlines might still be flying if the DLP Government had honored its financial commitment to the collapsed airline”. Al barrack has in his possession a court ordered judgment, REDjet does not. Arthur and the BLP had a moral responsibility to fix that Al Barrack problem but refused.

    The DLP alarm clock involving David Thompson will surely wake you. The BLP involving Arthur and the BLP group though is thrilling. Film producer, Michael Bay should consider them for movie making. First, Kensington oval, the stadium was built on land that belongs to Violet Beckles not the Barbados government. The complex at Warrens in St. Michael also is not government property. So, Arthur and the BLP engaged in land fraud but there is more lots more fraudulent activity that surfaced during the BLP government with Arthur at the helm.

    The 75,000 campaign cheque is common knowledge but the BLP around August 2007 created a look-alike version of the Barbados Free Press site and used their logo. The BLP attempted to confuse the public and to draw traffic from the genuine Barbados Free Press posts. In doing this, they, the BLP entered into plagiarism and copyright theft. Worse, The Barbados Labor Party prompted a website that involved arson, rape and murder of a political opponent of the government. Arthur refused to acknowledge a letter from the victim of death threats and the police would not investigate because some of the death threats were forwarded from a computer used by a BLP member. What they were doing, the BLP was REAL AND REALITY. Let us not forget that a gun shot was fired at the home of DLP Member, Irene Sandiford-Garner. Let us not forget also that Nigerian Water Heater Project. Arthur invested 2.4 million in a water heater project. No water heaters were produced and the 2.4 million was lost and or unaccounted for. Thus, the BLP prove (s) to us that they are inept, corrupt and very violent.

    Mia Mottley estimates that government owes the University (UWI) one hundred million dollars and call for an urgent, permanent solution to the mounting debt problem. This, she reported to the nation news months ago. Opposition spokesperson Mia Mottley on 06/27/2012 outlined a 2012-2013 but a new BLP would put in place. Interesting, Al Barrack is not put into that budget outline. Al Barrack, if not yet settled should be near the one hundred million dollar mark. Al Barrack originated during the days of Arthur and the BLP. That mounting debt problem if not yet settled calls for an urgent, permanent solution. The 2012-2013 budget, additionally will hold all persons responsible for CLICO. That’s really hilarious and embarrassing because Owen Arthur is one of those responsible. The supervisor of insurance in 2006 issued a Cease and Desist order against CLICO. Arthur had knowledge of this but just ignored it.

    Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall awarded The VECO Corporation (Alaska) a government contract WITHOUT TENDER. The VECO Corporation built the prison at Dodds in St. Philip but VECO had no record of building prisons. VECO, of course, gave to them, Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall something for such generosity. Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall in the United States would have been charged and convicted for taking bribes, illegal gratuties and gifts from VECO. Maybe. Arthur should be at Dodds in St. Philip with brother Richard accompanied by Mia Mottley, Dale Marshall and possibily other BLP members.

    The S&P on July 17th downgraded Barbados to junk bond status. This was MAJOR NEWS due to Arthur and the BLP. The, BLP before kicked out of office in 2008 was not financially sound. Three S&P downgrades proves this.

    The path of the DLP involving David Thompson is non-delightful. The path of the BLP (1994-2008) involving Owen Arthur and several BLP members is also non-delightful.


    To vote for either party means you all will eat shit , just how much shit you can stand before you walk away, Hold you nose and you can eat even More . This PM and AG is full already and Owen Put it on the stove long time. Putting money before People will not work,,, :Long live Fraud in Barbados,
    Any one but DLP and BLP..

  9. LOOK

    Fourteen years of Arthur and the BLP is really very ugly. They, all BLP members could and should sit at dinner table, pass it all around, their own non-tasting food:

    1. Land Theft (Kensington Oval and Complex at Warrens)
    2. Land Theft (Home Site of BLP member Gline Clark
    3. Contractor Al Barrack mega mess
    4. The VECO Corporation mess
    5. The Dodds Prison OVERBUDGETED mess
    6. The Nigerian Water Heater Project, 2.4 million dollor loss
    7. Three (3) S&P downgrades
    8. Arch Cot, Britton hill deaths linked to Mia Mottley
    9. 75,000 campaign cheque/Arthur’s personal banking acct.
    10. Plagerism & Copyright theft involving the Barbados Free Press
    11. BLP involvement/Violence and Letters of Threat

    Bajans did not deserve David Thompson and don’t deserve Owen Arthur. Barbados, additionally, could do better than Stuart but WITHOUT Arthur. Really! He’s a drunk, inept and corrupt.

  10. Goin wid Owen no more!

    Taan Abed will win Christ Church West and that could be the start of something good unless he falls for the offers of the old parties.

  11. Goin wid Owen no more!

    Not goin wid Stuart either!

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