How Ikea implemented Islamic Sharia law

Women removed from Ikea Middle East catalogue so not to ‘offend’ Muslims

If you really want to know what Islam is all about, don’t bother to read what we or Muslims say about Islam and the Islamic laws called ‘Sharia’. Just have a look for yourself at how Muslim majority societies portray and control women.

Then read the Koran to see where all this oppression comes from, for the Koran is the source of the societal standards we’re talking about.

Read the Koran about how a woman’s worth as a witness in court proceedings is only worth 1/4 that of a man. Read in the Koran how husbands are allowed to beat their wives. Read in the Koran how men are allowed to divorce their wives in contrast to the rules for women wanting a divorce.

Make up your own mind as to whether Islam is compatible with a free and democratic society and the values that most Barbadians hold.

Ikea deleted women from Saudi version of catalogue

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Ikea is being criticized for deleting images of women from the Saudi version of its furniture catalogue, a move the company says it regrets. Comparing the Swedish and Saudi versions of the catalogue, free newspaper Metro on Monday showed that women had been airbrushed out of otherwise identical pictures showcasing the company’s home furnishings…

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18 responses to “How Ikea implemented Islamic Sharia law

  1. The Mad Mullah

    Praise Allah!

    It is unacceptable to show lady wearing jammies in presence of advertising because of temptation to the Mad Mullah and his followers. Mr Ikea is a very bad man and Sharia Law does not permit lady to wear jammies for all of world to see.

    *by the way, could you furnish more pictures so I can check her out-and a mobile number would help, too. thank you in advance, TMM

  2. what will they think of next

    whats wrong with that?

  3. 53

    Why should the rest of the world bend to Islamic Sharia Law
    Ikea !!! sorry I will not buy any your products based on your dission.

  4. Barbados not immune to its own blatant discrimination

    Treating women as mere chattels is alive and well under Islamic Law

    Like the Vatican which is always 200 years behind the time, Sharia Law is only about 500 years.

    Don’t forget the BLP promotions illustrated on this blog a number of years ago showing only black or coloured employees or members.

    I guess dedicated politicians like the late Peter Morgan were effectively removed for public consumption and to pretend that white like votes and people dont exist or count in Barbados.

  5. victor

    Whereas Ikea has always seemed to me a fairly blameless brand (sustainable materials, multicultural people in the catalogue etc.) of inexpensive, good design now I feel really different about it. In this one example, Ikea has alienated shoppers all over the Western world. It infuriates me that the photo of a “Mum” in her cover all pyjamas brushing her teeth with her little boy should be regarded as sexually provocative. This action by Ikea of deleting the mother from the picture has done two things for me. One, despise Ikea, two loathe militant Islam even more. What Ikea has done is to enrage its buying public, reflected poorly upon Swedish values, so famously egalitarian and made the company look like a shabby, immoral cash earner. The very values Ikea tries to promote have been trashed and we won’t forget it. Deleting the Mum from the picture is such a reflection of Saudi attitudes to women. Lets do our best just to DELETE the women and how well the Saudis do manage to do that.
    Yes, when you go to Ikea in London there they are, the black-clothed and masked wraiths who call themselves women wandering about, closely supervised by their men. It is beyond disgusting.

  6. 36

    Mohamed is a joke….Islam is a joke…..
    Causing so many problems in the world today…..

  7. The Mad Mullah still does not have the photos.
    IKEA, please see to this important Sharia issue.
    It is a slow day here at the mosque & my posse needs to check these ladies out.
    Death to IKEA!

  8. Dessalines

    @ BFP Before you send us to read the Koran lets have a look at the Bible in general and Deuteronomy in particular – Ch. 22 vs 21 where a woman can be stoned to death by the men in the village if she is not a virgin at marriage or vs 28 where a virgin girl raped by a man is forced to ‘marry’ her rapist after he pays her father 50 shekels. I can go on to menstruation which the bible’s God deems unlean (although he create it) and forbids the woman to contact any other person or thing. Then God’s heroes like Lot who offered his two virgin daughters to be gang raped by a mob of homosexuals or David whose wives were raped by his neighbour as punishment for Davids sins (why wasn’t David raped as punishment is beyond me).
    Both books treat women as chattel and subhuman. Why do you pick on the Koran and give the Bible a pass.

  9. Brudah-Bim

    I concur with Dessalines 100%!!!

    All Abrahamic religions including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are at fault and are ALL equally responsible for the perpetuation of the destruction of countless civilizations and all essentially regard women as chattel. Christianity is just as messed up if not more so, which is why Muslims look at Christians with vehement suspicions and Jews regard Christians as heretics. Its a cyclical condition in which blaming one particular side gets u nowhere because all sides are essentially involved in what they proclaim as “Backward”

  10. WWMLKD?

    To say that Christians and Jews act like the Muslims do today is to be totally divorced from reality. Brudah-bim and Dessalines must have drunk the koolaid double shots.

    Haven’t heard of many Christians and Jews stoning women lately! Not in the last few days anyway! What morons!!! LOL

  11. Dessalines

    @ WWMLKD You are perfectly correct. Jews and Christians do not stone women (lately as you put it) they are a lot more sophisticated now. Yes they still live in the dark ages where a book ‘inspires’ them to commit violent murder, however they have replaced the stones with guns, grenades and even bombs when necessary. Whether it be abortion right doctor George Tiller who was shot to death in front of his church in Kansas, or the cold blooded massacre of 8000 muslims by Christian serbs in Srebrenica Bosnia in 1995. I won’t even broach the Jewish/Palestine bloodbath that has been going on for the last 6 decades where your quality of life and your life itself depends on which god you were indoctrinated to worship at birth. The KKK in the USA was founded by protestant christian leaders. Nuff said.
    Brudah-Bim and I were simply stating the fact Abrahamic religions are backward, dangerous and not only do they inspire violence but sanctify it. BFP makes it their duty to single out Islam unfairly. Religion is conducive to forming collective identities and where ever these collectives exists they are invariably exploited by political ideology. This is what we are seeing in the middle east today, and if you’re following the US presidential elections the evangelical christians are on that very same trajectory.

  12. dasy day

    Peace be with you. It is sad to have so much lack of knowledge at a time when there are so many avenues for an education. Before judging, take some time to learn.

  13. Ammar Nana

    What is Islam is the question which many of u unforunately ignorant people need to know. Stop coming with this FOX, CNN News narrative. Ask us the Muslims about Islam if you do not know. BTW have any of u even read a book on Sharia?; I guess not so stop commenting on something as vast as the Sharia but rather ask questions as the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said, ” The cure to ignorance is to ask questions.”

    Here are links about Islam;
    The Beauty of Islam – Mufti Menk

    HD | Journey of Faith 2013 – Part 12: What is Islam All About? by Mufti Ismail Menk

  14. Ammar Nana

    The Beauty of Islam – Mufti Menk

  15. Adam

    I’m a muslim and in islam there’s nothing wrong with a woman in pyjamas. They edited her out so people will think badly about muslims were as in the quran god gives more priority to women.

  16. WSD

    What about the Imams teaching that the quran says husbands can beat their wives? What about that Adam?

  17. Simple

    It was stated, and explained that beat doesn’t actually mean beat, but tap them (NOTHING greater than that) if they’re a rebel (not a proper Muslim) to remind them the Almighty’s fully aware.